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Dead Infection - 1993 Surgical Disembowelment

: Relapse Records
1. Maggots In Your Flesh
2. Pathological View On The Alimentary Canal
3. Torsions
4. Undergo An Operation
5. After Accident
6. Xenomorph
7. Let Me Vomit
8. Spattered Birth
9. Start Human Slaughter
10. Deformed Creature


1. Maggots In Your Flesh

[music: Cyjan-domin / Lyric: Cyjan]

Hideous Maggots In Your Flesh
Your Rancid Guts Are A Maggot's Meal.
Stinking Flesh,
Rotten Brain,
Blue Insides,
Putrid Lein.
Maggots Go Out From Your Throat,
When You Cough Up Yellow Pus.

2. Pathological View On The Alimentary Canal

[music: Tocha / Lyric: Cyjan]

Lets Take A Look Into The Abyss Of The Abdomen,
Anatomy Of Human Body Fills Us With Heat.
We Would Love To Eat That Sodden Meat,
Enjoy The Savour, And Devour The Delight.
Physiology Of Stomach Is Adequats
To Our Pathological Procedure.
Our Desire Aimed At That
They Are Stronger Than A Rotten Corpse's Mind.
Function Of Tissue Is Symbiosis For The System,
Disembowelement Brings A Side Effect.
Let's Pull The Bowels Out, It's Quite A Long Piece,
The Most Important Element Of The Human Course.
Tearning The Element All Over
The Desire Of Seeing Half-digested Broken Meat.
Naked Intestine Wriggles Like A Snake,
A Worm Gets Outside-the Unexpected Element.
Fleshy-slimy Shell,
A New World In The Eyes Of The Worms.
Basic Instinct Is To Change A Host,
A New Organism Will Will Soon Be Infected.
Someone Else Will Admire This Pathology,
Inevitable End Of The Inner Putrefaction.

3. Torsions

[music: Maly / Lyric: Cyjan]

Seized In Claws Of Unmerciful Torsions You're Shocked,
Look Around, Culture Spattered By Stomach's Bile,
Lost Souls Are Going For A Walk To A Land Of Ugliness,
God Is Absent, His Salvation Is Powerless.
Look At Yourself, You Are In Vomits, It's Beautiful View,
Yellow Mixture On Your Mouth Embellishes You,
Dignity, Appearance Are Full Of Sympathy,
It's A Fragment Of Your Life, And Of Your Pride.
Torsions-secret Of Life,
Vomits-secret Of Pride.
Your Organism Repeats Regurgitation,
Organs Of Digestion Excrete Bad Smell.
In The Bloody Mood Identity Dies,
Torsions Are Increasing, The Last Remains Of Vomits.

4. Undergo An Operation

[music: Tocha / Lyric: Cyjan]

The Excitement Is Stronger,
You Can Taste A Disinfected Scalpel,
As You Cut The Abdominal Tissue,
It's Your Choice!
Slow Perpendicular Cut
Made With A Surgeon-like Precision,
Haemorrhage Is Minimal,
The Tissue Of Peritoneum Is To Daylight.
Perfect Anaesthesia Eliminates The Pain,
Operation Covered By Means Of Sleep,
Only Slight Uncontrolled Convulsions
Caused By The Next Cut.
Bent Over Human Figures Are
Penetrating Further,
The Next Organ Is Exposed,
Little Blood-drops Cover Aprons Of
Surgeons Equipped With Instruments.
The Next Part Of Tissue Is Torn,
The Fountain Of Blood Spatters Their Faces,
The Trial To Stop The Haemorrhage
Is Not Successful.
But The Operation Goes On,
Still New Explorations,
You Are Completely Taken In,
Your Dream Is Fulfilled.
All Organs Are Torn And Mixed,
Sick Show Cost You
The Segregation Of Organs.
But It's Not The End,
It Should Be Cleaned Up,
The Corpse Has To Be Removed.
The Operation Ends,
All Traces Are Cleaned,
Hospital-like Cleannes.
Slight Convulsions And You Wake Up,
It Was All Pathological Dream,
You Vomit With Yellow Pus,
It's A Sign Of Passing Anaesthesia.

5. After Accident

[music: Cyjan-kelner / Lyric: Cyjan]

An 18-years-old Model With Life Standing
With A Bunch Of Fame In Front Her,
She Got Run Over By A 10 Tons Truck.
Total Crush, Extensive Fractures,
Though She Survived.
Fractures With A Dislocation In Seven Places,
Entirely Cut Breasts,
No Lens Will Catch Them Any More,
Make-up Consumed By Immense Haemorrhage,
Extremities To Be Amputated,
Brain Getting No Impulses,
Too Much Shock.
Object Of All Men's Desire Pressed
In Street Asphalt,
Blood Streams Strong Enough To Make Getting
To The Victim Difficult.
[lead: Maly]

6. Xenomorph

[music: Cyjan / Lyric: Cyjan]

He Got Into An Organism,
Injected Embryos Into Intestines,
He's Preparing The Reproduction,
Incubation Period Is Near.
Death At The Moment Of Birth,
The Body Is Caught In Severe Convulsions,
Horrid Scream, Sinews Are Broken,
Pungent Reek Of The Open Body.
Xenomorph Is Free,
Ideal Biological Structure,
The First Phase Is Complete,
The Carrier Has Its Task.
The Next Phase Of Evolution,
The Full-grown Form,
Led By Killing Instinct
Collect Its Toll.
Quintescence Of Evil, Full Of Cruelty,
Gives Beginning For New Life.

7. Let Me Vomit

[music: Cyjan-kelner-maly-tocha / Lyric: Cyjan]

Let Me Vomit On Your Face,
Let Me Vomit On Your Breasts.
Let Me Vomit In Your Lips,
Let Me Vomit In Your Pussy.
Vomited Bile Lies In The Lips,
Rebellious Tissue Strikes With Hate.
Jawbone Excretes Yellow Liquid,
Let Me Uncork Your Full Ovarys.
[lead: Maly]

8. Spattered Birth

[music: Tocha / Lyric: Cyjan]

Delivering Ward Got A New Guest,
Preparations For A Birth Are Under Way.
A Wish To Greet A New Life,
Surgeons Will Do Their Best.
Embryo's Head Comes Out Of The Widen Uterus.
However, The Real Horror Is Yet To Come.
Suckling's Head Is Severed With A Crack,
Being Pulled By Surgeon's Hands.
Undergrown Jugular Veins
Pour Their Mucus All Around.
Headless Torso Gets Pushed Out
By Pressure Of Uterine Secretion.
Spattered Birth,
Hospital Carnage.
Thrown Out With An Immense Power,
Stricken The Clinic Walls.
Torn Apart,

9. Start Human Slaughter

[music: Tocha / Lyric: Cyjan]

Start Human Slaughter Till The Very End,
Blessing Of Bloody God Comes To Grief.
In The Dead Of Night Helpless Bodies
Excrete Their Souls, It's A Sin Of Life.
Tumour Of Rancid Minds,
Ungrateful Destiny,
Defective Form Of Life,
Carbonized Bones.
Prayers Of Holy Priests Are A Swinish Stuff,
Here Comes The Evil To Take Human Flesh.
Vomited Out Rotten Remains, It's A Question Of The Present Days,
Eclipse Of Moon Has Come, Night Of Dead Despair.
Nobody Lives, Slaughter Has Come,
Holy Ghost Takes Their Minds.
Nobody Has Believed In This Nightmare,
It's Time To Start Human Slaughter.
Crush Your Fucking Mind, You Don't See Your Own Face,
Horror Of Your Life Is A Sign Of Truth.

10. Deformed Creature

[music: Tocha / Lyric: Cyjan]

Creature Deformed Beyond Belief
Not To Be Saved Even By Surgical Sutures.
Face Making Your Mouth Fulfill With Vomit,
Composhion Mixed Horrible Shock.
Undeveloped Limbs Throwing The Witness
Into Convulsions.
Brown Ulcers That Can Be Removed
Together With Skin.
Jaw Stricking Out Far Enough To Cover Blue Lips.
It's Surprise For Surgeons,
A Rare Loathsome Shape,
Epidermis Excition With No Hope.

Start Human Slaughter 1997
World Full Of Remains 1997
A Chapter Of Accidents 1995 Relapse Records
Surgical Disembowelment 1993 Relapse Records





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