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Dead Infection - 1997 Start Human Slaughter

1. Start Human Slaughter
2. In The Grey Memory
3. Dead Again
4. Tribe Of The Glutinous Tissue
5. World Full Of Remains
6. Rip It
7. In The Name Of Gore
8. Torsions
9. Peritonitis


1. Start Human Slaughter

[music: Tocha / Lyric: Cyjan]

Start Human Slaughter Till The Very End,
Blessing Of Bloody God Comes To Grief.
In The Dead Of Night Helpless Bodys
Excrete Their Souls, It's A Sin Of Life.

Tumour Of Rancid Minds,
Ungrateful Destiny,
Defective Form Of Life.

Prayers Of Holy Priests Are A Swinish Stuff,
Here Comes The Evil To Take Human Flesh.
Vomited Out Rotten Remains, Question Of Present Days,
Eclipse Of Moon Has Come, Night Of Dead Despair.

Nobody Lives, Slaughter Has Come,
Holy Ghost Takes Their Minds.
Nobody Has Believed In This Nightmare,
It's Time To Start Human Slaughter.


Crush Your Fucking Mind, You Don't See Your Face,
Horror Of Your Life Is A Sign Of Truth.

2. In The Grey Memory

[music: Tocha/golab / Lyrics: Cyjan]

Rotten Past In Our Minds, Open The Door Of Destiny,
Magic Step To Unknown Truth Is A Secret Of Ugliness.
Rotten, Grey Memory Brings The Hideous Recollection.

When Your Present Becomes Past Horror Will Come Back,
Our Grey Memory Is Possessed By Rancid Times.
Rotten, Grey Memory Brings The Hideous Recollection.

Do You See Your Juicy Blood, Which Flows Down On Youe Past?
Do You See Your Family, Which Was Deprived Of Guts And Limbs?

Look Into The Past, Terrible View,
Ripped Souls By Chains Of Hate,
Pale Corpses Rape Your Girlfriend,
Her Virginal Womb Tears Off.

No One Can Hear Your Screams,
You Remember Love, You're All In Tears

You See Dead Friends And You Begin To Cry,
You See Dead World And You Begin To Vomit.
You See Dead Life And You Begin To Scream,
You See Dead Home And You Begin To Suffer

[lead: Maly]

In The Grey Memory,
Past Destroys Your Present.

3. Dead Again

[music: Maly / Lyrics: Cyjan]

Powerless, Homeless, Dead Again,
Terrible Dreams, Differed World In His Mind
Cemetary Of His Cells Is Falling Again,
Diabolic Return To Life In Deadly Form.

Putrid Mould From A Dead Land,
Sticky Plasm Without Remorse.
Death For Alive, Life For Dead,
It's Not Such A Man As Times Ago.
[lead: Maly]

Piece By Piece Again And Again,
Soggy Shambles. People! Pray!

[lead: Tocha]

[lead: Tocha]
[lead: Maly]
[lead: Tocha]
[lead: Maly]

Dead Again-go To Hell, Leave In Peace,
Dead Again-look At People, Devastation,
Dead Again-unatural, Human Pain,
Dead Again-hellish View, The Guts Are Breaking.

4. Tribe Of The Glutinous Tissue

[music: Maly / Lyrics: Cyjan]

Look Into The Life, Tissue Is Working,
Glutinous Carrion Creats A Tribe,
Lord Of Plasm Build The Kingdom,
Spit Out Your Soul On The Bloody Cross.

Hard To Digest, A While Of Silence,
You're Bleeding Glutinous Dose,
Like A Priest You're Praying,
Breathless, New Dead Life.

Lord Of Plasm, Lord Of Tribe,
The Sign Of Sweet Suffering.
Save Your Mind, Hide Yourself,
In The Dead Place With A Chance To Survive.

[lead: Tocha]
[lead: Maly]
[lead: Tocha]
[lead: Maly]

Piercing Scream From Your Trachea,
Suicidal Cry Of The Rotten Flesh,
Deadly Pain, Buring Veins,
Glutinous Ghost Takes Your Soul.

Tribe Of The Glutinous Tissue,
It's No Fun Being Lord Of Plasm,
Tribe Of The Glutinous Tissue,
It's No Fun Being Hard To Digest.

5. World Full Of Remains

[music: Golab / Lyrics: Cyjan]

Full Moon Over World Full Of Remains,
There Are No People, Desert Everywhere.

Darkness Rules, Life Is Gone,
Earth Full Of Dead Infection,
Eyes Of Terror Are Burning With Hate,
Ripped Minds, Pain And Suffering.

The Last Chance Of Life Doesn't Exist,
The Human Remains Are Eaten By Rats.

[lead: Tocha]

All Earth Is Changing Into Dead Remains,
Movements And Mind Are Ceased.

[lead: Maly]

6. Rip It

[music: Tocha / Lyrics: Cyjan]

The Sound Of The Breaking Bones,
Smell Of Fresh, Warm Flesh,
You Catch Your Victim,
Feast Of The Slaughter.

His Empty Eyesockets Excrete Remains Of Brain,
Like A Soulless Butcher You Destroy Element Of Life.

Like A Professional Surgeon You Cut Tissue Of This Life.

It's Masterpiece, Detailed Operation,
Eviscerated Victims You Caught Feel Nothing.

[lead: Maly]
[lead: Tocha]

7. In The Name Of Gore

[music: Golab / Lyrics: Cyjan]

Tear Your Empty Soul Apart,
In The Name Of The Holy Gore.

Flesh Is Gone, Soul Is Gone,
Existence Gives Belief For The Dead,
Uncertain Step Without A Chance Of Life,
Rips Your Fucking Health Off,

Mouldy Worms Excrete Product Of Emaciated Microbs,
Prince Of Circulation Of The Blood Commands To Stop.

It Causes Loss Of The Mind - Its Name Is Pain,
It Destroys Flesh - Its Name Is Death,
It Builds Revenge - Its Name Is Hate,
It Vomits Bile - Its Name Is Gore.

8. Torsions

[music: Maly / Lyrics: Cyjan]

Seized In Claws Of Unmerciful Torsions You're Shocked,
Look Around, Splattered Culture By Bile From Stomach,
Lost Souls Are Going For A Walk To A Land Of Ugliness,
God Is Absent, His Salvation Is Powerless.


Look At Yourself, You Are In Vomits, It's A Beautiful View,
Yellow Mixture On Your Mouth Embelishes You,
Dignity, Appearance Are Full Of Sympathy,
It's A Fragment Of Your Life, And Of Your Pride.


Torsions-secret Of Life,
Vomits-secret Of Pride.

Your Organism Repeats Regurgitation,
Organs Of Digestion Excrete Bad Smell.


In The Blood Mood Identity Dies,
Torsions Are Increasing, The Last Remains Of Vomits.


9. Peritonitis

[music: Cyjan / Lyrics: Cyjan]

Inflammable, Dangerous, Impossible Aliment.
It Must Be Suffering,
Deadly Pain,
Life Will Not Come Back.

Peritonitis, Abscesses, Divited Tissue, The Stomach Breaks.
Bile Is Gushing From The Flesh,
Day By Day Mind Is Dying,

Infectious, Cruel Stench By Virus Of Pancreas,
Bile Is Gushing From The Flesh,
Day By Day Mind Is Dying.

Peritonitis Causes Attack Of Internal Nervous Cells,
Pain Is Meddling With Quiet Life, It's Time To Die And Scream,
Peritonitis Causes Attack Of Internal Nervous Cells,
Pain Is Meddling With Quiet Life, It's Time To Die And Scream.

He Says His Prayers,
He Doesn't Want To Die,
But Soon He Will Be Gone ,
And Soon He Will Die.

Start Human Slaughter 1997
World Full Of Remains 1997
A Chapter Of Accidents 1995 Relapse Records
Surgical Disembowelment 1993 Relapse Records





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