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Marduk - 1995 Opus Nocturne

1. The Appearance Of Spirits Of Darkness
2. Sulphur Souls
3. From Subterranean Throne Profound
4. Autumnal Reaper
5. Materialized In Stone
6. Untrodden Paths (wolves Pt. Ii)
7. Opus Nocturne
8. Deme Quaden Thyrane
9. The Sun Has Failed


1. The Appearance Of Spirits Of Darkness


2. Sulphur Souls

Praise Hail Satan

Our Wrath Is About To Be Unleashed
Upon You - Oh Lord Of Goodness
For So Long We Have Waited And Believe Us
The Future Will Be A Vast Black Memory On Your Grave

From Our Synagogue Of Satan
We Say To You
Black Metal Warriors Of Northern Lands
Lift Your Swords Up High
Let Us Praise
The Horned One
The Lord Of The Sulphur Souls

The City Walls Of Babylon
Are Now Decorated With The Bodies Of Your
Weak Followers
Here They Hang Begging For Our Mercy
With A Symbol Of Your Teachings
We Can't Do Nothing But Hate

From Our Synagogue Of Satan
We Say To You
Do Never Lower Your Heads In Awe
For A God So Good And Mild
Let Us Praise The One With Black Horns

Woe To You Oh Falling God
See How We Scorn Your Work And Worshippers
See How They Hang In Shameful Nakedness
On The Bloodstained Walls Of Babylon

The White Sun Bites Us
But Why Be Afraid
The Bright Morning Star Has Turned Black
Your Empire Is Ruined Oh God Of Life And Light
And I Am Your Judas

3. From Subterranean Throne Profound

A Look On The Crucified One
Gives Us Strength In Soul And Mind
This Moment Breeds Hate Undivine
So Look, Oh Sinner, And Be Satisfied
Only For Our Guilt He Sacrificed His Weak Life

Sure As The Night Will Come
He Hanged On The Cursed Tree
He Who Sacrificed His Holy Life
He Who Was Sent To Bear Our Guilt
For God The Almighty

No Agony, No Tears, Only The Blood
Can Bring Reconsolidation
Therefore Our Blood Floats In Swift Streams
From Veins Open Wide
We Mock And Crush With Delight
All What Your Holy Trinity Represents

Once Fallen From Halls Up High
But Now Descending From The Depths Of The Earth
From Subterranean Throne Profound
My Fathers Kingdom

The Light Can's Save Me
For Too Long The Intensity Of Darkness Burned
By Burial This Night My Journey Has Begun
Tonight I'll Reach My Fathers Kingdom

4. Autumnal Reaper

The Coldest Winds Embrace The Lands
Awakend From Its Ancient Slumber
By A Circle Of Sleepless Eyes

Autumn Reaper, Dress Me In Ice
Let My Blood Freeze In Your Eyes

Towards A Dark Sky, Monolith Points
Created By Unknown Hands In A Darker Age
The Threes Bow For This Wind, The Cursed
That Will Live On Forever

The Winds Of Autumn Cold And Loud
Dressed In Ice It Dies, The Life
Standing As Frozen Shadows
Under Flickering Stars

Autumn Reaper Dress Me In Ice
Let My Blood Freeze In Your Eyes

5. Materialized In Stone

The Solemn Tones Of An Ancient Clock
Have Announced Midnight
The Air Is Thick And Heavy
A Vast Deathlike Stillness Pervades All Nature

A Faint Pearl Of Thunder Comes From Far Off
Drifting Clouds Obscures The Moon
As I Passed Onto The Path In Darkness
The Wind Must Have Grown Colder For I Felt Myself Shiver
As I Walked Towards

Unaware Of The Light
I Struggled Through The Night

A Materialization Of My Fear - The Light
Through Stealthy Shadows
Through Darkened Halls
As The First Rays Of The Sun Emerges From
The Horizon

Unaware Of The Light
I Struggled Through The Night

Materialized In Stone
Embraced By The Woods As My Throne

Materialized In Stone
Forever Stand Alone

6. Untrodden Paths (wolves Pt. Ii)

On Untrodden Paths In The Carpathians
Echoes From The Past Hovers Like The Veils Of Mist
Many Of The Sounds, Of Its Nature
Warn You Of Violent And Sudden Death

In The Uncanny Nightwind
You'll Hear The Owls Warning
Of What Is Yet To Come
So Big And So Black
All Around

And With The Darkness Came Death
New Throats Were To Be Satisfied
Ant The Stench Of Death Made Us Hungry

From The Shadows We Emerge
We Who Never Were The Lambs Of Light
But Those Of The Unlight

Black Silhouettes Prowl Through The Darkness
Protected By The Wings Of The Night
When The Moon Shines Brightly
The Howling Returns Over Untrodden Paths

On Untrodden Paths In The Carpathians
Echoes From The Past Hovers Like The Veils Of Mist
And With The Darkness
So Big
So Black

7. Opus Nocturne

Night Sprout Up Through The Pale Weakness Of The Day
Choked Is The Warmth And It's Feeble Loving Light
Why My Heart It Pounds? Is It You My Dark Mistress Say?
Worship You I Do And You Me Newer Fail On Delightful Night

Foolish And Weak Is Any Human Love, But My Bride Not This
In Life And So In Death For You I Shall Fight
Your Cold Breath Caresses Me Of My Mind And Into My Wish
You I Can Love For You Are Me Oh Precious Night

8. Deme Quaden Thyrane

On A Cold Mist October Morning
In The Year Of The Lord 1462
The Horses Appeared On The Hills Of Brasov
The Process Of Damnation Would Soon Begun

Dracul Would Show The World How To Correct
The Rumanians Which Lacked Strength Or Showed Disrespect
The Following Story Is Just One Of Many On Draculs Way
To Outwipe Every Opposer Who Didn't Him Blindly Obey

He Killed By Crushing Them Under The Wheels Of Barrows
Others Were Undressed And Skinned Alive
To Their Very Bowels And Others Were Still Impaled Upon Wooden Poles
Or Fried Over The Glowing Embers Placed Under Them

The Cold Wind Of Death Follow In His Way
Deme Quaden Thyrane

Some Of Them Were Run Through With Stakes That Impaled Their Heads, Breasts
And Behind
Until The Pole Was Driven Through The Mouth
To Ellude The Lack Of Any Cruelty He Drew Stakes Through
The Breasts Of Mothers And Then He Went On By Impaling
Their Infants Upon These

The Cold Wind Of Death Follows In His Way
Deme Quaden Thyrane

So Many Have To Die
By The Horrible Ways Of Torturing Them
With Such Instruments That Can Only Be Invented
By The Most Nefarious Cruelty Possessed
Uttermost Dreadful Tyrant That Ever Existed

But The Hungarian King Mathias Corvinus Now Dracul Betrayed
And For Twelve Long Years Vlad Now In The Kings Prison Stayed
But The Bonds Of Blood That Dracul In Prison Tied
Made His King In Wallachia Again With Mathias As An Allied
With Lord Stefan Bathori's Army And Military Skill
Dracul Now Will Make All Saches, Boyars, Danesti's And Turks Blood Chill

9. The Sun Has Failed

It's Cold In My Veins
The Sun Has Failed Ascending From The Crypts
Driven By Hunger So Strong
I Am One With The Night


Only Broken By The Whispering Of The Wind
In The Moonlit Forest
My Teeth- I Want To Let The Blood Float
Easy In My Mouth And Hot In My Throat

It's Cold In My Veins
The Sun Has Failed
Darkness Eats Through The Hearts And Souls
Of Lovers Of God, His Son And The Holy Ghost

The Sun Has Failed
Darkness Spread Its Wings

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