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Marduk - 1996 Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered

: Black Metal : Osmose Productions
1. Summon The Darkness
2. Beyond The Grace Of God
3. Infernal Eternal
4. Glorification Of The Black God
5. Darkness It Shall Be
6. The Black Tormentor Of Satan
7. Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania
8. Legion


1. Summon The Darkness

2. Beyond The Grace Of God

Where I Walk, Everything Appears In Grey..
And Under My Shadow, The Flowers Wither
I Have Drunk The Blood Of Jesus, And My Reflection Is Just A Shadow
As A Bat Or A Wolf I Travel, And The Rats Tell About My Arrival

Singe Este Viata..

I'm A Slave Under My Eternal Hunger
My Perpetual Lust For The Blood That I Need
I Am The Abomination
Satan's Earthly Breed

Moarte Calatoreste Repede..

As Mist Released From A Sarcophagus I Call
Of Funerals And You I Shall Embrace
On My Wings, Through The Darkness I Fly, As The King Of The Nightsky
Invisible - I Haunt The Night, And My Cold Breath Is All You Can Feel
I Have Raised From Death, But Left My Soul In The Sulphur Fire
..and Far Beyond The Grace Of God I Am
I - The Wanderer In The Utter Darkness,
The Dweller In The Shadow Of The Horned One
I Have Raised From Death, But Left My Soul In The Sulphur Fire
And Far Beyond The Grace Of God I Am..

Loosen All Hope, You Who Confronts Me

3. Infernal Eternal

As I Looked Into The Mirror, And Saw The Creation Which Was Fading
I Sailed The Darkened Waters Of My Soul On The Ship Of Flaming Hate
Towards The Land Of The Damned..
The Cold Winds Of The Darkness Blow Strongly
The Cemetery Glows In The Dark
A Thousand Times, Thousand Voices Are Screaming In Pain From Beyond
A Number Of Faceless Shapes March Forth From The Darkness Within
Life Is Slowly Passing Away, Poisoned By Guilt And Sin
Embraced In Black I Lie
Only Waiting To Die The Greatest Of Life's Events
And I Begin My Journey..
As Hands Of Greater Characters Unveil The World
Plunging Through Space And Time, My Prison Has Now Been Slain

The Reaper Purifies My Soul..

Perdition And Death - I Was In Ages So Dark And Far Away..
And I Will Always Be

4. Glorification Of The Black God

Glorification Of The Black God
In The Shape Of A Black Goat - The Dark Lord Himself
Presiding Over The Revelry..
Demons, Witches, And Spirits Of Darkness Await
And Watch With Pleasure On The Succumbed Virgins
And Innocent Souls.. Soon To Be Sacrificed
The Only Light Is The Gleam Of The Torches From The Inverted Women Wombs
And The Fire From The Cauldron, In Which Human Fat Is Being Boiled
The Air Is Filled With Diabolical Laughter And Screams
Spells Are Whirling, And The Smell Of Hell Is Spreading All Around
The Appearance Of Spirits Of Darkness From The Heart Of Hell
A Necromantical Union Brought Forth To Haunt The Night
The Christains Fled Like Pigs, Overwhelmed With Fear
Except Glimpses Of The Moon Surrounded By Stars
Clouds Block The Nocturnal Light, As The Earth Trembles
Under Hooved Feet Accompaigned By..
The Beating Of Skins Under The Blackened Sky

Noone Dares To Tread The Mountain On This Night

They Watch With Enlarged Eyes, In Fear From Afar
As The Lightning Joins The Perverted Dance At The Bare Mountain

5. Darkness It Shall Be

I Have Dreamt The Dreams About Satan's Beautiful Promises
Of The Dark Arts, And The Blackened Powers I Possess
I Have Dreamt About Worlds Burning In Millions Of Fires
And The Worthless Christianity Burning With Them
I And You Are All That Is Dark Of The World
And So We Shall Greet The Everlasting Night With Pride
You And I Bear The Wisdom Of A Thousand Geniuses
And We Are Granted The Right To Lead The People To Their Ends
I Have Dreamt A Thousand Dreams About Crushing Other's Dreams
And Also To Unite The Superior People Of Mine
I Have Dreamt About The Mortals' Fears And Terrors
But No Horror Will Be As Great As The Fear Of You And I
I And You Will Strike With The Words And Fist Of Satan
Our Enemies And Friends Alike To The Ground
You And I With Our Brother Of Higher Birth
Shall Ignore The Cries, And Ignore The Lament Of The Fools
A New Age Will Come, And A New King Will Be Crowned
A New Age Will Arrive.. In Your Own Blood, You Shall Be Drowned
This New Age Of Satan - The New Age Of Hell
This Is What I Have Seen, And Darkness It Shall Be
I Have Dreamt About The Most Wonderful Things
And I Know That I'm A Chosen One On Satan's Side
I Have Dreamt About Peace, Happiness, Love And Good
And I Have The Key To Destroy All Of That
I And You Bear The Soul And Power Of The Evil Fire
So That We Can Rule The World With Dark Desire
You And I Are The Artists Of Evil
And The Painting Of The New World
We Will Create, Shall Bath In Blood
I Have Dreamt About The Deeds Of The Very Past
But None Of Them Are As Great As Those To Come
I Have Dreamt About Great Days To Come
When I Shall Wear The Black Crown, And Rule With Satanic Might
I And You Are Born Of The Same Great Blood
And We Are Proud Warriors In The Great Army Of Satan
You And I Have Got The World In Our Grasp
The World At Our Knees, And The Vision Of Destruction In Our Eyes
A New Age Will Come..
I Have Dreamt The Dreams That Will Come True

6. The Black Tormentor Of Satan

When The Dark Clouds In The Sky Open
A Thousand Eyes Burn In The Night
A Kneeling Shape In A Void Of Fire Gazes Out Over This World
Within A Blink Of An Eye
A Gruesome Face Looks Down From The Sky
On This World Where Darkness Soon Will Reign
And The People Shall Meet Their New King
That Night Will Be The One
That Will Open The Gates To The Realm Beyond
And The Wings Of Funeral Will Take My Soul
And Complete The Eclipse Of My Heart

..and The Black Tormentor Of Satan
Will Take All Our Lives On This Night
He Who Comes With Domination - A Shadow Of Our Infernal King

When The Faces Of The Idols Have Turned From White To Black
And The Cross Is Inverted
Then Strong We Will Stand When A Hint From The Emperor's Hand
Unleash The Black Winds Of Hate
When The Demons Are Raping The Angels
And The Priests Are Burned On Stakes
When Blood Is Dripping From The Sky
And The Bond Of The Trinity Cracks

And The Black Tormentor Of Satan - He Who Stand As One With The Dark
He Who Brought The Damnation - A Shadow Of Our Infernal King

7. Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania

[sighisoara, Transilvania In The Year Of 1431]

All Demons Ride High Upon The Bewitching Nightsky
They Are Only Disturbed By A New-born Child's Painful Cry
Son Of The Great Dragon, Come Forth To Rule
In All Your Glory, No Man, No Beast Will Be As Cruel
All The Angels And The Puny Men Of God Looked Away
Frightened To Death By The Evil That Was Born On That Day
Dracul Come Forth, And See Your Son's Soul Is Powerful
Triumphantly Holding His Son, Nothing Could Be As Delightful
In Our Order You Are Now, For The Sake Of Your Greatness
You Must Murder The Muslim Turks In Thousands, No Less
Let Them Feel Our Never-ending Wrath And Our Steel
We Are Men Of God, So Let Them Know It For Real
It's Our Mission To Seek Our Enemies, And Kill Them One By One
They Must Be Destroyed In Time, Be Sure To Teach Your New-born Son
We Must Bath In The Blood Of The Vermins, Called Turks, To Win
The Muslims Are To Be Executed, For They Live In Great Sin

Sultan Murad Of The Turks Is Getting More Powerful Each Day
Dracul Will Not Be One Of Them That For His Mercy Will Pray
He Must Turn His Back On His Previous Allies
And Conspirate With The Turks
Beware You All Of The Evil Blood That In Dracul Lurks
The Holy Roman Emperor Will Get Angered With This
But Dracul Must Protect Himself, It's A Right Of His
So Feel The Greedy Claws Of Death, You Weak Men Of God
Treacherous Thoughts Was The Father Of The Berserker Prince Vlad
(in The Year Of 1438)
Seven Years Of Age Is He And Already In Bloody War
His Eyes Do Not Turn Away From All That Death And Gore
Father Dracul And Brother Mircea Are Riding By His Side
Proud He Is Of His Warrior Father, No Matter He Lied
Together With The Turks, They Ravaged Through The Land
Dragon And Beast, Devils And Demons Fighting Hand-in-hand
Transilvania - You Great Home Of Ours
You They Will Crush, There Is No God To Help Us

What Feeds An Evil Mind?
What Makes A Man A Man?
The Deeds Of Death!

But Greater Stories Are Yet To Be Told..

8. Legion

With My Pale Eyes, I Watch With Delight
Beyond The Horizon On The Everlasting Night
A Heart So Black And Cold As Ice
A Soul In Fire Blessed And Baptized
Lucifer Is The Fallen Light-bearer
For His Glory We Must All Burn!
Children Of Darkness..
Raise Your Blood-filled Cups To Our Father With Horns
In Eternity, We Shall Blaspheme The One Who Was Tormented With Thorns
A New Era Will Arise As I See The Black Angels Of The Abyss Fly
And The Demons Come Storming In The Silent Cloud-less Sky
With Their Burning Eyes Of Ripping Evil..
I Am Given Strength From A Thousand Sinners
That Dwell In The Everlasting, Burning, Roaring Depths Of Hell
With The Demons The Possess My Blackened Heart And Soul
I Shall Strive For Satan's Triumph And Reach Infernal Goals
Children Of Darkness..
Raise Your Blood-filled Cups To Our Father With Horns
In Eternity, We Shall Blaspheme The One Who Was Tormented With Thorns

Feel The Darkness Growing When We Draw Near
My Name Is Legion, For We Are Many In Here
Heaven Shall Burn Accompaigned By The Angels' Cries
We Shall Invert Paradise
Death To Peace!!!

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