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Marduk - 1998 Nightwing

1. Preludium
2. Bloodtide (xxx)
3. Of Hells Fire
4. Slay The Nazarene
5. Nightwing
6. Dreams Of Blood And Iron
7. Dracole Wayda
8. Kaziklu Bey (the Lord Impaler)
9. Deme Quaden Thyrane
10. Anno Domini 1476


1. Preludium

2. Bloodtide (xxx)

Wings Of The Night
Has Turned Light Into Shadows
And Through The Deep Forest
Only The Mist Prevails
Carried Forth By The Whispering Wind

And In A Glade Of The Deepest Part Of The Forest
The Black Pounding Heart Of A Thousand Peoples Fears
Thirteen Figures Perform The Most Obscure Dance
Around An Altar Of Stone While The Eye Of Satan
Beholds From Its High Seat In The Starless Sky

Dark Eyes Stares With Carnal Bloodlust At The Fettered Virgins Helpless
Claws And Teeth Shall Desecrate The Temple Of Her Soul And Pierce The Night
With Her Cries

The Sacred Blood Of God's Creation Flow
As The Eyes Of The Creatures Woefully Glow
* As Gleaming Red As The Hair Of The Beasts
Dreadful Shadows Plunges Through The Veils Of The Mist At Their
Screaming Prey
Claws And Teeth Shall Desecrate The Temple Of Her Soul And Force Her Spirit
Beyond The Gates
Of Black Divinity

The Sacred Blood Of Gods Creation Drips
And Run Down The Throats Of The Creatures Who From Open Vein Sips
And The Moon Glows - As Pale As The Skin Of The Beasts

Three Crosses Breaks Her Skin
A Soul For Satan To Win

Three Crosses For The Price Of Blood
That So Triumphantly Brought Death To The Son Of God

Three Crosses For The Breed Of Cain
That Throughout Time In Blood Will Reign

Three Crosses For The Abomination From Nod
Who So Fiercly Drank His Brothers Blood

Three Crosses For The Breathren Of Judas

All Praise The Black Deity
So Fearsome Great And Mighty
Mark Our Spirits With Thine Blessing Dark Divine
And Through Our Eyes You Powers All Will Shine
Upon The Forthcoming Millenium

The Sacred Blood Of Gods Creation Is Gone
And Her Soul Is Now In The Hands Of The Horned One
Who Laughs As Bloodfreezing As Gaze In The Eyes Of The Beasts

Three Crossess Breaks Her Skin
A Soul For Satan To Win

Three Crossess For The Price Of Blood
That So Triumphantly Brought Death To The Son Of God

Three Crossess For The Breed Of Cain
That Throughout Time In Blood Will Reign

Three Crossess For The Abomination From Nod
Who So Fiercly Drank His Brothers Blood

Three Crossess...

3. Of Hells Fire

I Hear The Evil Calling Of The Spirits Of The Dark
And See The Beauty And The Power Of The Devils Mark
The Night Always Calls My Name
Gaze Into My Eyes And See The Shadows Of The Flames

Of Hells Fire
Torture And Pain I Desire
Let The Flames Reach Higher
And Lick The Realms Of The Nazarene Liar

Dark Reflections Sweep The Night A Call From The Depths Of The Earth
Antichrist Is Rising The Image Of Him To Which Hell Gave Birth
Necromantical Chants Are Brought Forth By The Winds Of The North
The Message Of Destruction From Satan And His Court

The Toll Of Damnations Bell
Open The Gates To Hell
I Can Feel The Delightful Smell
Of Rotten Souls Who In Darkness Dwell

Thou - The Archangel Who Fell From The Heavenly Empire
Thou - The Hand That Wound With Evil And Unholy Desire
Thou - The Black Lord Of The Unlight To Which We All Belong
From The Deepest Part Of Gehenna Tormented Soulos Sings Damnations Song

Write My Name With The Slaughtered Angels Blood
As I Step In The Face Of The Fallen Soldiers Of God
All The Children Of Jehova Will Always Be Our Prey
Beyond The Pearly Gates We Shall Crush, Rape Destroy And Slay

Grant Us The First Power
Up From Hell We Storm At The Witching Hour
Where We Ride The Soil Turns Sour
The Evil Eye Behold From Hells Highest Tower

The Power Of Christ Doesn't Compell Me
Lucifer I Kneel Before Thee
Join The Forces Of Satan For You Will See
Grim And Dark The Future Is Going To Be

Of Hells Fire

4. Slay The Nazarene

It Was Predicted That With Every Tool
That The Romans Brought Pain To You Thy Fool
People To Your God Should Be Lead
While Our Warriors Lost And Scattered Fled
You Should Be The King On Earth
Bastard Son Of Virgin Birth

Slay The Nazarene - In Christian Eyes Supreme
You Will Die

Slay The Nazarene - Your Might Is Just A Dream
You Shall Die

Slay The Nazarene - Tourtured You Will Scream
You Must Die

Slay The Nazarene Slay The Nazarene
Die Die

On Your Command Man Should Do What God Wilth
Glorification Of Holy Christian Slime And Filth
Your Vision Of Your Crusaders Bravery
That Turned The Wiched Out Of Their Slavery
You Should Be The King Of Kings
But Now Feel The Embrace Of Lucifers Wings

Slay The Son Of God - Drown Him In His Own Blood
Meet Your Death

Slay The Son Of God - This Is Your Sinners Flood
We Praise Your Death

Slay The Son Of God - Scum Of Inferior Blood
Hail Your Death

Slay The Son Of God Slay The Son Of God
Death Death Death

Now Glance Upon Your Teachings
In The Pits Of Lost Realities

Behold The Righteous Ones
Before Satan At Their Knees

Slay The Scum Of The Earth - Whoreson Of Infidel Birth
You Are Dead

Slay The Scum Of The Earth - Your Cross Is Nothing Worth
Your Teachings Are Dead

Slay The Scum Of The Earth - Teared Apart With Sadistic Urge
Your God Is Dead

Slay The Scum Of The Earth Slay The Scum Of The Earth
Dead Dead Dead

Humiliated As No Other
Seek Patience At The Weak Chest Of Your Father
Crucified You Shall Die
Mocked And Spitted At
Your Feeble Rat

Slay The Nazarene - In Christian Eyes Supreme
You Will Die

Slay The Nazarene - Your Might Is Just A Dream
You Shall Die

Slay The Nazarene - Tortured You Will Scream
You Must Die

Slay The Nazarene Slay The Nazarene
Die Die Die

Slay The Nazarene

5. Nightwing

Nightwing - Fly Across The Sky
And Cast Your Shadow Over Those Who Before Dawn Will Die
Beyond A Great Vast Forest Lies The Desolate Land
Ruled By Men Controlled By Satans Hand
Craving For The Ever Blood Dripping Saints Stone
And With Dark Rites In The Nights Blackest Hour
Nightmares Strife For The Darksides Blessing And The Higher Power

And The Mantel Of Power Should Be Shouldered By The Firstborn
The One Who Crave Evil And All Kinds Of Human Feelings Scorn
He Who Drank His Fathers Blood And Leaves His Foes Ripped And Torn
And Which The King Halls Up High Since Long Forlorn

Have You Ever Wondered What's Beyond The Human Sphere
To Behold Life Through Deaths Dark Veils From The Demons Lair
To Stand Above The Eternal Rest And Every Night Rise Up From Your Tomb
And Behold Life Like The Ones Who With Teeth Was Born From Their Mothers Womb

For I Am Death And So You Shall Be
When On The Nightwing You Ride With Me

The Warlocks Deciple, Enchanter Of Ghouls
With Exposed Fangs From Which The Blood Drouls

Nightwing - Storm Through Eternity
And Rip Asunder Those Who Fall For The Human Mockery
Within The Massive Castlewalls Lurks The Evil Now Again
Which With Wise Men Made A Truse By Giving The Blood Of Gods Best Men
He Who Possessess The Gift Which Sends Shivers Down The Spine
And Awaken People Who Step Away From The Mortal Worlds Decline
He Is The Fierce Creature Which The Angels Fear To Chase
Who See Pain As Passion And Lives At War With The Mortal Race

His Tomb Is For Any Horse To Cross Like A Mountain Step
He Has Come To Awake The Devil From His Sleep

The Warlocks Deciple, Enchanter Of Ghouls
With Exposed Fangs From Which The Blood Drouls

Pulled From Our Frail Existence By The Claws Of Death
To Defy The Scythe And Feel The Reapers Breath
To Walk The Tunnel Backwards When You First Life Has Been Slain
And When All Mortal Feelings Has Ceased To Cause You Pain
For I Am Darkness And So You Shall Be
As On The Nightwing You Ride With Me

6. Dreams Of Blood And Iron

The Ravagings Through His Homeland Gave The Dragon The Realm Of Sebes
By Saving His People From The Turks And Powers Fatal To The Flesh
But The Turkish Sultan Murad Saw This As A Treason To Their Deal
And Swore To His God That One Day The Dragons Fate He Would Seal
Across The Donau With Peace In Mind The Three Of Them Ride
Dracul His Father And Brother Was Captured On The Floods Other Side
The Dragon Swore His Soul To The Turkish Realm Of The Sand
And Left His Sons To Their Fate In The Infidel Muslim Land

As Time Went By Dracul For Humans Grew A Great Disgust
Aswell As Expiering The Pleasures Of The Harems
Sinful Lust
Decietfulness , Intrepidity And Cruelty Would Become His Name
Man Or Beast, Muslim Or Christian It Would All Be The Same
Brother Radu Won The Hearts Of The Turks And Become Murads Own Son
While Vlad's Powerful Innerself Would Make Him King In The Long Run
But As Thunderbolt From Clearblue Sky
Message That Father Dracul Had Died

Words Have Arrived That Brother Mircea Has Been Captured And Buried Alive
Dracul Swore That His Killer, Hunyadi, Wouldn't Be Able To Survive
Along With The Turks He Turned Against The First Goal He Could See
The Wallachian Throne Ruled By Pro-hungarian Family Danesti
Two Months Later Dracul Was Cast Out From Rule
By Conspiering Forces Who Feared The Lion And Desired A Mule
In Fear Of The Turks And His Fathers Hungarian Slayers
He Fled To Moldavia And Hoped That Lord Bogdan Would Answear To His

Lord Bogdan Of Moldavia Has Fallen From Rule In A Pool Of Blood
Assassinated By Rivalry Powermongers To The Fathersbrother Of Prince Vlad
Strengthened By Promises Of His Cousins Blood And Steel
Dracul Now Will Force His Opponents To Before Him Kneel
His Fathers And Brothers Killers Trust He Now Will Earn
The Realm Of Transilvania Awaits With Fear His Return
With Twenty Thousand Crusaders He Will Drive Poles Through
Every Follower Of Danesti Ruler Vladislav Ii

7. Dracole Wayda

Back In Transilvania To Be Met By The News
Which Struck The Christian World As A Blaze
Konstantinopel Has Fallen Into The Hands Of The Turks
And The Emperor Konstantin Is Dead
The Fear Of The Turks Is Growing But The Sword Of Dracul
Will Show The Muslims The Reapers Face
Vlad Now Took Shelter In Sibiu So The Coloured Ones
Couldn't Manage To Get His Head

A Servant Of God In League With Satan
A Christian Crusader Who Made The Angels Cry
A Defender Of Moral And Faith With Nature Bread By Hellspawn
As Driven By Demonforces His Army The Muslims And Christians

But Four Years After His Departure From The Town Vlad Appeared Outside Town
In The Forests Cold Haze
His Wallachian Army Slaughtered, Tortured And Plundered Sibiu
As Raging Demons Terror They Spread
Teared Apart, Impaled On Poles Now Ten Thousand Of His Countrymen
Into The Afterworld Gaze
Maimed And Scattered A Few Survivors, Always To Remember This Day
Out Into The Night Fled

A Servant Of God...

Dracul Now Repair His Castle Which The Tartars Centuries Ago
Made A Rampaged Place
"his Clothes Had To Work Til The Clothes Fell From Their Bodies"
An Old Chronicle Said
>from Poenari Vlad Rules With An Iron Hand And His Strife For Power
Leaves A Bloodstained Trace
The Boyars Was Gathered For A Meeting And Soon On Poles
They Dying Blead

To Cherish The Soulds Of His Subjects
In Fear Of Divine Punishment And Hells Embrace
Dracul Raised Abbeys And Supported The Church As A Sign
To The Godwill He God Offered
But The Mortals He By Orgys Of Bloodshed And Torture
Made Clear That They Vlad Had To Praise
Eternal Death To Thee Who Had The Nerv
To Not The Voivod And Inquisitor Dread

A Servant Of God...

8. Kaziklu Bey (the Lord Impaler)

Kaziklu Bey - Devils Son
Chosen One

After The Fourth Crusade All Christian Piety Is Gone
And The Greatest Commander Against The Muslim Turks You Have Now Become

Kaziklu Bey - Stormbringer Of Fright
Now Show The World Your Might

Impale You Every Foe With Delight
And Let The Frail Decend Into Eternal Night
Gather Your Armies For The Decisive Fight
Your Elite State Is Now In Sight

Storming In Fury With Ten Thousand Men
To Teach The Muslims A Lession Again
In The Port Of Giurgiu Their Ambush Will Fail
To Wallachia In Chains The Turks Now Grow Pale
With Poles Through Their Bodies They All Now Will Die
And The Sultan Muhammed In Anguish Will Cry

At The Forthcoming Winter The War Since Long Planned
To Spread The Religion Which The Turks Banned
Went On All The Way To The Black Sea
Where Overwhelming Armies Forced Dracul To Flee

Kaziklu Bey - Lord Of Blodshed
The Infidel You Dismembered

Rise And Conquer With Your Army You People From The Turkish Yoke Liberated
After The Battle At Giurgiu The Deathfigure Was 23809 Turkish Ears, Noses And

By Poison The Wells And Burning The Land
Dracul Only Left Ashes To The Men From The Sand
While The Peasants Joined Dracul The Turks Heard The Cry
Of Wolves And Only Saw Vultures In The Sky

At The "terror Night" Dracul Striked The Starved Turks
And Killed Thousand And Thousand To Complicate Their Works
Next Morning The Turks Found Tirgoviste In Flames
And A Forest Of Impaled Men With Turkish Names

The The Sultan Gave Up His Conquering Plan
"what Can We Do Against Such A Man?"

9. Deme Quaden Thyrane

On A Cold Mist October Morning
In The Year Of The Lord 1462
The Horses Appeared On The Hills Of Brasov
The Process Of Damnation Would Soon Begun

Dracul Would Show The World How To Correct
The Rumanians Which Lacked Strength Or Showed Disrespect
The Following Story Is Just One Of Many On Draculs Way
To Outwipe Every Opposer Who Didn't Him Blindly Obey

He Killed By Crushing Them Under The Wheels Of Barrows
Others Were Undressed And Skinned Alive
To Their Very Bowels And Others Were Still Impaled Upon Wooden Poles
Or Fried Over The Glowing Embers Placed Under Them

The Cold Wind Of Death Follow In His Way
Deme Quaden Thyrane

Some Of Them Were Run Through With Stakes That Impaled Their Heads, Breasts
And Behind
Until The Pole Was Driven Through The Mouth
To Ellude The Lack Of Any Cruelty He Drew Stakes Through
The Breast Of Mothers And Then He Went On By Impaling
Their Infants Upon Theese

The Cold Wind Of Death Follows In His Way
Deme Quaden Thyrane

So Many Have To Die
By The Horrible Ways Of Torturing Them
With Such Instruments That Can Only Be Invented
By The Most Nefarious Cruelty Possessed
Uttermost Dreadful Tyrant That Ever Existed

But The Hungarian King Mathias Corvinus Now Dracul Betrayed
And For Twelve Long Years Vlad Now In The Kings Prison Stayed
But The Bonds Of Blood That Dracul In Prison Tied
Made His King In Wallachia Again With Mathias As An Allied
With Lord Stefan Bathori's Army And Military Skill
Dracul Now Will Make All Saches, Boyars, Danesti's And Turks Blood Chill

10. Anno Domini 1476

But Since Stefan Failed His Word And Let Draculs Enemys Come From Every Side

Dracu Has No Choise But With His Two Hundred Men Into Death Ride
During The Last Battle The Turkish Lines Begin To Scatter
And Vlad Rode Up On A Hill To See The Inferior Blood Splatter
But Treasonous Boyars Ambushed The Lion To His Blood Spill
Dracul Fought Bravely But The Twentieth Boyar Would Be His Last Kill
When The Turks Found His Body They Cutted Of His Head
Which Was Stuck On A Pole In Konstantinopel To Show The Muslim World
That Kaziklu Bey Was Dead
The Night Of The Lord Impalers Demise The Worst Storm Man Could Remember
Struck The Land
Kaziklu Bey Was Dead But Not Gone And By Thunder His Foe's Now Again Could
Feel His Hand

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