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Marduk - 2001 La Grande Danse Macabre

: Black Metal : Blooddawn Productions
1. Azrael
2. Obedience Unto Death
3. Bonds Of Unholy Matrimony
4. La Grande Danse Macabre
5. Death Sex Ejaculation
6. Funeral Bitch
7. Summers End
8. Jesus Christ... Sodomized


1. Azrael

I Am The Dust Of Desert Dunes And The Chilly Wind Of Death
I Am The Waves On The Oceans Of Blood, And The Knives And Swords To Shred
The Just
I Am The Time, The Withering And The Withered, As Well As The Thorns,
Burning And Sharp
I Am The Rain Of Lust That Wets The Chaste, And The Torch That Ends Your
I Am The One Whose Name Still The Hearts And The Silence Their Breaths
I Am The One Who Speaks Your Name, Weakens Your Fall Into My Cold Arms
Just Waiting For That Kiss Of My Scythe

"both Fool And The Wise,
One Thing Is Certain - That Life Flies
One Thing Is Certain And The Rest Is Lies
The Flower That Once Has Blown Forever Dies"

I Stand Above You Whispering Low
You Know Not What Into Your Ear
Of My Strange Language You All Know
As There Is Not A Word Of Fear


2. Obedience Unto Death

Could Be That The The Columns Which Halt Here
That These Endless Rows Of Men
Are Scattered In The Wind, Split Up And Disperse
And Will Desert Me, Could Be, Could Be

My Lips May Stammer Mad Words
But The Flag Will Only Fall When I Fall
And Be A Shroud, Covering My Corpse

Obedience Unto Death - Never To Fall Aside
Forever To Stride
On Deaths Wings They Ride

We Must Be Dominated By One Will
We Must Form One Unity
We Must Be Held Together By One Discipline
And Form One Obedience

Forwards, Forwards Call The Fanfares
For The Last Time The Reveille Has Sounded
For Battle Sees Us Stand In Stern Array

Obedience Unto Death....

I Shall Remain Faithful, Even Though Deserted By All
I Shall Carry The Flag, Staggering And Alone

We March Into Eternity
For Our Banner Is Greater Than Death

Behold The Knight In Solemn Black Manner
With A Skull On His Crest And Blood On His Banner

In Black We Are Dressed
In Blood We Are Drenched
With A Death's Heads On Our Collars
We Stand Unshaken


3. Bonds Of Unholy Matrimony

Idols Falls Like Autumn Leafs Swept Away By Ice Cold Rain
Where Are You Now When The Sinners Who Gave You Power Cry Out In Pain?
And When The World Turns Darker Than You Can Understand
Where Is Your Supremacy Then, You Delegates Of The Holy Land?

Bloody Nights For All The Sains Who Used To Shine So Bright
Between This World And Eternity There Is Not A Single Fight
Grasping For Straws You Amongst Your Remnants Desperatly Digs
Only To Find Our That The Ground Is Always Frozen For Miserable Pigs

Who Dares Misery Love
And Hug The Form Of Death
Dance On Destruction's Dance
To Him The Mother Comes

Face The King Of The Burning Ground
He Who Decides How The Future Begins
He Who'll Show Them A World Without You

And He, Who Rules The Burning Ground
Represents The Change That You Fear
A World Without Your Boundaries
A World Without Your Control

He Who Lovest The Burning Ground
Have Made One Of Your Hearts
And He, Hunter Of The Burning Ground
Mayest Dance His Eternal Dance

He Who Lovest The Burning Ground
Now Tears Your Souls Apart
And He Hunter Of The Burning Ground
Laughs When He Dance On Your Graves

Idols Die Like Meadows Green When Frost Unleash Its Cold
And When All Love Is Gone Now, What Will The Future Hold?
The Memories You Leave Behind - Just Splinters Which In The Wind Blow
Go Abandon Your Hopes And Die In Pain - It's Biblical You Know

Forget About The Future You Knew Did Not Exist
Your Work Is Being Pounded To Dust By Satan's Armoured Fist
You Pledged Allegiance To Your Lord, Your Golden Cross You Kissed
In The Valley Of Death, Thy Kingdom Gone, It Vanished In The Mist

4. La Grande Danse Macabre

This Ghastly Skeleton, Bone Bare On Ghostly Nag
Gallops Through Space
No Spurs, No Whips
And Yet His Steed Pants Towards Apocalyps
Nostrils A-snort In Epeleptic Fit
Headlong They Rush, Athwart The Infinite
With Rash And Trampling Hoof
The Cavalier, His Flashing Sword Aflame
Glashes - Now Here, Now There

Amongst The Nameless Slaughtered Horde
Then Goes Inspecting Like Some Manor-lord
The Charnel Ground, Chill And Unbound Where
Under A Bleak Suns Pallid Leaden Glare
Histories Great Sepulchered Masses Lie
From The Ages Near
And The Ages Long Gone By

Death Can On Both Black And White Horses Ride
Across The Threshold Of Infinity He You Guide
Death Can Step Along Smiling Within The Dance
And As A Pawn In A Game Of Chess You Stand No Chance
Death Can Also Beat A Drum
He Drums Hard And He Drums Soft
The Time Has Come For You To Leave The Mortal Croft
All Your Dreams He Beats Into Dust
Die, Die, Die You Must

I Svngen Ltta I Dansens Ringar
I Stigen Yra I Njets Lag
Och Myrten Blommar Och Lyran Klingar
Men ver Trskeln Stiger Jag
D Stannar Dansen
D Snkas Ljuden
D Vissnar Kransen
Da Bleknar Bruden...

5. Death Sex Ejaculation

On Silent Wings Through The Darkness Of Aeons He Comes
Driven By Bloodlust And Craving For Unholy Passion
Ecstatic For Wicked Slave Abuse He Enters Your World

The Beast In Him Is Always Awake And Ready To Strike At Will
Cast Out From The Heaves He Commits Sins Which Makes Angels Turn Their Heads
He Is The Commander Of The 7th Compartment Of The Underworld
And Deep Down In The Core Of Your Soul You Know That You Want Him

Could You Ever Picture Death
To Excite You 'til Sanity's End And Make You Loose Your Breath?

Groans Of Pleasure - Demonacy
Your Orgasm - Ecstacy

Twisting, Turning, Crying, Praying, Screaming, Dying, Blood Is Spraying
Death Sex Ejaculation !
Death Sex Ejaculation !

As So Many Times Before He Stumbles Through The Garden Of Life
Ascending From The Firey Pits With Intention To Kill Again
For Those Who Dares Tasting This Body All Seal Their Fate In Blood

Sweat, Blood And Tears Makes The Spirit And Flesh Join As One
His Name Silence People In Fear And Tonight It's The One You Adore To Cry Out
He Penetrate You So Deep That He'll Never Come Out Again
Death Is Out Riding The Sky And Tonight He Comes For You

Be All Twisted Fantasies
Libido, Perversions On Demons Killing Spree

Groans Of Pleasure - Demonacy
Your Orgasm - Ecstacy

Twisting, Turning, Crying, Praying, Screaming, Dying, Blood Is Spraying
Death Sex Ejaculation !
Death Sex Ejaculation !
Death Sex Ejaculation !
Death Sex Ejaculation !

6. Funeral Bitch

The Little Bell Echoes
The Great Bell Groans
This Templed City Of Tombs
Where Death And Grief Blooms

Fiendish Desires In Human Form, Leather Clad
Black Is The Veil, Streaming In The Wind
Stilleto Heels Clicking Up The Cemetary Gates

Death Among The Dead, Haunting Masoleums
All This Death, Oh, Joyful Sight
Naked On A Table Of Stone
Juices Dripping From The Wet Chaste
Exitement Of Fear And Death, It's To Me So Dear

Death Life, Life As Dead And The Sharpness Of The Shrieks
The Licking Tongues Of Fire, Lustful And Crushing

Funeral Bitch, The Urge Is So Strong
Funeral Bitch, The Night Is So Long

7. Summers End

Twilight Cools The Fading Rays Of Daylight
Earlier Each Evening
Dry Leafs Scuttle In A Swirl Of Wind At Your Feet
As You Move Through The Crisp Fall Air
A Sliver Of Moon Rises Above The Trees

Hilltop Bonefires.......gamhain
Divine Eyes..... Gamhain
Summer Dies.......gamhain

Life Drains

8. Jesus Christ... Sodomized

Hang On Your Cross And Pretend To Suffer
Before Your Flesh Gets Cold You'll Be Mistreated Rougher
Who Are You Fooling When You Weep
Die Must Any Wolf Who Turns Into A Sheep

Hold On To Your Cross, King Of Perversions And Flies
In The Whirlwind You'll Face, No-one Will Hear Your Cries
Anticipate A Horrible Death To The Cross Nailed
Mary's Pathetic Tries To Shit Forth A King Failed

Jesus - Son Of Rules Halls Up High
Jesus - It Was You Who Scorched The Sky
Jesus - Hypocrite, You'll Be The First To Fry
Jesus - Scorn Defeat, Shut Up And Die

Jesus Christ - Sodomized
We Take No Bow For Angel Child
Jesus Christ - Sodomized
All You Love Must Be Destroyed

Jesus - From The Depths Your Death Doom Roar
Jesus - Your Glory Days Belongs To Yore
Jesus - Filthy Scum Behold Abhor
Jesus - Your Mother Was A Stinking Whore

Jesus Christ - Sodomized
We Take No Bow For Angel Child
Jesus Christ - Sodomized
Drunk Of Your Blood We Go Wild

Eat His Body, Drink His Blood And Be A Slave Under The Yoke Of God
Piss On Christ And Kill The Priest, Follow Nature - Praise The Beast

Jesus Christ - Sodomized
We Love To See You Short Of Breath
Jesus Christ - Sodomized
Your Throne We Inherit On Your Death

Bleed Like A Pig When With Demons Entangled
Bashed, Ripped And Torned, Mutilated And Strangled
Scream Your Lungs Out Is What You Will Do
When With Fangs And Claws The Fallen Rip You In Two

Jesus Christ - Sodomized
Demons Ripped You, Your Life Blood Ran
Jesus Christ - Sodomized
One Wound Richer For Each Lie To Man

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