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Marduk - 1996 Glorification

: Black Metal : Osmose Productions
1. Glorification Of The Black God (remix)
2. Total Disaster
3. Sodomize The Dead
4. Sex With Satan
5. The Return Of Darkness And Evil


1. Glorification Of The Black God (remix)

Glorification Of The Black God
In The Shape Of A Black Goat - The Dark Lord Himself
Presiding Over The Revelry...
Demons, Witches, And Spirits Of Darkness Await
And Watch With Pleasure On The Succumbed Virgins
And Innocent Souls... Soon To Be Sacrificed
The Only Light Is The Gleam Of The Torches From The Inverted Women Wombs
And The Fire From The Cauldron, In Which Human Fat Is Being Boiled
The Air Is Filled With Diabolical Laughter And Screams
Spells Are Whirling, And The Smell Of Hell Is Spreading All Around
The Appearance Of Spirits Of Darkness From The Heart Of Hell
A Necromantical Union Brought Forth To Haunt The Night
The Christains Fled Like Pigs, Overwhelmed With Fear
Except Glimpses Of The Moon Surrounded By Stars
Clouds Block The Nocturnal Light, As The Earth Trembles
Under Hooved Feet Accompaigned By...
The Beating Of Skins Under The Blackened Sky

Noone Dares To Tread The Mountain On This Night

They Watch With Enlarged Eyes, In Fear From Afar
As The Lightning Joins The Perverted Dance At The Bare Mountain

2. Total Disaster

[originally Performed By Destruction]

I Was Born In A Dark Winter Night
Thunder And Lightning Greeted Me
Now It's The Time To Begin To Fight
Kingdom Of Heaven, I Can't See

My Home Is The Bloody Hell
At The Place Where Satan Rules
The World Is Now Like A Big Shell
The Fire Of Hell Will Destroy The Fools

I Can Never Trust The Virgin Preacher
I Can Never Believe In Jesus Christ
It's All Right 'coz Satan Is My Teacher
People Hidden Them When We Arised

I Command And You Get Down On Your Knees
We Sacrifice Infants On Satan's Order
Come Taste Blood, Our Living Grease
Headless Bodies Found, One Is Your Daughter

3. Sodomize The Dead

[originally Performed By Piledriver]

...scream, Scream, Puke, Scream...
A Few More Screams, Then A Fart...
...and Then Some More Screaming

Sodomize The Dead!

4. Sex With Satan

[originally Performed By Piledriver]

Hell On Fire, Lust, Desire
The Devil Wants To Stick You, Yeah, The Devil Wants To Lick You
Wants Your Body, He Wants Your Spirit
He Comes To You At Night, He Wants To Take A Bite!

Naked, Twisting, Bodies Sweating
You Can't Escape His Hunger, Screams Like Thunder
Prince Of Darkness, Prince Of Evil
Spread Your Legs And Scream, No This Is Not A Dream!

Sex With Satan, Excommunication

Degredation, Humiliation, Thrusting, Shoving, Animals Humping
Lusting Loudly, Snorting, Panting
He's Like A Dog In Heat, You're Just Another Piece Of Meat

Cursed Hellhound, Craving Demon
He Fills You With Pain,& Now You're Bloody And Stained
Hurt And Beaten, Ohhh, Shamed And Weakened
He Will Possess You, He Will Molest You

5. The Return Of Darkness And Evil

[originally Performed By Bathory]

A Sorcery Written In Blood
Whispered By A Witch In The Dawn
Summon The Darkness Pure Evil And Death
And Gather The Legions Of Scorn

The Darkness Possesses You Your Soul Scream In Vain
Tonight The Hellfire Shall Burn
Thunder And Lightning The Ancient Prediction
The Bells Chime For Satan's Return...


It's The Return Of The Darkness And Evil
It's The Return Of The Fire And Flame
It's The Return Of My Master Satan
It's The Return Of Desire And Pain

Sacrifice A Virgin To The Flames Of Burning Hell
Black Witch Of Beauty Recite The Words Of Spell
Gather Masses Run In Circles Scream For Mercy Cry Of Pain
No Mercy For The Blessed In Hell
You All Will Burn In Lord Satan's Name

Now Descend From The Burning Blasting Sky
Holding The Reigns Ride The Night
Satan Appear In Full Glory And Pride
The Raped Souls Of Heaven Cries

Hell And Damnation.

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