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Marduk - 2000 Obedience

1. Obedience
2. Funeral Bitch
3. Into The Crypt Of Rays
4. Baptism By Fire (remix)
5. Funeral Bitch (remix)
6. Dracole Wayda (remix)


1. Obedience

I'll Pull The Ropes Harder And Make Your Bondage Tight
Blindfolded And Gagged, You're So Helpless When You're
Cut Off From Both Sound And Sight
Helpless Without Control, All Your Senses Spin
All Attention Focused Solely On Your Red, Hot Burning Skin

Dominated, Humiliated, Hear My Command
Immobilized, Tranquilized, Obey My Demand

I'll Dominate You So You're Fully Under My Control
Tease Your Helpless Body, Tantalize Your Soul
Finally When I'm Finished, I Won't Just Leave You Tied
I'll Put It To You Hot And Heavy And
Leave You Satisfied

Dominated, Humiliated, Hear My Command
Immobilized, Tranquilized, Obey My Demand

Bound To Kiss The Masters Hand
To Satisfy My Every Demand
The Whip Leashes Your Back
As You Are Being Tied To The Rack

She Strins Against Her Bonds
To Keep The Cruel Pace
Desate The Shackles Hampering Her Stride
The Tears Of Helpless Misery Stain Her Face
And Only Memories Remain Of Pride

Dominated, Humiliated, Hear My Command
Immobilized, Tranquilized, Obey My Demand

2. Funeral Bitch

The Little Bell Echoes, The Great Bell Groans
This Templed City Of Tombs
Where Death And Grief Blooms

Fiendish Desires In Human Form, Leather Clad,
Black Is The Veil Streaming In The Wind
Stilleto Heels Clicking Up The Cemetary Gates

Death Among The Dead, Haunting Mausoleums
All This Death, Oh, Juyful Sight
Naked On A Table Of Stone
Juices Dripping From The Wet Chaste
Excitement Of Fear And Death, It's To Me So Dear

Death Life, Life As Dead And The Sharpness Of The Shrieks
The Licking Tongues Of Fire, Lustful And Chrusing

Funeral Bitch, The Urge Is So Strong
Funeral Bitch, The Night Is So Long

3. Into The Crypt Of Rays

[originally Performed By Celtic Frost]

Screams Of Terror Behind The Walls
Chambers And Vaults Scenes Of Fright
Unspoken Words Of Pain And Dead
140 Lives Past His Hands

Gille De Ray - Perverted Son, Holy Man
Into The Crypts Of Rays

Alluring Children For His Masses
Robbing And Buying Young Souls
Sacrifice Them To Morbid Demons
Satisfy His Sexual Lust

Gille De Ray...

So This Is For The Morbid Ones, The Braveless And Sick
Shivering Laughter Shrilled Through The Tombs
Sexual Offense And Perverted Rites
Watching Them Limp And Die
Wizards And Darkness - Gille Dreams
Halfway Came Through

As A Late Medieval French Marshall
Unrestrainted With Endless Ambitions
Personal Guard For Jeanne D'arc
The Rising Of His Soul To God

Gille De Ray...

Overdone Mysticism
And Desperate Satanism
Are Just One Small Step Apart
There Is No Human Scheme In The Beyond

Gille De Ray...

4. Baptism By Fire (remix)

[bonus Track]

Baptism By Fire
Feel The Wrath Of Satan's Relenless Flames
Ungodly Desires
When God Is Lost And On His Planet Hellfire Reigns

War Master Makes His Call
As Death Descending Out Of Clear Blue Sky
A Hailstorm Of Bombs Fall
In The Blazing Pandemonium Your Holy Powers Will Die
Death From Above - The Hellfire Will Soon Be Unleashed
Death Rips The Sky - Domination Gives Praise To The Beast

Baptism By Fire

Fatal Omens In The Sky
Our Soldiers Burn Away Your Holy Lies
Retaliation Of The Fallen From Up High
In The Firestorm You Choke On Your Feeble Cries

Baptism By Fire
A Divine Punishment For Those Who Go To War
Against Those Who Defied The Line
And Scaled The Christian Fate Forevermore

Death From Above - Explosions Is Tearing Your Soul
Death Rips The Sky - The Bombing Is Reaching Its Goal

Baptism By Fire

Hear The Bombs Falling
The Devil Is Calling
The Godly Creation
In Obliteration
On Your Final Hour
Experience The Power
Of Retaliation
Death And Domination

I Dominate
Your Destined Fate
All Life Will Soon Be Gone
Still The Flames Linger On
See Death's Shadow In My Eyes
High Priest Of His Sacrifice
Through The Inferno That Burns In The Night
Baptism By Fire Show You Our Might

Death From Above - Death Or Glory There Is No Way Back
Death Rips The Sky - Attack, Attack, Attack!

Baptism By Fire

5. Funeral Bitch (remix)

[bonus Track]

6. Dracole Wayda (remix)

[bonus Track]

Back In Transilvania To Be Met By The News
Which Struck The Christian World As A Blaze
Konstantinopel Has Fallen Into The Hands Of The Turks
And The Emperor Konstantin Is Dead
The Fear Of The Turks Is Growing But The Sword Of Dracul
Will Show The Muslims The Reapers Face
Vlad Now Took Shelter In Sibiu So The Coloured Ones
Couldn't Manage To Get His Head

A Servant Of God In League With Satan
A Christian Crusader Who Made The Angels Cry
A Defender Of Moral And Faith With Nature Bread By Hellspawn
As Driven By Demonforces His Army The Muslims And Christians Defy

But Four Years After His Departure From The Town Vlad Appeared Outside Town
In The Forests Cold Haze
His Wallachian Army Slaughtered, Tortured And Plundered Sibiu
As Raging Demons Terror They Spread
Teared Apart, Impaled On Poles Now Ten Thousand Of His Countrymen
Into The Afterworld Gaze
Maimed And Scattered A Few Survivors, Always To Remember This Day
Out Into The Night Fled

A Servant Of God...

Dracul Now Repair His Castle Which The Tartars Centuries Ago
Made A Rampaged Place
"his Clothes Had To Work Til The Clothes Fell From Their Bodies"
An Old Chronicle Said
From Poenari Vlad Rules With An Iron Hand And His Strife For Power
Leaves A Bloodstained Trace
The Boyars Was Gathered For A Meeting And Soon On Poles
They Dying Bleed

To Cherish The Souls Of His Subjects
In Fear Of Divine Punishment And Hells Embrace
Dracul Raised Abbeys And Supported The Church As A Sign
To The Godwill He God Offered
But The Mortals He By Orgys Of Bloodshed And Torture
Made Clear That They Vlad Had To Praise
Eternal Death To Thee Who Had The Nerv
To Not The Voivod And Inquisitor Dread

A Servant Of God...

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