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Pungent Stench - 2004 Ampeauty

1. Lynndie (she-wolf Of Abu Ghraib)
2. Invisible Empire
3. The Amp Hymn
4. The Passion Of Lucifer
5. Got Milf?
6. Human Garbage
7. Apotemnophiliac
8. No Guts, No Glory
9. Same Shit, Different Asshole
10. Fear The Grand Inquisitor


1. Lynndie (she-wolf Of Abu Ghraib)

Hey Boys Have You Heard The News
There's A New Girl In Town
She Like's To Play With Your Cock
If Your Skin Is Brown
Some Migth Say She's A Dyke
But To Me She's A Dame
Domination Is Her Fascination
And Lyndie Is Her Name

She'll Put You On A Leash
And Drag You Around The Floor
And Pound A Broom Stick
All The Way Up Your Back Door
Gang Bang With The Chain Gang
'cause There Is No Taboo
She Loves To Strip You Down
And Smear Your Body With Her Poo

Vulgarized - Sodomized - I Confess
Tie Me Up - Knock Me Down - Merciless

Smack, Slap, Torture, Bust
Sex, Joy, Pleasure, Lust
Whips, Dogs, Wire, Chains
Sniff Your Panty Stains

Leash Girl When You Come For Me
Would You Be So Kind
Make Sure To Bring You Scourge
And Paddle My Behind
Then Throw Me On A Pile
With The Other Naked Men
Let Loose Your Dogs On Me
And Beat Me Up Again

Vulgarized - Sodomized - I Confess
Tie Me Up - Knock Me Down - Merciless

Burn My Skin - Break My Chin - And Distress
Tie Me Up - Knock Me Down - Spank My Ass

2. Invisible Empire

I Often Wonder And Ask Myself
Who Is That Hidden Force
Who Is That Corporation
Whatever Named Secret Source
Who's That In The Back
The One Who Pulls The Strings
Who Dominates All The World
And Becomes King Of All Kings

Invisible Empire - World Wide

Who's Leading The Leaders
Who Got All The Might
Regulates The Markets
Maybe Masonic Right?
Who's Behind World Bank
And Dictates A World War
Judges About Life And Death
A World Domination Corps?

Invisible Empire - World Wide

Invisible Empire
Power And Might
Templars Clash

Dominate Humanity
Power And Cash
Conspiracy Clash

Kol Nidre
Financial Might Of The Usa
War Finance
Masonix Lodge & Judae
Black Reich
New World Order Strike
Templar Knight
Just A Name For Greed & Spite

Invisible Empire - World Wide

Invisible Empire
Power And Might
Templars Unit

Dominate Humanity
Power And Cash
Conspiracy Clash

3. The Amp Hymn

I Wanna Make That Very Clear
I Love The Handicapped
I Love The Chicks With No More Limbs
Wheelchair Trapped
I Love Those Stumps And I Love Those Stubs
They Totally Turn Me On
I Wanna Fuck Those Lovely Amps
Heckles Acrotomophilia Don

You Better Take It Off
That Artifical Limb
And Sing With Me This Song
It's The Amp Hymn

Some Men Love Animals
Others Prefer Human Brats
But I Do Like The Crippled Ones
Much More Than Dogs And Cats
When I See A Handicapped
I Almost Wanna Cum
Taking Off Their Prosthesis
And Fuck'em In Their Bum

Upper And Lower Extremity
Take'em Off For Your Doctor Amputee

Love That Babe, Beautiful Hair
No Arms No Legs, Make Love In The Wheelchair

Oh, How I Love The Sound Of Your
Stubs When They Stamp The Ground
Oh, Your Stumps Turn Me On
And Make Me Cum

You Better Take It Off
That Artifical Limb
And Sing With Me This Song
The Amp Hymn
You Better Take Both Off
I Love Your Crippled Stumps

4. The Passion Of Lucifer

Hate Me, Slate Me
Despise And Berate Me
All Your Prayers
Will Not Keep Me Away

Gore Me, Floor Me
Insult And Abhor Me
It Won't Hurt Me
Because I'm Here To Stay

Call Me Satan
Name Me Lucifer
Mark Me Devil
I Have Many A Name

Same Old Story
A Memento Mori
Someone To Bear The Blame

Seeking For Salvation
Religion Is Your Excuse
To Justify Discrimination
Oppression, And Abuse
Your Self-righteous Behavior
Has Caused So Much Harm And Bale
No One Will Come And Save You
That's Just A Fairy Tale

Preaching Love And Forgiveness
Practicing War And Pain
Millions Have Been Slaughtered
And Millions More Will Be Slain
You Won't Take On Responsibility
So You Cower Or You Flee
That's Why You Created God
That's Why You Created Me

Stake Me, Break Me
You Cannot Forsake Me
I'll Be With You
And Never Let You Down

Deny, Defy
I Am Always Near By
God Has Perished
I'll Succeed To The Crown

5. Got Milf?

Hear The Call - Line Up Your Mothers
We'll Take Them Skanks On A Ride
Me And My Two Wretched Brothers
We're Gonna Stretch Their Holes Wide

Since, I Came Down Milf-fever
I Can't Dispute The Urge
I'm Lusting After Hairy Beaver
It's Time To Take To Search

Popping Anal Cherries
Picking Dingleberries

I Met This Bitch Her Name Was Mona
A Horny Double D-cup
Her Cunt Was Dry Like Arizona
I Had To Lube That Thing Up

Poked Her With My Fist
Up Until The Wrist

Got Milf?

Hear The Call Mature Ladies
We Have Some Good News For You
Get Your Bitch Asses In Our Mercedes
And Have Some Cock Shampoo

Boozed Up An Asian Milf With Sake
Her Ass Was Steaming Hot
She Was A Black Belt In Bukkake
And Made Me Cum A Lot

Like My Women Wrinkled
Fat And Semen-sprinkled
Damn That Crotch Smells Sour
Wants Me To Devour

The Filthy Secrets Of Your Mommy
I'm Sure You Didn't Know
She Had A Piece Of My Salami
And Sucked It Like A Pro

It's My Righteous Duty
To Please That Flabby Booty

Got Milf?

6. Human Garbage

You Piss Me Off When I See Your Face
Full Of Shame, Full Of Disgrace
Your're Nothing Worth, Just A Piece Of Shit
Shut Your Mouth Or I Start To Hit

I Punch Your Face, I Kick Your Butt
I Rip Your Chest And I Eat Your Gut
Your're A Big Time Loser, A Lowlife Cunt
I Smash Your Face And Let A Grunt

You're So Fake, So "wanna Be"
All In All A Total Pee
There Is No Reason To Let You Live
Feel My Fist - I Will Not Forgive

A Jobless Arse, A "don't Wanna Work"
Social Parasite A Fucked Up Jerk
Full Of Drugs And Full Of Shit
Come Here And Take This Shit

I Am Full Of Scorn
Whish You Were Never Born
Will Cut Your Life Short
Won't Regret On Any Court

The Knowledge You Have Is Minimal
You Live Your Life As A Criminal
You Think You Are So Smart
But In Real You Are A Dumb Ass Fart

You Treat Your Women Like Shit
Your Hard On As Big As A Tit
You Just Got A Lowlife Style
Your Attitude Is Ugly And Vile

Human Garbage I Would Name You
You Fuckin' Hypocrate Belong To The Zoo
Your Presence An Disgusting Pollution
Death For You The Only Solution

Your Life Is A Fake
Fuck Yourself And Die
You Just Got No Taste
All You Do Is A Fuckin' Waste
A Parasite And Nothing More
Your Mother A Fucked Up Whore
Your Father A Dirty Tramp
That Makes A Lowlife Champ
So Go Die And Fuck You, Scamp

7. Apotemnophiliac

Nobody Understands How I Do Feel
Just Not Complete Not Finished Not Real
Got All Fingers All Hands All Toes
Still I Have Some Personal Foes

Ten Fingers Are Too Much
Same Goes For The Toes
No Need For All Those Limbs
Amputate 'till I Am Complete
It's Since I Was Born
I Feel So Unfinished
Cut Off What I Don't Need
And Make Me A Crippled Complete

This Desire I Can't Explain
Amputation Under Any Kind Of Pain
I Know And Feel It In My Heart
Amputate At Least One Body Part

I Wanna Live Without A Hand
Society Just Do Not Understand
They Give Me Names They Call Me Sick
But It's A Sexual Desire And Not A Tick
Wanna Cut Off Every Unimportant Part
They Think I Am Wacko And Not Very Smart
Others Like Children, Animals Or Pain
I Swear For Amputation That's My Favorite Game

It Is My Sexual Need
Saw All Of 'till I'm Complete
A Living Torso Is What I Am
So Leave Me Alone Goddamn
Take Me Serious And Accept
Total Amputation Is My Concept
Self-multilation To The Limit

8. No Guts, No Glory

Since His Childhood He's A Spot Of Bother
Raped And Abused By His Drunk Stepfather
The Looks Of A Lamb, But The Mind Of A Shark
He'd Rip Your Sorry Ass To Shreds For A Lark

Unable To Play By Society's Rules
A Morbid Obsession With Sharp Cutting Tools
Of Course, It Was Merely A Matter Of Time
To Let His Hair Down And Commit His First Crime
Roaming Through The Gutter
Looking For Some Blood To Sputter

Dissect Their Innards
No Guts, No Glory
And Watch Them Take Their Last Breath
When Steel Meets Flesh
End Of The Story
He Is The Bringer Of Pain And Death

Stab Them In The Chests, Multilate Their Breasts
Pound Their Heads With Stones And Crack Their Skulls And Bones
Skin The Folks Alive, No One Will Survive
Dig Into Their Belly And Turning Guts To Jelly
Bodies Beat To Mush, There's No Need To Rush
Several Hours Later They All Face Their Creator

Killing Spree - Try To Flee

Ooh, What A Lovely Night My Comely Maid
It's Just You And Me, The Stars Above Us And A Blade
Certainly, There's Enough Time To Speak Your Last Prayer
After All, I'm Not A Barbarian, I'm Just A Slayer
The First Cut Is The Deepest, It Says In A Song
Well, I Can Asure You That Cat Stevens Was Wrong
Rambling Through The Ghetto
A Man, A Plan And His Stiletto

Disect Their Innards
No Guts, No Glory
And Watch Them Take Their Last Breath
When Steel Meets Flesh
End Of The Story
He Is The Bringer Of Pain And Death

Dissect Their Bowels
No Guts, No Glory
And Watch Them Take Their Last Breath
When He Meets You
That's The End Of The Story
He Is The Bringer Of Pain, Affliction And Death

9. Same Shit, Different Asshole

Honky, Dago, Curry-muncher
Coon Ass, Gasbag, Half-dick, Greezer
Gringo, Pancake, Camel Jockey
Commie, Hun, Gorilla Head

Trailer Trash, Kung-fu, Christ Killer
Charlie, Knucklehead, Bushnigger
Chonky, Cashew, Kraut, Bug-eater
Rosbif, Septic, Leprechaun

Genius Or Dimwit
Bigger Or Smaller
It's All The Same Shit
Just A Different Colour
Swamp Kike, Squarehead, Tee-pee Creeper
Zebra, Sheister, Coon, Sheepfucker
Nacho, Frog, Maldito Bori
Yugo, Seagull, Nickel Nose

Pocho, Nazi, Petrol Sniffer
Limey, Pancake, Pizzabagle
Pinko Redneck, Mutt, Rail Hopper
Iceback, Bozgor, Mullethead

Genius Or Dimwit
Bigger Or Smaller
It's All The Same Shit
Just A Different Colour

Vulgarise And Hate
Despise And Berate
It Is Mankind's Fate
Brother, Friend Or Foe
Breeding Pain And Woe
We Fear What We Don't Know
Destroy, Abhor, Deface
And Give The Human Race
The Final Coup De Grace

Blockhead, Canuck, Blue-eyed Devil
Ping-pang, Skimo, Goyim, Moon Cricket
Med Wop, Wet-back, Herring Choker
Wagon Burner, Spook

Genius Or Dimwit
Bigger Or Smaller
It's All The Same Shit
Just A Different Colour

10. Fear The Grand Inquisitor

Castile And Aragon
Was His Domain
Grand Inquisition Over All Of Spain
He Settled The Appeals
Made To The Holy See
The Fear Of Death Forced Foes To Pee

Witchfinding Tribunals
High Council Hearing
Let Heretics And Jews The Inquisition Bearing
Hammer Of Heretics
Light Of Spain
Death By Fire The Inquisitors Campaign

Come On Witch
Burn For Sin And Dance The Lambada
Now Listen Bitch
Fear My Name - Tomas Torquemada
De Torquemada
Burn Bitch Burn
Burn In Hell

Impenitent Sinner
Flogged To Death
Burned At The Stake To The Last Breath
Auto Da Fe
Wanna Save Your Life Then Hide Or Run

Senor Inquisidor
No Mercy For Them
Torture, Confess And Then Condemn
Edict Of Expulsion
Converso And Jew
Sangre Limpia - Total Death To Hebrew

Burn Jew Burn
No Return
On The Stake And Burn
Remember My Name
Tomas Torquemada
Grand Inquisitor
Final Visitor

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