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Pungent Stench - 1991 Shisyu

1. Daddy Cruel
2. The Ballad Of Mangled Homeboys
3. Splatterday Night Fever


1. Daddy Cruel

Domestic Happiness Is Disturbed
The Head Of The Family Was Going Insane
Daddy's Loading His Gun
And Sticks The Barrel Into The Cunt Of Mom
The Bullet's Boreling Through Her Womb, Her Body Is Worn Out
The Shredded Ovaries Are Bursting Through Her Belly

Daddy Takes The Kitchenknife And Skins His Twisting Wife
Resolves Her Flesh To Handy Hunks And Fee It To The Dog

Subsequently Daddy Lifts The Tyke Over His Head
Then He Throws The Dog Into The Waste-disposer

Entering The Children's Room
The Dripping Head Of Mom Is Swinging On His Belt
The Kids Can't Understand
Why The Fuck Their Daddy's Got A Dagger In His Hand

Ramming The Blade In His Daughter's Neck
Breaking Her Bones With A Loathsome Crack
Gutting The Girl With A Smacking Noise
He Fills The Empty Body With Her Toys

His Son Is The Last In Line - Only Three Years Old
He Tries To Hide Behind The Wardrobe - Unsuccessfully

He Grasps The Screaming Bastard, Dashes Him To The Ground
Then He Nails The Little Boy To The Wall

After The Work Is Done Daddy Leaves The House
Purposefully He's Walking To The Neighbours Family

2. The Ballad Of Mangled Homeboys

Homeboys Are Hanging Around In The Streets
High On Crack
Talking Bout Pussies And The Walls Are Daubed
With Their Names

None Of The Gang Realized The Approaching Black Car
Bodies Are Falling And Human Flesh Is Riddled With Holes
Agonizing Scores - The Sidewalk Is Covered With Bowels

A Bullet Blows Off A Homeboy's Lower-jaw
Distributes The Teeth On The Floor - His Head Is Raw
While He Bleeds To Death He Pulls The Trigger Of His Piece
Mowing Down His Enemies Just Like Rotten Trees

Homeboys Are Lying Around In The Streets
Mangled And Dead
Their Pussies Are Weeping And The Walls Are Daubed
With Their Brains

3. Splatterday Night Fever

Regrettably He's Sick, He's Got Swellings On His Dick
And When He Touched His Dick, The Swelling Busted
Pus Was Splatting All Over His Face... What A Grace!

Bacterial Colonies Caused The Pain And Brought Decease
Screaming And Yelling And Bleeding And Smelling
His Foreskin Is A Pitted Flap... Musty Scrap

The Bitch He Fucked The Day Before Was Only For One Night
Not More! Now He's Pissing Blood
And His Balls Just Look Like Mud... That's What He's Got!

Venereal Disease
Rancid-tasting Dickcheese, Corrosive Like Acid
Burns Holes In His Skin
Crablike It Is Spreading Over His Pallid Limps

Shapeless Is The Dick And His Glance Is Much Too Big
Riddled And Defiled
A Useless Lump Between His Legs... Soft Like Wax!

While He Fucked That Slut He's Got A Finger In Her Butt
Digging In Her Shit
Her Asshole Was A Fouling Pit... What A Hit!

Dripping, Splattering, Twisting, Melting,
Porous, Damaged, Dreadful Dick

He Drank Her Pussyjuice, Innocence Is An Excuse
Because Even Children Would Lick
Anything That Smells So Motherfucking Sick... Metamorphic!

So He Will Understand, His Lust Has Been His End
Now He Is More Intelligent
He'd Better Used His Hand... No Commend!

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