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Pungent Stench - 1991 Been Caught Buttering

1. Shunken And Mummified Bitch
2. Happy Re-birthday
3. Games Of Humiliation
4. S.m.a.s.h.
5. Brainpain Blues
6. And Only Hunger Remains
7. Sputter Supper
8. Sick Bizarre Defaced Creation
9. Splatterday Night Fever


1. Shunken And Mummified Bitch

[by Wank]

Bitch You Will Get Fucked And Paid For That
A Job And Nothing More But Take Care You Fucking Whore
Shrunken - You Would Be Very Nice
Mummified - Then I Would Pay Your Price
Bitches Is What He Hates, Sluts Is What He Rapes
Ripper Is His Name, Killing Is His Sick Game
Shrunken - You Will Get
Mummified - You Won't Be Upset
Fear Is What He Spreads, Lunatic - He's Collecting Heads
Psycho - He's Chopping Sluts, Maniac - The Tits He Cuts
The Hands Around Your Neck He Strangles You Down
Pulls Out Your Eyes And Cuts Your Tongue
He Rips Your Chest And Drills Inside Your Cunt
He Slices Your Fingers And Minces Your Feet
Shrunken - Now You Are - And Groom
Mummified - You're Not Very Far
Butcher - He Loves To Shrink You
Slasher - And Mummify You Too
Bastard - Doing An Inhuman Action
Madman - Gives Him Pleasure And Satisfaction
Shrunken - And Not Very Big
Mummified - That's Fucking Sick
Flesh He Loves To Carve, Hunger Doesn't Want To Starve
Collecting Your Hair And Nails, Bitch Your Skin He Sales

2. Happy Re-birthday

[by Schirenc]

I Can Feel The Abhorrence People Show For Me
Because I Am An Expectorating Blasphemy
And I Know That My Look Offends Their Staring Eyes
So I Run Because They Will Treat Me Otherwise
Digging In The Trashcan For My Food All Day
I Don't Give A Fuck What All Those People Say
My Parents Have Rejected Me Like A Rat
That's The Reason Wherefore I Hate Mom And Dad
Night Has Come, Time Is Right For My Disgusting Plan
I Climb To The Window Of My Parents' Sleeping Room
With A Chain I Confine Their Bodies To The Bed
I Am Sure This Is The Funniest Night I Ever Had
For My Dad I Have An Unbelievable Surprise
I Just Stab Mother's Nail-file Into Daddy's Eyes
Draw It Out, Tear His Eyeballs Out Of Their Smashed Holes
Digging With My Fingers In His Fester-squiring Sores
Screaming He Is Lying In A Pool Of Blood
But I'm Only Laughing While I Start To Cut
Well Readable Letters In His Sweating Skin
"repudiating The Own Son Is A Sin"
A Dream Came True, Too Long I Had To Wait For My Revenge
Out Of Fear He Shits Into His Pants - Hell What A Stench!
It Is Time Telling Daddy Now The Last Goodbye
Then I Ram The File Into His Heart, Because He Must Die
Watch My Mom - All I See Is An Infected Slut
With My Boots I Fucking Kick Her Motherfucking Butt
Slowly I Dissect Her Torso With My Fingernails
Gluttonous I Start To Eat Her Flesh And Her Entrails
My Head Is In Her Abdominal Cavity
I'm On My Way To Mother's Cunt And Suddenly
I Reach The Hole And My Mother's Uterus Is Torn
Then I Hasty Gasp For Breath - I'm Reborn!
Troublesome My Body's Creeping Through The Bleeding Gash
Inside Out My Skin Is Covered With Organic Mash
What A Treat, Life Goes On For Me - Now I'm Free
Killing Is The Only Pleasure For A Freak Like Me

3. Games Of Humiliation

[by Wank]

Hey Babe Feel The Whip On Your Naked Skin
I'll Torture, I'll Hit - Cry In Ecstasy
Needles Through Your Nipples To Get Them Stiff
Weight On Your Genitals Make Your Cunt Foamy And Hot
You Do Like Pain, It Gives You Pleasure
Beg And Whimper, I Humiliate Your Being
I Have My Technics, Rigid And Severe
I Wanna Get You To A Real Orgasm
Now Let Us Change Roles And Show Your Treatment
Put On Some Leather And Be My Domina
Please Give Me Back What I Deserve
No Matter What Kind Ache I'll Feel
On Your Knees My Slave, Lick My Heels
Your Penis Zone I Shave - Drop Wax On It
Clean The Floor And Eat My Shit You Little Gormandizer
Don't Forget You'll Feel The Whip When You Don't Obey

4. S.m.a.s.h.

[by Wank]

I Hate The Way You Walk, I Hate The Way You Speak
Your Sight Makes Me Sick And You Act Very Weak
You Look Like A Dumb, Like A Head Full Of Shit
The Only Way I Can Act Is To Smash You And Hit
You're Not Only Arrogant, Also Fucking Ignorant
Your Head Is So Big Like My Erected Dick
You Think You Look Cool You Dumb Little Fool
You Dress Very Hard Like A Boring Old Fart
Your Hassle Is Now Enough
You'll Get What You Need
First A Kick In Your Mouth
And A Hammerpunch Till You Bleed
I'll Put My Fingers In Your Eyes
I'll Smash My Fist On Your Chest
I'll Piss On Your Big Head
So Now What Do You Think, Who's The Best?
Now I Rule Over You - You Know That I'm Better Than You
So Shut Up And Kiss My Feet Is The Only Thing You're Allowed To Do

5. Brainpain Blues

[by Wank]

I'm A Man, I'm A Very Sick Man
I Got One Aim This Is Kill And Kill Again
I Was Born With Pain And Pain I Give Back
All I Do With People Is Mangle, Scalp And Hack
I Kill As Many I Can
I Got No Friends But You Can Call Me Slam
I Torture And Make Them Bleed
Strangulation, Mutilation Is My Creed
I Strangle Them With A Rope
Before I Prefer To Smoke A Lot Of Dope
I Slaughter Them Without Brain
In The News They're Telling I'm Insane
Brainpan Blues
Kill All The Time - No Day Without A Victim
It's More Than A Crime, His Condition State - Mentally Confused
I Slice Them With My Knife
Inside The Body My Right Hand Dive
I Butcher Them For Fun
Or Shoot Them With My Gun
I Choke Them With A String
When I Murder I Always Sing
I Scalp And Take Their Hair
But Before I Ask Them To Be Fair
Brainpan Blues
I Hack Them And I Slay
When It's Done, I Start To Pray
I Chop, Carve And Slash
I Rip, Tear And I Hash
I Impale Them And I Spear
I Leave Them On The Pale And Disappear
At Last I Drink Their Blood
I Eat Their Brains And I Eat Their Mud

6. And Only Hunger Remains

[by Schirenc]

Lifeless They Are Prowling
Dark Deserted Streets
Raw Are Their Faces
Close Is Their Sense Of Smell
Shadows Of The Past Life
Marked Their Facial Expressions
Forgotten Are Emotions
And Only Hunger Remains
Silent They Are Reeling
Bodies Cold Like Ice
Lost In A Dream
Bones Wrapped Out In Proud Flesh
Aesthetic Is The Play
Of Their Uncovered Sinews
Breed Of The Demised
Signs Of Transistoriness
Deep Inside
Maggots And Gruels Have Their Nests
Guts Can Be
The Home For A Worm-family
They Can't Remember
The Names They Had Once
Besides After Death
Names Have No Consequence
They Won't Recognise
Parents, Children And Friends
Memories Are Extinguished
And Only Hunger Remains
Mouldy Are Their Incisors
Appearance Are Deceptive
They're Able To Crunch A Thighbone
It Seems That They Don't Know Compassion
Because They Would Even Assault
A 3 Years Old Girl In A Wheelchair
Eager For Booty And Foaming
They Rush At Everything That Moves
Believe Me Their Greed Knows No Bounds
One Bite Of Them Is Enough
And You Will Become One Of Them
You Would Lose Your Human Nature
And Only Hunger Remains

7. Sputter Supper

[by Wank]

I Come Home Late At Night
I Ask My Wife What She'll Cook
Sputter Supper
Sputter Supper
She Smiles To Me And Answers Short
"i Got Our Neighbour In My Pan"
Sputter Supper
Sputter Supper
Oh, He Tastes Good, Feels Fine For Me
I Want More Food, I'm Starving You See
"darling," She Says,"you Get A Sweet"
"i Caught That Child From The Third Floor"
Sputter Supper
Sputter Supper
Now I'm So Full What A Delicious Dish
You're The Best Wife, I Have No More To Wish
You're Feeding Me Great From Day To Day
And All Our Neighbours Go Away
My Loved Man It Makes Me Happy
When You Say Good Things About My Cooking
Sputter Supper
Sputter Supper
Tomorrow I'll Do A Good Dinner Too
I'll Try To Catch Our Now Janitor For...
Sputter Supper
Sputter Supper

8. Sick Bizarre Defaced Creation

[by Wank]

Crippled - You Were Born As A Premature Birth
Defaced - Miscarriage Would Be A Better Word
You've Got Two Hands But Only One Mouth
Your Eyes Can't See And Your Nose Is Your Tongue
Deformed - Not Worth Living But Alive With Pain
Bizarre - Your Appearance People Laugh And Squeal
Your Arms Are Too Short Three Fingers Aren't A Hand
Your Chest Is One Breast, Your Belly Just Fat
Sick - But Not Sick Enough To Die And Leave
Misshapen - Got No Help Feel Sorrow And Grief
You Got A Big Cock But A Pussy Too
Not Man, Not Woman, They Say Hermaphrodite To You
Degenerated - Not Able To Walk And Run
Repugnance - Society Feels No Compassion For You
Your Legs Are Dead And Crippled Too
"so Where's The Point To Keep Me Alive!?"

9. Splatterday Night Fever

[by Schirenc]

Regrettably He's Sick, He's Got Swellings On His Dick
And When He Touched His Dick, The Swelling Busted
Pus Was Splatting All Over His Face... What A Grace!
Bacterial Colonies Caused The Pain And Brought Decease
Screaming And Yelling And Bleeding And Smelling
His Foreskin Is A Pitted Flap... Musty Scrap
The Bitch He Fucked The Day Before Was Only For One Night
Not More! Now He's Pissing Blood
And His Balls Just Look Like Mud... That's What He's Got!
[*ugly-bitch-box-scream*] Venereal Disease
Rancid-tasting Dickcheese, Corrosive Like Acid
Burns Holes In His Skin
Crablike It Is Spreading Over His Pallid Limps
Shapeless Is The Dick And His Glance Is Much Too Big
Riddled And Defiled
A Useless Lump Between His Legs... Soft Like Wax!
While He Fucked That Slut He's Got A Finger In Her Butt
Digging In Her Shit
Her Asshole Was A Fouling Pit... What A Hit!
[*guttural-shit-box-scream*] Venereal Disease
Rancid-tasting Dickcheese, Corrosive Like Acid
Burns Holes In His Skin
Crablike It Is Spreading Over His Pallid Limps
Dripping, Splattering, Twisting, Melting, Porous, Damaged, Dreadful Dick
He Drank Her Pussyjuice, Innocence Is An Excuse
Because Even Children Would Lick
Anything That Smells So Motherfucking Sick... Metamorphic!
So He Will Understand, His Lust Has Been His End
Now He Is More Intelligent
He'd Better Used His Hand... No Commend!
[*embryonic-abortion-box-scream*] Venereal Disease
Rancid-tasting Dickcheese, Corrosive Like Acid
Burns Holes In His Skin
Crablike It Is Spreading Over His Pallid Limps

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