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Pungent Stench - 1990 For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh

1. Intro/extreme Deformity
2. Hypnos
3. For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh
4. Just Let Me Rot
5. Pungent Stench
6. Bonesawer
7. Embalmed In Sulphuric Acid
8. Blood, Pus And Gastric Juice
9. Suspended Animation
10. A Small Lunch


1. Intro/extreme Deformity

[by Schirenc]

Distorted Spine
Swollen Face
When You Walk
You're A Big Disgrace
Repulsive Man
Are You Evil
The People Kill You
And They Think It's Right
Now It's Over
The Monster Is Dead
With God's Help
They Defiated The Wicked
The Real Monsters Are You!

2. Hypnos

[by Wank]

Let Me Touch Your Skin
With My Icecold Knife
I Love To See It Red
And You Will Love More
Do It Again & Again
Put It Inside Me
I Can't Live Without
The Knife Tastes So Good
Let Me Feel Icecold Steel
Please Drive Inside The Knife
I Won't Stop 'til You Drop
To The Floor And Cry For More
It's Enough To Hard Stuff
Let Me Out Before Before I Shout
Shut Your Mouth Hold On Your Breath
Before My Knife Brings You Death
Now I Want More
I Know What You Need
My Knife Will Rip
'til You Bleed
I Will Never Stop
I Greed For More
I Get Now Lust
I Want More Gore

3. For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh

[by Schirenc]

Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust
What A Big Wast For A Body Like Your's
The Absurdity Of Burials Rack My Brain
All Those Valuable Corpses Why Should They Stay Unused
For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh
Your Mortal Remains Are Too Good For Hungry Maggots
That's Why I Dig You Outfrom Your Last Resting Place
I Hope It's Not To Lame Cause It Would Be A Pity
If The Decomposition Already Has Advanced
For God Your Soul...
For God Your Soul, For Me Your Flesh
I Thik That's A Fair Bargain
For Me Your Flesh, For Me Your Bones
For Me Your Brain And Your Entrails
I'll Prepare You You Got My Word Of Honor
You Will Look Nearly Alive
Ashes To Ashes Dust To Dust
Don't Be Afraid I'll Prevent It

4. Just Let Me Rot

[by Schirenc]

The Nightmare Started Just Some Weeks Ago
Now I'm Almost Dead And Nearly Decomposed
First There Was Only This Itching Under My Skin
Suddenly The Vesicular Eruption Appeared
Nodular Exrescences Spread Over My Face
Countless Harden Bloodclots Plug The Veins
Unstoppable The Death Tissue Proceed
No Medicine Can Away My Pain, Death Is What I Need
Glandular Abscesses Inside Of Me
Let The Digestive System Refuse To Work
My Body Performs Wild Contortions
Because The Pain Increases Every Hour
The Gastric Mucous Membrane Is Even Destroyed
And It's Acid Corrodes Me Inside
My Fingers Claw Into My Putrescent Flesh
And Leave Me Behind Suppurated Sores
Just Let Me Rot
If Only I Could I'd Make My Sorrow And End
But I Am Already Too Weak To Move
So I'm Just Lying In My Own Secretions
And Wait Till My Body Has Liquyfied
I'm Not Able To Stand Up And Get Me Some Food
Therefor I Have To Eat My Defecation
Hopefully I Will Be Delivered Soon
I Don't Want Compassion Just Let Me Rot

5. Pungent Stench

[by Schirenc]

Rotting Fetus In Your Womb
Your Own Body Is His Tomb
Mucous Little Brat
Drowned In Clothing Blood
Disgusting Gastric Juice
Drops Out Of Your Mother's Vagina
Pungent Stench Of Festered Gore
Your Pussy Is A Vicous Sore
Worms In Your Entrails
Prey Upon The Melted Embryo
Corroded Brain And Skin
Your Son Died For Your Sin
Too Many Drugs In Pregnancy
You Killed Your Child But Now It Kills You
Titanic Waves Of Bestial Stench
Comes From Your Month It's The Child's Revenge
Bursting Boils Nauseous Flood
Malformation And Yellow Blood
Now You Can Dig In Your Baby's Guts
Tear The Corpse Out And Look What You've Done
Don't Repent This Mistake, Now You Get Your Punishment
The Little Brat Will Rip You Till The End

6. Bonesawer

[by Wank]

You'll Be Dead
And Your Arms Went Red
Split Your Skin
The Saw Will Win
Tear Your Flesh
& Open The Gash
Your Bowels Come Out
No Need To Shout
I Saw Your Bone 'til You Stop To Moan
The Saw Can Tell
How You Will Yell
Full Of Blood
It's In Your Gut
Your Head Zone
A Splintering Bone
The Saw Is Red
And You Are Dead
I Saw Your Bone 'til You Stop To Moan

7. Embalmed In Sulphuric Acid

[by Wank]

The Whole Body, Full Of Pumps
Bubbles Are Seeping, Pus Is Dripping
Pouring Acid, Sulphuric Acid
Embalmed Body, No Escape
Skin Is Falling, Pain Is Stabbing
Pure Naked Flesh, Acid-blood Mash
Burning Skin, Soring Flesh
Embalmed In Sulphuric Acid Trash
[repeat The Whole Verses]

8. Blood, Pus And Gastric Juice

[by Wank]

Listen To Me I Have A Story To Tell
About A Guy Whose Name I Can't Spell
He Likes Blood, Pus And Gastric Juice
Of Course Blood Too, So Let Him Booze
He Is Insane For A Brain
Laps Of Gut, Sips The Fluid
For The Sweet, He Takes Meat
To The Bone, For Him Alone
Never He Is Full Or Has Enough
Wouldn't Dream Of Stop Eating People Though

9. Suspended Animation

[by Wank]

I Should Be More Than Dead In My New Bed
But Something Happened With Me, I'm Not Dead I Want Be Free
Come On Let Me Out I Start To Scream And Shout
But Only The Worms Can Hear My Painful Dying Fear
I'm So Alone In My New Home
It's Dark And Gloomy But Not Very Roomy
I Don't Feel Good Like I Could
Suspended Animation A Bad Situation
Let Me Out
Some Friends Here I Got Wait Until I Rot
They Laugh 'cause I Must Be A Fine Repast
I'm Not So Dead Like My Doctor Said
So Let Me Out Before I Stop To Shout

10. A Small Lunch

[by Schirenc]

Hello Grandma How Do You Like It
Lying In The Tub Through Disembolwed
Can You Remember You Always Compeled Me To Eat
And If I Wasn't Hungry You Gave Me The Sticky
Now I Am Hungry But Please Don't Bother
You Don't Have Cook Because You Are My Lunch
Maybe The Flesh Is A Little Stingy
It Doesn't Matter It's Good For My Teeth
Your Big Strong Hands
With All Their Swollen Vessels
I'll Keep In Memory
Of The Many Slaps
Your Brain With Eggs And Vegetables
I Think That Will Taste Bloody Delicious
Now There's Only One Thing You Can Do
Grandma Wish Me Jolly Good

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