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Pungent Stench - 2001 Masters Of Moral, Servants Of Sin

1. Loot, Shoot, Electrocute
2. School's Out Forever
3. Diary Of A Nurse
4. The Convent Of Sin
5. Rex Paedophilus
6. Retaliation
7. Suffer The Little Children To Come Unto Me
8. Viva Il Vaticano
9. Mortuary Love Affair
10. The Testament Of Stench


1. Loot, Shoot, Electrocute

Charged For Murder
Fingerprints Agree
Searched My Home For Evidence
Cause For This Offense

I Am The Scapegoat For Authorities
A Suspect Without Alibi
Testimonies Were Utmost Doubtful
Still They Sentenced Me To Death

On The Chair
I Yield To Despair
From A Priest
Ransom For The Beast

Washed My Body
Shaved My Head
No More Tears To Shed
Plugged The Power
Took My Life
Fried My Ass At Five

2. School's Out Forever

I Wake Up In The Middle Of The
Voices In My Head Trying To
The Burning Hate That's Driving Me
Grabs My Mind And Strikes My Soul With

Covered In Sweat
Stomach Upset
No More Sleep
Cum On The Sheet
Slimy Excrete

I Just Cut My Skin To Gain
Shed My Blood To Wash Away The
Scribe Inverted Crosses On My
Then I Purge My Bowels And I Get

Start Out To School
Wrathful And Cruel
No More Grace
Snatched Up From

Put On My Trench Coat And Grab My Father's Gun
A Sawed-off Rifle Is A Guaranty For Fun
A King-sized Box Of Ammunition 'cause I'm Smart
I Won't Run Out Of Bullets When The Party Starts

Class Has Begun As I Am Entering The Room
Before The Teacher Starts To Bitch I Perforate Her Womb
Her Torn Up Innards Make A Nasty Smacking Sound
As They Spout Around My Face And Hit The Classroom's Ground

The Air Is Filled With Smoke, Dead Bodies Adorn The Floor
Horrified Teenagers Are Pushing To The Door
I Pump A Bullet Into Every Single Head
But I Won't Go To Jail And Kill Myself Instead

3. Diary Of A Nurse

Daddy's Gone
Left His Spawn
He Won't Return Before Dawn
She's The Nurse
She's Perverse
By The End Of Night You'll Need A Hearse

Trapped With This Furious Hag
The Children Start To Cry
No Rescue Anywhere
They Know They Have To Die

As She Scents
She Smears The Shit With Her Hands
In Their Eyes
On Their Thighs
Sharing That Feast With The Flies

Their Screams Increase Her Lust
Excite Her Hideous Greed
The Aspect Of Disgust
The Pleasure To Stampede

This Is How The Story Goes
In It's Entire Glory
She Takes Off All Her Clothes
First She Spreads Her Flabby Butt
And Makes Them Lick Her Twat

When Her Juices Start To Flow
She's Reaching For Her Bag
To Get Her Whetted Hoe
Ruthless Is The Attack
As The Nanny Begins To Hack

Children's Blood Got Spilled Tonight
Body Parts Adorn The Room
What A Vision Of Delight
With Her Long Finger Nails
She Rips Out Their Entrails

Now That Her Work Is Done
There's No More Screaming
She Had A Lot Of Fun
Now Comes The Cleaning

She Picks The Children Up
Slowly And Placid
Dissolves Their Corpses In
Sulfuric Acid

The Sun Comes Up And She Has To Scoot
Before The Cops Embark The Pursuit
Inside Her Head The Memories Remain
Of All These Naughty Kids She Had Slain

4. The Convent Of Sin

This Is The Convent Of Sin
The Clerics Are Touching The Skin
Of The Novices - Salivating With Evil Grin

Who Joined To Study Catholic Creed
And Despise All Sexual Deed
But Chaplains Are Goatish & Horny Indeed

The Spirit Is Willing
But The Flesh Is Weak
Sexual Intercourse
Suck It - Bon Appetite

Harassment Is The Norm
Fornication At The Convents Dorm
Religious Education In It's Purest Form

Read The Bible And Try To Spell
Amen The Clerical Trousers Swell
Satisfaction Of Needs For Sinners Of Hell

The Spirit Is Willing
But The Flesh Is Weak
Give Head Suck The
Convents Whoring Clique

So Praise The Lord
And Please His Servers
This Lascivious Horde

Pastor Or Geek
A Catholic Prick
That Needs To Leak

So Take A Shower
Warm And Golden
At The Convents Tower

Suck In The Stall
During The Mass
And Swallow It All

Is It Sodom Or Gomorrah?
What Kind Of Whoredom
It Is Penis Plethora

The Convent Of Lust
The Final Doctrine
In Cock We Trust

The Path Of The Rector
Call It Anal Or Backdoor
He's A Rectal Inspector

Accept His Benediction
This Is No Fiction
Praise Sexual Addiction

Sodomy Behind Convent Walls
Grand Excess In Holy Halls
Masturbate In The Confessional
& Cum Into The Passional

5. Rex Paedophilus

Infants Are Virginal, Incorrupt, Innocent, So Nice
Their Laughing And Merriness That's My Sugar & Spice
I Abandon Myself To Vice
To Say It The Least Precise
My Cock Got Mirrored In Their Eyes

At Work They Call Me Rector With A Constant Smile
Come To Me Boys And Girls In Single File
Don't Act Foolish & Hostile
My Cock's A Gun And Most Versatile
I Am The Pastor With The Paedophile Smile

My Cocks On Fire
A Natural Religious Desire?
Black & White And Even Mex
Crown Me - Paedophile Rex!

I Like Them More Than Other Men Do
Intimate And Deep Without Any Taboo
Making Me Cum And Praying Thank You
To Their Father, Holy Pastor Mr. Screw

Some Call Me Bogeyman Some Call Me Children's Fan
Some Think I Am Vile Others A Preacher In Proper Style
But Always With A Paedophile Smile
I Keep All Their Predilections
On Analysis File
To Make Their Service Worthwhile

6. Retaliation

Baptized In Excrements
I Am The Chosen One That Brings Salvation
The Scourge Of Him Who Owns Your Souls
Defecating Flame Of God - Chastisement

I Bathe My Leprous Limbs In Blood
Read The Prevision In My Guts - World Demise
Receive The Holy Communion
And Share The Corpse Of Christ With Me - Taste His Flesh

Fervent Angel - I'm Breathing Fire
Acid Is Pouring Through My Veins
Putrid Bringer Of Retaliation
Sanctify The Human Blain

Pest Control Of Our Creator
I Purge The Bowels Of The Earth
Strip The Skin Of Every Traitor
Blood Stained From Vaginal Birth

And Outrage
Has Venomed
The Shameless

The Root Of
All Evil
No Hope For

Killing Spree - Relentless Gutting
Visitation For Your Sins
The Time Has Come To Face Your Master
Let The Massacre Begin

To Pave My Way With Bones
To Drink The Unteachable's Blood
To Gouge Out The Eyes Of The Blind
To Bring Credence Mankind
Painful Deliverance
Tonight Everything Ends

7. Suffer The Little Children To Come Unto Me

He's Coming For You
There's Nothing That You Could Do

He Lurks The Night
A Ghoul With Cruel Intentions
Waiting For You To Cross His Way
A Predator
Greedy For Your Intestines
Enjoying Your Cries Of Dismay

Run If You Can
Flee From The Boogieman

A Cleaver
And A Blade
He's Watching
In The Shade

When You Don't Watch Your Back
He Grabs You From Behind
One Well Directed Hack
Blistering And Unkind

Drags You To His Hideout
Welcomes You As His Guest
No One Will Hear You Shout
When He Grubs In Your Chest

Savage Routine
Medical Education
Just Tell The Doctor When It Hurts
The Final Stage
Is Your Annihilation
He Scornful Grins As Your Blood Squirts

Short Was Your Life
Stopped With A Surgical Knife

8. Viva Il Vaticano

We Are The Force
Of Christian Believes
The Ones Who Preach The Mass

Our Celibacy
A False Pretence
We Love To Go Through Your Ass

Nuns Get Laid
But Rather Raped
We Just Force Them Without Care

We Like Boys Too
From Tip To Toe
But Don't Think That's A Love Affair

All Together Now
Viva Il Vaticano!

Call Us Priests
Or Call Us Saints
Leaders Of Catholic Believes

We're God's Arm
So Listen To Us
Us - The Faith Thieves

Read The Bible
Believe In It
Believe What The Maker Said

Sin Against God
Or Sin Against Us
You'll Burn In Hell And Forever Dead

Now All Together
Viva Il Vaticano!

Extended Godly Arm
The Boys From Vatican
Their Might Is Right
Catholic Delight
As History Shows
Death To Their Foes
The Holy Crusade
In The Name Of The Blade

Rape, Pillage & Burn
Last Exit - A Funeral Urn
Vatican's Ambition
Heathen Submission
For Every Servant Of Sin
Unbeliever, Heretic & Libertine
They Offer Death & Damnation
Or A Underage Defloration

9. Mortuary Love Affair

The Smell Of Death Seasons The Air
Tonight's The Night To Leave My Darksome Lair
The Mortuary Is My Goal
I Have This Craving For Some Rotten Hole

Excitement Grasps My Sickened Brain
And Violent Throbs My Testicular Vein
I Might Be One Repulsive Creep
Doing What I Do When Everyone's Asleep

Caress The Sallow Skin
And Taste The Cavernous Eyes With My Tongue
I Like It When They Perished Young
As An Anal Type Of Guy
I Know Those Dead Assholes Tend To Be Dry
So I Brought A Tube Of K-y

I Screw Her All Night Long
Impale Her Anus And Cunt With My Dong
And Suck On Her Tits All Along
Right After I Am Done
I Grab My Carving Knife For Some More Fun
For I Am Just My Father's Son

I Slit Her Stomach And Her Bum
Truncate Her Torso 'til My Arms Feel Numb
My Work Is Done When She Is Sliced
I Leave Her Disgraced Body Vandalized

10. The Testament Of Stench

Beware Of
False Prophets
Which Come To You In
Sheep's Clothing
But Inwardly
They're Ravening Wolves
Matthew Said

I Proclaim
Matthew's Right
It's Great To Be A Wolf
Raging Wolf
Razorsharp Teeth
Rip & Shred The Sheep
Amen Christ

Now The Works Of The Flesh Are Manifest
Adultery, Fornication, Uncleanness, Lasciviousness,
Idolatry, Witchcraft, Hatred, Variance,
Emulations, Wrath, Strife,
Seditions, Heresies, Envyings, Murders,
Drunkenness, Revellings, And Such Like:
Of The Which I Tell You Before,
As I Have Told You In Time Past,

That They Which Do
Such Things
Shall Not Inherit
The Kingdom Of God.

Saint Paul The Apostle
Wrote To The Galatians
And I'd Say
He's Almost Right!

The Works Of The Flesh Are Manifest
Indeed Our Goal Supreme
Adultery Is Advisable
Fornication A Virtue
Definite Uncleanness And Sexual Lasciviousness
The Most Beautiful Ever
Idolator Is My Vocation
Witchcraft My Natural Gift

Hatred & Variance
My Christian Name
Emulation A Foreign Word
Wrath & Strife My Family Name
Sedition Is My Ambition
Heresy For You And Me
Envy For Every Cent
Drink & Gorge Unlimited

Jesus Answered Them
Verily Verily
I Say Unto You
Whosoever Committeth
Sin Is The Servant
Of Sin

Aha, Soso,
Verily Verily
You Are A Smack
I'm A Sinner
A Hellish Sinner
Real Servant Of Sin

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