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My Dying Bride - 2002 The Voice Of The Wretched (live)

: Peaceville
1. She Is The Dark
2. The Snow In My Hand
3. Cry Of Mankind
4. Turn Loose The Swans
5. A Cruel Taste Of Winter
6. Under Your Wings And Into Your Arms
7. A Kiss To Remember
8. Your River
9. The Fever Sea
10. Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium


1. She Is The Dark

A Cruel Sleep 'cross Our Land
All Withered And Dying
As The Fall, The Victims
They're Dying A Sad Death
In Our Land, We Lay Down
And Suffer Again

A Dark Girl'cross Our Land
Is Pacing. Is Preying
And With Her, A Fever
A Marching Black Fever
No Eyes See. No Features
Just Black Form, Suffering

You Have Her Sympathy
You Have Her Tears
She Tries Only To Take
All Your Fears
The Pain She Feels
When She Drinks Your Soul
Is Hers To Suffer
It Is Her Toll
Believe Me, She's Helpless
When She Curses Our Land
When She Swallows Light
It's Not Her Hand

Poison Awaits When You Kiss Her
Her Heart Cries Out For You, For Me
Untold Misery Is Hers To Serve
Out For Eternity
Out Cold. Mankind Will Stay
Forevermore If She Gets Her Way
She Can't Help It. It's Her Curse
To Sing Your Pain In Her Own Verse

She Is The Dark
The Nightmares You Hide
The Pain You Feel
The Suffering Inside
Though She Was Like You
Through Her Dark Past
But Now, The Conqueror
Her Choirs Vast
Oh, Please Forgive Her
As Mankind Dies
As Angels Weep
And Heaven Cries

2. The Snow In My Hand

I've Seen Them. So Dark. Black. And Yet Fine.
The Flower They Carry Had Once Been Mine.
Get Away From Me, Man Of Stories. Robe Of Lies.
Stay Far From Me. I Lie To Myself (it's Not
Hurting). I Need Help, But Not From You Or
Yor Father. No! Jesus Christ. Who's My
Saviour? Lose Myself In Gods Death. No! I Can't
Bear All This Pain. I Had Watched The Snow
All Day. Falling. It Never Lets Up. All Day
Falling. I Lifted My Voice And Wept Out Loud,
"so This Is Life?".

3. Cry Of Mankind

You Can't Expect To See Him And Survive
You'll Swallow His Tongue Of Thorns
His Mouth, Dripping With Flies
In His Glorious Kingdom Of Fire
But I Believe He Wept
I Will Make Them All Lie Down
Down Where Hope Lies Dying
With Lust, You're Kicking Mankind To Death
We Live And Die Without Hope
You Tramp Us Down In A River Of Death
As I Stand Here Now, My Heart Is Black
I Don't Want To Die A Lonely Man
This Is A Weary Hour
This Is A Weary Hour

4. Turn Loose The Swans

So Little Of What We Observe, Is The Girl
Herself. Elaborate, Scented Coiffers. Adieu
D'amour. Vast Is The Heirs Ballroom. Let The
Rich Give You Presents. Heaven Pours From
Her Throat, As She Sings And As She Dances.
The Fumes Of Rich Swine, Honeyglazed And
Dripping, Playing In The Air. My Mouth Eager
And Wishing. But I Return To This
Nightingale. Her Hair All Fiery Red. Deep It Is
And Wild. My Weakness Will Be Fed. Boys
Whipped On The Alter Of Diana, Sometimes
Until They Died. The Cunning Wily
Merchant, And His Four Crippled Horses. Tales
Told In Warlike Manner. The Storyteller By
The Fire . While Musing Deeply On This Sight,
The Songster Stirred My Desire. You Are
Sweet And Fine To Listen To. Long Tresses
About Her Neck. Yet Much Is False. This
Mighty Evening, I've Seen No Face. This Is
Crushing Me. My Quill It Aches. Turn Loose
The Swans That Drew My Poets Craft. I'll
Dwell In Desolate Cities. You Burned My
Wings. I Leave This Ode, Splendid Victorious
Through The Carnage. I Wanted To Touch
Them All. I Wanted To Touch Them All.

5. A Cruel Taste Of Winter

Walk With, With Me. I'll Be Your Shadow God
For Now, Just Now. Give Your Life To Me
Your Hope, Your Hope. I Feel Its Steady Hand
Your Heart, Your Fear. Take Off And Flee

Trust Me, Just Me. I'll Catch You If You Fall
My Arms Run Deep. Run Unto My Call

I'll Lead You Into Danger
And All That Troubles Man
I'll Lead You Far From Hunger
Just Take My Frozen Hand

You'll Want The World To Praise You
And Gather At Your Feet
You'll Want My Blinding Light
And My Searing Heat

I Will Lift You Above Their Crying World
Into Your Heart Comes The Love Of Fear

You Vanity, Your Sanctity
Your Kindless Heart
Your Reverance. Your Ignorance
Your Black Uncaring Eyes
No Sumpathy For Humanity. Bleak Horror
The Genocide, The Parasites
The Kingdom Of The Ghost

At One With Fear
Careless If You Fall
Beneath The Earth
Your Heart May Feel The Call

Can't Let Your Mind Be Tainted
By The Praying Men
Divinity Burns In Thunder
Over Again

Eventide. By Your Side
All Things Because Of You
Fantasize. At My Side.
The Lonely, The Few
God Above. Lord And Love.
It's Fools Love
Heart Of Fire.
Lord And Liar Don't Falter

6. Under Your Wings And Into Your Arms

I Need To See A Sign
Will You Take Me Away?
They Come. They Go. Will You Stay Here?
I Need To See A Sign
You Need Me
Who Wants More?
I Need Him
Find My Way
Be There Now
Feel Them
Be My Call
I Will Be The One
I Will Lose The Fight
You Sing The Songs
Of One Hundred Nights
Bring Them To Me
Because I Know I'm Right And I Will
Take Them All Away
Never To Be Seen Again
I'll Take Them To The Sea
Leave It All To Me Because I'm
Feverish, Develish And Irrelevant
You Need Me
I Want You
I Need, I Need, I Need
Are You There With Me
Be There Now
Feel Me Now
All My World

7. A Kiss To Remember

Open Me
And Drink Up My Scarlet
Kiss Me Deep
Kiss Me Deep And Love Me Forever More
Bloody Love
Bloody Love Inside Of You
Swallow Me
Thank God, There's Nothing I Can Do

Come With Me My Friend, Come And See The End
And Let Me Swallow Up Your Pain
Leave The Village Lights, Step Into The Night
Open Your Mouth To My Bloody Rain
And At Your Second Birth, We Will Slay The Earth
And Stalk Mankind 'til Heaven Burns
Just Lay Down For Me, Naked For Me To See
It's Just One Kiss, That's All I Need

Take Me Down
Down To The Bloody Shore
Dig Me Deep, Dig Me Deep
And Leave Me Forever More
Lay Me Down
Down With All Of Them
And Forget Me
Like You Forgot The Rest Of Them

8. Your River

Your Bloodied Body Is What I Cling To. In
Powerful Rain, They Laid Their Heads To
Die. Let Your Dark, Thirsty Eyes Drink Deep The
Sights Of Me. It's Sad That, In Our Blindness, We
Gather Thorns For Flowers. Your River Holds A
Feast Of Danger. The Suffering You Have Had To
Bear. I'd Die For That Moment One More Time.
The Loved One Falls Below Your Ideals.
Pleasure Too Safely Enjoyed Lacks Zest. The
Brave Lick Their Sickening Lips. Rigid, Handsome
And A Poet. A King In His Passionate Castle.
Where Now? Feed Me! Hold Me! Save Me! Save
Yourself! Where Now? Which Way? Dear God,
Show Me. Take Your Own. Struggle Free! Arise!
You're Ruined! Stand Down! Your Kin, Piled
Thick Around You. Save Yourself!

9. The Fever Sea

Over Me. Cover Me.
Deep Inside The Fever Sea.

Lame From My Mothers Womb
Born A Cripple And Sick. Under A Red Moon.

My Hands Bleed. Feet Red Raw.
I'm A Broken Man Who Dreamt The Great War.

The Fear Of Life Swallows Me.
Takes Me Through The Fever Sea.
They Crawl To Me. Cry For Me.
I'll Drown Them All In The Fever Sea.

The Feast Flows On Forever.
Devour Me Until Never.
Fill Them All With Horror.
Let Them Sleep With Terror.
Who Calls Me Now, Then Turns Away?
Who Takes The Night, And Brings Day?

Lame From My Fathers Hand.
Born To Heal. Heal In Every Land.
I Will Never Get Out.
I Even Prayed Unto His House.

The Cold Feel Of My Skin.
I Try To Lose But Alwys Win.

Lame From My Own Hand.
Believe Me I've Tried. Tried To Make A Stand.

10. Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium

The Destroying Genius Of Idols
Will Shroud The World With Utter Lies
Dance The Cobbles, His Abode Named Dis
Portraits Have Spoken Their Masters Distress
Icons With Kisses, Tell Me Who Have Seen This
Failing Enochian Tapestries
Depict The Prince Of Fallen Virtues
In Almost Poetic Rhapsody
Masterbate To The Sound Of The Knell
The Patchetic Stench Of Dying Children
Perhaps Our Fall Is Certain
Limbs Entwined In Absolute Contoursion

Please Put Off Your Veil
Your Heart Is Blameless
And I Shudder For Knowing It

A Hot May Makes A Fat Churchyard
And Lychfowel Breed In Chaotic Frenzy
Her Cry Was The Saddest Of All Earths Sounds
Trauma Bites Hard The Hearts Of Kin
Swept Away By A Moments Sadness
They Say Rage Is A Brief Madness
By Way Of The Beloveds Farewell
Give Back To Nature What We First Did Take
And Monuments Would Slowly Fill
The Agendas' Of Kings And Queens
In Silence Our Faces Bleed
The Holy Voice Torn Away By The Gale

Make Yourself All Honey And The Flies Will Devour You

Love Is A Game Where Both Players Cheat
Gone Is The Tale Of Hero And Leander
Women Are Angels Yet Wedlock's The Devil
To Have And To Hold But Death No Longer Parts
Harlots And Sluts, Whores Of Our World
Expose Their Stinking Vaginas'
Many Who Have No Will Of Their Own
Hold Their Souls Towards The Sinister Bloom
Are You Rich Oh Lord Of Vanity
As You Peddle Your Wears Of Cruelty
Dressed Up So You Look The Part
So Blind, It's Ignorance You Wear

Quite Brutal Beyond Belief
Sores That Weep Their Septic Tears
Dragged Out Through War Torn Lifetimes
And Death Shall Feast On Us All
The Mills Of God Grind Slowly
The Adorable Light Of That Which Is Most Divine

The Fascination Of Her Shape
With Mansions Of Awe And Splendour
Elegant In Simplicity
So At Last Your Faith Rewards You
Through Fields Enriched With Pastel Shade
And Fragrant Lavenders Soft To Smell
You Laugh And Drink Wine Of No Great Age
Nature Does Scent The Farthest Shores
Face To Face Your Angelic Host
All Hopes In You Imperishably Kept
Is God Your Wish And All Your Dreams
If Your Body Is Frail Then Yes By All Means

Make Yourself All Honey And The Flies Will Devour You

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