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My Dying Bride - 2001 The Dreadful Hours

: Peaceville
1. The Dreadful Hours
2. The Raven And The Rose
3. Le Figlie Della Tempesta
4. Black Heart Romance
5. A Cruel Taste Of Winter
6. My Hope The Destroyer
7. The Deepest Of All Hearts
8. Return To The Beautiful


1. The Dreadful Hours

Mother Will You Take Me Down?
I Have Become So Afraid
Mother Please, Please Take Me Down
I Am Sorry, Your Boy Is Not Brave

Child Just Hold On. Night Will Soon Be Dawn
Sleep If You Can. But Watch Your Father's Hand

We Do Not Want You. No-body Loves You
Father Of The Dark. Tonight Will Greet You

God In Heaven, Can You Hear Me
Help Me Oh Lord. They're Coming For Me
Mother Warned Me. Father Scorned Me
Oh My God No. Now I Hear Him

I Claim Your Life On This Night
Within Sight Of Your Own God

The Silence, The Waiting Then The Pain
Oh Child, Sleep Will Be Here Soon
Your Life Has Only Ever Been Shame
And So Young Boy, My Hand Brings Doom

Child, Won't You Awake. Father Has Gone
Child, Please Come Awake. Please My Tiny Son

2. The Raven And The Rose

The Chosen One Glows Like The Sun
Pure Of Heart, Wide In Eye
Sweet She Sings, Sings Her Hymns
Golden Girl Dances By

He Is Filth. Scum Of God
Black As Night. Mute And Sick
Sent By The Lord. The Boy His Sword
To Reap The Gold. To Use The Stick

He Watches Her From His Side In The Blood
Waiting For The Holy Call For Her Blood
Every Moon She Comes Close To Her Lord

Sick With Suffering. The Stench And Filth Of Him
Death All Around Him. The Flies, The Dogs, The Din

King Of Death And Pain. Ruler Of The Slain
All In Gods Name. Creatures For The Maim

I'll Come For You Soon For My God Is My Want
Your Eyes. Your Face. An Angel For The World To See
My God Is My Want

Sickle In Hand. Over Her I Stand
Fear And Love. Red And Tears I See
My God Is My Want. My God Is My Want
My God Is My Want. My Fucking God Is My Want

There He Lay For His God. A Final Time
The Silent One. Fallen Son. A Final Night

3. Le Figlie Della Tempesta

Before I Go Down
Cleave To Me
Kiss And Drown

Weave Your Web Of Lies
Catch The Drifters By

Bring Me Love Songs
Sing Me Black Tunes
Read Me Kind Words
Of Sun And Moon
Love Me Freely
Open Up To Me
Feel Me Closely
Say You Love Me

The Wind Brings Them In
To Your Den Of Sin

Caught By Your Divine Spell
Locked Within Your Wishing Well

Ice As Eyes Lured My Soul
Look Of Lust Froze Me Cold

Many Lies Holds Your Body
A True Feast For All To See

Men Will Fall To Her Song
Women Too, Won't Last Long

4. Black Heart Romance

You're Mine When You're Bleeding
Divine To The End
Bid Adieu To Your Breathing
No More Pretence

I Will Witness Your Leaving
With Tears In My Eyes
But Not For Your Sleeping
Just When You Arise

The Girl You Take In You
Will Now Cease To Be
And The Woman Within You
At Last Can Be Free

Passions And Crime. Your Lover And Mine
Deep Came The Need. And Sweet Was Her Bleed

Through Purity And Through Light
And The Grace Of The Night
We Sing And We Dance
To Our Black Heart Romance

Hair Fall Of Black. Eyes Don't Look Back
Pale Skin And Cold. Lying In Her Fold

She Came, She Saw, She Took Anything She Liked
My Eyes Burned With Her Horror
They Fell, They Screamed, They Wept But They Died
From Hands Of The Abhorrer

We Are Hers When We Are Bleeding
The Love That We Feel
Amourous When She Is Feeding
My Heart Shen Can Steal

5. A Cruel Taste Of Winter

Walk With, With Me. I'll Be Your Shadow God
For Now, Just Now. Give Your Life To Me
Your Hope, Your Hope. I Feel Its Steady Hand
Your Heart, Your Fear. Take Off And Flee

Trust Me, Just Me. I'll Catch You If You Fall
My Arms Run Deep. Run Unto My Call

I'll Lead You Into Danger
And All That Troubles Man
I'll Lead You Far From Hunger
Just Take My Frozen Hand

You'll Want The World To Praise You
And Gather At Your Feet
You'll Want My Blinding Light
And My Searing Heat

I Will Lift You Above Their Crying World
Into Your Heart Comes The Love Of Fear

You Vanity, Your Sanctity
Your Kindless Heart
Your Reverance. Your Ignorance
Your Black Uncaring Eyes
No Sumpathy For Humanity. Bleak Horror
The Genocide, The Parasites
The Kingdom Of The Ghost

At One With Fear
Careless If You Fall
Beneath The Earth
Your Heart May Feel The Call

Can't Let Your Mind Be Tainted
By The Praying Men
Divinity Burns In Thunder
Over Again

Eventide. By Your Side
All Things Because Of You
Fantasize. At My Side.
The Lonely, The Few
God Above. Lord And Love.
It's Fools Love
Heart Of Fire.
Lord And Liar Don't Falter

6. My Hope The Destroyer

Weeping With You. Arms Around Them
Flowing With You. Without Your Men
Keeping With You. Feeling Their Shiver
Drowning With You. Deep In This River

Tired And Lonely. Sitting And Staring
Weak And Filthy. No Longer Caring
Wasting To Nothing. The Rubble Of You
Hoping For Something. Poison Where Love Grew

People. Feel Her Mind
She Is Broken
People. Fill Your Eyes
Her Body Is Broken

Leave Me Be, With My Memories
I Can Still See All The Lovers Of Me
I Still Know Those Feelings

You're Still Mine, My Lover
I Watch Over You
Goodbye My Lover
No Sorrow. Please, No Tears

Holy And Fallen. Watch Yourself Die
Fade And Wither. Long Lost The Fight
Tremble To Sleep. Her Man Long Gone
Years, And Still Weeps. Never Forgotten

7. The Deepest Of All Hearts

Your Soul Is My Desire. Desire I Can't Control
Be Still My Aching Heart. Each Beat You Have Stole
Your Mind Calls To Me. Calls Me Closer To You
Be Calm My Aching Heart. The Ache Drives Me To You
Your Eyes. The Depth I See. So Deep
The Tears You Cry Will Devour Me

A Flower To Behold
Don't Run. Don't Blow Away
Breathless To My Eyes
So Bright. Never To Fade
Calmness And Mystery
Entwines And Captivates Me
Delicate To The Touch
From What I Could See

I Only Wanted To Get You Close To Me
To Feel The Love Inside Of Me
You Turned Away From Me
You Looked The Other Way
You Didn't See My Tears For You
I Only Wanted To Take You In My Arms,
And Lay You Down Here With Me
You Tried To Turn And Flee From My Side
You Tore Out The Heart Of Me
If Only You Had Stayed. What May Have Been?
We Could Have Been Beautiful
Could Have Walked The Earth, Flown Into The Skies,
Swam The Deepest Of The Seas
But You Couldn't See Anything In Me
You Strayed Too Far From My Path
Maybe Now You'll See Everything In Me
I'm Sorry It Had To Be This Way

Your Eyes. Your Smile
No More Laughter Again
We Were Something
No More. Nothing To Me

Walk Alone. Naked To The Bone
My Heart Has Fled Far From Me
Until Another Day. I Find The One,
Who Looks Beyond The Eyes In Me

8. Return To The Beautiful

Oh Beautiful Earth
For Too Long You Have Been Silent
Touch Me Once Again
The Dark Ground Lies Cold Et Gelidus Hoc Voluntas Firmamentum

Hark Yes It Is I
The Fever Of Mankind
Urges Whorish As Ever
I Am The New Christ
Silence Yourself Nunquam
You Are Powerless Here
Pityful One Pity Me Not
Give Back The Sun
Souls Will Mourn
In This Unending Season Of Darkness
Beware, Ravaged One
Mine Is The Might

If You're Feeble, Turn Away
No Dagger Glints In My Hand
Technique Is Secret
Liar She Have Herself To Me

Please Leave
I Think I'll Close My Eyes Now
The First Sunshine Was Mine
Look For Me Among The Flowers
Sleeping With The Earth
My Dying Bride
The Pity I Fashion
Through A Rain Of Tears

A Tragic Opus
Immeasurable Loss
Tearful I Rest
Bask In My Growing Sorrow

The Females Is Such Exquisite Hell
Lay My Obscure Hands Upon You
Macabre, Erotica, Passion
Even In Death, Beauty Is With You

I Extol You With Loud Praise
You Will Grace My Procession
Why Shouldn't I Indulge
In My Own Desires?

Bare Your Breasts To Slow Kisses

Away Bastard Dog Nunquam
Down From Your Throne Nunquam
A Dagger Glints In My Hand Am I Afraid?
You'll Perish Alone Ha

Pray To Me
Cry On Me
Die On Me
Let Me Out
Let Me Out!
Let Me Out!!!

Suffer In Your Nakedness
Before Your Dark Art
The Filth And The Stench Of You I Cry For You
Is Hell In Itself

Your Reign Is Over Now
The Sunlight Will Return
To This Once Petrified Earth
Ego Deicere Tu Pereant

Make Me Faint With Unending Kisses
My Passions Have All Returned
Warm My Trembling Hands
We're Scope For The Tragedians

I Can See From Your Smile
You're Not Here For The Sunset

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