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My Dying Bride - 1995 The Angel And The Dark River

: Peaceville
1. The Cry Of Mankind
2. From Darkest Skies
3. Black Voyage
4. A Sea To Suffer In
5. Two Winters Only
6. Your Shameful Heaven
7. The Sexuality Of Bereavement


1. The Cry Of Mankind

You Can't Expect To See Him And Survive
You'll Swallow His Tongue Of Thorns
His Mouth, Dripping With Flies
In His Glorious Kingdom Of Fire
But I Believe He Wept
I Will Make Them All Lie Down
Down Where Hope Lies Dying
With Lust, You're Kicking Mankind To Death
We Live And Die Without Hope
You Tramp Us Down In A River Of Death
As I Stand Here Now, My Heart Is Black
I Don't Want To Die A Lonely Man
This Is A Weary Hour
This Is A Weary Hour

2. From Darkest Skies

Take Your Own
Sick With Fever
And Cry Out Loud
To God
Your Sorry Own
Will Be Piled Upon Me
That I Can't See
My God
I've Cried For Earth
More Than Once
But Rivers Still Run
With Reddest Tears
Be Lost In Me
And I'll Never Need To Ask
Who Wants Me? Who Wants Me?
Be Mine Tonight. The Sight Of Your Light
I'll Breathe In You. I'm A Fool, Just For You
I'm In Pain
And I Don't Know Why
Under Heavy Rain
From Darkest Skies
We're In Pain
The Two Of Us
And I No Longer Know
Which Way To Go
Open Wide. Let Me See
Your Bleeding Heart Cries For Me
Look Straight Up. Look At The Sun
This Song's For Her. Her Requiem
Open Wide. Let Me See
A Poisoned Soul In Agony
Self Pity Strangles Me
I'm Lashed By Grief
And I'm Killing Me
Don't Fear. My Fire Is Enough
For Both Of Us

3. Black Voyage

Lie Beside Me On The Grass
They're Fighting For Me Thee
Mistress Of Beauty, Thine Eyes Do Shine
Can We Run Forever? Does Nightfall Shine?
Angel Of Mercy, Carry Me Away
Those Black Dogs Tear At Me
They Hunger For The Life Of Me
So Lie Beside Me, Neath The Earth

Lost Forever From The Earth
Descending Downwards. Is This Our Re-birth?
Can You Feel It? His Cruelty Glows
This Teribble Journey, Oh, That No-one Knows

Around Here, I Am
Ruler Of Kings
Everywhere I Am Heard
The Voice Of Me
Enters You
Now You're Mine

4. A Sea To Suffer In

The Field Of Blood I'd Left
They Mean Nothing To You
That War Left Scars On Me
Without You Now, I'm Free

I'd Found Out What You'd Done To Me, Girl
I Hate With As Much Passion As I Love
And So Now, Your Time's Come, For Me Girl
The End. Your End. And My Birth
Walk Away. Laughing Away
Remember You Always, And Wonder Why?

I'll Suffer In Your Sea
Your Ocean Bleeds Into Me
I'll Fall Through Your Endless Sky
But Never, Ever Cry
Wounded By Your Cruelty
Yes, I'll Suffer In Your Sea

The Fields Of Blood I'd Left
They Mean Nothing To You
That War Left Scars On Me
Without You Now, I'm Free

5. Two Winters Only

What Is It You Hope For, Even Though You Are Dying?
And Even Though Life Is Closing Your Tiny Eyes
Why Did I Leave Them All?
I Should Be With Them To Die In The Same Place
The Pain I Think, Should Go On Forever. For Always
But No. Not Mine. Not Now. My Life Now Begins

Call Me What You Will, But I'll Die For No Man, At All
My Limbs And The Life That Spreads From Them
Cross My Path And You'll Suffer Like No Man Before, At All
What I Hunger For, Is The Trial Of God

For Just Two Winters Only Did We Live For
My God. What Have You Become? Dear, Dear Lord

We Could Have Changed The World, Had You Been Here With Me.
Right Now
Held You In My Arms. In My Arms, My Love
Jesus Wept So Man Could Live Forever On Earth. In Peace
But My Tears. They Fall For You. Only You

6. Your Shameful Heaven

You, Who Stand There Now
I Will Not Tell You Not To Cry
Without Fail My Purpose
Will Be Fulfilled
I Can Crown You A God
And I'll Suffer For Your Sins
Bound So Tightly, Pain Is Everything
Far From Kindness. I Am Your King
Believe You're In Hell, But Your's Is Heaven
Cry To Die. You'll Love Me Forever

On A Pale, Teary Cheek
Tears Cascade To Your Feet
Whipped To The Floor Once Again
Laughing And Lashing You Away
Burning Pain Scars Through Your Skin
But It's 'more' You Cry, For You Are A Sinner
We Suffer In Love, But You Love To Suffer
Your Misery Is Your Majesty
Though Your Skin May Burn And Your Wounds, Bleed
The Only Real Ache Is Between Your Legs
You've Learned Well, Through Your Hell
Your Pain Was Nothing. You Longed For More.
Your Shameful Heaven Is Full Of Devils
Just Like Me. Just For You

7. The Sexuality Of Bereavement

In Soothe I Lend A Gracious Ear
Your Sobbing, Somehow Sexual
Come To My Bosom. The Help I Bring
Is All My Pleasure You Lonely, Dear Thing

Oh, Cruel Love, When Held By You
My Sanity Does Fly

You Lie There Mourning With Looks Of Desire
't Is Beauty When You Cry

Drink My Grievingg Love
Desire And Wine Go Well
Sleep, I'll Watch Over You
Relief? Time Will Tell

Secrecy Fosters Passion
You Stay Untouched
I Know You Are Alone
With Peace I Care Much

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