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My Dying Bride - 2000 Meisterwerk I

: Peaceville
1. Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium (demo)
2. Crown Of Sympathy
3. The Grief Of Age (demo)
4. A Kiss To Remember
5. Grace Unhearing (portishell Mix)
6. For You
7. Unreleased Bitterness
8. Sear Me Iii


1. Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium (demo)

The Destroying Genius Of Idols
Will Shroud The World With Utter Lies
Dance The Cobbles, His Abode Named Dis
Portraits Have Spoken Their Master's Distress
Icons With Kisses, Tell Me Who Have Seen These
Falling Enochian Tapestries?
Depict The Prince Of Fallen Virtues
In Almost Poetic Rhapsody
Masturbate To The Sound Of The Knell
The Pathetic Stench Of Dying Children
Perhaps Our Fall Is Certain
Limbs Entwined In Absolute Contortion
Please Put Off Your Veil, Your Heart Is Blameless
And I Shudder For Knowing It

A Hot May Makes A Fat Churchyard
And Lychfowel Breed In Chaotic Frenzy
Her Cry Was The Saddest Of All Earth's Sounds
Trauma Bites Hard The Hearts Of Kin
Swept Away By A Moment's Sadness
They Say Rage Is A Brief Madness
By Way Of The Beloved's Farewell
Give Back To Nature What We First Did Take
And Monuments Would Slowly Fill
The Agendas Of Kings And Queens
In Silence Our Faces Bleed
The Holy Voice Torn Away By The Gale
Make Yourself All Honey
And The Flies Will Devour You

Love Is A Game Where Both Players Cheat
Gone Is The Tale Of Hero And Leander
Women Are Angels Yet Wedlock's The Devil

2. Crown Of Sympathy

See The Light And Feel My Warm Desire
Run Through My Veins Like The Evening Sun
It Will Live But No Eyes Will See It
I'll Bless Your Name Before I Die
No Person In Everything Can Shine
Yet Shine You Did, For The World To See
All A Man Hath Will He Give For Life?
For Life That's Lost Bleeds All Over Me

I'd Fallen Before But It Never Hurt Like This
Don't Leave Me Here To Crawl Through The Mire
I'm Without Fault Before The Throne Of God
Take From Me The Crown Of Sympathy

What Do You Think You'll See? What Do You Think There Will Be?
Sit Down, Did You See The Sun? What Will We Become? Great Ones?

The Mouths That Dare Not Speak His Name
Behold Them, Raised, Complete And Fine
The Battle For Our Lives Is Oh, So Brief
Take My Hand And Please Walk With Me

When I Was Young The Sun Did Burn My Face
I Let Its Love And Warmth Wash Over Me
The Melting Voice Of Many, In The Hush Of Night
Whispering Tongues Can Poison My Honest Truth

Come Dress Me With Your Body, And Comfort Me
I Dreamt Of A Dead Child In My Sleep
I Wear A Terrible Mark In My Head
My Clean, White Bed, It Calls To Me, I Must Lie Down
And I Want You To Lay With Me, In Sympathy
No Sad Adieus On A Balcony, For One Last Time, Just Walk With Me
At The Beautiful Gate Of The Temple, We Must Be Saved
For Deadened, Icy Pain Covers All The Earth

3. The Grief Of Age (demo)

The Terror Of Being Left Alone, Never Leaves Me, Unspeakable Woes
Gather Me Up Forever To Your Breast, Morbid Weather
Watch This Face, Still A Child, Eyes Red Raw, Aching And Tired
Issue Your Delicate Voice, Sing Through Me, Men Are Twice Boys

Children's Waking Fears Of The Supernatural
Choke Their Simple Thoughts And Crush Our Simple Minds
I Feel Sometimes A Hell Within Myself

The Terror Of The Piled Earth Hiding Me, Will End This Man Forever

4. A Kiss To Remember

Open Me And Drink Up My Scarlet
Kiss Me Deep, Kiss Me Deep And Love Me Forever More
Bloody Love, Bloody Love Inside Of You, Swallow Me
Thank God There's Nothing I Can Do

Come With Me, My Friend, Come And See The End
And Let Me Swallow Up Your Pain
Leave The Village Lights, Step Into The Night
Open Your Mouth To My Bloody Rain
And At Your Second Birth, We Will Slay The Earth
And Stalk Mankind Till Heaven Burns
Just Lay Down For Me, Naked For Me To See
It's Just One Kiss, That's All I Need

Take Me Down, Down To The Bloody Shore
Dig Me Deep, Dig Me Deep And Leave Me Forever More
Lay Me Down, Down With All Of Them And Forget Me
Like You Forgot The Rest Of Them

5. Grace Unhearing (portishell Mix)

Falling, Drowning, Deeper And Forever
Choking, Sinking, Deeper Into This Ocean
Screaming, Crying For Someone To Save Me
Reaching, Hoping, Calling To No-one

My Only Sin Was To Kill A Man, Deep Was My Pain
But I'd Do The Same Again, Beat It Out, Out Of Me
Cut Me Up And Watch Me Bleed, Strike Me Down
Cast Me Out, Throw Me Into The Ocean's Mouth
My Only Prayer Was To A God Who I Don't Believe
But All The Same, I'm On My Knees, Beat It Out, Out Of Me
Cut Me Up And Watch Me Bleed, Strike Me Down
Cast Me Out, Throw Me Into The Devil's Mouth

Bleeding, Weeping, Calling To No-one
Pleading, Almighty, Why Can't You Hear Me?
My Only Sin Was To Kill A Man, Deep Was My Pain
But I'd Do The Same Again, Beat It Out, Out Of Me
Cut Me Up And Watch Me Bleed, Strike Me Down
Cast Me Out, Throw Me Into My Own Mouth

Take Me Away To A Better Place, Far From Anyone
By Myself And Leave A Gun, Beat It Out, Out Of Me
Cut Me Up And Watch Me Bleed, Strike Me Down
Cast Me Out, Throw Me Into My Saviour's Mouth

6. For You

I Will Be Here For You, All I Want Is You
When I See Your Face, All The Angels Are Shamed
Lay With Me, Beauty, Feel Me Close To You
Take My Hand To You, Touch You Softly, Your Warm Skin

Cover Me With You, Over Me, Under You
Pull Me In To You As One We Lay Entwined
All I Ever Wanted, I Have
I Need Never Wish Again, You Are Heaven Sent

7. Unreleased Bitterness

8. Sear Me Iii

Come To Me, Comfort Me, Take My Hand
In Your Arms, In Your Eyes I Will Be Forever Yours
Bring Me Down To Your Bed, To Your Dreams

Take My Life, Take Everything
Through Those Meadows Of Heaven, Where We Ran Forevermore
I Wish, Oh, How I Wish Again With You, Oh To Be With You

So Lay Me Down, Close To You, Hold Me Now, My Lover
I Kiss Your Tears, My Sweet One And Kiss Again, My Love

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