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My Dying Bride - 1992 As The Flower Withers

: Peaceville
1. Silent Dance
2. Sear Me
3. The Forever People
4. The Bitterness And The Bereavement
5. Vast Choirs
6. The Return Of The Beautiful
7. Erotic Literature


1. Silent Dance


2. Sear Me

Incendere Suus
Damnare Suus Vita
Dare Suus Ad Art Ventus

Capare Suus
Et Facere Suus
Ferire Suus Persicum Cutis

Nudus, Turpis,
Putridus, Findere,

Acerbus, Crudus,
Raptus, Contemptio,

Mordax, Atterere,

Inficere, Bilis,
Nam Tuus Scelus

Tu Licet Perire

Ad Ante Tu
Habere Aequus Sic
Dolor Nil Finis

Ego Liberare Art Ultimus

[english Translation]

Set Her On Fire
Reject Her Life
Give Her To The Art Of Adversity

Take Her
And Make Her
Kill Her Piercing The Skin

Naked, Deformed
Rotten, Split

Unmature, Raw
Raped, Contempt

Mordant, Trample

Poison, Gall
For Your Crime

You Let Her Die

Before You
Pain Never Ends

I Free The Ultimate Art Of
Of Injustice

3. The Forever People

Read To Me
Make Your Words As Pictures
Reveal To Me
The Forever People

Names Become More
More Than Words
In Foreign Tongue
Universal Doctrine

Remember Each One
Named Even This Day
We'll Never Forget
Like It Or Not

Their Beloved Is Theirs
And They Are His
Praise The Lord?
Hail The King?

This To Me
A Figure Of Tragedy
They Are Trivial
They Are Forgettable
A Sombre Tale
Of Mankinds Hope
Show Me Its Truth
And With Joy
I Will Follow

4. The Bitterness And The Bereavement

Adorn Magnificent Costume
For I Come To Judge The World
Be With Me Here In My Dark Place
Let Yours Be Mine
Cut Me And I Do Not Bleed
Heat Is My Body
The Poor And Simple Fools
Equal Under My Presence
Lift Up Your Head

Blessed In The Womb That Bare Thee
Feed Us With Knowledge
Release Us From Atrocities
And Shades Of Sinister Figures
Bare Witness To This Orgy Of Glory
Groping At My Naked Privacy
Unleashing Pure Bitterness
And I Did Bleed Over Them

Hindered By Savage Plague
Offspring Wasting Away
Christ Where Is Your Mercy?
Do Listen To Me Pray?
Cast Upon Us A Pitying Eye
The Baptism Os Such As Is,
Of Riper Years
Am I Blind? Who Are You?

He Died That You Might Live
And Lived Only To Cleanse You
From Sin's Polluting Stain
If I Had The Chance To Cut You
Believe Me You Would Bleed
And The Rest...

5. Vast Choirs

Burdens Of Grief That Weigh Against Me
Aid My Tired Eyes In Their Search For Pitch
Your Kinds Heart Now Pines
For Whom The Gods Love Dies Young
Wrapped And Confounded In A Thousand Fears
The Sadness I Present, Smiles With Tears
Where Once I'd Loved Now Lied Forlorn Beauty
And Wars Abhorred By Mothers

No Man Lives So Poor As He Was Born
We Don't Remember Pure Sensations
Gaze Peacefully Into The Past
I Am Dust , And To Dust I Shall Return
Belial, Mephisto, Both Shall Burn Me Up
Devour My Sad Whimperings
The Cutting Whip Is Mine To Feel
No Symphony In Mind To Colour My Dreams

Poena Damni
Sorrow Everywhere
Please Pray For Me
When Deep Sleep Falls On Men
Father Hold Me
I Am Yours To Bear
Ad Te

In The Play Which He Has Written For The World
Night Is The Mother Of Sleep
Old Age Is A Malady Of Which One Dies
Augury Of A Better Age
Sages As Far As The Beard
Their Wounds Smelled So Sweetly
Temptation, The Father Of My Lust
Chalcedony Shines Like The New Born

Stricken I'd Raise My Dripping Limbs
Splendid Was The Innocentcs Fall
Laugh To Scorn Would Our Foe
Amid Wars Laws Are Silent
Drop By Drop In Sleep Upon The Heart
Falls The Labrious Memory Of Pain
In The Rich Upheavel Of Vast Choirs
Death Shall Flee From Me

Misericordium Et Judicium
Adhoest Pavimento
Ad Te Levavi Ocolus Meos
Verba Mea Auribus

6. The Return Of The Beautiful

[the Silence]

Oh Beautiful Earth
For Too Long You Have Been Silent
Touch Me Once Again
The Dark Ground Lies Cold
Et Gelidus Hoc Voluntas Firma-

Yes It Is I
The Fever Of Mankind
Urges Whorish As Ever
I Am The New Christ
Silence Yourself
You Are Powerless Here
Pityful One
Pity Me Not
Give Back The Sun
Souls Will Mourn
In This Unending Season Of Darkness
Beware, Ravaged One
Mine Is The Might

If You're Feeble, Turn Away
No Dagger Glints In My Hand
Technique Is Secret
She Have Herself To Me

[the Sadness]

Please Leave
I Think I'll Close My Eyes Now
The First Sunshine Was Mine
Look For Me Among The Flowers
Sleeping With The Earth
My Dying Bride
The Pity I Fashion
Through A Rain Of Tears

A Tragic Opus
Immeasurable Loss
Tearful I Rest
Bask In My Growing Sorrow

[the Lust]

The Females Is Such Exquisite Hell
Lay My Obscure Hands Upon You
Macabre, Erotica, Passion
Even In Death, Beauty Is With You

I Extol You With Loud Praise
You Will Grace My Procession
Why Shouldn't I Indulge
In My Own Desires?

Bare Your Breasts To Slow Kisses

[the Battle]

Away Bastard Dog
Down From Your Throne
A Dagger Glints In My Hand
Am I Afraid?
You'll Perish Alone

Pray To Me
Cry On Me
Die On Me
Let Me Out
Let Me Out
Let Me Out
Let Me Out

Suffer In Your Nakedness
Before Your Dark Art
The Filth And The Stench Of You I Cry For You
Is Hell In Itself

Your Reign Is Over Now
The Sunlight Will Return
To This Once Pertified Earth
Ego Deicere Tu Pereant

[the Return]

Make Me Faint With With Unending Kisses
My Passions Have All Returned
Warm My Trembling Hands
We're Scope For The Tragedians

I Can See From Your Smile
You're Not Here For The Sunset

7. Erotic Literature

The Fantastic Weight Of Oceans
Cathedrals Of Immense Awe
The Brilliance Of Erotic Literature
Enlightment Of The Whore
Marvel At The Hanging Gardens
The Liars, Faint With Greed
Sorrow At The Wailing Wall
The Mindless Of Their Knees

Lord, My Flesh Is Tired
Almighty Soothsayer
Lead Me By The Mind
Through Halls So...
The Truth Of The Lord Endureth Forever
Marvellous In Our Eyes
I Cannot Die

There Is None To Comfort Me
Mine Enemies Have Heard My Trouble
Leave Me In My Misery
Enjoy The Darkness

The Fantastic Weight Of Oceans
Cathedrals Of Immense Awe
The Brilliance Of Erotic Literature
Enlightment Of The Whore
Marvel At The Hanging Gardens
The Liars, Faint With Greed
Sorrow At The Wailing Wall
The Mindless Of Their Knees

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