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Abigor - 1997 Apokalypse

: Napalm Records
1. Celestial
2. Verwstung
3. Ein Hauch Von Klte
4. Hyperwelt
5. Tu Es Diaboli Juna
6. Ubique Daemon


1. Celestial

Life May Have Mercy But I've None
You Can Never Guess What Hell Is Like
Not A Sea Of Fire...
Nor You'll Find Chains Of Ice...
But The Word Of God Is Unknown There
Nothing Is What It Seems
The Dismal Truth Is So Hard To Face
You're Just Living In A Dream - Fear The Awakening...
Now Enter My Castle Of Pain
Cross The Path Of Sorrow And Fear
There'll Be No Light Until Your Soul Ignites
'til Your Soul Ignites
Realise The Truth...
I Am The Lord Upon The Nightsky
And I'll Never Serve In Heaven
'cause I Rule In Hell
But I Am Still Dreaming

2. Verwstung

A Wasteland Grows Inside My Mind
As The Moons Sets Before My Eyes
My Dreams Are Old And Milleniums Passed By
Torn - In A Strong Reality
Born - Into The Wrong Century
I Am Soldier Of Dark Existence
I'll Last Eternally...
I Am The Triumphator
In The Grip Of Eternal Frost
Domination, Devastation
Eternal Damnation
...not Just Evil Imaginations
Drum Auf Bereit Zum Letzten Sto?
Wie's Uns're Ahnen Waren
Der Tod Sei Unser Kampfgescho?
Wir Sind Die Schwarzen Scharen!
Eternal Damnation...
Und Dem Leben Soll Kein Reich Mehr Bleiben
Total Devastation!

3. Ein Hauch Von Klte

Freezing Winds Of Lands Unnamable
Haunts The Wastes Of My Soul
And Time Has Come To Join Eternity...
To Rest My Eyes Upon The Darker Shade Of Colour
This Is The End And The Beginning
As Dimensions Warped In Time's Motionless Storms
The Long Awaited Circle Is Close
And The Gates Stand Open Wide Before Me
Lie Down And Let Your Dreams Attack
The Silence Of A Soul That Is Real
Is The Silence That You Lack
I Feel The Strength Pulsating Through Me
As I Close The Gates Behind You
Dies Ist Das Ende Deiner Existenz
Wenn Sich Dein Himmel Zu Eis Verwandelt
Und Ein Hauch Von K?lte Dein Blut Erstarren L??t,
Werde Ich Deine Seele Zerschmettern

4. Hyperwelt

I Slayed Love Disguised As Fear
And Time Itself Touches My Soul
Satan - The Fire Still Burns Within My Soul
And With Lifeless Eyes I Stare
A Way Out But Not Back I Must Find
A Can No Longer Crawl Through This Life I Hate
Soon I'll Be Thrown To The Wolves Again
And The Balance Returns Again
When Mind And Body Unite...
I Close The Temple Of My Mind
Im Astralen Lichte Glimmt Mein Stern
Jenseits Des H?ters Des Schwelle
Ein Stern Der Niemals Erlischt
Ich Bring' Die Qualen
Ich Bring' Den Tod
Throughout So Many Lifetimes
In This Dimension I've Dwelt...
But I've Never Forgotten
Nor Will I Ever Forgive

5. Tu Es Diaboli Juna

My Thoughts Have Never Been This Cold In Life
But Never Again I'll Live And Breathe Amongst Mortals
You've Summoned Me Once
And My Rise Is Your Torment...
Your Immortality Was That Close To You
As Close As Your Death Now
And Now I Watch You Die My Mortal Slaves
I Cause Realities End...
Listen - A Whispering, A Crying
Some Vague And Pulsing Imprint
Of Long - Ago Suffering And Death
Thousands Will Be Perished In Smoke And Ashes
Imagine Your Lifetime Back When You Were Born
It's Lost...
All Over The World Your Kind Will Be Destroyed
This Is My Rebirth - Don't Cry...
Tu Es Diaboli Juna
Du Wirst Dich Immer Erinneren -
An Diese Nacht Voller Endloser Schmerzen
Sanctus Satanas Ave Satanas
Rege Satanas Dominus Satanas
Bezeugt Meinen Ritus Bezeugt Meinen Sieg
Es Ist Vollbracht

6. Ubique Daemon

On The Path Of Immortality - I Walk
I Am Forever With The Stars So Plentiful And Bright
The Gorgeous Victory Of Sheer Energy And Matter
This Is My Constellation - Reflected In You Fear
Through Dark Tangles Of Mountainsides I Descend
And No Other God Is As Strong As I Am
I Am Satan...
The Lustrous And Overwhelming Scorn
Mein Schattenbild Aus Einer Zeitlosen Welt
Wird Sich Manifestieren
And All I See, As I Stand Above This Ancient Landscape
Is The Horror And Death That Awaits You...
My Wings Flare In The Cold Wind
The Delicious Stench Of Blood Make Me Laugh
And For One Moment I've Felt Harmony
As I've Seen Mankinds End...

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