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Abigor - 2000 In Memory

: Napalm Records
1. Terrible Certainty
2. Crionics
3. Shadowlord
4. Crimson Horizons (rehearsal Version)
5. Verwstung (studio Rough Mix)


1. Terrible Certainty

[kreator Cover]

Die! Slowly You're Dying From This Contagious Disease Once You're
Infected There's No Hope Of A Cure Your Passing Is A Sure Thing Your
Thoughts Are Empty And Hopeless Nothing Is Left For You Now Having
To Live With This Terrible Certainty Praying Is All You Can Do It's
Vicious And Crippling And Slowly, Your Life Will End But How Long
Will It Take To Save Us From The Plague With Fatal Convulsions The
Plague Is Reaching For Us God Knows! What Will It Take To Save Us
From The Plague
Contracted By Blood The Virus Can Be In Us All You're One Of It's
Victims, But Then Thousands More
And They Won't Be The Last So Many Civilisations Before The Mighty,
The Proud And The Brave
The Poor, The Rich - Indiscriminate Soon They'll All End In

2. Crionics

[slayer Cover]

Eyes Upon Me Watching Me In My Perpetual Sleep Dreams Deceive Me My
Future Depends On A Mindless Dream I've Fallen From Promises Damned
To Take Risks On My Own The Masterful Science That Freezes Your Mind
And Your Soul The Wretched Dream Is Realized The Human Race Is To Be
Crystalized Thoughts Of Laughter Filling The Head Of The Master In
Charge Worlds Of Wonder Is This A Cure Or A Painless Death I'll
Fight And Resist Till They All See The End That Is Near The Doctors
The Lawers And G-men Are Living In Fear Living My Life With One
Distant Hope
A Cure That Will Kill My Invincible Foe The Grave

3. Shadowlord

Running But An End Is Not In Sight Trying To Escape The Claws Of God
Lights Are Hunting Me To Take My Life Inquisition Tries To Make Me
Burn Flames Burnt High I Have Seen My Brothers Die
Revenge Guides My Way All Their Churches Burn One Day But I Promise
That I'll Sin Again And No Fire Makes Me Turning White I Give My
Life For You The Only One Lord Of Shadows, This Is For You
The Circles Shined Bright In These Lost Days We Danced Naked Under
The Fullmoon And Become One With The Demon Of War We Drank Blood And
Cried In Lust Shadowlord... The Forest Offered Grimly Shelter Noctus
! Esus ! Boreas ! Zephyrus ! Hectate Offered Us Deep Ecstasy

4. Crimson Horizons (rehearsal Version)

Spectral Planes Before My Eyes Ambivalent Glowing With My Inner
Pandemonium Crimson Horizons Merge Into Ashen Skies Ascending
Bleakness But Not Clourless I Stride Ahead... Light-absorbing Signs
Appears Above Me Symbols To Guide Me, Symbols To Brace Me Impressed
By Those Views Which I Always Foresaw Hearing The Silent Resonance
Of Everlastingness A Cosmos That Never Began And Will Never Pale So
Do I... Time And Space Like Warmth And Coldness All Earthly Concepts
Left Behind Harmonious Evil Beyond Faintness Fills This World My
Senses Are Adapted, Obtuse They Were I Have Spiritualized The Flame
Of Satan So Those Eternal Impressions Are Wages For Every Life
Destroyed In A Fake Outstripped Reality Obscure Are The Ways Of
And Veiled Are Mine... Secrets And Treasures Can Be Bared In A Place
Called...hell The Relevance Of Mortality Descends After This
Revelation And I Have Banned All Christian Mortality One Day I Enter
My Morbid World And Stalk An Endless Paths Where Crimson Horiz

5. Verwstung (studio Rough Mix)

A Wasteland Grows Inside My Mind As The Moons Sets Before My Eyes My
Dreams Are Old And Milleniums Passed By Torn - In A Strong Reality
Born - Into The Wrong Century I Am Soldier Of Dark Existence I'll
Last Eternally... I Am The Triumphator In The Grip Of Eternal Frost
Domination, Devastation Eternal Damnation ...not Just Evil
Imaginations Drum Auf Bereit Zum Letzten Stob
Wie's Uns're Ahnen Waren Der Tod Sei Unser Kampfgeschob Wir Sind Die
Schwarzen Scharen!
Eternal Damnation... Und Dem Leben Soll Kein Reich Mehr Bleiben
Total Devastation!ons Merge Into Ashen Skies

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