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Abigor - 1995 Orkblut - The Retaliation

: Napalm Records
1. Storming Onwards On Pagan Paths
2. The Prophecy
3. The Rising Of Our Tribe
4. Emptiness
5. Menschenfeind
6. Untamed Devastation
7. Battlefield Orphans
8. Severance


1. Storming Onwards On Pagan Paths

2. The Prophecy

Mark My Words - For I Speak The Truth And Foresee
I've Seen The Winged Shadow
The Harbinger Of The Upcoming Storm
And Warriors Which Gathered
And Inflamed Their Pagan Hearts
I've Read The Dark Signs And Foretell You
The Final Battle Under The Hammer
Of The Banished Gods...

3. The Rising Of Our Tribe

I Sent Black Birds To The Sky
I Set A Sign For My Hate
To Darken The Day
To Beat Back The Light

Winds Storm Above This Wasteland
A First Flickering Of Rage
Dark Clouds Keep Me Sheltered
Don't Move Before Moonrise
Don't Move Before Moonrise

We Gather In The Name Of Our Pagan Ancestors
The Teutonic Spirit Burns In Our Hearts
What Once Was Ours Will Be Taken Back
Rising Our Tribe Like The Upcoming Winter-age
Upcoming Winter-age

Like In The Ancient Days
We Honour The Cryptic Place
Where We Receive Our Visions
Was Christian Blood Sacrificed

4. Emptiness

Hell Is Real - I Feel Its Presence

Staring With Empty Eyes
Into An Empty Sky
Nothing Is Here To Feel

I Drift Like A Falling Leaf
The Wind Takes Me Into The Unknown
Where Is All The Hate
All The Pain

Staring With Empty Eyes
Into An Empty Sky
Nothing Is Here To Feel

I Drift Like A Falling Leaf
The Wind Takes Me Into The Unknown
Where Is All The Hate
Just Pure Devastation To Darkness

5. Menschenfeind

Ha - Absolut Und Rein
Existenz In Dieser Masse Ist Unmglich
In Ihren Reihen Zu Stehen
Heit Unter Feinden Zu Kmpfen
Ich Bin Kein Mensch
Denn Menschen Werden Sie Genannt

Sie Bluten - Ich Werde Strker
Ihre Angst - Mein Stolz
Gott Ist Tot - Nun Schlachten Wir Auch Sein Gefolge

[english Translation: Misanthrope]

Hate - Absolute And Pure
Existence In This Mass Is Impossible
To Stand In Their Lines
Is To Fight Amongst Enemies
I'm Not Human
For They Are Called Humans

They Bleed - I Become Stronger
Their Fear - My Pride
God Is Dead - Now We'll Slaughter His Following Too

6. Untamed Devastation

The Limit Is Reached - Untamed Devastation
Moving Down Every Breathing Entity
Our Wrath - Our Weapons Are Too Real To Ignore
Mercy - A Forgotten Word
Aimless, Blind ... Just Storming 'gainst Everything

The Gods You Banished In The Ancient Days
Have Still Been Worshipped By Ones You Fear
They Gathered Powr Which You Now Loose
As Your God Fails By Your Side

The Two Ravens Are There To Pick Your Eyes
As We Cry Out The Names Of The Pagan Gods

7. Battlefield Orphans

We Loaf Around The Fireplace
War-weary And Calm
We Watch The Sunrise Motionless
The War Has Been Won

We Hear Melodies Unsung

We Survived - But Why?
A New Beginning - For What?
Too Cooled Down To Move
We Just Stare And Lay Back To Die

The Holocaust Is Over - Victory
All Is Dead - Burnt Debris
Everlasting Silence - We Reached Peace Of Mind
We Just Stare And Lay Back To Die

8. Severance

Not A Senseless Life - But Extinguished Now
This Is The Long Awaited End

Not Pain - A Sort Of Harmoney I Feel
As I Look Back - Staring At My Body
Lifeless - But Not Without Bearing
Realizing That The Mission Is Done

As I Leave The Earth I'm Not Alone
All The Brave Warriors Who Fought On My Side
Fly With Me To Our Last Place Of Rest

Is It The Silvery Shine Of The Moon That Surrounds Us
Or Is It The Path To The Halls Of Eternal Glory

Never Thought To Be So Calm
As My Soul Leaves This Dimension Forever
Never To Return
But Wrapped In Knowledge We Found Fulfillment


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