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Abigor - 1998 Supreme Immortal Art

: Napalm Records
1. Satan In Me
2. Supreme Immortal Art
3. Soil Of Souls
4. Eclipse My Heart, Crown Me King
5. The Spirit Of Venus
6. Blood And Soil
7. Magic Glass Monument
8. Exhausted Remnants


1. Satan In Me

Enter The Path To The Realm Below
Where Evil Sleeps And Darkness Grows
For You Don't Know Where I've Been
And You Don't Know What I've Seen
You Can't Feel What I Felt
And You Can't Go Where I've Dwelt
For I Am The Blood You Bleed
And The Death You'll See
I Am The Sign Of Satan
To Bring Forth The Night
Infernal Chanting..
As The Secrets Revealed Before My Eyes
Lost For Evermore, Lost In Nevermore
As I've Wept One Thousand Tears
And Dreamed One Thousand Dreams
Now Here I Stand, Flesh And Blood
My Soul Reflects A Stream Of Ice
As Your Blood Flows In The Dark
Your Fears Are Calling As I Left My Mark
So Here's My Confession
Yet Far Beyond Expression
For I Am Death And I Am Birth
Your Incarnated Fear
And When You're Dead You'll Dream Of Me
Live In Your Illusions
Die In Your Illusions
Restless Throughout Unseen Dimensions
I've Wandered
Now I Stand Forth To Challenge
The Laws Of Man And God
I'll Rise The Banner Of The Strong
For Earth Shall Be Mine
My Hate Are The Stars
But Soon They'll Fall

2. Supreme Immortal Art

Shivers Herald An Upcoming Possesion
The Urges To Create Set Us Ablaze
Demonic Art Sacrificed To The Night
A Monument Of Malicious Sonority
The Most Precions Gift
For The Everlasting Cycle
For The Beginning And The End
For The Comprehensive Darkness
For Master Satan And Ourselves
Millions Of Unsignificant Existences
Exceeded By Our Tones Supreme
Melodies Older Than Mortality
Enormous As Death Itself
The Chosen Ones Have Command Of The Language
That Needs Neither Mouth Nor Words
Our Minost Soul Transformed Into Notes
We Are Element As Well As Entirety
So What Is Paradise If Not Hell

3. Soil Of Souls

Souls Of Infidel Men
Is A Fertile Soul
Like Dusky Forest Grow
On Fallen Leaves
We Draw The Essence Of Mortal Weakness
Holyness - The Worst Gift Of Light
Is Long Dead And Gone
Buried By Our Sisters Ages Ago
Whilst The Sun Rapes The Day
Grow Borns Below
Armoured And Strengthened
Are The Sons Of The Moon
And Not Blood Keeps Us Alive
Souls Of Infidel Men
Flow Through Our Veins
One Last Silent Scream
One Last Breath
The Moment We Appear From The Shadows
To Inhale Another Soul
Of An Infidel Man..

4. Eclipse My Heart, Crown Me King

[act I: Ritual]
Red Interludium Of Pain
Sacrifice For The Vein Of Eternity
Battles Of Ages Revealed
To My Third Eye
Darkness' Treasures As Reward For My Belief
I Faint In Final Ecstasy
Surrender To The Demon Of War

[act Ii: Redemption]
Proud And Dauntless I Stalk
Trough The Gate Of The Nine Seals
In The Realm Of Perpetual Divinity
A Path Is Destined For Me
Now, As I'm Not Blinded
By Gruesome Lights Of The Past
I Gaze Into The Distance
And Perseive My Destination
For Many A Castle Is Obscurity
For Me A Palace Of Wisdom
Redeemed From Mortal Weakness

[act Iii: Return]
Every Single Christian Monument
We Lay In Ruins
And Sweep Away The Servants Of The Cross
We Are The Creators Of The Dark Ages
The Revival
Of Forgotten Century's Eclipse
We Rebuilt A Somber Paradise
Out Of The Wasteland Of God
I Bear The Millenium's Pain
Pure Indulgence
As My Mouth Opens Breathing Death

5. The Spirit Of Venus

Unreal Revealed This Imagination
A Dream So Real, A Dream So Deep
Turning Me Towards All Mysteries
I See Through The Veil Of Darkness
And The Mirror Behind It Reflects My Fate
But The Way Is Blocked - By Sorrow
I Scream Into Non-existing Nothingness
And At Last Only Silence Remains
Oh, Make Every Tear In My Heart
A Lifetime In Hell
Falling Eternal Through The Pits Of Time
Into An Abysmal Womb Of Subconsciousness
Torn Apart By The Phenomenon Of Enlightenment
And Here She Was Standing Enrobed By Mist
The Spirit Of Venus..
Chanting My Name
Embracing My Soul
The Blood Was Freezing As I Touched The Flesh
And Ripped Out Her Heart
A Kiss Which Brought Total Eclipse
Unite Us In Pain
Unite Us In Blasphemy And Lust
And Join Us Through Your Devotion
Grant Me Deepest Ecstasy
Under The Watching Autumn Eye
That Has Guided Me Through All This Year
And In The Coldness Of Night
I Whisper The Wildest Dreams Unto You
While I Am Shrouded
By Crystals Of Frosty Dusk
And The Everlasting Winter
Embraces My Heart With Grief

6. Blood And Soil

This Soil Is Dripping
With The Blood Of Angels
I Can Almost Touch
Their Hands Through The Ground
My Eyes Are Filled With Pride
For This Land Of The Dead
Is The Precious Gift Of My Father
No Mortal Value Can Buy Such A Treasure
Which I Cherish In My Heart Of Hearts
Father - Satan With Fangs Stained In Blood
Smile To My Naive Dreams
This Unhallowed Ground
Secret Sanctuary Of My Thoughts
Where I Walk Hand In Hand With Death
Upon Blood And Soil
Oh, Don't Mind Any Pain
It Gives Me Wisdom
My Rage Is My Strength
It Gives Me Might
But Something Inside Me Seems To Be Lost
Is There Hope For The Blood Of Life?
Or Will I Always Fly Alone..
Those Who Are In Hell
Hallowed Be Thy Name
This Is For You Who Made Me What I Am
For The Storm That Tries
To Shake My Roots
Is Just The Breath Of The Dying God
Who Once Ruled Heaven
But He Won't Succed
As Long As I Stand True To My Ways
And Even I Am Alone
I Can't Remember What I'm Missing

7. Magic Glass Monument

Although I Thought I Would Never Again
In A Room With No Begining Or End
But For Sure There Is A Center
Nothing But Vastness
And An Object Of Supreme Magic
A Mirror Shaped As A Pyramid
Black But Still Reflecting
My Hands And Arms But Not My Face
I'm Watching Myself Moving
Towards This Blasphemy
Attracted I Float Nearer And Nearer
Trying To Step Aside
But My Journey Ends Behind The Glass
A Sea Coloured Red Is Awaiting Me There
Everything Is Upside Down
Am I Destined To Drown
Surfaces Belong To Other Dimensions
Hell Is Above
And Heaven Awaits Far Below
Deeper And Deeper I Sink
And Scream Without Sound
Unrealistic Reality Or A Dream
In The State Of Being Awake
For Sure This Will Be
My Greatest Victory Or My Final Defeat
If I Am Demon All The Angels Must Die

8. Exhausted Remnants

Silent Screams - Beaten And Torn
Sanctify - This Life Of Scorn
Innocence Withdrawn In Fear
Night Grows Cold And Twilight's Near
But The Light I See Is None
Just A Spectrum Of Unreal Colours
Which Appears Before My Eyes
For You Neither To See, Nor To Feel
Shattered Scattered - Remnants Of Life
What Can Be Extracted From Nothing
What Can Be Found Within The Emptiness
Within The Emptiness From Which I Am Fed
I Deal In Pain - All Life I Drain
Cherished - The Grandeur Of Melancholy
Always And Never - The Skyline Seems So Unreal
If I Had Wings, Would I Be Forgiven
If I Had Horns, Would There Be Flames
..to Show My Cry
Laughing And Crying - Nothing Remains
No Future And No Past
No One Could Foresee
The End Has Come So Fast
And I Reach My Hand
Towards This Ocean Of Despair
To Grant My Soul A Lifetime In Hell

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