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Autopsy - 1992 Acts Of The Unspeakable

: Peaceville
1. Meat
2. Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium
3. Your Rotting Face
4. Blackness Within
5. An Act Of The Unspeakable
6. Frozen With Fear
7. Spinal Extractions
8. Death Twitch
9. Skullptures
10. Pus / Rot
11. Battery Acid Enema
12. Lobotomized
13. Funereality
14. Tortured Moans Of Agony
15. Ugliness And Secretions
16. Orgy In Excrements
17. Voices
18. Walls Of The Coffin


1. Meat

Let Us Feast

The Smell Of Cooked Flesh
Last Scent Of Sweet Death
Peeled From The Bone Of The Kill

I Sink My Teeth In
I Tear The Steaming Flesh
The Blood Runs Down My Throat
Desecrating What Was Once Alive

[lead D.c]

The Resistance You Put Up
Was Feeble To Say The Least
I Only Wanted Your Sweet Meat
You Struggled For Your Life
You Were Worthless And Weak

2. Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium

Zombies Raised Up From The Dead
To Feed Upon The Living
Drinking Blood And Eating Flesh

Maggots Crawling In The Skulls
Of Those Who Were Deceased
Gluttonously Ripping Flesh
With Ancient Rotten Teeth
Mindless Hunger
Gorging On The Bloody Human Feast

Rotten Bowels Decayed And Split
No Escape For Food
Regurgitation Now Begins
Zombies Puke
Pools Of Rotten Entrails
Flesh And Blood Spew On The Ground
Only Bones Are Left
Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium

[lead: E.c.]

3. Your Rotting Face

They Tell Me You Have Died
But I Don't Believe It, Nor Do I Care
We Will Always Be Together

I Feel So Alive As I Penetrate Your Sex
I Can Almost Hear Your Moans Of Lust
I Don't Think You Are Deceased
As I Part Your Lips And Feast
The Way You Smell
Is More Delightful Than Ever
Again And Again We Consummate Our Love
Again And Again You Bring Me To Ecstasy
I Feel You With My Lust
You, You, You Take It All

I Revel In The Touch Of Your Flesh
To Become One
Warm And Cold Skin Joining Again
And Again To My Desires I Will Succumb

[lead: E.c.]

I Don't Care If You're Alive Or Dead
Lovingly Your Body I Embrace
Your Rotten Lips Still Give Head
I Spill Forth My Love Onto Your Rotting Face

I Hear Them Call Me Things
Which I Don't Understand
But I Don't Care What They Will Say
Your Body Belongs To Me
To Carry Out My Lusts
As I Gaze Upon Your Rotting Face

4. Blackness Within

Thriving On The Hate That Burns Within My Soul
Eyes Rolled Back With Sheer Disgust My Heart Is Black
I Have No Home Except The Dark Which Is My Mind
The Downing Of My Life (your Death) Is Cold

Swarming Mass Of Shadows Breeding Uncontrolled
Existing To Despise And Dwell In The Darkest Depths
Building Hatred Loathing For The Pitiful
Ominous The Shroud Of Black It Makes Me Whole

Blackest Of The Black
Darkest Of The Dark

5. An Act Of The Unspeakable

The Hate I Have For You
I Swore I Never Would Unleash
But Here You Are In Pieces
Lying At My Sweaty Feet
I Masturbate With Guilt
While Looking At Your Distant Eyes
I've Had Your Torso Seven Times
Yet Still My Dick Does Rise

Lobing Up Your Lifeless Cunt
With Blood From Where Your Legs Were
I Slide In With Ease
My Soul You Please
Finger Your Rectum
You're Just As Good In Death As Life
I Don't Know Why I Waited
Your Head Is Gone
You Cannot Speak
Can't Think Of What I Hated

You Fucking Whore!
Fuck You!


Now I Tire Of Stretching Out
Your Dead And Bleeding Twat
Variety Is What I Crave
So With My Knife I Cut
Your Ass And Cunt Are Now As One
I Join Them With A Slice
The Blood And Defecation
On My Hard-on Feels So Nice

6. Frozen With Fear

Cold Sweat
Short Of Breath
Turning White
Fearing Death

Speechless Shock
Piss Yourself
Relaxed Rectus
Gushes It's Wealth
Frozen With Fear
And Now You Die
Dull And Hazy
Your Stone Dead Eyes

7. Spinal Extractions


8. Death Twitch

Flopping Around
Like A Fish Out Of Water
Eyes Turned Backwards
Muscular Spasms
Doing The Final Dance
The Dance Of Death
Painfully Using Your Last Feeble Breath

Foaming At The Mouth
Drooling Like A Sick Dog



9. Skullptures

Creative Juices Flowing
And It's Graveyard Raiding Time Again
Engulfed By Darkness
Digging For My Art
Which Is My Only Friend
Stuffing In Potato Sacks
The Ones That Suit My Special Need
Burial Was But In Vain
They Still Come Back With Me
Hacksawing Away At Rigor Mortified Cadavers
Set Aside The Right Limbs
To Consruct My Latest Skullpture
Maggots Into Flies
They Buzz Before My Eyes, Breed In My Hair
I Turn My Corpses Into Art
It Is My Life, Nothing Compares

The Smell Gets My Mind In Gear
Helps Me Decide Which Parts Go Where
Forearm Sewed With Stitches Thick
Onto Someone's Sliced Off Dick
Woman's Face Removed With Care
Still Attached To Scalp And Hair
Put It On My Face And Stare
And Think Of What Comes Next

Kneecap Pried Off With Screwdriver Nailed To Foot
Decorated With Toenails
Now I Look At The Pair Of Breasts I've Severed
On My Tray
Sew The Two Together
Flesh Is Brittle And Grey


Another Masterpiece Is Now Complete
A Mass Of Arms And Legs And Hands And Feet
Stomach Draped About Drained Of Their Bile
Skull Atop The Rotten Sting Pile

10. Pus / Rot

Your Bowels Are Rotten
Your Face Is Decaying
Your Eyeballs Have Failed You
And So Has Your Brain
And Your Rectum Is Bleeding
Your Fingers Are Missing
Your Skin Has Turned Grey
In Your Veins Disease Is Breeding

Cancerous Innards
Bleeding Liver
Rotten To The Core
Shitting Out Your Black Intestines
Life Exists No More


Lying Face Up In Your Coffin
You're Fucking Dead
Never Again
To Spread Around In Rancid Fucking Stench

Placed Six Feet Below The Ground
Dirt Shovelled In
Left To Rot
Maggots Breed In Your Head
Slowly Your Face Decomposes

11. Battery Acid Enema

Body Bound By Chains
Eyes On Fire With Fear
Try But You Can't Move
Heart About To Burst

Hose Rammed Up Your Naked Ass
Scream Is Muffled By The Gas
The Torment Ahead Is Not Your Standard Affair
I'm A Twisted Fuck And I Just Don't Care

Soon You'll Have A Corrosive Liquid
Racing Through Your Bowels
Melting Your Insides


Down The Funnel And Through The Hose
Into Your Bowels The Acid Goes

Bloody Foam Dribbles Out Of You
Muffled Screams
You Die In Excruciating Pain

12. Lobotomized


13. Funereality

In Which Your Soul Resides
From Which You Cannot Hide
Devour Your Rotting Flesh


14. Tortured Moans Of Agony

Tortured Moans Of Agony
I Love To Hear Your Feeble Cries
Begging To Be Put To Death
Extremely Slow And Cruel Demise
Teeth Pulled Slowly One By One
Mangled Jaws, Bloody Gums
My Love Grows Each Time You Bleed
The Mutilation Has Just Begun
Eyeballs Sliced Along The Lids
Fluids Running Down Your Face
Try To Scream Through Shredded Lips
Your Severed Tongue I Now Shall Taste
Slash Your Bowels And Rip Your Throat
Tear Your Stomach Open Wide
Fuck The Gash I Cum For You
Semen Blends With Blood Inside

15. Ugliness And Secretions

Drool Dripping From Your Chin
Yellow Eyes, Rotten Grin
Home Of Insects And Disease
Rancid Excretions, Deadly Breeze

Open Sores, Gaping Wounds
Smegma, Tartar, Decayed Nose
Fermented Funus, Pungent Rot
Ripping Farts, Running Snot


Oozing, Itching Puffy Spots
Intestinal Dribblins, Steaming Trots
Growth Within Your Pubic Hair
Buglife Feels At Home In There


16. Orgy In Excrements


Twisting Writhing Mass Of Blackest Ecstasy
Fluids Flowing Darklust Growing For The Flesh
And Beyond The Boundaries Of Perversion

Sliding In And Out Of Every Hole
Lubricated With Excretions Of Every Sort
Unbridled Sexual Excursion

Penetrate Urinate Defecate Menstruate

Urinate On Your Partner
Rubbing Feces On Your Face
Defecate On Your Partner
Rubbing Feces On Your Face


Vomit On The Nearest Asshole
Rub The Chunks In, Knead The Flesh
Go Where All Have Been Before
Sphincter Muscles Bleed And Stretch

Urinate Defecate

All Combine In A Great Big Pile
No Holes Barred Nothing Concealed
In Excrements Hypnotically Write
Fluids Now Concealed

17. Voices

I Hear Voices They Tell Me What To Do
Right Now They're Telling Me To Kill You
Yesterday I Loved You
Today I Want You Dead
Beat You, Decapitate You
Freeze Your Severed Head

My Family Didn't Understand Me
When I Told Them Why I Do The Things
I Am Told So I Took Their Lives
Limbs In The Refrigerator
Pieces In A Sack
Torso In The Garbage
With The Spine Ripped From It's Back

I Hear Voices
Now They Tell Me
That I Need Some Younger Flesh
To Desecrate And Use Randomly

They Didn't See It Coming
The Little Ones Now Dead
Chopping Hacking Freezer Bagging
Morsels That I'll Eat
For Sex I'll Use The Head

For Sex I'll Use The Fucking Head

18. Walls Of The Coffin

I Wipe The Maggots From Eyes
As I Wake From My Deathlike Sleep
Surrounded By These Black Walls
Lid Closed Tightly
Bleeding From Every Pore
In Either Reality Or A Shadow Of Madness
My Flesh As One With The Rotted Thoughts
That Pollute My Skull

Through The Haze Of Disturbing Depths
My Veins Flow Black
Sour And Poisonous
I Feel The Flesh Separating
From My Desiccated Face
I Am Living Death
I Am Of Darkest Origin
Screaming As I Struggle To Awake

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