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Autopsy - 1995 Shitfun

: Peaceville
1. Deathmask
2. Humiliate Your Corpse
3. Fuckdog
4. Praise The Children
5. The Birthing
6. Shit Eater
7. I Sodomize Your Corpse
8. Geek
9. Brain Damage
10. Blood Orgy
11. No More Hate
12. Grave Violators
13. Maim Rape Kill Rape
14. I Shit On Your Grave
15. An End To The Misery
16. The 24 Public Mutilations
17. Bathe In Fire
18. Bowel Ripper
19. Burnt To A Fuck
20. Excremental Ecstasy


1. Deathmask

Recognizable No More
I've Deflowered Your Corpse
Robbed It Of Its Identity
The Face Was Yours Now It's For Me
Looking Thru Eyeholes Of Another's Face
Adhered To Mine, My Mask Of Death
From The Latter Of My Kills
Stripped From The Bloody Hunk Of Head

On My Shelves My Favorites
Plastered On Foam Mannequin Heads
The Rest Are Used As Flesh Wallpaper
Over One Hundred Dead
A Fetish My Collection
As It Constantly Grows And Grows
A Mystery To The Public Eye
Leftovers In The Road

Another Night Another Face
I Wear My Last Victim Before I Erase
Another Life Another Knife
To Once Again Be Utilized
Freelance Surgeon Blood Emerging
From The Orafices Freed Of Flesh
When I Wear A Face
It Brings Me Closer To Your Death
When You Die I Do Not Care
I'm Gone Without A Trace
I've Left Behind A Messy Corpse
A Stiff Robbed Of Its Face


The Feel Of Wet Skin Upon Skin
The Blood Runs Down My Chin
Each Time A New Disguise
I'm Seeing Thru Your Eyes


2. Humiliate Your Corpse

You're Dead You Fuck
You're Dead At My Feet
My Revenge Is Almost Complete
Your Eyes Staring
Staring Into Space
Seeing Nothing, No Heartbeat
Limp Cadaver Shut Up Forever
Life Snuffed With No Remorse
I Will Humiliate Your Corpse

You Lay Dead I Laugh Alive
My Blood Pumps, Adrenaline Rises
Can't Help Laughing As I Look
At Your Corpse Underfoot

Stepping On Your Chest
I Yank Down My Pants
My Butthole Dialating
To Humiliate Your Corpse


You Lay There Limp Contorted
I Pinch A Loaf For You
Your Face Is Spattered With My Shit
A Pile Of Brown On Blue


You're Dead You Fuck
You're Dead At My Feet
My Revenge Is Now Complete
Your Eyes Staring
Staring Into Space
As My Urine Dribbles Down Your Face

Life Snuffed With No Remorse
I've Humiliated Your Corpse

3. Fuckdog

You Look At Me Like The Dog You Are
Your Naked Body All Covered With Scars
Out Of The Closet For An Hour Or Two
For A Urine Bath And Sadistic Screw

4. Praise The Children

Praise The Children
For They Bring Me Great Joy
With Their Flaps Of Skin
Hanging From Lifeless Faces

Praise The Children
With Their Toothless Jaws
Satisfying My Darkest Thirst
With Their Little Fingers Broken
Snapped Like Twigs


Praise The Children
For They Fill Me With Love
With Their Legs Cut Off
Crawling With Crimson Snail Tracks
Screaming All The Way

Praise The Children
With Their Icepick-punctured Eyeballs
Gelatinous Goo Dripping Down
Innocent Lips Sewn Shut

5. The Birthing

The Punctured Exlife Slithers
Out Your Bloody Gaping Hole
So Warm The Blood Runs Down Your Legs
Your Tears You Can't Control
Your Son Or Daughter (who Knows Which)
Is Just A Pile Of Shit
You Look Into What Might Be Eyes
As Your Mouth Flows With Spit

Cradle The Gelatinous Thing In Your Arms
Leaking Its Fluids It's No Longer Warm
A Would-be Life Is Now Defunct
Glistening Mass Of Fleshy Gunk


Hiding In The Shadows
With The Birthing Now Complete
Pick Your Child Up
And Suckle On Its Tiny Feet
Bite Them Off, Devour The Rest
The Body Is Diminished
Take The Hanger, Lick It Clean
Your Ordeal Now Is Finished

6. Shit Eater

Ass In The Air, Turd Ring Dialating
Matted Butt Hair, Anal Vapor Rising
Give It A Squeeze, My Feast Is Emerging
Give It To Me, Let's Begin The Purging

I Open My Mouth And Catch It As It Drops
I Chew And Chew And Love It Brown And Soft
I Squish The Crap Between My Teeth With My Tongue
With A Shit Eating Grin I'll Lick 'til Clean Your Bung


I'm A Shit Eater

Steaming Chunky Hunk Of Log
Taste It Smell It Eat It All
Maybe One Turd Maybe Two
Whatever I Can Get From You

7. I Sodomize Your Corpse

Skin Your Carcass, Stab Your Eyes
Battered Corpse Covered With Flies
Stench Of Feces In The Air
Bowels Slashed For Me To Wear

Bloated Body On The Floor
Blue And Bloody Alive No More
Decomposing Pile Of Trash
With A Hammer Skull I Smash

Your Body's Ripped To Bloody Fucking Pieces
No Funeral, No Fear, No Remorse
I Desecrate Your Pulverized Carcass
I Sodomize Your Corpse


Dick Stuck In Deep
I'm Just A Corpse-fucking Freak
Slash Your Face As I Cum
Pull Out And Watch The Shit Run

Pieces Scattered Everywhere
Walls Spattered With Blood And Hair
Guts Removed, Torso Remains
For Me To Rape Again And Again

8. Geek

Long Ago I Watched The Man Bring The
Convulsing White Fowl To His Mouth, He
Chomped Down Hard On The Neck, Blood Spurting
And Dripping, The Body Dangled For A Second
Then Ripped From The Head And Hit The Floor

I Bit Into The Young Neck, Teeth Sinking Into
The Warm Flesh, Blood Running Down My Throat
And Face, Relishing The Bits Of Skin Stuck
Between My Teeth, Drinking All The Blood My
Young Friend Had To Offer

I Ripped The Throat Out Of The Infant I Stole,
Holding The Thing Over Me And Letting The Sweet
Blood Rain Upon My Face, Lifeblood Gushing From
The Gaping Hole - The One I Created, Momentarily
Quenching My Thirst

I Lacerated The Juggular Vein Of The Prom King
With My Filed Teeth And Quickly Pressed My Lips
To The Gaping Wound, Supping On The Thick Fluid
Spewing From The Virgin Throat


I Am A Modern Day Freak Show
With A Thirst For Blood
I Sup On The Life Of Only The Young
I Tear And I Drink
I Kill And I Feast
I Follow Tradition
I'm A Bloodsucking Geek


9. Brain Damage

Underneath The Skin
Breeding Takes Place
Mindmelting Reproductives
Insects In Your Face
Parasitic Domination
Nervous System Blown
Veinous Vermin Cannibalize
Brain Cells Sawn And Strewn

Mirror Showing Maggots
Squirming From Your Nose
Stick Your Finger In Your Eye
Visceral Infection Grows
Black Pus Crust Issuing
From Your Rotten Ears
Arsenic-filled Arteries
Brain Damaged Beyond Fear

10. Blood Orgy

Bodies Hung In Rows On Hooks
Holes Remain Where Limbs Once Were
Heads Removed While Stumps Ooze Blood
Putrid Stench-filled Death Locker

Buckets Under Corpses Fill
Blood Collected For The Orgy
Torso Drained And Limbs Are Saved
Along With Heads For Decorations


Blood Splashed On The Ground
Naked Zombies Gather 'round
Writhing Fucking Giving Head
Blood Orgy Of The Undead
Teeth Dislodge In Genitals
Zombie-cum Fetid And Old
Gruesome Lust In Undead Loins
Bloody Thrusting Rotted Groins
Heads On Stakes
Candles In The Skulls
Shredded Flesh
Sprinkled On The Floor
Victims Fill A Purpose On This Night
Blood Orgies
And Cannibalistic Sacrifice

Blood Orgy

11. No More Hate

At The Moment I Have No More Hate To Offer
I Feel Nothing
I Feel Nothing As I Bring Down My Arm
The One That Holds The Metal Bar
The One That Bashes In Your Brains
Bludgeon And Crush Again 'til Your Mind Oozes
All Over The Floor, Soaking Into The Carpet
I Don't Care
I Don't Feel And If Your Brain Was Still In
Your Head You Might Even Realize That

12. Grave Violators

Overturning Tombstones
Marble Cracked And Crushed
Fucking On The Top Of A Crypt
Smoking Angel Dust

Drawing Blood, Spill It Forth
Seep Into The Ground
Stomping Thru The Babies' Graves
Pummel Every Mound

Little Coffins Dug Up
Tiny Corpses Emptied Out
Impaled On The Fences
Spikes Rammed Thru
Rotted Pumpkin Heads


"we Pulled Some More Corpses;
Bigger Ones This Time. We'd Lay
'em Down On A Grave One At A Time
And Take A Big Huge Piece Of A
Headstone We Broke....and Smash The
Head Like A Rotted Melon"

Graveyard Desecrated
Rotted Mess Behind Us
Broken Bodies Scattered
Amongst Broken Stone And Glass

13. Maim Rape Kill Rape

White-collared Killer
Pray By Day - Fuck The Dead By Night
Preach The Book - Brainwash The Sheep
Kills As He Shrieks With Delight
A Tendency For The Younger Ones
Little Boys So Unaware
Exploring Orafices With Unholy Lust
Alive Then Dead, The Molestation Continues

Screaming Boys Crapping

Pimpled Tongue Lapping
Kidnap And Sodomy

Maim Rape Kill Rape Maim Rape


Grabbing The Head Of The Blue Child
He Makes It Suck His Cock
Blowing His Wad - Blowing His Mind
Blowing The Corpses Time After Time

Arms And Legs Cut Off
Torso Raped Vigorously
Shit-encrusted Ass
Dead For His Pleasure
Hacksawing Flesh
Dissecting His Victims

Spilling Out Organs - Making Love To Innards


Holy Holes Not Holy Anymore
Sanctuary For His Cock - His Whore
Gritty Road To Anal Heaven
Shitty Balls, He Was Only Eleven
Veil Of God To Conceal His Deeds
Missing-list Grows, He Fulfilles His Needs

14. I Shit On Your Grave

I Shit On Your Grave
I Piss On Your Name
I Puke On Your Headstone
Your Mother I Rape

I Shit On Your Grave

Your Infant I Slaughter
Your Home I Will Burn
Your Funeral I Blaspheme
I Spit In Your Urn

15. An End To The Misery

Unhappy With The World In Which You Live
You Feel Like Shit, You Wanna Die
Well Who The Fuck Is Stopping You
From Taking Your Miserable Life?

Finger On The Trigger
Of The Gun Against Your Head
Should You Really Do It?
Will We Miss You When You're Dead?
You're Looking For Advice
And I've Got Some For You

Kill Yourself
I Don't Care About You
Go Fuck Yourself
You Were Born To Lose


16. The 24 Public Mutilations

Eyebrows Removed One By One
Shoulder Backs Severed
Retribution's Begun
Filet Of Breast
Your Tits Are Hacked Off
Hands To Elbows Disembodied
Stumps Spurting Blood
Death-blow To The Heart

Head Chopped Clean Off
Blood Spewing From The Gaping Hole
Hands Removed From The Lone Forearms
Arms And Feet Transformed To Holes
Legs Cut Off - Torso Remains
Slowly Dismembered From Head To Foot
Punishment Served - Mutilated Corpse


17. Bathe In Fire

Douse Your Body In Gasoline
Protesting For Your Holy One
Light The Match Go Up In Flames
I Laugh As You Scream And Burn

Bathe In Fire


Bathe In Fire

18. Bowel Ripper

Stench Of Shit Enchants My Nose
Another Victim In The Street
Bowels Pulled Out Thru The Slash
Defecation Oozes Out

19. Burnt To A Fuck

Your Burning Face
A Charcoal Cinder
Lump Of Putrid Sizzling Flesh
Dripping Features Deforming Fast
Scream 'til Your Mouth Fuses Shut
To Barbeque I Sentence You
As Payment In My Private Way
Slow And Cruel, I Start To Drool
For Moments You'll Regret This Day

I'll Burn You Bastard To A Fuck
Transform Your Face To Shapeless Muck
Agony Extreme Blood Runs
Lips Become One With Your Tongue
Eyes Almost Burst From Your Head
Not Soon Enough You Will Be Dead
Frothing Bloodily From The Mouth
I'll Burn You Bastard To A Fuck

The Sweet Sweet Smell Of Your Burning Hell
Inspires The Fires That Desecrate And Melt
I Torch Your Soul, I Fuck Your Mind
You'll Be A Horror 'til The End Of Time

[repeat Chorus]


Burnt To A Fuck

[repeat Verse 3]
[repeat Chorus]


Burnt To A Fuck

20. Excremental Ecstasy

Rejoicing In Rectal Sludge
Writhing In Withered Flesh
Bathing In Bile And Puke
Binging On Bowel Waste
Slurping On Sweaty Slime
Purging On Plasma Red
Gulping On Gastric Juice
Munching On Mucous Chunks
Sipping On Stoolish Slop
Sucking Down Smegma Hunks
Feasting On Fecal Matter
Rubbing On Rancid Phlegm

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