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Autopsy - 1991 Mental Funeral

: Peaceville
1. Twisted Mess Of Burnt Decay
2. In The Grip Of Winter
3. Fleshcrawl
4. Torn From The Womb
5. Slaughterday
6. Dead
7. Robbing The Grave
8. Hole In The Head
9. Destined To Fester
10. Bonesaw
11. Dark Crusade
12. Mental Funeral


1. Twisted Mess Of Burnt Decay

From The Brown Infested Clouds
Painful Death Is Unleashed
Toxic Rain Upon Your Skin
Now You Are Diseased

Pus Filled Wounds Begin To Form
Inflamed Bloated Mess
Internal Organs Sizzle And Corrode
Contaminated Blood Flows With Death
The Features Are Slowly Rotting
Off Your Deformed Face
Now You Are Just
A Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay

Retching Violently
Heaving Chunks Of Burnt Toxic Decay
Hair Falls Out
Bowels Expel Their Rotten Stinking Waste

Body And Mind Are Dubbed A Fate
So Horrendous And Sick
The Safety Of The Womb Is Gone
Bloody Pus Oozes From Your Dick

Unformed Offspring
Meet The Poisoned Air
Ejected Fetuses Litter The Street
Men And Women Cry
For Themselves And Their Young
A Twisted Monument
Of Mans Defeat

2. In The Grip Of Winter

Lost In The White
Nothing In Sight
Stumbling Thru The Snow And Ice
Blinded By Forces You Can't Control
Just To Stay Alive Your Only Goal

Caught Within The Grip Of Winter
Hyperboric Nightmare Reigns
A Arctic Hysteria Sets In
Body Goes Numb As Your Brain

Legs Go Numb
Panic Strikes
So You Then Light A Fire
Put Your Legs In The Flames
Hoping For A Rush Of Pain

Flesh Burns Right To The Core
Spits Blood From Every Pore
Smell Your Skin Peel Away
For Your Life A Small Price To Pay

Running In Searing Pain
Rational Thoughts
Are Quickly Slain
Take In Your Last Cold Breath
As You Fall To Your Backsnapping Death

3. Fleshcrawl

4. Torn From The Womb

Torn From The Womb
Dying In This Tomb


Bred Just To Die
We Are Torn From The Womb
Slowly To Decay
Till We Meet Our Doom
Everything Is Bleak
Shroud Of Black Hangs Over
Preparing To Enter Our Graves

5. Slaughterday

Darkened Day
Torturous Ways
Live Only To Die

Cast Into Flames
Stoned To Death
Law Of The Lords
Uncontrollable Hoard

Headless Bodies On The Ground
War Machine Leaves No Life Behind
Blood Soaks Deep Into The Earth
Sadistic Race
Rip Out Your Heart

Strung Up
Cannibals Eat Your Flesh
Survival Of The Fittest

Peel Your Flesh From The Bone
Souless Body Left Alone

6. Dead

Stiff And Cold
In Your Box
To Decay

7. Robbing The Grave

It's Love Of The Dead

Arising From Her Sleep
To The Sweet Smell Of Decay
Lying In A Coffin
Dead Flesh She Craves

There's Kissing, Of Course, Caressing, Blood Drinking, The Smell, The

Morbid Lust Must Be Satisfied
In The Shadows She Must Hide
Entering The Sacred Tomb
To Fuck Those Who Have Died

When You Lie On Some Bodies, Blood Comes Out Of Their Mouth, And The Weight
Of My Body Pushes It Out. That's Called Purging

Kissing The Flesh
So Dead And Cold
Purging Blood
To Drink And Be Whole
Strength From The Dead
To Feed The Soul

I Definitely Enjoy Swallowing Blood. It's Very Arousing Making Love With A
Body And Drinking Some Of The Blood

Robbing The Grave

There's A Difference Between Fucking And Making Love. Maybe Some People Fuck
Dead Bodies. I Make Love To Them

Screaming In Agony
Coming On The Corpse
Takes It Home In The Hearse
So She Can Get Some More

When I Enjoy Myself With A Corpse, It's A High Beyond Any I've Ever Had

8. Hole In The Head

Repulsive Parasites Feeding On Your Mind
Shrieking Demons
Within Your Skull They Fly
See The Colors So Bright And Brilliant
The Hunger Starts
It's Brain Matter You Want

Voices So Twisted Command You
Don't Try To Resist It
Give In To The Belief
That Bliss Is Within Reach
So Destroy The Wicked In Your Eyes
And Feast

Fuel The Creatures In Your Head
(the Answer Is In The Slaughtered Dead)

State Of Mind Unbalancing
Distorted Sick Reality
Must Achieve Immortality

It's God Again
He Speaks
About The Tasks You Must Complete
Tripping Hard
Your Brain Is Shorted Out
You Must Believe
Cranial Chaos
Blurs Of Violence
Keep The Cravings Fed
Are They Coming In Or Out
This Hole Inside Your Head

9. Destined To Fester

Knee Deep In Sewage
Maggots Burrowing Thru My Face
Blinded By Disease
Waiting For My Living Death To End

Slicing Teeth
Infectious Chewing At My Skin
My Blood Is Clotted With Pus
The Maddening Shrill Cries
Of Rabid Vermin Never Stop

I Pick Away
At My Mouldering Flesh
Insanity Has Left My Mind
A Tortured Mess

Face Chewed To Bits
On My Body They Feast
Swimming In The Rancid Sewage
Spreading Their Disease

10. Bonesaw

11. Dark Crusade

Preachers And Their Followers
Crusading For The Light
My Stomach Twists And Tightens Up
The Feeling Is So Vile
They're Trying To Brainwash Me
But I Am Not A Fool
Each One Shall Taste My Defecation
As Dark Becomes The Rule

Kill Screams My Mind

They Die By Knife And Strangulation
Lead Pipe To The Head
They Squeal Like Pigs
Until I Shit Upon Their Severed Head
They Squeal Like Pigs
Until I Shit Upon Their Severed Head

To Eternally Serve The Dark And Impure
I Breathe Each Hateful Breath
To See Their Minds And Morals Destroyed
I Shall Follow Death

Snuff Out The Life
Of Those Who Force Their Ways Upon Me
On Their Limp Carcasses
I Leave A Token Of My Disgust

12. Mental Funeral

Can You Hear The Funeral Bell
Ringing In Your Mind
What Will They Find
In Your Blackened Brain
Lobotomized, Tranquilized
Falling, Crawling
Casket Calling
Slip Into The Abyss.......

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