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Autopsy - 1992 Fiend For Blood

: Peaceville
1. Fiend For Blood
2. Keeper Of Decay
3. Squeal Like A Pig
4. Ravenous Freaks
5. A Different Kind Of Mindfuck
6. Dead Hole


1. Fiend For Blood

Compelling Thirst
Crimson Lust
The Need To Drain You Dry
My Lips Pressed To Your Laceration
See Death In My Eyes

Fading Is Your Thinking
I Fiend For Your Blood
I Must Have Your Blood

2. Keeper Of Decay

Roadkill, Guts Are Spilled
A Flattened Form Of Death
A Heavenly Delight
Death Is Sweet
Scoop Up The Meat
Intact Or Mashed-it Matters Not

I Bring Home My New Surprises
Open My Door, The Odour Rises
One That Makes Me Feel So Good
I Feel So Fucking High

I Smile At My Pride And Joy On My Walls
My Pets
Nailed Up High And Low
By The Throat
Intestinal Wreath
Rancid Beef

My Newest Tacked Up With The Rest
I Sit Back And Watch It Rot
Breathe Deep
Close My Eyes
Fantasize That I Am One Of Them

3. Squeal Like A Pig

Squeal You Worthless Piece Of Fuck
Before I Make You Die
Maybe You Will Shit Your Pants
On Your Suffering I Thrive

The Thrill Of The Kill Is A Natural Thing
But What Makes Me Live Is The Fear I Can Bring

On Your Knees In A Pool Of Piss
Pleading For Your Life
Tantalize My Reeling Senses
With Your Pathetic Cries

Wimpering And Begging Like A Dog
My Ways Are Cruel
My Cock Is Hard Anticipating What's To Come
You're Trembling With Fear
How Fucking Sad
You're Just Another Piece Of Shit

I Can't Take Your Moaning Anymore
Pressure Building Up Inside
After I Deliver The Crushing Blow
I Climax In Your Eye

4. Ravenous Freaks

Laughing, Drooling In Your Face
Grinning Outcasts Of Our Race
Tied From Hands And Feet And Waist
You Look Up In Fear

A Horrid Stench You Do Behold
The One Of Rot, Mildew And Mold
As A Cretin Grabs Ahold
Of Your Testicles

Start To Cry Out, But You're Stopped
Your Mouth Is Stifled With A Cock
Which Was Removed From Your Own Stocks
The Laughter Carries On

Bid Your Balls A Sad Farewell
As You Curse Them All To Hell
Then You Realize Too Well
Hell Is Where You Are
Dismembered Slowly, Feet To Head
Not Soon Enough You Will Be Dead
Your Purpose: Keep These Monsters Fed

5. A Different Kind Of Mindfuck

Violate Your Anus First
Fuck Your Eyes Out, Fluids Burst
Lubricate My Growing Thirst

Drill A Hole Right Through Your Skull
Your Body's Laying Dead And Still
Pump Your Brain Until It's Full

Soaking Your Mind With My Seed
White Meets Grey, Eyesockets Bleed
My Love Dripping Down Your Cheek...

6. Dead Hole

I Have Been There Again
My Bare Feet Caked With Mud
Stench Of The Grave Rising From My Aching Groin

I Have Been To Her Again
I Have Been In Her Again!!!!
I Have Experienced The Foul Pleasure
Brought Onto Me
I Hate Myself For It
But Still I Return

Once More I Visit My Place Of Lust
She Is There
Just As I Left Her The Time Before
As I Tear Off My Restricted Clothes
In The Dim Light Of The Graveyard
My Passion Runs Its Course
"the Ecstasy You Bring Is Unsurpassed
Forever Be My Whore"

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