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Napalm Death - 1990 Suffer The Children

: Earache Records
1. Suffer The Children
2. Siege Of Power
3. Harmony Corruption


1. Suffer The Children

Your Unflappable Conception Moralistic Views
Never Open To Criticism Your Overpowering Ruse
Promises Of Sanctuary In Eternal Bliss
With Starry Eyes And Cash In Hand
Pledge All To The Masters Plan
Just Face The Truth Or Fund The Farce
At One With Your God Your Sole Intent
Your Treasured Place Assured
For A Substantial Rent
Global Lucancy Death Threats For Supposed Blasphemy
No Room For Free Thought
All Non Believers Pushed To The Floor
Agressive Tyrans Supposed Saints For The Cause
Judgement Through Force Faith A Fuel For Pointless War
When All Is Done Who Shall Benefit? Who Is The One?
Not Those Dictators Divine Waving Their Deceintful Wands

2. Siege Of Power

Siege Of Power
In Your Land
Too Many Problems
For You To Understand

Siege Of Power
Inside Your Mind
Outward Restrictions
To Keep You In Line

Siege Of Power - In Your Land
Too Many Problems - For You To Understand
A Slave Of Their Power - You Never Question Why
You're Going To Suffer - You're Going To Die

Siege Of Power - Inside Your Mind
Outward Restrictions - To Keep You In Line
You're A Slave Of Their Power - You Never Questioned Why
You Were Made To Suffer - You Were Born To Die

Siege Of Power
They Made You A Tool
While Others Were Ruling
You Were Being Ruled

3. Harmony Corruption

A Cortex-thin Line Over Calm
One Temptation, Infinite Penetration

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