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Napalm Death - 2000 Leaders Not Followers

: Century Media Records
1. Politicians
2. Incinerator
3. Demonic Possession
4. Maggots In Your Coffin
5. Back From The Dead
6. Nazi Punks Fuck Off


1. Politicians

[raw Power Cover]

Now You Are Screaming In Pain
They Are Striking You On Your Face
Their Bombs, Money And Power
They Are Stepping Over You
The Dreams Of The Crowd
Are Used To Make Them Strong
Elections, Discussions, And Conferences
Are The Reasons For The Street Violence
You Could Be Just A Number
You Could Be Just A Vote
But You Are Also The Reason Of Their Desperation
Politicians, You Are Shit
Politicians, You Are Crap
Politicians, You Sons Of Bitches
Outlaws, Are You Still Stealing?
You Have To Die, Yes Alright
You Will Die, Yes, Die

2. Incinerator

[slaughter Cover]

Make Way For The Incinerator...

In Suits They Were Dressed,
When The Button Was Pressed
They Fed Upon Semen,
The Governments A Demon
They Left Us Bleeding And Sore,
In The Hands Of The Incinerator

In The Bible We Looked
While Our Cities All Cooked
The Mutants Didn't Learn
Towards Satan They Turned
While The Wind Ripped And Tore
From The Wrath Of The Incinerator


Wood For A Feast
When You Expect It Least
Didn't Learn From The Past
To Nuclear War We're Cast...

And Now The Molds Cast From Mistakes Of The Past
We're All Melting In This Hot Cauldron Of Sin
And Through All His Blood And Gore Comes The Incinerator


[repeat First Verse]


3. Demonic Possession

[pentagram Cover]

4. Maggots In Your Coffin

[repulsion Cover]

The Coffin Is Sealed On Your Rotten Corpse
You Lie In Darkness, Death Corrodes Your Face

You Are Rotting, Maggots In Your Coffin

Worms In Your Head - Soon They'll Be Dead
Nothing To Feed On In Your Empty Skull

Hell Is Where You Are, Your Tortured Sould Is Scarred
For Years You'll Rot In Pain, Lonely And Decayed

You Are Rotting, Maggots In Your Coffin

5. Back From The Dead

[death Cover]

6. Nazi Punks Fuck Off

[dead Kennedys Cover]

Punk Ain't No Religious Cult,
Punk Means Thinking For Yourself.
You Ain't Hardcore 'cause You Spike Your Hair,
When A Jock Still Lives Inside Your Head.

Nazi Punks,
Nazi Punks,
Nazi Punks,
Fuck Off !

If You've Come To Fight, Get Outta Here.
You Ain't No Better Than The Bouncers.
We Ain't Trying To Be The Police.
When You Ape The Cops, It Ain't Anarchy.

Nazi Punks,
Nazi Punks,
Nazi Punks,
Fuck Off !

Ten Guys Jump One, What A Man !
You Fight Each Other, The Police State Wins.
Stab Your Backs When You Trash Our Halls.
Trash A Bank If You've Got Real Balls.

You Still Think Swastikas Look Cool.
The Real Nazis Run Your Schools.
They're Coaches, Businessmen And Cops.
In The Real Fourth Reich, You'll Be The First To Go.

Nazi Punks,
Nazi Punks,
Nazi Punks,
Fuck Off !

You'll Be The First To Go.
You'll Be The First To Go.
You'll Be The First To Go.
Unless You Think.

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