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Napalm Death - 1997 Breed To Breathe

: Earache Records
1. Breed To Breathe
2. All Intensive Purposes
3. Stranger Now
4. Bled Dry
5. Time Will Come


1. Breed To Breathe

Divorced Humanity
Science Strays
Walk The Path Of Servitude
Grown Unknown Malignant Code
Misconceived The Passion Whole

Misconceived The Passion Whole

Born Against The Innocent
Amongst Us Issues Preset
Determined Goals Which Are Set
Love: A Crime Of Serverance

Are We Free To Feel!?
Do We Hurt To Heel!?

Whose Life To Steal!?
Whose Life To Steal!?

Awareness Fails The Public Eye
Primate Morals Sell The Lie
2, 2 - Symbolic Bait
A Process - Bound Genetic Fate

The Selfish Feed - Breed To Breed

2. All Intensive Purposes

Sympathise - Simplify - Magnify - To Divide.
Isolate - Zero In - Intensify - To Divide.

All Intensive Purposes.
All Intensive Purposes.

Pacify - Dominate - Fabricate - Co-exist.
Animate - Motivate - Instigate - To Divide.

All Intensive Purposes.
All Intensive Purposes.

A Functional Virus - Sent In Asylum.
Sever Relationships - Independently.
Isolate The Problem - With Persuasion.
Another Setback - To Live A Life Condemned.
Eyes Upon One And We Are Bombarded.
Perseverance - Or Persevere Awayance.
(life) The Veil Of Secrecy - Set The Example.
Declare Significance - A Voice That Disagrees.

3. Stranger Now

All This Pain Is A Hate Disease,
Intravened Into My Heart.
Bittersweet Emotional Fall
Choking Dry The Lifeline Strong?

A Time Stretched Farce.
Who Do We Fool?
Salacious Thoughts
Pulling At Strings.

Intake Decay,
The Vision Burns.
Intake Decay,
Stranger Now.

Feed On The Lie
That Kept It Strong.
Do We Confess?
Admit Our Worth.

I Drown Myself In My Fears Insecure,
How Can I Trust Passing Time Reassure?

There's No More Me.

I Drown Myself In My Fears Insecure,
How Can I Trust Passing Time Reassure?
Reclusive Me, Instigate, Fence Off Blows.
Forced To Admit - Realise How It Goes.

There's No More Me.

4. Bled Dry

Sucked Up Eyesore
Bleeding You Dry.
Dragged Down Deep,
Gut Fuck Breakdown.

Bled Dry.

Take You And Use You,
Lose You I Forget You.

Side On Swallow,
Licked But I Can't Taste;
Spat Out Still Whole,
It's Nothing But Waste.

Bled Dry.

Take You And Use You,
Lose You I Forget You.

Sweat, Shake, Die, Now I Want It All.
Pore Deep Blowout Burst Bite Haul.

Take You And Use You,
Lose You I Forget You.

5. Time Will Come

Pushed Aside The Feelings
Jeopardising All.
Caught The Chain Reaction,
Rolling With The Fall.

Forget The Friendship,
The Points Made Loud And Clear.
Where Was The Kinship
For Which We Endear?

Soulless Execution -
Mixing Guilt With Blame,
Breaking Point In Contact -
No More Vain Demands.

Time Will Come.

Pleasing All To Punish,
Stepping Up The Race,
Pulling All Resources,
Pushing Up The Stakes.

Time Will Come.

Growing From The Sadness,
Living Day By Day,
Learning From The Madness,
Paying All The Way.

Time Will Come.

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