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Napalm Death - 1994 Nazi Punks Fuck Off

: Earache Records
1. Nazi Punks Fuck Off
2. Aryanisms
3. Contemptuous


1. Nazi Punks Fuck Off

[lyrics : Jello Biaffra / Music : Dead Kennedys]

Punk Ain't No Religious Cult,
Punk Means Thinking For Yourself.
You Ain't Hardcore 'cause You Spike Your Hair,
When A Jock Still Lives Inside Your Head.

Nazi Punks,
Nazi Punks,
Nazi Punks,
Fuck Off !

If You've Come To Fight, Get Outta Here.
You Ain't No Better Than The Bouncers.
We Ain't Trying To Be The Police.
When You Ape The Cops, It Ain't Anarchy.

Nazi Punks,
Nazi Punks,
Nazi Punks,
Fuck Off !

Ten Guys Jump One, What A Man !
You Fight Each Other, The Police State Wins.
Stab Your Backs When You Trash Our Halls.
Trash A Bank If You've Got Real Balls.

You Still Think Swastikas Look Cool.
The Real Nazis Run Your Schools.
They're Coaches, Businessmen And Cops.
In The Real Fourth Reich, You'll Be The First To Go.

Nazi Punks,
Nazi Punks,
Nazi Punks,
Fuck Off !

You'll Be The First To Go.
You'll Be The First To Go.
You'll Be The First To Go.
Unless You Think.

2. Aryanisms

Put It On Yourself To Be, A Role Model, An Image, That You Feel,
Should Guide The Habits, To Form A Movement Of Self - Infatuated Fools.

Keeping "each To Their Own", Where Social Bonding Is Taboo.
Keeping "each To Their Own", Where Social Bonding Is Taboo.

Is It Nice To Be A Clone In Your Interpetration Of A Perfect World?
Where All Desire To Consort Is Perceived As Contagious Disease.

Keeping "each To Their Own", Where Social Bonding Is Taboo.
Keeping "each To Their Own", Where Social Bonding Is Taboo.

Challenge Your Sordid Claims To Purify!
You Distinction Threatened? - Absurd!!

Your Wage Crusades Of Loathing To Prove A Point - The Need For Divine,
How Can The Thought Of Unbounded Relations Kindle So Much Hate - Outcast!!!

Get Your Kicks Through Persecution.
Used As Scapegoats For Your Exterior Doubts.
Exposing Weakness - Retarded, Unworthy.

I Cannot Begin To Comprehend How You Wear Such Shame With Vigor - Homophobic, Race Antagonist.
Harmony Can Only Flourish With Mutual Regard.

3. Contemptuous

Sadness, Despair.
Sometimes The Things I Cherish, Sometimes That All I've Got.
And That's Enough.
Bitterness, Anger.
Man Made Torture, Not To Be Shared.

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