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Brutality - 1994 When The Sky Turns Black

: Nuclear Blast
1. When The Sky Turns Black
2. Race Defects
3. Awakenings
4. Electric Funeral
5. Foul Lair
6. Screams Of Anguish
7. Esoteric
8. Artistic Butchery
9. Violent Generation
10. Shrine Of The Master


1. When The Sky Turns Black

Pale Existence - Clouds Encase The Sky
Rain Falls Swiftly - Lightning Smashes Earth
Blackness Expands - Doom Lingers
Rebelling Forces - Nature Cleansing
Planet Scum

Time Has Passed - Stones Cracked
Tarnished With Age
Overgrowth Secludes The Tombs In Dark Silent Stance
Monument Toppled - Washed Away
Memories Of Dead Adrift

Hollowness Echoes - Shrieking Sounds
Power Increases - Levels Extreme
Pounding Jolts - Crash The Hammer Slams
Atmosphere In Chaos - Life Extracted

Evidence Of Death Tolls - Choked In Blinding Fury
Ruthless Assault - Generations Destroyed
People Lay Wasted - Condemned
Struggling To Live - Change For Forgiveness

Lamenting Slowly - Transcribing The Texts
Shrouds Uncovered - Energies Aligned
Drawn Into Oblivion - Darkness Unfolds
Epidemic Proportions - Fire And Brimstone

Running For Cover - Souls Embodied
Sky Turns Black - Breath Is Sifted
Out Of Lungs - Traumatic Shock
Will Of The Gods - Pray To Save Us

2. Race Defects

All Through Life Looking For Answers
Finding Nothing To Make Beliefs Reality
So Many Religions - Who Is Right Or Wrong?
Probably No One - Soon Man Will Be Dead And Gone
Wars Across The Globe - Taking Lives Of The Innocent
Leaders Not Caring - Protected And Safe
Too Many Problems For This Race To Solve
Ceasing To Exist - Another Form Will Evolve

Humans - Animals Of Great Intelligence
Build Destructive Tools - Structures Already Built
Crumbling! - Powered By Their Ignorance
Killing Themselves Off
Is There Life In The Future For The Young?
Seems Bleak - Time Will Tell

Expendable Citizens Ask No Questions - Blinded
Brainwashing Society - Doing Nothing About This Dying World
Marked For Disaster - Who Will Win?
World Around Us - Disturbing Sight
You See No End

Such A Waste Bowing Down - We Never Change
Mistakes Meant To Teach - Arguing Over The Truth
Can't Accept The Fact We All Have Our Opinions
Reasons For Life Remain Unexplained

3. Awakenings


4. Electric Funeral

[cover : Black Sabbath]

Reflex In The Sky Warn You, You're Gonna Die
Storm Coming, You'd Better Hide From The Atomic Tide
Flashes In The Sky Turns Houses Into Sties
Turns People Into Clay, Radiation Minds Decay

Robot Minds Of Robot Slaves Lead Them To Atomic Rage
Plastic Flowers, Melting Sun, Fading Moon Falls Upon
Dying World Of Radiation, Victims Of Mad Frustration
Burning Globe Of Oxygen Fire, Like Electric Funeral Pyre

Buildings Crashing Down To A Cracking Ground
Rivers Turn To Wood, Ice Melting To Flood
Earth Lies In Death Bed, Clouds Cry Water Dead
Tearing Life Away, Here's The Burning Pay

Electric Funeral
Electric Funeral
Electric Funeral
Electric Funeral

And So In The Sky Shines The Electric Eye
Supernatural King Takes Earth Under His Wing
Heaven's Golden Chorus Sings, Hell's Angels Flap Their Wings
Evil Souls Fall To Hell, Ever Trapped In Burning Cells!

5. Foul Lair

Digging Graves - City Buries Dead
Angry Tears Falling - The Massacre
Cemetary Defaced - Age Of Pain Draws Near
A Presence Of Troops - Termination Inflicted

Civil Unrest - Mortar Shell Exploding
On Contact - Sacrificing

Cringing At The Thought - That Nothing Can Be Done
To Stop This Madness - Dreams Fading Fast

Feel The Pressure - Brain Starts To Wither
Absent Warnings Of Attack - Designated Plots

Arranged In Order - Grisly Reminder Turned To Grief
Discarded Prayers - Fear Of Living Grows
Depletion Continues - At Phenomenal Rates
Voices Screaming - Counting Losses
Suffering Immortal

Wounding Opposition - Parade The Streets
Victory Accomplished
For Time Being Thinking Your Safe - When Attacks Resume
Creating More Dead - Wind Of Destruction

Everything Is Grey - Trees Are Gone
Nothing Stands
Running Through Sniper Alleys
Viewing With Disgust

A Place You Hate - Killings Everyday
Before Your Eyes - Burning Corpses
Flesh Rains Down - Robbed Of Our Defences
As Other Countries Watch - Fighting For Land And Power

6. Screams Of Anguish

Melting Faces Swirfing Souls
Man Chained To Wall Of Doom
Eyes Stare As Gloom Surrounds
Twisted World Of Agony
Destination Unknown - Lost Universe
Through Complex And Convulted Pathways - Time Eludes

Reoccurrences Of Taunting Revelations
Scratching Frantically To Escape - World Of Torment
State Of Confusion - Filled With Dread
Hateful Images

Mind Seduced In Hypnotic Trance
Pleads For Eternal Life - All Will Fail
Disenchanted Agonisingly Torn
Pain Grips Apathetically
Wounds Drain - Carcass Has Been Devoured
Chaos Breeds - Xenophobic Thoughts Emerge
Ravaged Land - Amidst Destruction
Anticipates The End

Harsh Enslavement - Striking With Force
Explosion Smashes - Penetrating - Heavily Engulfed
Punished And Shrivelled - Final Attempt
Saddening Pity Violence Erupting - In Vicious Display

Extreme Power Decimates
All Exist Deceiving
Subconscious Fear
Task Never-ending
Throughout This Dream
Distorted Perception
Controls The Mind
Hostility Surmounts

Trapped In A Frightening Maze
Twisting Thorns Gouge
Desensitised - Vortex Opened
Silhouettes Of Shadows Pass
Consumed By Fog And Mist
Scared Reality
Life Remains Depressing

Lost In A Place

You Will Not Find

7. Esoteric


8. Artistic Butchery

Carving Into The Body - Bound In Shackles
Blood And Guts Are Spilt - Face Is Mutilated
Organs Consumed - Total Overthrow
Control In My Grasp - Deranged Mentality
Ruler Of Sin - I Leave No Trace
Lanced Corpse Lies Silent - Dried Up And Withered

Stench Lingers Throughout Infinity
As Victims Lie Pierced On Ceremonial Slab

Diseases Spread Unto The Earth
Decaying Holes Releasing Malodorous Rancidity

Bones Become Visible As The Body Rots
Thoughts Hang Lifeless

Piercing Knife - Rips Through Flesh
Screaming Howls - Fastened Chains
Harnessed Subjects - Sickened Mind
Reveller Of Decay

Inflicting Pain
Life Is Taken
Severely Beaten
Humility Reigns
Resist In Apathy

Feasting On The Raw, Bloody Bones
Innocent Victims Slaughtered

As I Carve Inscription Of Doom
Remains Unearthed In Grim Discovery

Demolished Head - Cause Of Death
Bones Lie Twisted - Decomposition
Willing Confessor - Mentally Disturbed
In Shallow Pit - The Dead Are Buried
Mourners Weep - Not Understanding
Reality Executioner

Rising Of The Head - Half Drenched In Blood
Archaic Sorcery - Resurrected

Transitions Occur
Despite The Will
Distorted Memories
Stored In Disk
Bluish-green Decay
Oozes From The Veins
Exposed Internal Organs

Talons Clawing
Rancid Life Exists
Realm Of Darkness
Tortured Souls Prevail

9. Violent Generation


10. Shrine Of The Master

Merciless To The Siege - Agents Massacred
Protected Fortress - Underground Militia
Religious Sect - Proclaimed Messiah
David Koresh

Devoted Followers - One Man's Domain
Fortified Compound - Stockpile Of Weapons
Forced Reproduction - Tunnels Underneath
Protecting Children - From The Enemy

Battalion Of Tanks - Failed Negotiations
Stronghold Secured

Rounds Of Ammunition Fired
Canisters Of C-s Gas - Dispersed Inhumanely
Interpretations Of The Seven Seas
Book Of Revelations

Reconstructed Skull - Bullet Wounds Found
In Craniums Of Slain Disciples

Masks Of Bureaucracy - Identities Released
Survivors Interrogated - Reaccounting The Horror
Useless Ordeal - Ends In Death
Merchants Of Greed - Fire Consumes

Cloaked In Sympathetic Dismay
Beyond The Grasp Of The Mind
In Death The Answer Lies

Divine Inspiration
Ascension Towards Supremacy
Dreadful Endowment

Scriptures Recited
Vengeance From Martyred Souls
Hero Of The Tribulation

Prepared To Sacrifice
Allured By The Disguise
Isolated From The World

Bodies Lay Scattered - Apocalyptic Hell
Terrifying Scene - Chilling Act Of Suicide
Devoured By Raging Flames
Leaving A Horrified World

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