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Brutality - 1993 Screams Of Anguish

: Nuclear Blast
1. These Walls Shall Be Your Grave
2. Ceremonial Unearthing
3. Sympathy
4. Septicemic Plague
5. Crushed
6. Spirit World
7. Exposed To The Elements
8. Cries Of The Forsaken
9. Cryptorium
10. Spawned Illusion


1. These Walls Shall Be Your Grave

[music: Brutality]
[lyrics: Coker]

Tomb Of Desecration
Sadistic Land Eternal Doom
Entrapped In Illusion
Prison Of Insanity
Surrounded By Walls Of Labyrinth
Trapped Inside With No Escape
Painful Scars Chained In Agony
Death Is Eminent
Unaware Of The Tragedy
Screaming To Be Released
Rotting Crypt
Exist To Be Deceased
Buried In The Mausoleum
Cremation Of The Damned
Rise Within My Subconscious
To Seek The Other World
Hidden Dimensions Skeletal Remains
Rancid And Cold Hordes Of Decay
Drained Of The Power I Bestowed
Indignant Suffering
Smothered As The Blood Flows

2. Ceremonial Unearthing

[music: Gates]
[lyrics: Coker]

Mourning The Souls Passed Away
Unearthing Deceased Spirits
Dark Cemetary Sombrous Gloom
Doomed Are Those Who Enter Here
Confusion Grows Path Obscured
Blackened Clouds Shrouded Sky
Twisting Shadows Malformed Ghouls
Frected Tombs In Cavernous Vaults
Hieroglyphics Etched In Stome
Inscriptions Carved Revealing
Birth And Death
Running For Your Life
Demons From The Earth
Chouls Attack
Burn Deceivers
Worship The Evil God
Those Who Deceive Suffer

3. Sympathy

[music: Fernandez]

4. Septicemic Plague

[music: Acres, Gates]
[lyrics: Coker]

Scraping Remains Of Decomposition
Stairs Of Splattered Blood
Mutilated Cadavers Hanging From Hooks
Innards Psychoticly Smeared On Walls
Symptoms Wielding
A Fatal Epidemic
Bacterial Infection Metabolism
Doused In Disease
Virus Attack The Bloodstream
Abdominal Pain And Vomiting
Clinging Helplessly To Life
Unable To Move This Cell Imprisons You
Awareness Is Dilluted
Exhaustion Lack Of Energy
Septicemic Plague
Uncontrolled Trauma
Benevolence Destroyed
All That Was Real
Coming To The End
Slain Sadisticly
Impaled On Spike
Vengeance Is Mine I Say To Thee

5. Crushed

[music: Acres, Fernandez]
[lyrics: Coker]

Devoured By Darkness
Rampageous Violence
Futile Resistance
Earth Shall Crumble
Ungodly Terror
Immense Destruction
The Pain And The Torment
Crushing The Weak
Chaos Rampant
Panic Invades Minds
Frozen In A Lik Of Horror
Entombed Within Darrened Chambers
Cracks Appear In Skulls
Structures Levelled
Path Of Terror
Summoning Nightmares
Seeing Yourself
Frozen Eyes... Frozen
By The Light
Tortured, Dismembered
Walls Closing In
Thoughts About Your Life
Scences Of Horror
Twisting Minds
Dark Dreams
Beseiged, Shredded
Poised To Strike
Closing In I Gain In Strength
Bones Are Crushed
Eyes Gouging Out Of Head
Mangled Intestines
Fractured Limbs Piercing
Through The Flesh
Bleeding Profuself
Feel My Wrath
I Crush Your Soul
Screaming For Air
Clutching Your Throat
Begging For Mercy
You Meet With Doom
Muscles Deformed
Life I Hate
Screams Of Anguish
Slamming Bodies To The Ground
Crushing Force
Ripped Apart
Display Of Power
Feel The Hands Of Time
Wretched Life
Strangled Population
Contorted Faces
Glisten Sympathy
Judgement For Humanity

6. Spirit World

[music: Gates]

7. Exposed To The Elements

[music: Gates]
[lyrics: Coker]

Contamination Fills The Earth
Seas Are Polluted With Hazardous Waste
Humanity That Once Existed
Punished For Sins Of Mankind
Disturbing Elements That Natured
Choking On Man's Corruption
Deliver Us From Our Oppressor
Embraced Are Thoughts Of Sanctuary
Build Destroy Disease Infection
Diminishing Ozone Layer, Ultravioletrays
Soil Erosion Fluctuation Of The Tides
Dying Species Rapidly Becoming Extinct
Eradicating Forests
Our Serenity Has Been Invaded
We Take From Ourselves And Give Back
Another Cure Another Disease
Another War In Which Many Will Die
Impossible To Comprehend
The Horror Lurks Upon Our Walking Life
It Returns To Haunt Us In Our Dreams
Like Embedded Fossils Inland In Stone
Envolving From Our Primitive Form
We Must Deffat This Cruelty
One Must View Death To Understand Reality
Living Within An Age Of Intelligence
Nourish The Earth And We Shall Receive
Future Generations Will Be Lost
Technology Restrained
In The End When All Is Gone
What Have We Gained
Will We Survive

8. Cries Of The Forsaken

[music: Fernandez, Acres]
[lyrics: Coker]

Circling The Ceremonial Fire
Vultures Swarm
Shredding Carnage In Chaostic Frenzy
Scavengers Feast
Body Parts Strewn Amongst The Horde
Showers Erupt Spewing Viciously
Arteries Severed
Suffering A Tormented Existence
Pain In Voked Torso Sliced
Stripped Of Meat Skeleton Exposed
Brutally Torn Flesh Adorns My Domain
Demoniac Beasts Embellish The Beyond
Fragments Of Bone
Trails Of Scattered Cartilage
Carnivores Attracted To The Scent
Shoking Genocide Afficts The Helpless
Intense Agony Open Wounds
Fighting Over The Corpse
Entrails Cut To Pieces

9. Cryptorium

[music: Acres, Gates]
[lyrics: Coker]

Rising From The Crypts Below
Carcass In Partially Decomposed
Eternal Entombment Absence Of Life
Awakening The Bodies Of Death
Skulls Are Crawling With Worms
Odor Of Rigor Mortis
Skin Is Ridden With Disease
Corpes Living In Dying Flesh
Emaciated Bodies Buried Long Ago
Reanimated By The Necromancer
Crawling From Beneath The Earth
Fullfilling Ancient Prophecies
Wounds Expose The Rancid Blood
Mind Intranced Insatiable Need
To Take Life From The Living
Into Realm Of Unknown
Disturbing Sacred Burial Grounds
Revealing The Dark Remains
Remnants Of The Haunting Demise
Energing Slowly From The Crypt
Night Is Dark Air Is Cold
Hungry Dead Take Your Soul
Consumption Of Flesh Living Die
It Is Forbidden To Stay Alive

10. Spawned Illusion

[music: Acres, Gates, Fernandez]
[lyrics: Coker]

Ritual Not A Sin
Spawned Decay
Bow To Thou
On Your Knees
Does Exist
Conquer Me
You'll Survive
I Will Crush
Rotting Life
Engless Vision
At Dawn They Rise
Out Of Hell
To Torture Me...
Drained Of Life...
Leave Me Now...
To Suffocate...
End Is Near Or Is It
The Beginning Of Time
I've Been Lured Unto
The Gates Of Hell
Your Guts I Rip
The Land I Rule
Binded By The Mark
Thrown Into
Pit Of Fire
Blood I Drool
Biting On Decay
At Dawn They Live
Coming Back From
The Darkness
Crawling Through
A Spawned Illusion
In The Night Of The Dark Sky
They Rise...
Gathered Around
The Carcass
Slowly Death
No Release For You
Can Be Found

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