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Brutality - 1996 In Mourning

: Nuclear Blast
1. Obsessed
2. The Past
3. Destroyed By Society
4. Waiting To Be Devoured
5. Died With Open Eyes
6. In Mourning
7. Subjected To Torture
8. Calculated Bloodshed
9. Extinction


1. Obsessed

[music By Acres/walsh, Lyrics By Reigel/acres]

Monster Cries Inside
Devious Perversions
Invade The Mind
Trapping The Anger
Emotional Tension
Prey Must Be Hunted
Human Target Sighted
The Pressures Building
Adrenolin Rushes
Victims Abducted
Screams Of Fear
Feeling Higher
Seduced With Hate
Orgasmic Power Blows
Thoughts Now Reality
Contorted Body In Pain
Addicted To The Power
More To Satisfy
Body Count Rises
Human Errors
Follow The Trail
Soon It Will End
No Escape
Deny The Capture
[solo: Walsh]
Final Life Taken
Self Inflicted
Release Your Soul
Leave This Hell

2. The Past

[music By Walsh/acres, Lyrics By Reigel]

[solo: Outlaw]
Stripped Of All Possessions
Collected Through Time
Haunting Past Constant Thinking
Reflections Of Memories
Looking For Reasons
Must Live For Reality
Absorb The Knowledge
Gaining Strength Through Preception
Unknown Powers Now Revealed
Mind Capabilities Growing
Future Uncertain
Fate Will Take You There
Transformation To Oneself
Newday Will Come
Strive For Dreams
Reconstruction Through Time
[solo: Outlaw]
Depression Soon Will Overcome
Time For Self Presorvation
Others Left Behind
No Time Wasted
Opening Eyes
Seeing What Must Be Done
Destiny Unfolds Travels Abroad
[solo: Outlaw]
Feeling Of Guilt
Obey Your Thoughts
Quest For Answers
Hidden In Sadness
Path Leads Forward
New Millenium
Show The Truth
Life Has Just Begun
[solo: Outlaw]

3. Destroyed By Society

[music By Walsh/acres, Lyrics By Coker/reigel]

Dreams Of Days Gone By
Life Which Path To Take
Flash Backs Hallucinations
World Has Changed
Back Into Society
See The Light Of Day
Perceived As Challenge
Hostile Environment
No Excuse For Failure
You're Victimized
Punishment For Guilt
Blandly Accepting Fate
Threshold Of Mixed Emotions
Deliberately Supressed
Released From Isolation
Uncertainty Arises
Adapt To My Surroundings
Horrified Of What I See
Population Dominated
Aversive Stimulation
Inability To Control
Disrupting Effect
Reopening The Wounds
Abandoned And Deprived
Disease Potential
[solo: Walsh]

4. Waiting To Be Devoured

[music By Acres, Lyrics By Walsh]

[solo: Walsh]
Twisting Nature
Burning Sacred Land
Life Beyond Our Means
Epidemic Creation
One Foot In The Grave
Famine And Sickness
Strikes Back At Mankind
Living Organisms
Unable To Quarantine
Catastrophic Outbreaks
Airborn Virus
Biological Tainted Blood
Instrument Of Redemption
[solo: Walsh]
Reaction To The Anti-body
Respiratory Seizure
Hormonal Side Effects
A World In Pain
[solo: Walsh]
Existence Severed
Born Of Ancient Times
Corpses Filed High
Single Cell
Cross Mutation
Corrupt Planetary Treason
[solo: Walsh]

5. Died With Open Eyes

[music By Walsh/coker/reigel/acres, Acres/walsh]

Died With Open Eyes
Like Millions Of Others
Enshrouded In Darkest Pain
All Hope Lost
Crime Of The Century
Trauma Induced Terror
Subatomics Reflect
Fusing Man And Stone
Nucleus Radiates
Seismic Waves
Molecules Split
Edge Of Existence
Fueling Their Greed
Fires Engulfing
Growing Loss
Need For Violence
Taking Human Life
Without Thought Of Consequence
Abomination Of Mankind
Eye For An Eye
Forced The Hands
Of Revenge
Catastrophe, Atrocity
Killing For A Cause
Militia, Portrait Of Hate
As The Sky Unfolds
Scattered Bodies
Lie In The Wake
Of Human Decay
Enemy Of Nature, Black Rain
Children Murdered
[solo: Walsh]
Search For Survivors
Identify The Dead
Siblings Mourn
Only Pieces To Recover
Quarantine The Stench
Rescue Impossible
Anti Government Stance
Ultimate Penalty Paid In Full
Unnumbered Multiples
Dying Swiftly
Blood Lines Severed For Eternity
Infection Of Man
Killing Your Own
In The Name Of Genocide
Public Viewing The Obliteration
Devastating Travesty

6. In Mourning

[music By Acres, Lyrics By Coker/acres]

[solo: Walsh]
Diminishing Sun
Obscures The Light
As Darkness Falls
Across Horizon
Wind Blows Slowly
Through The Trees
Change Of Season
Brings New Life
Tremendous Grieving
Hard To Bare
Drags Me Down
Traying To Cope
With This Bitter Pain
Casting Shadows
Crosses Marching Graves
Destined To Die
Awaiting Rebirth
Vault Of Horror Opens
Casket Laden With Wreaths
Rusted Gates
Weary Sleep
Face Expressionless
Swollen Bruised Lips
Sewn Together Surgically
Despite Decapitation
Eyes Shut Still
Talisman Placed Around The Neck
Cloaked In Veil
In Mourning I Cry
[solo: Walsh]
Remembering The Dead
Deny Your Maker Mortal Fear
Restless Uncertainty
Visions Of Madness Rage
Prayer For The Deceased
Searching For The Meaning
Next I Wander That
Will Become
Life Without Reason
Flashing Vividly
Before My Eyes
Years Of Contentment
Suddenly Torn
Times Spent In Harmony
And Love
All Those Moments
Will Be Lost In Time
Like Tears In Rain
Time To Die
[solo: Walsh]

7. Subjected To Torture

[music By Walsh/acres, Lyrics By Coker/reigel]

Confronted With Humilation
Restrained Unable To Move
Subjected To Torture Wretched Sick
Preverted Hunger Pain Intense
Forced To Obey Life Of Violence
Stradegy To Prey On Weakness
Tolerance Level
Mentally Stronger As Times Goes By
Survive By Will Voice Commands
Device Imprisons Domination
Initial Shock Change Perception
Defile The Innocent. Ridicule
[solo: Outlaw]
Endless Pity Drugs Utilized
Elevating Moods Murderer Laughing
Leaving Scene Of Crime
Blood And Sweat Flow From Body
Foreign Fluids Ejaculated
Attacked Maliciously Left To Die
Vicious Criminal No Remorse
For Gruesome Acts
Searched For By Authorities
Eluding Manhunt
Diverting Attention
Stranger Intrudes
Evidence Of Abductions
Fate Is Met Unexpected
Tortured Extreme
Bleeding Incisions
Victim Paralyzed
Motionless In The Dark
Shrieks From Shadow
Blind Of Subduer
Pulled Chains Twisting
[solo: Outlaw]
Escape Impossible
Enslaver To Control
Awaiting The Sentence
Let The Punishment
Fit The Crime
Time For Sacrifice
Sounds Of Pain And Pleasure
Total Silence
Subjected To Torture
[solo: Outlaw]

8. Calculated Bloodshed

[music By Walsh/sykes, Lyrics Walsh]

Stained Souls
Humanity Deprived
Manipulation For Greed
Feeding Of Broke System
Power Hungry Authority
One World. One Religion
New World Stance
Solar Worship
Dark Majesty
Secret Society
Cult Of Intelligence
Skull And Bones
Mark Of Corruption
Invisible To The Naked Eye
Plagued Economies
Force Feed Your Lie
Hide Behind The Walls
Laws Of The Land
Corporate Actions
Overextend The Means
Terms Of Hypocrisy
Prey On The Innocent
Compromise To The Republic
Achievements Forlorn
Computer Chip Implant
Sold To You. Illusions
Plans Within Plans
Exchange The Currency
Where Is Your God?
[solo: Walsh]
Your Final Sentence
Self Realized Epidemic
Burden Of Proof
Denied Redemption
Step On The Common Man
No Salvation
Past Lives Degrees
Solar Tolerance
Since The Beginning Of Time
A Thousand Points Of Light
Entwined From The Start
New World Standards
Sublinked To The Powers
Christianity Abolished
Encoded Global Domination
Petrified In False
No Choice Of True
Fixed On Systems
Conceisive Efforts
The Great Seal
Days Of Hunger
Pulling My Strings
Tear My Right
Purged Of Emotions
Diplomatic Sanctions
Mankind Enslaved
Failed Democracy

9. Extinction

[music By Acres/walsh, Lyrics By Reigel/coker]

Entering A New World
Of Hate And Deception
Useless Massacres Cut And Dissected
There Is No Law All Are Defenseless
Where To Go Now
Lands Filled With Sickness
Blinding Brightness Swealtering Heat
Eye Of The Night Safe Til Dawn
Infertile Earth Ruins From Humans
Strong Will Survive
Weak Will Die Suffering
Must Take Cover Light Is Near
Rations Deplenished
Hard To Stay Alive
Night Grows Shorter
Dread Of The Future
Difficult To Breathe
Elements Unleashing
Drawing Closer To The Sun
World Is Crumbling Destiny Of Man
Fate Will Fall Fury On Planet
Civilization Swallowed No Life
As We Know It
[solo: Walsh, Solo: Walsh]

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