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Tiamat - 1990 Sumerian Cry

1. Sumerian Cry (part I)
2. In The Shrines Of The Kingly Dead
3. The Malicious Paradise
4. Necrophagious Shadows
5. Apothesis Of Morbidity
6. Nocturnal Funeral
7. Altar Flame
8. Evilized
9. Where The Serpents Ever Dwell
10. Sumerian Cry (part Ii)
11. The Sign Of The Pentagram


1. Sumerian Cry (part I)


2. In The Shrines Of The Kingly Dead

[lyrics: Emetic]

Deep Down In The Tombs
Dried Out And Embalmed
Royalties Embedded
Locked Under A Curse
Powers Of Mortis
Trapped In The Talismans
Shaman's Evil Spells
Await At The Door

Unbroken Silence Rests
A Universe Of Unholiness
Pale Funeral Lilles Scents
Narcotic Incense Detest

In The Shrines Of The Kingly Dead
Down Unlit And Illimitable Tombs

Delving In A Mummy Grave
In Sickening Odours
Penetrating Magic's Locks
Pharao's Curse Reveiled
Icing Winds Are Blowing
Shuddering The Ground
The Ancient Tomb Is Crumbling
At A Touch On An Amulet



3. The Malicious Paradise

[lyrics: Hellslaughter]

He Comes At Night When The Moon Is Worshipped
A Living Evil On Golden Wings
He Comes To Take Me To The Abandoned Land
The Land Where Darkness Is Ablazed
A Leap In The Dark, A Step Into The Forgotten
Through The Gates Of The Betrayal Breeze
I Know That The Time Has Come For Me
...my Soul Is Given To The Shadows

He Comes To Bring Your Soul To Where It Belongs
He Will Give You The Dark And Black

A Ghastly Scream From An Inhuman Shape
And Your Body Is Layed To Rest
A Giant Evil Inside Your Soul
Will Take You To The Malicious Paradise

[repeat Ch.]

I Glorify My Gloomy Fate
As I Reach The Point Of Sins
I Glorify The Land Of The Dark,
The Place Where I Am One
I Deny The Faith Of Christ
'cause I Have Seen The Truth
The Truth Is Evil, Dark And Black
And The Evil Is For All Of Us



[repeat Ch.]

4. Necrophagious Shadows

[lyrics: Emetic]

Whispers In The Dark Held Me
Tight In Chains Of Horror
Petrified I Sat In The Unknown
Cemetary Amidst The Tombs

Disembodied Voiced Called Me
Inhuman Eyes Watched Me
Cadaver Fumes Struck My Nose
And In Terror I Turned Around...

I - Watched
Amorphous, Necrophagous Shadows
Dance - Beneath
The Cursed Waning Moon

Hands Of Demoniac Dexterity
Swayed Through The Vague Abyss
Struggling In The Dark Mist
To Regain Full Control

I Uncovered The Soil
And Found A Dismembered Body
Where The Flesh Partily
Putrid And Partily Carbonized...


Dark Winds Chilled Me
Evil Lurked In The Dark
Breezes From Hell
I Could Hear All The Hellish

Chants And Vast
Windborne Voices Echoes
"rise In For The Master
And The Sign Of The Pentagram"...

I - Watched
Amorphous, Necrophagous Shadows
Dance - Beneath
The Cursed Waning Moon
I - Saw
Amorphous, Necrophagous Shadows
Move - Beneath
The Cursed Evil Moon

5. Apothesis Of Morbidity

[lyrics: Emetic]

Awaiting Dawn For A Night Of Unholiness
Awaiting A Sign As Sacrifice Is Cast
Bow Down To The Lord Of Eternal Might
Save Us From The Second Coming Of Christ
Watching As The Virgin Writhe In Fear
Drain Her Blood From A Gasp In Her Throat
Set Fire To The Altar And Watch Her Burn
Unholy Buried In An Unholy Grave

The Blood Of The Sacrifice Seeps Into The Ground
Crimsoned Liquid Stains The Pentagram
Unholy Warriors On An Antichrist Crusade
The Efforts Of The Unnamed Is Proved And Witnessed

Walk Into The
Night Without Fear
Under The Black
Sky We Immolate
The Prevention
Of Rebirth
Sacrificed Blood
Stains The Earth

Reading Scripts From Scrolls Of Parchment
Written In Fear With Trembling Hand
Hebreic Spells And Arab Ecstasy
Black Magic Curses To Mortify Mankind
Breath The Incense Mixed With Blood
Fill Up The Thurible With Fresh Skin
Approach The Altar Once Again
Lit Up The Fire And Carnage Is A Fact



Apotheosis Of Morbidity
In The Sign Of The Dark And The Bounds Of The Black
Revel In The Cursed Morbidity
Burning The Church And Assassinate God
Apotheosis Of Morbidity
Again We Will Rise And Terrorize
Revel In Neurotic Virtuosi
Revel In Their Face And Dance On Their Graves

6. Nocturnal Funeral

[lyrics: Emetic]

In The Fields Of Death At An Hour Of Destruction The Wind Blew Cold
A Vast Field Of Tombstones And Cenotaphs All Moisture-stained
As I Walked Across The Field I Noticed A Human Circle Formation
Standing At The Edge Of A Yet Uncovered Grave Deep In Mourn

Buried And Forgotten
In The Dark And Cold
In The Moisty Ground
Burial At Night


In The Name Of The Father, The Son And The Antichrist
Ashes To Ashes And Dust To Dust To Reign In Death
From The Innermost Depths Of The Open Sepulcher
I Heard A Human Cry For Life And Freedom


"i Was Mortal But I Am Fiend, I Was Merciless
My Teeth Shatter As I Speak To You
Yet It's Not With The Chilliness Of The Night
But This Hideousness Is Insufferable"


That Deep, Hollow, Inhuman Voice Echoed
Echoed Down From The Pits Of The Uncovered Grave
The Former Human Voice Was Now Transformed
The Former Human Voice Is Now The Voice Of The Fiend


Behold The Vast Formations Of A Funeral In The Dark
Behold With Fear The Signs After A Nocturnal Funeral

[repeat Bridg]

7. Altar Flame

[lyrics: Emetic]

A Silent Secret
Of Unfathomed Darkness
Uncounted Years
Within The Temple Walls

Lightened Up By The Moon
It's Pale Walls Cold
Entrance Not Allowed
Guarded By Invisible Evil

Rising Above The Trees
High Out Of The Mist
Dead For Many Years
A Temple In The Dark
Approaching The Temple
From Surrounding Forests
In A Window I Saw
An Altar Flame Aglow

In The Primal Shrine
Moist And Dust
Untouched For Centuries
Ancient Bible Scripts

Phosphorescent Glow
Reflects In The Mould
Flickering Radiance
Inside The Dead Halls


Echoing Inside The Church
Unreal Chants
Just Sheer Delusion
Of A Sickening Mind

Extravagant Visions
Chaotic Incidents
Dare I Enter
My Disposable Grave?


8. Evilized

[lyrics: Emetic]

Born On A Gloomy Night
Raised The Evil Way
A Son Of An Unnamed
Born By Freak

Molten Books, Ancient Scripts
Dreadful Tales Of Evil Ways
Interpred The Child
Cleanse The World

When The Stars Are Right
They Will Rise From The Sea
Creatures From Out Of Time
Creatures Out Of Mind

Sacrifice To The Lord
Light Fires Upon The Hills
Scream The Words, The Key
Prepare The Funeral

Sacrifice Yourself To The Master
Sacrifice Your Soul To The Great
Scream Out The Words, Scream The Key
The Demolition Prophecies Are True

The Funeral
Be Evil
See That
The World Is Lost
It's Evil

Behold The Master
Migrate To The Surface
Wave Goodbye To Your Soul
And To Your Mind

Mind-blasting Terror
Extreme Mass Manipulation
Will Start Up The Mayhem
As Evil Returns

Rancid Bodies Dismembered
Rigid Facial Expressions
All Covered In Blood
Cascades Of Brains

Reed Deep Into The Books
The Mayhemic Tales Of Terror
Horrifying Evil Visions
Behold The Return



9. Where The Serpents Ever Dwell

[lyrics: Hellslaughter]

Enthrone Thy Sacred Soul
To Enter The Lands Of Mist
Invoke The Path
Of Gathered Stars At Night

Binding Conjurations
In The Circle On The Top Of The Hill
Face The Crown Of History
That Is Older Than Time
Break The Seal And Vanquish Your
Vague Imagination
Open The Gates
And The Entire Life Is Found Behind

The Memory Of Your Name Will Be Carved
In The Minds Of The Shadows
In The Mind Of Evil It Will Be
Eternal Life Is Obtained For You
Where The Serpents Ever Dwell

Seven Ancient Ones Are They
Raise The Lords Of All That Is Evil

Awake, By Rites
The Beyond Of Man
The Living Part
Of Death Approaches

Leave Your Body Tonight
Reach The Evil Tonight
The Final Ritual Tonight
The End Of This World Tonight
Dignity Is Recieved
From The Rulers Of The Depth
Hailfully Praises Thee
The Obscure Freedom Is Yours

The Memory Of Your Work Will Remain
Through Dimensions Of Time
In The Eternal Wind It Will Blow
Eternal Life Is Obtained For You
Where The Serpents Ever Dwell

10. Sumerian Cry (part Ii)


11. The Sign Of The Pentagram

A Witch Haunted Fullmoon Is On The Rise
Tortured By Fate And By Sorcery
Rising In The Crimson Red Sky
A Warning Of What Evil To Come

Behold The Dawn
As It Is The Last
Bow Down To
The Sign

The Sign For The Evil Arise
To The Axis In The Sky
Full Moon
Tremble With Fear Infore It
In The Sign Of The Pentagram

Reborn In The Heat From The Flames
Babtized In Blood And In Fire
Raised To Bring Darkness To The Day
Between Dusk And Dawn

Perish In The Sign
Unknown From Behind
A Funeral For Man
A Shadow In Time

Behold The Flames Torture Their Souls
Whisper In Woods The Sign Of The Pentagram

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