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Tiamat - 2002 Judas Christ

1. The Return Of The Son Of Nothing
2. So Much For Suicide
3. Vote For Love
4. The Truth's For Sale
5. Fireflower
6. Sumer By Night
7. Love Is As Good As Soma
8. Angel Holograms
9. Spine
10. I Am In Love With Myself
11. Heaven Of High
12. Too Far Gone
13. However You Look At It You Loose
14. Sixshooter


1. The Return Of The Son Of Nothing

The Warrior Went Back To Rome
The Nomads Settled For Solid Homes
The Crusader Returned To Heathen
The Snake Searched For Garden Of Eden

The Manikin Went Back In Her Cocoon
And Nasa Flew Back To The Moon
The Great White Returned To The Coral Reef
As The Geisha Stepped Up On A Water Lily Leaf

Everything Was Like Before
And The Pharaohs Killed The First Born Son
Good Lord Jesus Christ Went Back To His Whore
The Whore Went Back To Babylon

The Pope Went Back On The Dole
And Santa Flew Back To The Northpole
Judas Went Back To Nazareth
And The President Back In His Jet

The Raven Flew Back To Hades
And The Shemales Went Back To The Eighties
The Dandy Went Back To Perth
And The Dead Went Straight Back To Birth

2. So Much For Suicide

Animated Junkies Trying Hard To Be Insane
With Only Water In Our Veins
You Seem To Think The Planets Orbit Around You
Then It Might Be Only One Thing To Do (hooo)

Silly Cartoon Creatures On Cotton Boulevard
Playing Dead Just Like A Retard
Mama's Gonna Make All Of Your Nightmares Go Away
And Death Can Wait til Another Day

So Much For Suicide - Lots Of Talk But You Never Tried
A Few Pills Short Of A Straight Line - Waking Up Still Feeling Fine

A Loudpipe Duck And A Pink Rubber Minni Mouse
A Delirium Trademark In A Cardhouse
Wish I Had Your Talent For Feeling Sorry For Myself
Wish You Dared To Jump Off That Shelf

3. Vote For Love

We've Been Soaked In Acid
Always Praised The Downfall
The Sound Of Cadent Wings
It's A Wonder We're Standing Tall
But In The Truth Of The Morning Glory
And The Fear In Our Wishing Well
We're On To Another Story

It's About Time We All Get Out And Vote For Love

We Are White Zombies
Chained To Our Own Demise
Decades Of Sleepwalking
No Light's Shining In Out Eyes
We've Painted All Doors Bible Black
Wir Haben Niemals Kampflos Aufgegeben
If There's Light We'll Claim It Back

Time To Clime It Back

4. The Truth's For Sale

You'd Be Forgiven For Thinking I've Got A Heart Of Stone
You'd Be Forgiven For Not Picking Up The Phone
You'd Be Forgiven For Thinking Our Love Isn't True
Did I Spend It All On You, Did I Spend It All On You???

The Truth's For Sale For Just One Kiss

And That's How I Like It
Yeah, That's How I Want It To Be

The Truth's For Sale For Just One Kiss

You'd Be Forgiven For Not Loving Me Anymore
You'd Be Forgiven For Not Opening The Door
You'd Be Forgiven For Thinking Our Love Isn't True
Did I Spend It All On You, Did I Spend It All On You???

5. Fireflower

You're Only But So Is The Desolate One
You're Drowning But So Was The First Born Son
I'll Soak You In Fire, Fill Your Black Holes
And Free Your Soul

Always Cold Outside
And It's Freezing Inside
Into The Fire We Ride

A Shortcut Out Of The White
Until We're Stitched To The Night
Our Faith Our Light

You're Standing Still But Spinning Around The Sun
You're Flying With Your Feet Still On The Ground
You're Pray In This World, It's Eating You
And That's What I'll Do

6. Sumer By Night


7. Love Is As Good As Soma

Love Is As Good As Soma

I Wanna Crush All Bones In You
Cause I've Got Nothing Better To You
Well, I'm No Son Of Aquarius
I Think The World Is Too Small For Both Of Us

Hug Me Till You Drug Me, Honey
Kiss Me Till I'm In A Coma.
Hug Me, Honey, Snuggly Bunny,
Love Is As Good As Soma.

And Your Friends And All Your Sister Too
Let The World Spin Like The Lovers Do
Let The Angels Fly Free Tonight
For The Devil's Kiss, The Deadly Snakebite

[chorus: (x2)]

Love Is As Good As Soma....

8. Angel Holograms

Always Learn From History
To Be Sure You Make The Same Mistakes Again
Dig With Bare Hands Or A Silver Spoon
But Never Change The Masterplan

The Face Of God
In Velvet Black
The Skies Are Full Of Angel Holograms

London Bridge Is Burning Down
My Fifteen Minutes Seem Like Fifteen Years
As Time Goes By We Slowly Rot Away
It Happens Here And Now And Everywhere

9. Spine

It Can't Get Any Colder, No Sun Left, No Light
It Makes Me Even Stronger, Boosts My Will To Fight
So Much Undone
Let's Get It On
No Moral Tells Me So, There Is No Wrong No Right

It's All That I Do
It's All That I Say
It's All That I Live For
It's My Only Way

There's No Point In Waiting When There Is No Where Or When
Blow It All To Pieces And Then Build It Up Again
It's Understood
So Far So Good
Start It All Over And I'll See You There My Friend

10. I Am In Love With Myself

I Am In Love With The Waking
It Is Cold But I Ain't Mistaking
Proud Like Mary To Be Here Again
To Be Here Now With My Very Best Friend
Merry Go Round I'm In Love With The Waking

And When I Disappear
Into The Night And Out Of The Fear
Hunting With Sword And Spear
I Am King Lear
Having A Love Affair
With Myself

I Rule If You Follow
I Spit If You Swallow

You've Been Dealt The Cards But There's Nothing At Stake
What Is It Worth When Your Limbs Begin To Shake
King Of Black Hearts In The Parliament
A Skinny White Boy For President
Triumph At Hand But Still Nothing At Stake

11. Heaven Of High

While The Rest Of You Are Sleeping Safe And Sound
I'm On The Run I'm On The Wing
Climb The Ceiling When The Walls Are Falling Apart
I'm The One To Blame For Everything

A Substitute For God, A Sacred Muse
The Hell With It, It's Just A Lame Excuse
Everything I Ever Used I Have Abused

All I Live For Is My Heaven Of High
I'll Be There When The Sun Goes Down

Withered Jimsonweed A Night On Bad Speed
This Purple Haze Works In Mysterious Ways
Wait Another Day To Wash My Sins Away
In Another Time, In Another Place

12. Too Far Gone

I've Been Through All Of This A Million Times Before
Seems All My Demons Got Me Knocking On Hell's Door
I Know It's Too Late To Regret What I Have Done
But I Still Love You Like The Morning Loves The Sun

Too Far Gone To See The Light
And I Will Never Ever Leave This Place Alive
Too Far Gone To See The Light
No I Will Never Ever Leave This Place Alive

I Guess It's Fair To Say That This Round Is On Me
Caribbean Blue Has Turned To Blackest Misery
I've Put A Velvet Cloth On Everything We've Done
But I Still Love You Like A Bullet Loves The Gun

13. However You Look At It You Loose

[bonus Track]

Are You A Swanlake Or A Nutcracker
A Sleeping Beauty Or A Poor Slacker
Have You Got Oil For Your Glitches
Have You Got Thread For Your Stitches

Are You A Suit Of Armour Or Silk Seethrough
Do You Think Not Even Bullets Can Stop You
A Snowball That Starts Avalanches
But Have You Got Bleaching Powder For Your Conscious

However You Look At It You Loose

Nothing In This Fucking World Can Do You Harm
But Have You Properly Installed The Fire Alarm
Carefully Read All Prescriptions
Do You Believe You're The Chosen Exception

Are You A Flamethrower Or A Burned Out Light
A Kit Kat Walk Or A Dogfight
Are You The Water In A Glass Of Pernod
Or The Blood In A Heavy Bordeux

However You Look At It You Loose

Are You Gonna Tell Me Now?

[music & Lyrics: Edlund]

14. Sixshooter

[bonus Track]

Lost My Mind On A Bungyjump On Lsd
And In Downtown Chicago Demons Haunted Me
Almost Drank Myself To Death In Malaysia
And In A Paris Cafe One Demon Dressed Like A Geisha

And In Rochester My Best Friend Started To Fall
But A Demon Doctor Gave Him Pills For It All
We Were Praying To God To Forget And Forgive
But A Candyman Spread Stardust Over Tel-aviv

Sixshooter , Sixshooter
Don't Spend It All On Me

And The Scythemen Demons Were Wearing Black Capes
Appearing Everytime I Tried To Escape
They Were Eating Raw Meat From Silver Plates
And Stomping Their Feet To The Roaring V8

A Demon Sixshooter In A Six-geared Car
On The 38th Floor In A Rotating Bar
With All Hell's Fire And A Vodka Martini
And A Roulette Hooker In A Stolen Lamborghini

Don't Spend It All On Me

And The Demon's Fire Burned A Crooked Spoon
In A Plastic, Fantastic Oxygen Cocoon
On A Pharao Trip As Egypt Kings
Rotten, Embalmed Before The Fat Lady Sings

And A Red Sun Rose Over A Pay Clinic
And I Would Eat More Often Than Three Times A Week
The Healing And Soothing Myrrh I'll Apply
Fight The Demons To Hell Until I Fucking Die

And The Demon Smiled As The Circle Spinned
And In My Whisky Sour The Devil Grinned
I Was Rolling Another Hundred Dollar Bill
And Cleaning My Nose For The Ultimate Thrill

Sixshooter , Sixshooter
Don't Spend It All On Me

[music & Lyrics: Edlund]

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