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Tiamat - 2003 Prey

1. Cain
2. Ten Thousand Tentacles
3. Wings Of Heaven
4. Love In Chains
5. Divided
6. Carry Your Cross And I'll Carry Mine
7. Triple Cross
8. Light In Extension
9. Prey
10. The Garden Of Heathen
11. Clovenhoof
12. Nihil
13. The Pentagram


1. Cain

I Gave You My Love
Though Crystalized
I Sent You A Rose With Nevermore
So Many Years
So Many Hours
And Only Thistles On My Shore
For All That It's Worth
The Blood On My Hands
Is The Blood Of Divinities
And All That Is Lost
Sound Or Unsound
Only Bonds Between You And Me

If I Go Will You Follow
Me Trough The Cracks And Hollows
And I Would Be Your Cain
If You Would Be Here Now

The Mother-of-pearl
Handcrafted By God
You're The Tower They Built To Reach The Sky
A White Falcon Beauty
My Mark On Your Skin
Follow Me Down The Stairs When We Die
Your Soul Is In Heaven
Your Body In Hell
It Doesn't Matter Much To Me
In The Night Of The Unborn
Sound Or Obscene
Only Bonds Between You And Me

If I Go Will You Follow
Me Trough The Cracks And Hollows
And I Would Be Your Cain
If You Would Be Here Now

Blessed Be Our Lady Nuit
Guide Us To Ra-hoor-khuit
In Your Night We Find Shelter
Before The Helter Skelter

2. Ten Thousand Tentacles


3. Wings Of Heaven

I'll Be Your Master And I'll Be Your Slave
Until The Day That You Will Dance Avidly On My Grave
Seems Like A Lifetime We've Been Living This Lie
But I Can't Help Keep Lying When You Undress Before My Eyes

The Wings Of Heaven Are Descending
The Touch Of Her Naked Skin's Amending
The Skies Will Collide
Only For A Little While
And It Will Take Us Trough The Night

Thank You My Angel Like Belly Dancing Concubine
Like Cleopatra You're Sleeping Safe In A Royal Shrine
Thank You For The Blood And Tears And For The Table Dance
Wholeheartedly I Thank You Dear For Our Short Romance

4. Love In Chains

I Shout And Call For Rejoicing
I Hear The Sound Of Angel Wings
Escape Us As We Close The Ring
And Into The Fire We Will Fall
Our Desire, Our Flame, Our Call
So Be It, Once For All

And You Are The Dream And I Am The Lie
I Am The Devil And You Are My Disguise
I'm All The Pain You Always Tried To Keep Inside

Love In Chains
We Break Free
There Is A Time
For You And Me
Not Today
Not Tomorrow
But One Day Our Sorrow
Shall Go Away

All Our Being Is Spellbound
A Black Magic Hellhound
Let Us Have Another Round For Our Love
Many Hours We Shall Wait
But It Will Never Be To Late
In Life Or Death We'll Intergrate One Day

Trough Rain And Stormy Weather
Shall Always Be Together
Together Here Forever

5. Divided

The Marriage Has Gone To My Head
The Wedding Trumpets Are Dead
Replaced By A Static Noise
So Loud That I Can't Hear My Own Voice
Will Those Signs Lead Me Out Of Here
Well, Just Take Me Somewhere
To The Planes Where Angels Sing
Trough The Chime And The Clattering

For What It's Worth The Truth Might Hurt You
There Is A Little You Can Do
When Shadows Fall I Will Desert You
Then That's What You Will Do

For What It's Worth The Truth Might Hurt You
And With A Tear Of Morning Dew...
My Temples Born Anew

Lead Me Inside
Lead Me Inside
Lead Me Inside Out Of The Cold
Let Me Inside
Feel Me Inside
When The Seed Is Sown
Our Love's Dead By Dawn

And As The Day Begins
The Sun Is Soothing My Skin
And I Am Divided
I Am Divided
For Love

I Have To Say
That All Of This Time
I Waited For Someone Like You
You Are My Dream
You Are My Dream
You Are My Dream

6. Carry Your Cross And I'll Carry Mine

Blame My Cloven Hooves - If I Sink What Does It Prove
I'll Always Will Be Your Prey
Blame My Crooked Cross - Say I'm Your Bitter Loss
The Winds Of Hell Are Blowing Your Way

"carry Your Cross And I'll Carry Mine
Dig Your Own Hole And You'll Be Fine
Build Your Own Tower Until Heavens Devour
Your Very Last Hour"

Blame It On Hell's Fire - And On My Desires
The Skies Are Crying Blood
Give Me All Your Lies - And Blame The Lord Of Flies
The Face Of Evil Is The Face Of God

7. Triple Cross


8. Light In Extension

[music & Lyrics: Edlund]

We're Shards Of Broken Glass But We're Coming To Get You
The Earth Is Shaking, The Underworld's Born Anew
It's A Cosmic Fusion, A Dissilusion Man
Gather Your Stuff And Get Going As Fast As You Can

It's All That I Dream Of When I Pray To The Devils Themselves
The Dust Of Babylon Fallen Is On Somebody Else

And In The Aeon Of Hope - A New Sun Will Rise For You
And In The Still Of The Night - The Moonchild Will Watch You Too

We're Falling To Pieces And That's Why We're Hunting You Down
While You're Falling From Heaven We Rise From The Underground
No More Turning The Other Cheek, No Liers In Wait
Waiting Is Over, The Black Knights Have Opened The Gates

9. Prey

Time Stands Still With You
The Night Is Ours Once Again
How Many Years,
How Many Million Tears Before It's Only You And Me?

When Light Issues From Her Deceiving Beams,
Even Eve Goes Up The Tree
And Eats The Forbidden Fruit

No Love Without A Prey
Our Evil Is Inherited From Our Innocence
Our Paradise Is But A Faded Picture On The Wall

And Life's The Archangel,
With Blackened Wings
But In The Night
The Throne Is Ours

10. The Garden Of Heathen


11. Clovenhoof

In A Room With No Doors I Will Loose Myself To You
In A Room With Blackened Walls I'm Coming Trough
In A Room In My House You'll Be Seeing It Trough My Eyes
It's A Perpetual Sin, Let The Ritual Begin Tonight

It's Alright, Can't You See
It's Ok, She Is With Me
Like The Sand Of Our Time

Are You The One They Say You Are, Are You Holy To The Bone
Have You Got Faith Enough To Throw The First Stone
Are You My Flame When Only Darkness Prevails
Are You My White Wale, The Hammer For My Nails Tonight

12. Nihil

The Loosers Are The Winners
The Saints Are The Sinners
The Angels In Heaven
Keep Falling, Keep Falling

God Is No Forgiver
He Demands And You Deliver
The Demons In Hell
Keep Calling, Keep Calling

Trough The Night Shall All Wash Away
All The Horrors Of The Day
And A Little Angel On My Side
Tries To Make It All Worthwhile
And With A Little Beauty In My Bed
I Still Wish That I Was Dead
And The Little Angel On My Side
Takes Me On A Devil Ride

No Rose Without A Thorn
Dead Before You're Born
A World Full Of Nothing
So Keep Praying, Keep Praying

That What Lies Ahead Of Us
In The Eye Of Horus
A New Sacred Aeon
We'll Be Obeying, Obeying

13. The Pentagram

[lyrics Are Taken From The Poem By Alesiter Crowley]

In The Years Of The Primal Course,
In The Dawn Of Terrestrial Birth,
Man Mastered The Mammoth And Horse,
And Man Was The Lord Of The Earth.

He Made Him An Hollow Skin
From The Heart Of An Holy Tree,
He Compassed The Earth Therein,
And Man Was The Lord Of The Sea.

He Controlled The Vigour Of Steam,
He Harnessed The Lightning For Hire;
He Drove The Celestial Team,
And Man Was The Lord Of The Fire.

Deep-mouthed From Their Thrones Deep-seated,
The Choirs Of The Aeons Declare
The Last Of The Demons Defeated,
For Man Is The Lord Of The Air.

Arise, O Man, In Thy Strength!
The Kingdom Is Thine To Inherit,
'til The High Gods Witness At Length
That Man Is The Lord Of His Spirit.

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