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Dying Fetus - 2003 Stop At Nothing

: Relapse Records
1. Schematics
2. One Shot, One Kill
3. Institutions Of Deceit
4. Abandon All Hope
5. Forced Elimination
6. Stop At Nothing
7. Onslaught Of Malice
8. Vengeance Unleashed (re-recording)


1. Schematics

Unweaving Strands Of Failure
Propagating The Obscene
Intentions Gone Asunder
Tearing Down The Human Facade
(i Will Give Life) Relentless Pursuit Of Action
(i Will Decide) The Traits That Blind Humanity
(regenerate) Reliving The Generations
(a Boundless Chain) Correcting Their Mistakes

Solutions We Seek To Our Mortality
Tampering In Greed, Inflated Arrogance
Nature's Course Diverted, By Men Who Interfere
Rampant Emptiness, Reject This World

Blindly Seizing Solace In Easily Spun Lies
Mutations In The Genome Chain Improve Our Quality Of Life
Blindly Seizing Refuge In Ten Billion Dollar Lies
We're Consumed By Both Sides, Then Shit Out To Die

Living This Undying Prophecy, Resurrect What Should Remain Dead
Fleshing Out This Unspoken Travesty, All Of Us Fight This Unholy War
Sinking Into A Mockery Of Truth, We Become Miskeepers Of Mankind
Unrestrained Avarice, We Would Become God

Magnified Self-preservation, Living Disease
Inured, Soulless, Dull Vanity
A System Of Subjugation, Order Constrained
Hordes Of Drones, Just For More

Buying Into Everything, The Pulpit Of Lies
The Path To Truth Is Frozen, Politicized
Stuffing The World Full Of Vagrant Inbred Drones
To Control Who They Are

Instinct, We Breed, Compulsively
Regeneration Epidemic, Simulate Reality
Suspend A Mass, Monopolized
Triumphs Of Technology, The Maladjusted Ciphers
Perverse, Corrupt Power Scheme
Meddling Incompetence, Creating Minds That Misfire
Who Will Survive?

2. One Shot, One Kill

Provocation Undeclared, Like Cowards They Advance, Attacking The Unarmed
Campaign Of Dishonor, Calculated Violence Inflicted On Civilians
Narrow-minded Wrath, Self-righteous Anger, Acting Out Intolerance
Damning Themselves, Accursed Adversaries Of God-given Liberty

Terror, Innocent Life Destroyed By
Cowards, Committing Crimes, Injustice
Empty, Nothing To Hope For But Death
Brainwashed, Programmed From Birth, To Hate

Idiot Protests, From Luxury Of Safety, Ignorant Of Facts
Preaching Dull Inaction, As Burning Towers Fall, Shattering The Peace
Stab Us In The Back, Awaken Our Revenge, Our Appetite To Kill
United In Grief, We Accept Your Invitation To Erase You All

They Want To Kill The Free, The Liberated "infidels"
They Claim No Fear Of Death, They'll See It Soon Enough
Suitable Response, Build A Proper Case, Collect The Evidence, Discover What
They Tried To Hide
Necessary Force, Accurate Assault, Our Justified Revenge, We'll Live To See
Them Die

One Shot, One Kill
Extremist Factions, Bear Arms Without Honor, Attacking Our Public
One Shot, One Kill
Covert Involvement, Outlaw Callow Leaders, Ignoble Denial
One Shot, One Kill
Our Captured Soldiers, Tortured To Death, Defiled Human Corpses

Hundreds Confirmed, Not One Ever Saw Me
Punishment, Requited In Blood
Enemies, Threats, Eliminate Them
Reciprocity, I Deliver

No Escape, I'll Find Them
Their Vain Cause, They'll Die For Their Crimes
Ponder Judgment Of This
Walking Corpse With Seconds Left To Live

With This Weapon I Damn The Malignant
Forward The Bolt Slides Into Place
High-speed Alloy, Pierce The Hearts Of Evil
Fucking Rats, To Rot In Obstruction

Approach By Stealth, In Silence I Strike, Penetrate All Their Defenses
Enemy Lines, Dissected, Besieged, Annihilation To Meet My Objective
Sanctioned Psy-ops, Imminent Targets, Predatory Infiltration
Lethal Resolve, Warfare Command, Precision Of Fire, I'll Terminate Your Life

3. Institutions Of Deceit

Disgraceful, The Evil Done By False Prophets In God's Name
Profit From Intimidating Poor, Lost Souls Into The Flock
Selling A Grand Facade, Pompous Posturing In Vain
Reinforce Spiritual Weakness, Insecurity

Forgotten Essential, Freedom Of Choice
All Goodness Is Discarded, Kindness Affected
Right Or Wrong, Coerce The Congregation Mob
To Abide Your Tumid Words, The Only God They Know

Selective Agenda With No Foundation In Truth
Corruption, Stumbling Block, Ruined Credibility
Vulgar Salesmen Growing Fat, Lies You Tell Consume Your Sheep
Crucify The Innocent, Absolve Yourself With Dollar Bills

Self-righteous, Presuming, Cast Stones Of Hypocrisy
Impose Your Nauseating, Senseless Fantasy
Built On Payment, Not Contrition, Speciously Redeemed
Iniquity, Punishment On Anyone Who Disobeys

Forgotten Essential, The Freedom Of Choice
All Goodness Is Discarded, Kindness Affected
Selling Out Redemption You Will Never Grasp
Disgrace All Men Of Faith

Self-righteous, Presuming, Cast Stones Of Hypocrisy
Impose Your Nauseating, Senseless Fantasy
Built On Payment, Not Contrition, Speciously Redeemed
Iniquity, Punishment On Anyone Who Disobeys

Unwillingness To Accept Reality
Myopic Grip On The Words Of Men
Blind Loyalty Without Faith, Service To An Institution
Betraying Trust, And Our Liberty

Sin Of Greater Depth Than Those You Would Save
Blaming Tragedy On Our Intolerance
You Spent Your Life As A Sordid Pharisee
Unjust, Don't Be Shocked When You're Barred From Paradise

4. Abandon All Hope

Valor They Instill To Face Certain Death In Conflict
Win The War Through Discipline, Trained To Follow Orders
Dilettantes Of War, Torn Apart

Send Them All To Be Slaughtered, Standard Training Set
In A Dark, Distant, Foreign Shithole, Wretched Torment
Approaching The Vile Sphere Of Contention, Breathing The Smoke, The Dust
Blood-soaked Earth, Stained Red Oceans, Four Your Insides

Sudden Hail, Gunfire, Half The Men Drop Dead
Troops Lost In Transport, Waste Of Lives

Terrified Grunts Die Confused
Send Them All To Be Slaughtered
Insufficient Base Munitions
Compelled By Force To Fight Until Death

Certain Causualty, Amateurs Who All Die Before They Learn To Fight
Ruthless Commanders Order Them To Rush Upon Their Imminent, Abrupt Ends
Strategy Of Attrition, Mobbing Them, Flailing Corpses Use Up Ammunition
Bravery Cut In Half By Enemy Artillery, Or Cowardice Punished By Friendly

Charge Ahead, Expending Divisions
Impotence, Gaining No Ground
Bodies Thrown, Conduct In War, Useless
Primitive, Only Two Ways Home

Terrified Grunts Die Confused
Reluctant And Afraid To Attack
How Will Anyone Survive This?
Only Hope, Victory Or Death

Certain Causualty, Amateurs Who All Die Before They Learn To Fight
Ruthless Commanders Order Them To Rush Upon Their Imminent, Abrupt Ends
Dying In A Dump, Ordinance, Erode Tactics, Know What You Must Do To Survive
Hiding In The Dead, Lying Still, Bare Cover, Strike In Stealth And Then

Forge Ahead, Retiring Their Forces
Spilling Their Confounded Blood
Undermine Their Efforts To Defeat Us
Running Gun, Only Two Ways Home

Dig In And Fire Until The Way Is Clear
Pounding The Ruins, Storms Further Defaced
Snipers Take Heads, Harass Your Progress
Take Them Out, Pierce Their Eyes Through Their Scopes

Die For Honor, Motherland, Strewn About, Piles Of Corpses
Losing Every Last Brave Man, Better Than Surrender
Inescapable Nightmare, Resolve Unflinching
Never Bow To Tyranny
Make Them Pay For Every Step They Take

5. Forced Elimination

Societal Advancement, An Agenda Of Control
Forcing The Elimination Of Hereditary Flaws
Licensed Breeding Protocol, Man's Course Decided
Incarcerating Violaters
Their Spawn Aborted, State Required Forfeit

Human Perfection Far Beyond Our Grasp
Cut Out Random Flaws, Leaving Glitches Behind Them
Talents That Lay Dormant, Left Withered In The Womb
Pre-determined Course, They Take No Chances

Sleep, Submit, Obey, Accept It
Nature Rejected, Culture Forgotten
Dwell In Their Complacency
Drop Your Defenses, Swallow Their Bullshit
Close Down All Your Doubtful Dreams
They Will Not Happen, You Don't Have It In You
Their Emotions Stripped Away
The Depth Of Man Measured, Proudly Dismissed

Traits That Bear Malignant Traces, Recognized Without A Cure
Magnify The Scorn Upon The Disadvantaged
Living Off The Toil Of Others, The Rich Inflate Themselves
Treading On Their Laborers, Burdened By Destitution

Born To Be Slaves, From Birth The Rich Own Them
Rigid System, Caste Of Reproduction
Sequence Profile, Science Of Misplaced Trust
Tyrants Protect Their Own

Propagate Subordination
Despondence, Contrived Alignment
Oppression, Induce Class Hatred
Insurgents Revolt Against Them

Disregard Their Vacant Morals
Interrupt Their Hoarded Power
They Will Fall, The Balance Will Shift
Overturn Their World Of Shit

6. Stop At Nothing

Compelled To Eternal Hate, Censure Of The Mob, Submit To Them
Pressured From The Outside, Prevailing Herd Mentality, Fearing Deviation
Traumatized, Retreat And Submit, Habitual Failure, They No Longer Attempt
Resist All Efforts At Change, Practice The Routine

Fake Courage To Impress The Other Sheep
All Cowards In Their Own Pointless, Twisted Fate

Constant Friction, Voicings Of New Converts, Don't Know Shit
Arbitrary Changes Visit Ownership Upon Me

Do I Look Like I Need You To Rearrange My Realm?
Drift Through The Motions Of Your Predetermined Course
Escape The Dreary Confines Of Your Present Circle
Solve Your Internal Conflict, Mend Your Own Life

Follow Useless Trends, Fucking With My Mind, Indignant Lies That I Reject
I Care Less And Less For Your Weak Opinion, Pretension, Pomposity
Reinforce Your Fear, Admonishment Of Fools, Path Of Least Resistance
Bottomless Mass Of Simpletons

Uncover Your Own Future, Ignore The Losers Words
Endure The Pessimism, Projections Of The Timid
Escape The Dreary Confines Of Your Present Circle
Solve Your Infernal Conflict, Before Your Demise

Reinforce Your Fear, Admonishment Of Fools, Path Of Least Resistance
I Care Less And Less For Your Weak Opinion, Pretension, Pomposity
You're Not Qualified To Deliver Me, Realize, Drop Your Crusade
Nothing Will Prevent The Ends I Have Chosen

Agonizing Reapprisal, Long Ago I Came Unto My Own
Discard The Worthless Bullshit, Comprehend The Revelations Beyond
Hypocrites Eating Shit, Choking On The Spewings They Never Lived By
Estimations Of Lesser Men, Self-fulfilled To Their Dead Ends

7. Onslaught Of Malice

Scores Upon Scores, What Vengeance Is Right?
Where Did All This Shit Originate?
Spiral Of Endless Unlawful Death
Wildfire Of Hatred, Barbaric Vice

Fighting For Their Own Opression, Absolute Allegiance, Unrestrained Killing
Without Cause
Wanton Psychopathic Action, Rabid Empty Conscience, Indelible, Never

Paranoia, Offensive Escalation, Pointless Bloodshed, Hopelessly Consumed
Mobs Of Irate Radicals, Fanatical Devotion
Brute Force, Worn Out, Know Nothing Else, Their Life Is Hell, Death Gives
Them Purpose

Vacant Sense Of Their Own Worth, Unsanctioned War, Destruction
Misdirected Anger, Reactionary Homicide

Retaliation, Adolescent Grasp Of Culpability, Bringing Others Misery
Taking Out Their Fury On Someone Else
Cold-blooded Prejudice, Slaughtering Innocents

Death Is All That Matters, Trade Their Life For Mass Murder
Poised To Inflict Mass Suffering And Pain
Genocide, Prophesied, Condoned By The Word

Misperceiving Truth, Inducements To Explosive Violence, Decimation Is Their
Sole Intention
Suicidal Terrorists Keep Squandering Their Lives, Meaningless Sacrifice
Another Generation, To Serve A Vengeful Incarnation, Dying For A Useless

Constant Aggressors, Born Antagonists, Permanent Ignorance
Decades Behind, They Steal Technology, Immoral Misuse

Paranoia, Escalation, Pointless Bloodshed, No Horror Spared
Cheap Vain Murder, Know Nothing Else, Brute Force, Worn Out, A World Of Shit
Short-sighted Spiritual Poverty, Desperate Search To Fill A Hollow Void
Lying In Wait For A Weakness, Exploiting Any Vulnerability

Children, Who'll Die While They're Young - Stupid, More Wasted Life
Monstrous, Desensitized Dictator, Orders Them To Die
Violent Assault, Presuming Salvation Awaits Beyond
No Hope For Their Future, They War Unto Their End

Dysfunction, Poisoned, Ignorance Reigns
The Cycle Protects It's Own, Momentum Impedes It's Change
Corrupted Young Minds Die, Old Minds Alike Succumb
Totalitarian Seduction, It's A Fucking Lie

8. Vengeance Unleashed (re-recording)

Psychosomatic Infestation, Multisensoric Infatuation
Mass Media Sublimination, Tearing Our Defenses Down
Feeding Us Shit As We Beg For More, American Way Trend Fucking Whores
One's Not Enough, We Need Ten More, Consume, Digest, Destroy, Discard

Tearing In The Afterbirth Of A Bastard Child, A Hated Son
Looking On In Disbelief, As Our Resources Burn
This Is Our Legacy, A Crime Against Humanity
To Feed Our Lives, Everything Must Die

>from The Moment We Are Born, Until Our Days Are Dying
We're Violated, Crucified, And Burned Upon The Corporate Cross
A Disposable Economy, Built On Waste And Tragedy
We Eat The Fast Food Of Indifference, And Suffocate As One

Coerced By Our Campaign, It Demands Our Surrender
We're Dying Slowly, For The Pleasure Of This Machine
Assembly Lines Automate, Steal Jobs From Us All
They Just Don't Give A Fuck, No One Gives A Fuck
Just Cower As These Bastards Gag On Their Riches
Living Off The Prayers And Hopes Of Our Families
It's All Gone

In Our Qquest For Convenience, Sanity Has Died
Burying Independant Commerce Under Corporate Shit
Multi-million Ad Campaign Fulfills Subconcious Needs
Procreate Our Misery, Feed The Enemy

Bleed, Fucking Burn, Burn This American Dream
Pummel Our Independence, Drive It To It's Knees

No One To Blame But Ourselves As Our Capitalist Dream Collapses
And Economic Vengeance Unleashed

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