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Dying Fetus - 1996 Purification Through Violence

: DieHard Music
1. Blunt Force Trauma
2. Beaten Into Submission
3. Skullfucked
4. Permanently Disfigured
5. Raped On The Altar
6. Nothing Left To Pray For
7. Nocturnal Crucifixion
8. Scum (fuck The Weak)


1. Blunt Force Trauma

We Exist To Destroy, Fuck You All
Fuck You All
This Prophecy Unfolding,
We Have No Time To Wait
The World Is Dead And Rotting,
A Lifeless Tomb Remains
We Have No Compassion,
Hate Runs Through Our Veins
Faceless And Abandoned,
We Can Not Be Saved
Rise Above This Waste,
A Reformation Spreads Across
This Earth, All Consuming
No Return, We Are The Resurrected
Strong With Hate We Kill The Ones
That Keep Us Down
With The Body We Embrace What
Pleasure Gives, No God Wants Us
Penetrate So Deep Inside Your Twisted
Flesh, Weak And Worthless
Terrified, How You Tremble At The
Sight Of Me, You Can Not Know
What I Am, I Fucking Laugh And
Watch You Bleed
No Expression, No Compassion,
Born To Kill
My Instinct Is Your End, Hell Awaits
Feel Your Life Slip Away,
Start To Pray
No One Hears, No One Cares,
No One Lives
Watch And Wait, The Embodiment
Of Hate Burns Inside,
No One Is Left Alive, Revenge
Karma Kills Revenge
Cause-effect... Revenge Life To Death
One By One They All Will Fall When I
Get The Fucks I'll Crucify Them All
Take The Best Motherfucker They Got
Kick Him In The Face And Hang Him Out To Rot
I Want You To Die, And No Motherfucker
Should Have To Question Why
Your Lives Not Worth Fuck,
Just Grab Another Bitch
And Bust Another Nut
Why Can't You Fucking Go And Die,
Your Life's Worth Less Than My Shit
God Can't Help, You Pretentious Fuck
Pools Of Red, At My Feet,
Flesh With Flesh, Meat On Meat
No Fucker In This World
I Call My Friend
The Bitches And Sluts Are Fucking Dead
Another Fucker's Talking Shit Again
A Bullet In The Head (is What He Gets)
Fuck You All, Eat My Shit
I Remain Throughout Time,
Pure With Hate, I Cross All Lines
They Can't Remember, I Won't Forget
The Fallen And Forgotten,
Forever Laid To Rest
You Won't Be The Last Fucking One
To Challenge My Hate
Your Weakness Is Just What I Need
To Terminate
Kill And Fucking Rape,
Fuckers Hit The Dust
When They Fuck With Us
Kill, Fuck, Maim, Tear, Fuck You All,
I Don't Care

2. Beaten Into Submission

The Cold, Dark Wind,
Penetrates With Pain
Across Frozen Fields
On The Edge Of The Ardennes
Black Panzer Tanks
Turn White Snow Red
Across The Forest Floor
The Apocalypse Spread
Weakened From The Wait,
We Push For The Rhine
German Blood Spilling,
Just A Matter Of Time
The Daylight Raids
Left Dresden In Flames
10 Million More Dead
All Life Is Erased
Strong Resistance,
Cut To Pieces
Yes The Third Reich
Burns Beneath Us
Walking On The Dead
Imprisoned Here No More
Deceased To Join The Ranks
Of Those Who've Come Before
The Eastern Front Will Fall
Their Legions Crushed At Kursh
Suck Pleasure In Revenge
Their Blood Shall Quench
Our Thirst
Fuck Your World
Earth Laid Waste,
Russians Enter Warsaw
All Hope Dies, Total Capitulation
Turn The Tide
With A Purpose So Clear
We Destroy Them, Extinct
No Denial, Just Death
And A Promise, Of Pain
Make Them Suffer, Repent
Take Their Loved Ones And Kill
Fuck Their Begging, No Mercy
Let Them Crawl Forth, And Die

3. Skullfucked

I Hate You Mother Fuckers
I Hate You Mother Fuckers
I Hate You Mother Fuckers
I Hate You Mother Fuckers
You Can't Fucking Breathe Because
Your Heart Is In My Hands
An Overture Of Pain Unleashed
At My Command
Hating, Ripping, Tearing, Scraping,
Peeling, Beating, Smashing, Killing,
Slicing, Chopping, Shredding, Splitting,
Mangling, Fucking, Choking, Dying, Dead
Worthless Piece Of Fuck
Mass Of Human Shit
Carve Out Your Eyes, Shit On Your Face,
Fuck You, Fuck You, Fuck You, Fuck You
Where Are The Whores When I Need 'em
Looking For Pussy,
That's All That's On My Mind
Sluts That Are Ready For Fucking
Ready For Sucking,
Ready To Die When I'm Done
Copulate And Kill Without Reason
I Never Need 'em
As Long As They Make Me Cum
Bitches Have No Power Of Reason
Never Believe 'em, Just Kill And Fuck
For Fun
You're Faceless,
You Can't Fuck Anymore
And Nameless, Sodom Was Too Good For
The Whore
Skull Fucked, Fuck Your Fucking Face
With My Weed, I Smoke Every Day
If I'm Not High, The Hate Will Escape
I Smoke And Smoke, Stoned As A Fuck
Weed Is My Life, Weed Is My Love
So Pass The Bong, Pack Up The Bowl
A Blunt To Hit, A Fat Joint To Roll
No, No, It's Gone...
I Hate You Mother Fuckers
I Hate You Mother Fuckers
I Hate You Mother Fuckers
I Hate You Mother Fuckers

4. Permanently Disfigured

Just Get The Fuck Down
In Cold Earth You Rot
My Fucking Hatred
Will Not Be Stopped
Uncontrolled I'm Sent Into Rage
And Let The Bodies Fly
An Animal Let Out Of Its Cage
I Am The Anti-life
Born Under The Bowels Of The Night
A Creature Undefined
Stomping On The Face Of A Slut
My Hate Is Undenied
Fuck Your Weakness
No Concept Of The Earth
Your One Dimension Blinds
Wasting Air Since Birth
You're Better Left Behind
Intelligence Deprived
Completely Purposeless
I Fucking Hope You Die
I Want Out Of This Cark, Fucked, Decrepit,
Corner Of The World
Is There A Place, Where I Can Be Alone
To Think, And Do, Just What I Fucking Want
Tell Me, Tell Me, What The Fuck To Do
The Hate, Burning, Fucking Overwhelms
I Want, I Need, To Take A Fucking Life
Back, The Fuck, Away
I'm Fucking Gonna Kill, Kill, Kill
Seconds Are Like Hours Floating By
A Full Fucked Ultraviolent High
Tearing Down The Mother Fucking Walls
Piece By Piece I'll Rip Your Limbs Off
Invariably The Violence Will Arrive
Fuck You And Fuck Your Fucking Kind
Merciless, Weed Out The Sick
Begging Hard, I Don't Listen
Final Scream, Can't Come Too Quick
Fuck You All So Fucking Hopeless
Quickly I Proceed To Resist
There Is No Compromise
Deranged I Rise To Challenge
The Joining Of Your Face With My Fist
The Marriage I Prescribe
Helpless You Fall So Weakened
Ripping At The Skin On Your Face
The Pain Intensifies
With Haste Your Death Is Granted

5. Raped On The Altar

Dark, Crimson Tides Of Blood
Will Flow Like Water Into Wine
I Smell You Fear,
Our Lives Coincide
Please Respect, The Presence Of
The Dead
For They Weep, They Are Damned
Spite Filled Eyes, Cold And Black
Profane Slut Of Darkness
Let Me In Your Mind
Unholy Procreation
I Give The Gift Of Life
Fuck Your Faith And Doctrine
I've No Concern For Lies
In Our Dying Embrace
We Coalesce In Pain
A Heartless, Empty Shallow Way To Die
I Draw My Face Up Closer To Your
Milk White Skin
In Rivulets Tears Of Blood
Stream Slowly Down
Rape... Altar Stained... Stained
With Blood
Lord... Please Forgive...
... No Response
Faith... Broken Pride... Left To Die
There's No Point In Living
Rip Your Fucking Head Off
Slut You've Lost Your Privilege
Hate Shows No Resistance
Fuck Your Righteous Ways
Gone, Dead, Fucking Wasted
With Your Throat In My Hands
Choke Your Life Away
As Death Comes Forth To Claim You
I Bend My Knees And Pray
"love It Transcends Time,
One Thousands Worlds And More,
Your Flesh Forever Mine
My God Damned Angel Whore..."

6. Nothing Left To Pray For

Windswept Wasteland
Underneath A Balkan Sky
U.n. Peace Plan?
Just Another Fucking Lie
Why Can't We Just Kill Them All
My Contempt Is So Deep, So Strong
5 Fucking Years Through The Blood
And The Tears
The Fuckers Hitting Us Time To Fuck
Them All Back
No N.a.t.o., No Peace, Just Total
Fucking Death
Just Killing And Dying And
Slaughter And Pain
We Become What You Hate
We Can Not Be Expected To Exist
With Them
Beneath The Cross Slaves Will Pray
No Return To The Past Blood Is On
Our Hands
Burn Their Homes Rape Their Lands
Forced Into The Adriatic, Save Our Lives
Europe Is Unconscious
What The Fuck Are "peace Troops" For?
Time Stands So Still
Gone, Erased, And God Forsaken
Peace, A Parable Of War
Now We Wait For Retribution
God Will Punish Them In Time
Spread The War From Croatia Into Belgrade
Kill And Fucking Kill Some More
Have We Reached The Ending?
Nothing's Left Alive
And Our Fucking Nation
Will Never Survive
God Left Us Wanting
(war That Never Ceased)
What We Never Could Have
(everlasting Peace)
3 Fucking Races
(religious Enmity)
One Fucking Land
(for Eternity)

7. Nocturnal Crucifixion

Blinding My Eyes,
The Light Of Indecency
Exalted Demise, Morbid Complexity
Walking The Path, Demonic Heredity
Reaching The End, It Opens Before Me
Unyielding To The Astral Powers
I Foresee The Unknown
Eternally They Are Chanting
Immortally They Are Spawning
As I Watch They Stare At Me
A Gaze Of Pure Insanity
Immersed In Darkness So Completely
I Find Myself Alone
Drinking From Ancient Waters
I Become One With Them
Unholy Shrouds
Incantations Shower Me
Unveiling The Secrets To Truth
Why I Must Die
Preach And Prophecize
Believers Are Taught That Their
Souls Are Forgiven
Await The False Rebirth
Feeling The Pain Inside From Out
Reliving The Past Once Again
Lascivious Lust, I Want To Believe
Succumb To The Horrid Disease
Stagnant And Old The Prophecy Told
Undying The Books Deceive
Forgotten And Spent,
Rotting Alone
Forever To Suffer And Grieve

8. Scum (fuck The Weak)

In Your Mind
Nothing But Fear
You Can't Face Life
Or Believe Death's Near

A Vision Of Life
On Television Screens
An Existence Created
From Empty Dreams

Hide Behind T.v.
Hide Behind Life
You Should Be Living
But You Only Survive

Life Holds Nothing
But Pain And Death
Don't Look For Love
There Is None Left

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