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Dying Fetus - 2000 Destroy The Opposition

: Relapse Records
1. Praise The Lord (opium Of The Masses)
2. Destroy The Opposition
3. Born In Sodom
4. Epidemic Of Hate
5. Pissing In The Mainstream
6. In Times Of War
7. For Us Or Against Us
8. Justifiable Homicide


1. Praise The Lord (opium Of The Masses)

One By One, The Young Will Fall, Indoctrinating Process Growing.
Some Too Weak To Fight At All, Who Controls Their Future?
God Above, Or God Below, Questions No One Can Answer.
Live The Truth, Or Die To Know, It's My Agnostic Vision.

Jews Killing Muslims, And Christians Killing Jews.
The Circle Is Unending, And All Sides Always Lose.
If Faith Is Blind Devotion, Then Death Is The Result.
When History Is Rotten, The Young Young And Pure Grow Dead And Cold.

I Don't Need A Book For Saving, Fellowship Or Days Of Praying.
Organizing Means Dilution, And Results In Persecution.
Through It All I Keep A Vision, Understand What I Believe In.
Truth Is Not The Faith You Follow, Its Far More Than You Can Ever Know.

Religion, The Burden We Carry Forth.
Mankind, Addicted--the Drug Spreads On.
Paranoia Eats All Reason, Driving Their Crusading Mission.
Zealotry From Rome To Mecca, Millions More Become Infected.
God Cannot Be Mass-projected, Or Beaten Out Through Forced Confessions.
Its For All Of Us To Ponder, Not For Dogmas Chains To Hold Us Down.
Wake Up, And Put The Past Where It Belongs.

Just Beat Them Back Till They Are Gone, cause Their Doctrines Lead To Misery.
Theyre Prophets Preaching Fantasy, How Can They Hold Themselves
Above The Rest?

From Holy Birth To Martyrs Death, The Moral Quest For Life Beyond.
Its Just A Pipe Dream For The Paranoid, The Empty Words Of Holy Books
Will Mislead All Those That Read.

Buried In The Lines Of Text Are The Myths That Feed Their Needs.
Born From Flesh, Just Like All Earth Down Below,
Which Came From A Life Form We Can Never Know (in Our Present Context).
Pray For A World That Only God Above Can Save?
The Church Is The Reason Why Theyve Lost Their Way.
Crusades And Inquisitions, Holy Wars, Jihad,
They Are The Willing Victims Of A Grand Facade.

Above It All, The Lies Are Told. The Masses Follow Without Question.
First To Die, Or Last To Go, I Know My Convictions.
Flesh And Blood, And Spirit Life, The Trinity Of My Perception.
Dead Awake, Or Sleeping Dead, We Will Find Out In The End.

2. Destroy The Opposition

Who Does The Earth Belong To?
The Human Termites Spreading Lies.
The People Have To Make A Decision,
But They're Too Busy Dying To Try And Realize.

Who Controls Their Future,
And Money Flows Above Their Heads.
Just Give Them All A Chance To Make Contact,
And The Last Ones Shall Rise Up To Seek Revenge.

There Was A Time, When The Weak Would Suffer.
The Ones In Power Would Crush All Who Dissent.
Just Look Around, Because Nothing's Changed.
No Longer Kings, They Wear A Suit And Tie.

Those Who Survive, Have No Conviction
Just Follow Trends, Until They're Born Again.
So Who Will Live, And Who Will Die?
It's Up To Us To Carry On The Fight.

Rising Up, From The Ashes To The Challenge.
Face To Face, It's Not Too Late To Start Resisting.
All Around; We Have A Chance To Change The World.
Believe In Us, Tomorrow's Dreams Are Fire In Our Blood.

Bred To Buy, Not To Think.
Tell More Lies, Make Them Weak.
Nothing's Real, Except The Mindset You've Created.
To The Left, Avoid The Path That They've Been Paving.

Mainstream Lies, Unleashed Through Waves That Mold Behavior.
We've Had Enough, Their Greedy Fucking System's Going Down.

Bred To Buy, Not To Think.
Tell More Lies, Make Them Weak.

Without Hesitation, I Will Kick The Tv In.
Sick Of All These Fuckers With Their Prozac Grins.
Always Selling Shit, That No One Wants Or Needs.
Choking Up The Planet With Their Get Rich Schemes.

A Mediated World, What A Sick Reality.
Wake The Fuck Up, Smell The Shit, Then You Will See.
What's Good For Them Isn't Good For Everyone
The Future Starts Now, For A Past Yet To Come.

Just Ask Them One Question,
And They'll Tell You Fifteen Lies.
They're Judas, Hitler, Stalin, And Brutus
All Combined.

The World Is False-constructed,
Just To Satisfy Their Needs.
If We Keep Obeying Orders,
Were Like Lambs To The Slaughter For Their Feast.

Handed Down, The Final Call.
Rise To Fight, Destroy Them All.
It's Too Late To Accomodate.
The Game Is Lost, Because No One Is Thinking.

Born With A Chance To Facilitate,
The End Of A Time That's Defined By Hypocrisy.
Just Like Rats, They Will Multiply,
And Run With The Pack Without Ever Seeing.

Out Of The Womb To Be Crucified,
We Challenge The Doctrine They've Been Preaching.

3. Born In Sodom

Born, A Human Life Into This World.
Dead, The Sad Result From Disease.
A Century Of Sacrifice Is Lost In Greed.
In A Time Of Massive Wealth, Where Not One Sees.

Chemical Children Are Raised In The Streets,
Their Whoring Mothers Begging Beside.
In Prisons The Riots Are Breeding Resistance
The Starving All Seek To Be Fed.

A Shit-city Built On The Backs Of The Poor
Where The Real World Is Buried Beneath.
While Tourists And Business, Partners In Greed
Devour The Fruit Of The Land.

Starving And Dying, Assassins Surround To Kill Them.
Praying For Something Or Someone To Set Them Free.

Life In Babylon, Post-a.d.,
Defined In Terms Of What Can You Do For Me.
The World Outside Is Full Of Rot,
So Walls Divide The Burn Of Acid Air, And Black-cloud Skies.

Death Squads Are Crawling The City,
In Search Of The Worthless To Fill Up Mass Graves.
Corrupted And Careless, Degrading All Life
These Cops Are The Killers, Well-trained.

Millions Of People Stand Dead At Their Feet,
Begging For Mercy Denied.
Breathing Pollution And Slaving To Eat,
They're Humans, But Empty Inside.

Rise, Out Of The Slums, They Seek To Fight, Fight To Defend.
Nothing Is Left But A Future Of Death.
Awaiting The Poor, Who Starve Just To Breathe.
Breathe In The Air, Now They Shall Be Reborn.

How Can You Think That Our World Is So Good?
The Red, White And Blue Blinds Your Eyes.
When Everything's Fine In Your White Neighborhood,
Who Cares For The Dying Outside?

Forced To Rebellion, Uprising
They're Tearing Through The Walls Of Confinement, Uprooted
The Promise Of A Third World Resistance,
The Power Is Overtaken.

Nightfall In Sodom, It's Burning.
It's Time To Bring It Down.
Now The Time Has Come At Last,
To Give Back What They Demand.

Just A Chance For Life, And Peace Far Away
From Famine And Disease.
Power Has Changed Across The World Now,
It's Just The Money That Rules In Sodom Today.

And The Bastards That Run The Corporate Plan,
Will Be Choking On Their Blood When The Masses Make Them Pay.

4. Epidemic Of Hate

Don't Fucking Turn Away, cause I Think We've Got A Problem Here.
You Gotta Stay Off My Back, I Can't Take Another Day In This Prison.
Locked Inside Of Here, Imprisoned In Flesh For Mental Light-years.
Pushing All My Buttons Now, You're Just Another Cold, Worthless Victim.
There's No Time, Don't Hold Me Down. You Crossed The Line, Now You're Fucked.
Life's A Heavy Price To Pay, But When You're Dead, There's No Complaining.

I Think Of How You Deceived, And I Get My Blood On Fire.
The Last One To Believe, I Never Thought Of Execution.

But There's Nothing Left For Me Me, And I Think You're,
You're Asking For A Beat-down. Take The Fucker's Life!
He Had To Pay The Price, The Greed Went To His Head.
I've Lost My Faith In Man, There's No Regrets With Me.

At Last My Mind Can Be... Free Of The Pressure, The Lies, And Deception.
It's The Shit That They Feed Me Everyday,
Just Looking Back On The Days Of My Life.
I Can Find Another Reason, To Make You Fucking Burn At The Stake.

I Can't Wait Another Day, cause The Tide's Turning Back On You Bullshit
You Are Wasting My Time And Respect With Your Lies.
Destroyer Of Faith, Cashed Out, Falling Down.
Years Of Deception In Chains Of Oppression.

The Knots Of The System Tied Tight Around Me.
The Growing Confusion And Absence Of Reason,
Is Fuel On The Fire That Burns My Anger,
Driving Me Forward In Psychotic Compulsion.

Hate Is Erupting, I Can't Control It.
Social Dimensions Collapsing, Corroded.
The Net Is Wide Open, We All Are Left For Dead.

5. Pissing In The Mainstream

The Media Is A Tool Designed To Mold Us Into Slaves
Drugging Us Into An Empty, Apathetic Daze.
The Trick Is That We Think That Everything Is Going Fine
But The Truth To Our Reality Lies Buried In The Mind

I Don't Give A Fuck About The Hollywood Elite;
I Don't Really Care If Models Can't Fucking Eat.
I Don't Give A Fuck A Fuck About Which Movie Is On Top.
But What I Really Know Is That The Shit Has Got To Stop.

Consumer Appetites Are Never Satisfied In Full,
cause The Objects That They Buy Can Simply Never Fill The Void.
A Constant Need For Meaning, And Accumulating Shit,
Drives The Lust In Their Obsession Just To Get Another Fix.

I Don't Give A Fuck About The Tv Ratings Game,
The Real World Is Not A Party, Just A Place For The Insane.
If That Reflects Reality, Then Pass Another Drink
You Try To Be A Millionaire, I'll Vomit In The Sink.

What The Fuck Is Left To Try,
On An Avaricious Nation On An Economic High?
If Rome Could Last 500 Years,
Who Then Will Throw The Wrench Inside Our Gears?

The Bottom Line Is Money On The Western Power Scene,
Where Celebrities And Porn Can Let The Population Dream.
They're Pathetic Human Living In An Advertising Glut,
Who Devour With A Passion What The Mainstream Vomits Up

6. In Times Of War

Don't Look Back, Nothing's Left But The Blood-red Text On The Planet Earth's Epitaph:

Here They Lie, The Human Race.
They Fucked Themselves, And Laid Earth Waste.
Blind To The Fact That The Bomb Was Coming Down,
Their Sanity Was Sold For A Beggar's Hand-out.

What They Got Is What They Made,
The Final Act Of This Tragedy Ends With Pain.
So Drunk With Power, They Sit Laughing At Ground Zero
One More Drink, Push A Button, And Let The Fuckers Go.

It's A Drama, It's A Game, And Lastly, It's A Joke.
What's Left For The Ones Who Never Had A Chance To Know
That The Powers Inside Are Driven With The Lust To Fight
So They Hand Us Their Lies, And Say It's Gonna Be Alright.

But The Truth To It Is, They Tax Us Just To Kill Ourselves.
And Our Very Own Bombs Will Blow Us All To Hell
Reckless, Our Neglect Multiplies,
The Children Of A Cold War Left Behind.

Come And See The Doctor, Strangelove Is Here.
No Other Superpower Means Nothing To Fear.
Who Needs A Fucking Treaty, When We Got Guns.
Fuck The Little Countries, Lets Have Some Fun.

Thinking Back To Where We Came From,
We Can See How Far Weve Come.
But The Price Of Our Intentions
Burns Us Like The Heat On The Surface Of The Sun.

Who Can Know What Foul Intentions
Start Inside The Human Mind?
For Only The Proud Human Being Could Conjure Up
A Plan To Obliterate His Kind.

The Flash Of Light Was Quick To Blind Me,
Much Like The Lies They Told Me Before.
So Naive, We Thought It Was All Over
But History Returns With Another World War.

7. For Us Or Against Us

Turn Your Back And Take A Look
At What The World Is Really Like.
What Is There For You And I? (nothing Short Of Suicide)

Burn The Candle At Both Ends,
The Options Growing Few.
Something's Wrong, Don't Pretend (you Must Now Decide)
Mounting Pressure, Social Breakdown
A Dying Planet, Revolution, Mass Uprising,
We're Begging For It.

Live For Us, Or Live For Them
The Worker Is The Key.
Shut Outside, With No Defense (from Factory To Burning Fields).

Sweat And Blood, For Days And Years
Hours Wasted Still, More To Life Than Wealth And War?
(what Is Left For Them To Kill?)

The Force Of Life, Is Dead Of Thirst
Golden Years Have Turned To Rust, Our Spirits Crushed,
Our Bodies Bleed, Our Throats Are Cut.

And Dreams Of Better Times Have Turned To Dust.
For The Last Time, Can You Fuck Off An Die?
You Made This World, And Killed It.

So Rich That Your Cash Has Made You Blind,
You Don't Give A Fuck About Us. My Patience Is Too Thin To Try.
Your Kind Was Made To Suffer, By The Powers We Hold In Time.
Your Life Will Soon Be Over.

Our Lives Determined By The System's Needs,
Lost Inside Its Cold Machinery.
Fucked For Life, cause The Base Is Paved.
We Whore Ourselves Out For A Daily Wage.

Laughing At The Children By Their Feet,
Their Greed Can Turn Such Innocence To Meat.
So Contract Signed, And With No Mind To Feed,
The Masses Slave It While The Masters Feast.

The Sources Of Their Lies, Are Hidden In The Past
The Essence Of The Truth, Lies Dead In The Aftermath.
Find Another Way, Before The Cause Is Lost
Pull Yourself Up, And We'll Fight Together.

With Us Or Not, There Are No In-betweens
Try And Think Fast, Or You Won't Be Breathing.
From This Point, The Only Way Is Up
Time Is Running Out, The Door Is Slamming Shut.

The Burden Of A Cost, May Be Too Much
It Takes A Lot Of Lives, Just To Break The Cycle.
It Takes A Lot Of Hate, And Takes A Lot Of Luck
The Sooner It's All Done, We Can Finally Say We're Free

Burning, Our Consciousness. The Fire Is Spreading.
The Challenge Is Waiting...

8. Justifiable Homicide

Profits Are The Powermad's Motivating Force.
Just A Greedy Aspiration To Be Fed.
Put To The Test, They'll Fuck All The Rest,
Till All Their Rivals Are Dead...they're Dead.

Pushed On To Fight As The Pressure Infects
And Their Rotten Intentions Arise
Our Retaliation Forces Are The Primary Front
We All Have Got To Cut Them Down To Size.

Faceless Prophets Pushing Nazi Policies
Money Is The God They Defend.
The Workers Released, The Lions Are Fed,
Its All Just A Means To An End.

The War Is Here And The Mission Is Clear: Engage-enforce-erase
Who Are They To Say We're Free? There's No Choices I Can See.
Just Look Around, The Tension Builds.
Who's To Blame When It Comes Down?

Drug Laws, No Privacy, The Last Breath Of Sanity
It's All Fucked, cause What I See Is Too Damn Many Brain-washed Humans.
The Forces Of Dissention Are Released,
Their Products And Corruption No One Needs.

The Cracks Within The System Start To Show
So Let's Fucking Let Them Know
Think If You Can, What A Fucking Waste Of Life
One Too Many Dreams Have Broken.

Down Through The Past, It's A Spiral Into Night
Try If You Can; Break This Cycle Clean.

Work For A Wage, It's A Lie, It's A Mind Game,
Breaking Your Back For Some Mother Fucker
He Doesn't Care, And No One Really Does
Life Is Short, So Get Up Off Your Knees

There's No Peace, Till We Rip Off The Roof Of This Whole Desecration
Haul Out The Liers Who Claim Who Claim They "got A Job To Do"
Cause We All Understand There're Violent Implications
Inside A World That Needs Us, To See The Fucking Deal Go Through

Through False Tenets Heralding The "right To Mass Consumption"

The Population's Gluttony Is Spread
Fatter And Weaker, No Thinking's Allowed Empty Eyes On Empty Heads
Chaos Surrounds As The System's Cut Down, These Fuckers Are As Good As Dead

Once We Tear Out The Heart In This Evisceration
You'll Know Just Where The Fuck The World's Going To
Fuck You If You Believe There's No Alternative
Thats Where We Fill-fill Your Empty Void
There's No Changing The Faith Of The Common Man
He's Got Life That Your Mind Could Never Comprehend
Worthless Waste Just A Shell Of Human Life
Now Cold Dead, A Death Justified

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