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Behemoth - 1999 Satanica

: Dwell
1. Decade Of Therion
2. Lam
3. Ceremony Of Shiva
4. Of Sephirotic Transformation And Carnality
5. The Sermon To The Hypocrites
6. Starspawn
7. The Alchemist's Dream
8. Chant For Ezxhaton 2000


1. Decade Of Therion

Apo Pantoz Kakodaimonoz!
Apo Pantoz Kakodaimonoz!

We Transgress The Context Of Commonplacenes
We Deny Normality, Trample Morality
We Destroy Angels With Sound
We Destroy Angels With Silence

Currents Of Tantric Anarchy Seize Our Bodies
Into The Cosmic Dance Of Four Scythes
The Curtains Of Absurd Theatre Are Raised
Synchronicity - Mother Chaos On The Stage

"wisdom Says: Be Strong!"
Thrilling Words Are Spreading Down The Spine
Vibrating... "be Strong!"
Exhausted I'm Running Towards The Last Shines Of Consciousness
Which Is Absorbed By Shadows Of Madness

Apo Pantoz Kakodaimonoz!
Apo Pantoz Kakodaimonoz!

Here Are The Star And The Snake Servants;
-they Rise The Hexagram
Sun - In The Triangle Hidden ; Sight - Sacred Visions Entwined
And Union With Nothingness Body I'll Find
Strength - Go Along The Mars Path, Fighting If We Must;
Light - Oh, You Are Ahathoor, Goddess Of Blue Sky

There Is Might Of Dawn, In Non-quality State I Remain
Of Commonness Crippled Time Or Sand - Glass You Don't See Again
Sigillum Dei, Picture Of Myself I'm Drawing
With Life, Venom And Hell I'm Sprinkling It
His Name Is Esial, I Want Him More

2. Lam

Children Of Technocracy Invoke Synthetic Spirits
Plastic Crosses Choke Perspiring Necks
Maat - I Cast Dices, But Curtain Of Future Is Still Hermetic Closed
Rise! Rise Up My Soror, And You, My Father -
High! Towards The Stars When The White Fire
Which Purifies And Melts All False Sacrament

Ashes' Power Equal Thousands Suns
Mysterys' Structures Are Like Chaos Of Known
Objectivism Is Subjective Mandala Of Reality
Fractals - Flaming Spaces Consume Ego's Order
Kaos Keraunos Kybernetos

Illumination In The Face Of Thousand Faces
Gnosis Obtained By Descending Into The Tunnels Of Self - Knowing
When Thunders Of Ecstasy Strike Black Waves Of Unconscious Sea
I Swim, Float, Drift, Scream... "aiwasss"
And Barriers Of Self Change In Legion Of Escaping Bats

3. Ceremony Of Shiva

Avatars Of Powers From Four Worlds
Bathed Me In Jewels Of Belief
I Drink The Nectar Of Goddess - My Eternal Mistress
I Am Shiva, Hadit Or Beast Himself
And Multitude Of Forms Surpasses Myself
I Kneel Before Isis, I - Her God And Slave
Coiled Serpent Lifts Up His Head And Looks In My Eyes
Third Power And Third Eye Create The One

I Am Who I Am Not
I Negate And Confirm
I Transgress - It Is Real!

Wheels Of Change Turn With My Breath
I Touch The Red - Hot Firmament (of Golden Darkenings Of Heavens)
And Stars Are Falling Down Onto Every Side Of World
With My Tongue I Penetrate Scarlet Abysses Of Kteis
Overflowing My Body With Thrill And Heart With Warmth
Suddenly I'm Shooting Forth Venom
'cause I, I Became A Snake Who Rounds Her Flesh
Here And Now, Here And Now

4. Of Sephirotic Transformation And Carnality

Madness Creeps Through Arteries Of Grand Cosmic Body
Higher And Lover, Towards All Directions
It Violates Old Laws, Repeals All Orders
And Seeks Infinity In Holy Letters

Child In Crown Its Guide - Ever Coming Son
But It Rambles Suspended Between Emanations Of Increasing And Descending
Thousand Paths Across Thousand Spheres
Mind Is Torn Apart By Macrocosmic Snowflake

Prismatic Trees Grow From Mad Rites
The Knowledge Of Geometry Elevated To The Dignity Of Living Substance
The Fool In The Universe Knows Nothing As Usual
Transubstantiation Of Excrement And Styx Waters Is Done!

Carnal Alchemy
Sephirotic Transformation
In New Body God Incarnates

Beyond Duality, Beyond Understanding
Castrated Man, Bastard, Secret Chief Is Born
He Builds The Bridge Of Agreement -
- Spectre Of His Fall
And He Is Devoured By The Fire Of The Abyss

5. The Sermon To The Hypocrites

O, Ye Whose Future Is In Other Hands!
Foul Feeders! Slipped, Are Ye On You Excrement?
Parasites! Having The World Lousy,
Imagine Ye Are Of Significance To Heaven
I, Who Enjoy My Body
[i] Would Rather Pack With Wolves
Than Enter Your Pest - Houses

Sensation... Nutrition... Mastication... Procreation...!
This Is Your Blind - Worm Cycle
Know Ye Of Nothing Further Than Your Own Stench?
Heaven Is Indifferent To Your Salvation Or Catastrophe

The Sword - Trust - Not Salve - I Bring!

Honest Was Sodom!
Your Theology Is A Slime - Pit Of Gibberish Become Ethics
In Your World, Where Ignorance And Deceit Constitute Felicity
Everything Ends Miserably -
- Besmirched With Fratricidal Blood.

6. Starspawn

I Am Thine Own Begotten, Dionysus
Divine Mars, Thou Call'st Me Son
And Thou, Apollo, My Begin Gav'st Me
That Dream Hath My Mind Inflamed
And Everyone A Star Hath Become
My Brothers And Sisters In Cosmic Ectasy
Millions Of Sins And Virtues Were They
And All, The Whole Wealth Of My Life
That Neither The End Nor The Beginning Had
I Could Bestow


Exploring Our Gracious Flight, Hiher,
We Could Make Love To Numberless Stars,
With Our Tiny Hand The World Embrace
Learn It And Forget It, Be Begotten And Die
Forever Exist, Only Mightier And Absolute
Myself Am Solaris
Universe And Oneness
Nothingness And Chaos Am I
The Last Bow To Thee, Earth, Before
I Ride A Cosmic Snake And Devour The Stars,
Before I Become The Beast
And No Mortal Man Durst My Magic Defy
Planet Satan, Receive The Eternal Possessor!
Me For Myself I Ascend Thee
Me For The World

7. The Alchemist's Dream

Welcome To Theatre Of Absurd
When The World And Rason Are Audience
And Actor Illusion And Experience Only

Here Gleams Shiny Mandala
In The Chamber Of Creation And Annihilation
And Lingam Links With Yoni Wisdom Stone Make

There Is Neither Space Nor Time
Books Are Read Backwards Or From All Side
Everything Will Sinks And Tears Down Phantom Of Mourning

Picture Of Universe In This Simple Formula -
"love Is The Law"
Proverb Of Juggler On The Gate Engraved
That Life Is Delight
That Death Is Also Life

8. Chant For Ezxhaton 2000

Fly, Fly High My Black Eagle
Let Golden Thread Bind Our Eyes
May Our Minds And Hearts Blood Unite
On Your Wings Carry Me Over The Abyss
Beyond The Reason And Across The Burning Seas
Then, With Your Claw Tear The Earth To The Halves
And Usher Me Into The Secrets Of Her Bowels
Down To The Light Of The Beginning And The End Which Shimmers
Circle! Round And Round My Black Eagle
Let Our Senses Be Touched By Ultimate Pleasure
May The Passion Of Hunting Become All - Devouring
Slash! Slash With Your Beak
Remove All Gods From My Way, And Thoughts, And Sorrows
And Let Me Trespass The Barriers Of Fear
Scream! Let The Whole Cosmos Tremble
May Echoes Become My The Sweetest Mantra
Spirit Of Freedom! Eternal Wanderer! Joyfull Solitude!
Higher And Higher Towards The Stars Of Awareness
Let Worlds Of Imagination And Fact Become One
I'm You And You Are Me

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