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Behemoth - 1997 Pandemonic Incantations

: Solistitium Records
1. Diableria
2. The Thousand Plagues I Witness
3. Satan's Sword I Have Become
4. In Thy Pandemaeternum
5. Driven By The Five-winged Star
6. The Past Is Like A Funeral
7. The Entrance To The Spheres Of Mars
8. With Spell Of Inferno
9. Chawaa Mordercom Wojciecha


1. Diableria

[the Great Introduction]

2. The Thousand Plagues I Witness

One Eyed Old Man I Am
Yet I Possess The Knowledge Of Thousand Sages
An Unborn Child I Am
Though I Have Existed For Billion Years
The Invisible Army I Am
Though The Won Battle Still To Come
The Father Of Ambitious And Dissapointed I Am
Brother In Sin And Abasement
I Was Judas In Your Dream
Who Worshipped Money Above All
I Was The Roman Warrior
Who Wounded You And Drank The Divine Blood
I Was Pilate On Your Trial
Who Spat In Your Pale Face
Each Thorn Was A Sinful Spell
Each Nail The Fulfillment Of The Revenge
For Which I Have Been Waiting For So Many Years
Hatred For Thousand Holy Heads
And Also That Many Daggers Pointed At Their Visages
The Fallen Angels, Mythical Daemons
Thriumphant In Their Blasphemy
I Am Gordon, My Name Is Annihilation
I Am The Thousand Plagues And Afflictions

3. Satan's Sword I Have Become

For Ages Travelled By The Holy Fire
Today Free, Free And Triumphant
To No Avail For The Dungeons And Chains Of The Inquisition
Poor And Lonely Are My Adversers
Who Serving The Beast For Million Years
With The Whip And Crown Of Thorns
Shall Be Remunerated Today
Wanderer, Perpetual And Restless
Master, Equally Hideous & Beautiful
Loved And Adored... How Simple It Is...
For Many Years My Semen Hath Envenomed The Races
Abomination To The Earthly, To Everything That Is Simple
And Obscure At The Same Time
Therefore Let Us Celebrate The Antitesis Of The Eucharist
With The Sacerdoral Gesture You Welcome Us
I Am Your Dazing Threshold
Let Us Commence! We Are Void Of Our Bodies...
The Night, That We Are Honoured To Celebrate
Perhaps The Last During Which I Satisfy My Desire
Wanderer, Perpetual And Restless
Master, Equally Hideous & Beautiful
The Real World Or The Imaginary Vision
Still Perceptible To My Chaotic Thoughts
Nothing Shall Taste The Same Again...
I Am Waiting For You To Stab The World In Its Heart

4. In Thy Pandemaeternum

Art Thou Blind And Deaf?
Old Man!
Decrepit And Hideous
Hidden In Woods Of Madness And Anxiety
I Am The Beast, Thou - The Refugium Of Love
Whereas Your Love As A Cockroach
Under My Own Boot
I Am The Gehenna Of Humanity, Whereas Thou Art Me Mercy
And What Shalt Thou Need It For
If The World Shall Fall Asleep Under My Wings Anyway
I Am The Blood From Thy Limbs, Thou Art The Wisdom
Is It A Great One, Yes, Vain Fools Do Beliefe In It
They Still Go Up In Flames In Anyway
Devils Tongue Is The Tongue Of Fire
Yes, The Same That Burneth Thine Houses
Consumeth Light And Thy Sheep... Damned!
And Even Their Wool Is Shaddy, And The Meat Poisonous
Not For The Hungry Dogs At My Table
I Shall Destroy Everything, Or Not...
I Shalt Throw It To Vultures To Devour, Let Them Feast!
Devils Tongue Is The Tongue Of The Night
Whenever Thou Delight In This Beauty
Thou Pour In Thyself The Wine Of The Underworld
And Whenever Thou Crave For Bearing It
There Are Only The Whispers Of Trees Thou Can Hear
Hungry Of Thy Love, I Am Anticipating My Time...
Devils Tongue Is The Tongue Of My Father
The One, Who With Universe Constituteth An Entity
Father Who Shall Not Sell Thou Out For Any Flirt
Forlove - Affairs, Kisses Of Humanity
Therefore Give Me His Darkness
Power, Might, Hope And Fulfillment
Give Me His Light
It Is The Time For The Feast Of Hell...

5. Driven By The Five-winged Star

Sister Of Sin
Lover Of My Unwedden Night
In Blasphemy We Bathe Our Unclean Bodies
We Find Adoration In The Filthy Procreation
His Will Is Our Devotion
Giving In To The Knight Of The Remote Star
Falling In Love With The Darkest Tormentor
The Basic Instinct, The Obscurity Of My Soul
We Hide Our Secrets Damnedly Deep
And These Are The Key To The Sempimental Glory
To The Harmony Of Body And Soul
Immortality, Spiritual Ecstasy And Diableria
Sister Of Sin
When Rich And When Poor
On My Way To The Throne
Lay Bare On Your Gems
The Nest Of Filth (and Licentiousness)
Of Am I Drinking Your Sweetest Juices
The Poison In The Wine Of Asceticism
Down Am I Sitting Om The Fathers Right Side
And With His Benediction
I Am Opening The Pandora's Box.

6. The Past Is Like A Funeral

Sometimes When I Visit The Landscapes Of The Shadows
Something That Recalls The Grave
Hides In The Hellish Depths And Awaits
When I Dream, It Peeks Into Empty Goblet
(and) Becomes The Wine Of Ecstasy And Licentiousness
I Know The One In A Flock Said: "watch Out, Watch Out"
But I Will Not Go Away Till I Taste The Sweetness Of Your Body
No Matter It Poisons And Causes Death
The Past Is Like An Eternal Funeral
Years, Thousands Of Them, I Rotted In A Monastic Cell
I Resembled A Stone, Hiding My Murderous Self In Silence And Fear
I Lasted In The Infinity Of Meditations And Contamplations
Waiting For The Deserved Dream, There On The Holy Land
And Its Taste And Coldness I Remember
Bare-foot Digging My Own Pit
I Was Kissing It As If The Sweetest Lover And Begged
But Was The Sandto Become My Salvation
Or Worms The People On The Court Of Light
The Past Reeks Of An Oak Coffin, So Wet And Old
Burning Dirty Claws In The Wooden Eyes Of Jehova
I Killed Mercy, Spotting On The Laws Of God
I Celebrated The Birth Of Power
I Fall In Love With Freedom And The Beast
And I Spat Out The Antichrist From My Morbid Womb
In Order To Give Life To Alvine Grain
And Concentrate The Birth Of Human Tragedy & Destruction
I Envisaged Myself As A Great Magician
Althought They Called Armageddon The Whore
Today I Celebrate My Birth, Though I Am Elder Than The World
The Past Only Sometimes Is Like The Sind
That We Grave-digger Throws In Your Eyes.

7. The Entrance To The Spheres Of Mars

Freedom - Said I
And Then The Sun Set And The Dusk
Fell On My Life
Transformations And Metamorphoses
It Was What I Experienced There, On The South Of Heaven
I Was Striking With My Fists At The Heavens Ceilings
Too Low I Fell, I Did Not Reach The Step-father's Neck
Although His Visage Seemed So Close
With Bony Fingers I Desired To Clench The Crown Of Thorns
In Vain, I Have Trampled The Paradisical Flower Of Love
And I Trample Its Rights Here, On The Earth
Each Sin - My Soldier
A Daemon Of The Several Thousand Strong Cavalery
Not Gods Son I Am, But The Child Of Million Stars
While Each Of Them Symbolises Different Human Fraility Greater Than Mine
I Am The Wisdom And The Perfection Of The Universe.

8. With Spell Of Inferno

[on Polish Edition Only!]

How Hard To Fall Asleep When I Miss Your Majesty
How Hard To Live When I Long For Your Devil's Warmth
And Livid Skies Over Wittenberg
And The Empty Streets And Pavements Of The Town
Everything Sinks Into Dead Tears
And Craves For Charlatantry
Mephisto You Are Born Inside Me Again
But Will You Speak My Names In The Ancient Tongues?
Among Thousands Flames Of Profigacy
Naked Bodies Flowing In The Stream Of Wild Dreams
I Strip Myself Of My Sacred Virtues
The Picture Of Male Domination (and Treat In Blood)
And Blood And Pride Old And Clotted Already
But I Can Still See Its Drops On My Bot Face
And Pain And Candles Everywhere And Incense
And Your Dream Which I Wish To Wake Up In Every Day...
Everything So Ephemental And Equally Unreal
And This Blood And Candles Burnt Away; And They Burn Till Today
Mephistopheles, Thousands Times I Saw In Sleep
The Essence Of The Eternal Life But Have I Found It?
If I Am Who I Am, Then I Shall Bombard The Human Race
With The Spell Of Hell
I Shall Go Deeper Down The Dante Did
And Tame The Snakes Of Mine
Phallic Signs And Symbols, The Seed Of Truth
And Belief In Eternal Life...

9. Chawaa Mordercom Wojciecha

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