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Behemoth - 1998 Chaotica - The Essence Of The Underworld

1. The Chant From The Eastern Lands
2. The Touch Of Nya
3. From The Pagan Vastlands
4. Hidden In A Fog
5. Ancient
6. Entering The Faustian Soul
7. Forgotten Cult Of Aldaron
8. Wolves Guard My Coffin
9. Hell Dwells In Ice
10. The Dark Triumph
11. Cursed Angel Of Doom
12. Transylvanian Forest
13. Moonspell Rites
14. Sventevith (storming Near The Baltic)
15. Pure Evil & Hate
16. Forgotten Empire Of Dark Witchcraft
17. Intro
18. The Dark Forest (cast Me Your Spell)
19. Spellcraft & Heathendom
20. Dragon's Lair (cosmic Flames And Four Barbaric Seasons)
21. Lasy Pomorza
22. Rising Proudly Towards The Sky
23. Thou Shalt Never Win
24. Grom
25. Total Disaster
26. Freezing Moon
27. With Spell Of Inferno
28. Hidden In A Fog
29. Sventevith (storming Near The Baltic)


1. The Chant From The Eastern Lands

[cd 1 - Storms To Unleash]

In The Forests Of Eternal Dreaming
Old Oaks Lighted Up By The Fullmoon's Light
The Coldness Of Dungeon Touches The Inside Of Wooden Maze
From The Womb Of Mother-wolf I Was Born
The Witches Foretold In The Hearts Of My Enemies
In The Midnight Wilderness I Took A Pledge
Quickly I Fell In Love With The Taste Of Steel
For Ages Waiting For Its Denudation
The Final Triumph
The Pure Barbarity

I Howl To The Moon For Support In My Battle
The Moon, Symbol Of Purity, The Essence Of Beauty
I Damn The Sun, Rising Again And Again
In Brightness Of Bloody Light, Steel Holocaust
I Received Hails From The Northern Side
Of Snow Covered Carpathians
The Light Breath Of Nightmare, As A Sign
I Summon The Iron Powers, Cavalry Of My Brothers
From The Land Of Armageddish Fields

I Am The Bard Of Eastern Lands...

I Lead My Brothers For Death Struggle
In Glory Of Victory My Armies Rise
Barbarian Tribes With Fury Of Destruction
With Axes Reach The Sky, Hiding Usurpator In Their Wings
Call The Clouds, Desecrating All The Holiness
Hurt Bodies On The Snow, Pandemonium Burns
This Battle Is A Rebellion, Rebirth Of Old Traditions
Mythical Hell Is The Paradise To The True Warriors
There They Attain Eternity And Sit High On The Throne

Pagan Nations Become United
Mighty Bards Received Their Long Awaited Silence
Slavs Returned To Their Villages And Woods
Pagan Frights Of Heavenly Hell Dispelled
...i Opened The Door To The Higher Than Stars Knowledge
And Took A Long Walk Throughout The Unknown Dimensions
As The Sign Of Fullmoon, In Damnation I Shall Rise

[written By Nergal 1994]

2. The Touch Of Nya

3. From The Pagan Vastlands

From The Land Which Hasn't Entered Yet
Into The History
From The Depths Of Swamps We Are Bringing
Proudly Our Name
At Night, Kissing The Moonlight
-rebel Children Living In Twilight
Like Wolves...
...some Named Us So...

Union With People From The Sign
Of The Half Moon
To Crush The Golden Walls Of Earthly Heaven
To Strangle The Pestilence
To The Lands Of Mighty Empire
Others Even Think About Us With Fear
We Invaded A State With A Sword
In Our Hands Roma Means Nothing
In The Land Of Slavs

Today Forests Sing About The Legend
Long Forgotten Spirits
Whose Names Nobody Remembers Now
Waiting Their Day To Reborn
Their Visions Of The Past
Are Torturing Our Souls
Whispering In The Dark
They Will Come Again
To Reign Supreme
Believe My Words

From Unrememberence
From Fire And Water
From The Sacred Woods
Ancient Powers Gather
From The Burnt Arcona
...from The Pagan Vastlands!

Black Horse Rides Across The Sky
With A Sword We Will Open The Amber Gates Of Nawia!

Dzieci Svantevitha Nienawidza Chrystusa!
Dzieci Svantevitha Nienawidza Boga-krzyza!

4. Hidden In A Fog

Night In The Mountains Comes With The Fly Of A Raven
Carpathians Bathed In The Light Of The Moon
In Old Ruins Where The Dying Shadows
Are Watching The Shine From The Stars
Nobody Remembers Days Of Glory
Several Hundreds Years Passed In Silence
Not A Soul Has Been Seen Here
I Am Standing On A Hill
So Silent Is The Sky
I Am Drinking The Cold Of This Night
Old Grey Wolf Lying Upon My Feet
Is Licking The Hand Of Mine

It Is Night...in My Heart
It Is Moon...in My Eyes
I Am Hidden In A Fog- My Own Breath
Small Village In A Valley
Sleeping In Fear, In A Fear Of Me!
Loathsome Race Of The Mortals
Magic Of Wolfish Teethes, Wings Of Bats
Faithful Guards Of Religion
Old As The Blood Itself
The Cult Of The Undead

Frenzy Of Lust, Frenzy Of Pain
She Was Only Fourteen
No Cry Has Burst From Her Lips
Pity That She Had To Die
But How Sweet Was Her Neck
It Is Night...in My Heart
It Is Moon...in My Eyes
I Am Hidden In A Fog
My Own Breath

Sometimes Only My Anthem Of Triumph
Echoes In Mountains Landscape
Like Blood From Thorn Opened Arteries
Poison Flows Down The Tongue
Somewhere Far Away A Howling Can Be Heard
Oh, How Beautiful Is The Night In Transylvania!

Frenzy Of Lust, Frenzy Of Pain
Blood Is Life...eternal!

5. Ancient

6. Entering The Faustian Soul

...with Little Fear I Kiss The Moonlight
How Exciting Is A Thought
About Having A Taste Of Your Kingdom
Which Wakes Up To Life, At Night
When The Servants Carry Me To The Gates Of Helevorn
Dreams About Unlimited Dimensions
Float Over Thy Golden Palace
Snowcovered Majesty, Damned

In Nocturnal Solitude I Pace, Deeper Into Virgin Forest
Among Sadness And Depressive Thoughts
Visit Firmaments Of Dead Nature
In The Glare Of Black Mirror, Asleep

Forgotten Temples Of Gods (of Forests)
Welcoming The Son Of Godly Teuton, Father Of Fathers
The Source Of The Deepest Darkness And Magic
The Mightiest Emperor, Cammrad Of War

With Blessings I Join The Caravan Of My Brothers
Like A Thunder I Strike Into The Jehova's Armies
I Dance With Holocauststorms In This Battle
I Set The Holy Fire Of Aurora Borealis
This Fire, This Flame, This Redness, Live Forever...

7. Forgotten Cult Of Aldaron

Since A Long Time I've Visited Those Old Dungeons
I Spilled The First Blood In The Depth
In The Darkness Of The Forest's Maze
I Found Her, Morbid Beauty
I Used To Spend Whole Days
In The Mystic Places Of Delduwath
There, Where The Light Of The Fullmoon
Fell As The Dying Sun
The Wolf's Howling Was Lulling To Sleep
My Young Soul...

How Beautiful Were The Views Of Nocturnal Land
How Wonderful Was The Life In Complete Solitude
Away From Villages And Towns, Mentions And Palaces
The Last Moments Give Birth To Memories In Me

Who Was That Beauty, Majestic And Great
What Were Those Views, Beautiful And Gilded By Leaves
Which Were Hiding Behind Them So Many Mystic Wefts
They Stole My Solitude And Independence
I Lie Crushed By The Chains In A Wet Cell, Bleeding
I Am Waiting For Mother, The Last Hope, Death
Let The Died Out Fire Awake In Me, Let It Awake Aldaron

Black Gusts Of Dust Covered My Divine Person With Their Arms
The Gates Of Nature For Ages Dead, Opened Themselves
Tears Of Soil Filled Green Valley
Naked Carpathian Mountians Demuded Its Might
Rights Which Created This World
With Fury Strike Heaven, Pearly Gates
The Dark Powers Of Nature Unleashed Veritable War
The Last Breaths Of Sun Falling Onto The Snow
Turned Into A Scream Of A Dying Light...

8. Wolves Guard My Coffin

Delightful Night...
When The Fullmoon Lights Cemetery's Valley
Winds Of Frost Strike My Tomb
When I Am In Eternal Sleep
When Wild Storms Dwell
Wind Blows Through The Baltic
Instincts Unleash Their War Inside
And Strike The Sky With Holocausthunder

Mountains Sleep, The Forest
Covers Freezing Land Where I Was Born
Now I Walk Among The Castles
Watch The Streams Of Frozen Tears
Spilled With Blood Of Forefathers
Nightbreeze Feed My Spiritual Form
And Spirits Gather, Floating On The Mist

My Eastern Empires Spread The Wings Of Winter
Visions Of Destruction, Ruins And Tragedies
Tasting Pure Sin, Fade Into The Pit
And Walk Through My Beloved, Endless Woods...

I Summon All The Beauty Evil
To Rape The Bodies Of Your Disciples
Too Long I Hide In The Shades Of Woods...
And Now I Build My Beauty Hall
Wallachian Tyrant, I Bring A Winter
I Come With Frost And Burning Hate
Follow The Gods Of Eastern Lands
Being The Battle Which Blows The Earth

9. Hell Dwells In Ice

There Was Only One Long And Terrible Winter
Where Icy Blackness Covered The Sun And The Grass
Dethroned Light Ended Its Existence
Hell Brought There All The Thunder And Winds
All The Blasphemy From The Four Sides Of The World
Gods Have Forgotten This Land, Where Fear
Caught The Throat With The Bony Hand
And The Wolf Howled Gloomy Song Of Cold, Frost And Hunger...

The Lakes Enslaved In Hard Icy Shackles
Wild Trees Covered The Happy World
Which Will Never Wake Up Again!
Life Has Affected A New Form Here
Through The Icy Vastlands Run Wild
Hordes Of Wolves, Moonless Night, That's All
Moon Is Covered With Fresh Meat, Threw By The Hungy Hordes

10. The Dark Triumph

[originally Appears On "the Return Of The Northern Moon" Demo 1992]

11. Cursed Angel Of Doom

[originally Appears On "endless Damnation" Reh. Demo Tape 1992 E.v.]

12. Transylvanian Forest

13. Moonspell Rites

14. Sventevith (storming Near The Baltic)

15. Pure Evil & Hate

16. Forgotten Empire Of Dark Witchcraft

17. Intro

[cd2 - Thunders To Erupt]

18. The Dark Forest (cast Me Your Spell)

Darkness Spread Its Dark Wings
Whispers Of Woods Were Growing With Every Moment
I Felt Them Paying An Enormous Tributes
Powers, Which Were Alive At Night
In The Battle Of Light With Dark Earth
Spirits Of Their Own Nature Fight Proudly
Live By My Side, Feed Young Heart Of Mine
But I Can Not Ever See Them
I Don't Know Her Power But I Know It's Great!
Loves, Gives Birth, Kills, It's Powerful
She Raises Beautiful Monuments By The Baltic
Lives When I Sleep And Lives In Me...
At Night Rises Over Dreaming Forests
She Awakes Gods And Goddesses, Unsilently
A Night Cock She Is, Whispers Wolfish Spells
The Chants Of Bards She Knows And Hums Them
Goblins Of Oaks And Denizens Of Darkness
Bathed In A Wine Of A Delightful Night...
Open Dimensions, Lake's Mirror, Earth...
And Lives There, But Dies At Dawn...
Dies In Me With Barbarous Voice
The Dark Forest... Enchant Me!

19. Spellcraft & Heathendom

I've Met In Surrounding Me Nature
Spirits And Deities Wielding The Element
In A Field, In A Forest, In Rocks And Caves
And I Won Their Goodwill With Sacrifices
Horses Carried Me To The Skies
White, Beautiful Steeds... Beloved
I Was Attacking Brushwood Violently
I Touched Motherland

Percus! Magic Circles And Black Stones
Percus! Forest Spells And Damned Souls
Percus! I Find Worship In You
They Will Return, Dance Like Fire, As Before
They Will Return, To The Trees
To The Forest Of Mine... To The Kingdom!

The Thunderer Demons
Guards Of Sacred Spot
During Those Cold Nights
They Found Peace And Consolation

Between The Gates Of Pomeranian Kingdom Of Magic
They Will Reign Again The Thrones Of Mighty Fatherland!

I Rediscover Their Power And Charm
To Defeat Like A Sorcerer
Like Thousand Years Ago
Oaken Castles From Millennium Before
They Will Rise Once Again...as A Sign...

20. Dragon's Lair (cosmic Flames And Four Barbaric Seasons)

Where The Magic Stream Flows
Through The Singing Woods
Blue Grass Of Wisdom Grows
Around The Oaken Roots...
Where The Golden Dragons Fly
Ant The Sorcerers Gather
Four Wooden Statues Stand
And The Fog Lays Thick

Dreamthrone Of Amber
Cosmic Source Of The Might
Reflection Of Wisdom
Power Of The Darkside

Ceremonial Steel Drinks Blood
Painting Pearls And Gold
Mystic Flames Burn Bright
Around The Oaken Lord...

Forgotten Sorcery Storms From The Skies
From The Golden Hall Of The Ancient Ones
Forgotten Sorcery Storms From The Skies
From The Golden Hall Of The Ancient Ones
...the Pagans Await The Equinox
Cosmic Sorcery- The Gift From The Skies
Magic Of Nature- Stronger Than Your Lies
...stone Demigod Shines Proud...
...the Cult Of The Barbaric Seasons...
Pagan Pride Forever
Born To Die In Honour, Not To Serve On Knees
Snowcovered, Wild Vastlands
My Beloved Fatherland...
I See The Tears Of The Oaken One
My Heart Is Like A Stone
My Sword Became Sharp
Crosses To Break
Bodies To Dismember
Flowers To Burn...

21. Lasy Pomorza

Kiedy Moc Piorunow Tnie Niebiosa
W Cieple Letnie Dni
Zwracam Swe Oczy Ku Bogom
Wspanialej I Poteznej Naturze
Dziekujac Za Dar Ukryty W Blyskow Potedze
Zimna Noc Zalegla Nad Prastarym Borem
Ulewne Deszcze Wypelniaja Drogi Mej Wsi
Ukrytej Gdzies W Glebi Pomorskich Lasow
Jak Strugi Lez Deszcz Oczyszcza
Nasza Rzeczywistosc
Mamy Rok Dziewiecsetny...

Lasy Pomorza...

Wiem Ze Urodzilem Sie Wlasnie Tam
Zeby Czynic Mych Ojcow Kulture Piekniejsza
Wiem Ze Oddalem Im Swoje Serce
Bolem I Trwoga Przepelnione...
W Srebrnych Pasmach Ksiezycowego Swiatla
Woje Moi Przeszywaja Debowe Knieje
Podazamy Ku Rozstajom Drog
By W Krwawej Walce Zlozyc Swa Ofiare
Kolejne Grzmoty Burza W Zorzy Wieczornej
Upewniaja Nas W Swej Sile
To Ojcowie Towarzysza Nam Od Samego Poczatku
Raz Pozdrowienia Raz Gniewy Z Sinego Nieba Nam Stac

Lasy Pomorza

Dobrze Ze Bory Zwierza Sa Pelne
Pozwala To Utrzymac Ma Druzyne Na Nogach
I Topory I Tarcze I Miecze Ich Ciezkie
A Futrzane Obuwie Nasiakniete
Krwawoczerwonym Blotem
Mijamy Mile Kolejne By Zdazyc Do Lasow
Pod Skrzydlami Nocy Sie Schowac
Jeszcze Jeden Blysk W Ciemnosci
Jak Ojcowskie Dobranoc Uklada Nas Do Snu...
Jak Wilki...

22. Rising Proudly Towards The Sky

Fallen Into Oblivion
The Last Views Inside My Mind...
Silver Walls Of The Castle
Risen Proudly Towards The Sky
The Rebellion Fell
Many Brave Ones Went Down
Hung On Black Trees They Are
Blown By The Four Winds
I've Been Waiting For Years
Growing Stronger
Blazing Weapons, Eyes Burn Bright
In The Dark...as A King I Shall Return...
Horns Sing In The Woods
Hordes Gather
Ancient Gods Of War Ride The Sky
Old Kingdom Will Fall
Like A Moondust
Reflecting Down The Valleys
So Pure Hungry For Blood
The Hearts Of The Dark Ones
Thunders Strike...
Dancing On The Black Mirrors
The Bards Of War And Vengeance
Came From Forgotten Realms
As A King I Shall Return
To Proclaim My Victory Return Of Ancient Pride
Laws Of Steel... Cold Steel...

23. Thou Shalt Never Win

I Break The Chains Of Unbelief
Burden Of Millennial Slavery
Forest Eteral Wander
Extending Beyond Earthly Dimensions

Gods Will Return To Their Graces Together With Me
They'll Find Their Oaken Kingdom As Before
I Free My Powers When Yelling Silently
When I Fight...thousand Of Demons Follow Me!

And My Strength And My Spell...
And My Beautiful Pride
Will Find You And Wrap You
Will Raise The Majesty To The Skies...
From The Depths Of The Earth Deep And Black
Through The Forests Woods And Shadows
(it) Will Penetrate Lakes And Wolfish Mountians...
On The Wings Of Demons To The Skies!

I Denude Golden Gates Of My Nawia
Shrouded In Thick Smoke Of Burnt Bodies
I Show My Love...i Praise The Might
...and Destroy With Power Of Thunders
Constantly Destroy

On My Right Hand Fire Eternally Devoted
Together With The Strength Of Thunders
Will Dance As Before
The Conflagration Death And Misfortune Let It Beget
Rebuild What Was Created By The Cross
And My Strength And My Spell

24. Grom

Ty Ktory Lasy Ogarnales Piorunow Plaszczem
Ty Ktory Wichrem Karmisz Dzieci Swe
Wzbudziles Morze Nienawisci W Ich Umyslach
Jak Battyk Brzegi Swe Ty Otuliles Swiete Gaje...

Stare Deby Pochylily Grzbiety Swe W Poklonach
Piorunowy Swiety Ogien Konczy Taniec...
Plasy Milkna Strzygi Chyla Lby Ku Niebu
Czekajace Nagie Wilki

Slodycz Twa I Cieplo Czuje Coraz Blizej
Ty Lonem Matki Mej I Sila
Ziemia Polem Lasem Laka Gajem...
Esencja Zycia Magia Ktora Zyje
Ciemnoscia Zwa Cie Ci Dla Ktorychs Wrogiem
Zblakana Owca Wezem Smiercia W Trwodze
Ramiona Meznych Wojow Pna Twoj Posag Wzwyz
Tys Nie Herezja Ale Prawda Plunal W Krzyz!

Grom Niech Bedzie Twym Zwiastunem
Brzaskiem Imperium W Chwale Czekanego
Dzwonem W Poganskie Serca Bitym
Oltarzem Prawdy Duma Oraz Krwia Okrytym

Niech Grom Zapowie Twe Nadejscie
Godzine Zemsty Boskiej Rozpaczy
Nadejda Nowe Potezne Czasy
O Sile Twej Szumia Pomorskie Lasy...

25. Total Disaster

[coversong Of Destruction, Released Never Before!]

26. Freezing Moon

[coversong Of Mayhem, Released Never Before!]

[both Recorded During "grom" Studio Session.]

27. With Spell Of Inferno

How Hard I Fall Asleep When I Miss Your Majesty
How Hard To Live When I Long For Your Devil's Warmth
And Livid Skies Over Wittenberg
And The Empty Streets And Pavements Of The Town
Everything Sinks Into Dead Tears
And Craves For Charlatantry

Mefisto You're Born Inside Of Me Again
But Will You Speak My Name In The Ancient Tongues

Among Thousand Flames Of Profligacy
Naked Bodies Flowwing In The Stream Of Wild Dreams
I Strip Myself Of My Sacred Virtues
The Picture Of Male Domination (and The Treat In Blood)

And Blood And Pride Old And Clotted Already
But I Can Still See Its Drops On My Hot Face
And Pain And Candles Everywhere And Incense
And Your Dream Which I Wish To Wake Up In Every Day...

Everything So Ephemeral And Equally Unreal
And This Blood And Candles Burnt Away; And They Burn Till Today

Mephistopheles Thousand Times I Saw In Sleep
The Essence Of Eternal Life, But Have I Found It?

If I Am Who I Am, Then I Shall Bombard The Human Race
With Spell Of Hell!
I Shall Go Deeper Down Than Dante Did
And Tame The Snakes Of Mine
Phallic Symbols The Seed Of Truth
And Belief In Eternal Life...

28. Hidden In A Fog

29. Sventevith (storming Near The Baltic)

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Antichristian Phenomenon 2001
Thelema 6.66 2000 Olympic Recordings
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Chaotica - The Essence Of The Underworld 1998
Bewitching The Pomerania 1997 Solistitium Records
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From The Pagan Vastlands 1994 Nazgul's Eyrie Productions
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