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Dr. Faust - 1991 Phantom Of Fear

1. Cannibal Holocaust
2. Ночь Живых Мертвецов
3. No Remorse
4. I'll Never Be A Star
5. Апокалипсис
6. Nightmare
7. Come Together
8. Black Star


1. Cannibal Holocaust

Open Your Eyes When You're Talkin' With Devil
Hell Fire Burning Your Flesh
He's Got No Mercy, He's Got A Power
You Are Next Victim Of The Thrash

Nuclear Fear Deadly Black Horror
Falling From Empty Blue Sky
Don't Trade With Satan'don't Sacrifice Him
Cause If You Don't Care You Will Die

Race Of War Is Cannibal Holocaust
Death Rides Now
Dgnorance Kills The Trust

Million Soldiers Marchin With Weapon
Screamin' The Battle Cry Brave
Stop Now The Madness, They're Not Immortal
Cause They March In The Grave

Screamin' Of Vengeance, Screamin' Of Bloodlust
Open The Gate Of The Hell
Don't Try Survive In The Fire Of Madness
Black Master Puts Down His Spell


2. Ночь Живых Мертвецов

Черная Мгла Распростерлась Над Миром
Блещет Свет Полной Луны
Путник В Ночи, Заблудившийся Странник
Видит Кошмарные Сны

Знамение Смерти, Приветствие Ада
Кто Ты, Фигура Во Тьме?
Это Иллюзия Иль Наваждение,
А Может, Исчадие Зла?

Души Умерших, Воставших Из Ада;
Злоба Пусть Гонит Их Прочь
Если Не Струсишь, Ты Их Увидить
В Свете Луны В Эту Ночь.

В Эту Ночь - Скорбный Гул Голосов
В Эту Ночь - Треск Могильных Крестов
В Эту Ночь - Звон Железных Оков
В Эту Ночь Ночь - Ночь Живых Мертвецов


3. No Remorse

When Night Comes Dawn He Gonna Out In The Streets
His Heart Is Beating And You Feel His Body's Heat
As A Sneaky Rattlesnake He Is Creeping In The Dark
He Is Midnight Maniac And He Is Hungry Like A Shark

I Will Fight 'till The Day I Die
Like I Did It Before
Fucking Killer Has No Remorse
When He Knock's At Your Door He Is Breaking The Low

He Still Stalkin' Along Deserted Avenues
Tomorrow You Will Know About Murder From The News
Blood Thirsty Demon, Evil Morbid Ghost
Develop From The Back And Brings The Gravy Frost


4. I'll Never Be A Star

I Hate Music That You Listen
Don't Try Tell Me About This Shit
Stop Talk About That Bastards
Stop Think About That Motherfuckers

You Never Heard My Music On The Radio
You Never Saw My Music On The Mtv
I'll Never, Never, Never Be A Star

Tell Me Just 'bout You Love And Hate
Show Me What Now You Create
I're Got Only My Own Words,
I Was Born To Make This Fuckin' Music

They Said That My Music Is Loud
And Just Thunder, Scream And Shout
Fuck Them All And Let'em Kiss My Ass
I Just Wanna Kill That Motherfuckers


5. Апокалипсис

Черные Тучи - Предвестники Бури
Всадник На Черном Коне - Гость Из Ада
Призраки Страха - Властители Смерти
Верные Слуги Маркиза Де Сада.

Ночь Полнолунья - Сабат Вампиров
Ангел В Изгнанье - Праздник Безумства
Боги Войны В Боевых Колесницах
Вновь Побеждаем Стальное Упрямство

Дикое Воинство - Рыцари Дьявола
Атомный Ужас, Ставший Преданием
В Мертвых Глазницах Нет Сострадания
Руки Убийцы - Чье Вы Создание?


6. Nightmare

Once I Had An Awful Morbid Dream:
In My Mind I Heard A Cry And Scream
All At Once I Saw The Witch From Hell
All Around Me Start To Chime Like Bell

Terrible Dream, Cry And Scream
I're Been So Fright
Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Go, Nowhere To Hyde

"can You See My Future?" - Then I Told
"do You See Me In The Crystal Ball"
"yes'-she Said-your Fate Not By, Your Side
You Will Die Like Fuckin Suicide

Save Or Kill Because Life Unreal
Ask Yourself-life Of Death?

I Can't Stop My Nightmare, Just Can't Awake
Evil Thoughts Has Come And Creep Like Snake
I Would Lost My Hope And Start To Pray:
"oh, My God! Help Me!"-all What I Say

[voice Of Angel:]
In The Last Rays Of The Setting Sun
Retrace Your Life Because The Death No Fun
It You Realy Wanna Kill Youself
Change Your Mind And You'll Prevent Your Death

[voice Of Luciefer:]
Stop This Bullshit Cause Your Life Undone
I Can Help To Become Your Death To Fun
Immortal Soul Doesnt Must To Fly In The Sky
Call My Name If You Gonna Die

So You Realy Wanna Be A Dead
Get Noose On Your Neck Or Bullet On Your Head
Wellcome In Heaven Or See You In Hell
Some One Will Tell Me That You Dyin As Well
So You Realy Wanna Be A Dead
Pull The Trigger And Bullet Will Break Your Head
Your Life Is Over, Your Flesh Will Decay
But I Don'tblame You Just Walk This Way
Sell Me Your Soul Before You Will Die
I Would Be Mercy And Help You To Die
Nightmare Is Over And I'm Stayin Alive
But I'm Hearing Words That Ring In My Mind.


7. Come Together

[the Beatles Cover]


8. Black Star

Latest Night I See The Light
That Shining From The Sky
It's The Sign I Can't Deny
Tomorrow I Must Die

Deadly Omen, Mortal Message
I Can't More Resist
Take My Life But Save My Soul
It's Knock Of Iron Fist

Black Star-shine A Light On Me
Black Star-please Don't Set Me Free
Black Star-i Can't Wait Anymore
Black Star-it Was Never Before

Satan's Riders Came From Nowhere
Command My Soul In Hell
Evil Hordes Fly Like Dragons
I Don't Want Stop Dwell

Black Star Shinin' People People Dyin'
It's The End Of Time
I're Got Decision In My Mission
When I'm First In Line


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