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Dr. Faust - 1992 Pathologial Anatomy Of The Black Melancholy

1. Dark Lord (intro)
2. Mind Invasion
3. Revelation
4. Deadly Smoke
5. Torture By Terror
6. The Ballad Of Poor Old Butcher
7. Satan's Wrath
8. Master Of Dead
9. Demolition
10. We Shall Be Dead
11. Death And Destruction
12. Rotting Of The Flesh
13. Hold On
14. Judgement Day
15. King Of Evil
16. Sexual Crime In The Lost Paradise
17. Suffocation In Your Soul
18. Black Mass Priest
19. Epilogue


1. Dark Lord (intro)


2. Mind Invasion

Blow My Brain, Suck My Blood
Eat My Flesh, Rip My Heart
All That Time I Feel Abomination
Since They Started Mind Invasion

Words Like Bombs Fall From The Sky
No More Life - Truth Is Lie
You Want Death - Tell Me Why
Save Your Soul - You Will Die

3. Revelation

Murder, Terror, Rape, Disgrace
Violence Kills Your Livin' Ways
Satan Blessed Your Dirty Deeds
Sold Your Soul For All You Need
Gold And Silver For The Death
Smashong Skulls For Mortal Breath
Fallen Angel You Came Out From The Hell
Desintegration Is Finish Of The Dwell
Make Decision Lay Into The Grave
No Religion Salvation In The Brave

4. Deadly Smoke

Deadly Smoke Offend The Eyes
Lot Of Dead And 1000000 Of Flies
Evil Minds Came From Space
Human Factor Has Disgrace
Fuckin' Bastards Let Them Die
They Not Right And You Know Why
Smash Their Heads Till They'll Get Shock
They'll Bring Us A Deadly Smoke

5. Torture By Terror

Evil Forces Come Into My World
Iron Horses Bring The Men With Swords
Twisted Minds Doesn't Belive The Words
Broken Souls, Suffer Gives The Hurts
Satan Rules And Human Race Will Die
Power Of Fools Changes The Truth To Die
Endless War Outcome From Your Mind
Wicked Law-livin' Like A Swine
Torture By Terror-horror Surround Me
No Way Out From Hell Never Break It's Spell
Live In The Shit Walk This Way All Time
Rotten Spit From Crowd To Your Soul
Fear Of Death Don't Resist Your Fate
Stop Your Breath Terror Borns The Hate

6. The Ballad Of Poor Old Butcher

Save Your Blood, Save You Flesh
Save Your Mind In The Hellish Thrash

7. Satan's Wrath

Devil Sends The Beast With Wrath
To Kill The Human Race
Darkest Hour For Planet Earth
God Turns Away His Face

Souls Of Sinners Burn In Hell
It Soon Will Be For All
Suffering Becomes The Norm
Pray For Save My Soul

Satan's Wrath For Planet Earth
No Rebirth From Distress
Malice Wins And No Escape
Angry Hearts Bring As Death

8. Master Of Dead

9. Demolition

Demolition For The End Of The World
Politician Taken The Sword
Tell Me Why-i'm Asking My Friend
Why Am I Dying? Red Blood Runs To Sand

Demolition Is Result Of The Mind
Completition For The First Is Line
Accusation In All Deadly Sins
Incineration Breaks Losing And Wins

World Gone Mad
Obscenity Is Norm
Earth Is Dead
Nothing Except The Harm

Demolition-suffer, Pain And Death
Information Is Deadly Virus For Health
Satan's Comin' No Way Out To Run
Civilization Leads As To Our Graves

10. We Shall Be Dead

You Said That Life Is Shit
Would Goin' Bad And We Shall Be Dead

11. Death And Destruction

Wind Of Hate Brings Cloud Of Death
Violence Rules The World
Human Race Becomes The Beasts
People Dies By The Sword

Truth Is Lie And Life Is Death
Murder Is The Way Of Life
Devil Stands Behind The Door
This Is End Of Light

Listen Now Just What I Say: Look Around Yourself
Can You See A Lot Of Corpses That Layin' Everywhere
This Is Outcome Of Your Work: You Programmed To Kill
Future Vision In The Dark
And Never Back To Real

Only Death An D Destruction
Lie And Corruption

Satan's Curse For Human Race
No Way Out From Hell
Claws Of Devil Keep Your Throat
You Never Break His Spell

12. Rotting Of The Flesh

Battlefield After Action
Bloody Dawn Of Fallen Nation
Vulture's Feast Hellish Harvest
This Is A Rotting Of Flesh
Cloud Of Ravens, Clouds Of Flies
Food For Worms, Victims Of Hell
Corpses Are Silent, Corpses Are Still
This Is A Rotting Of Flesh
Watch Out-death Is Near
Look Out-devil's Here
Full Moon Is Sinister Omen
Howl Of Wolves Is Sigh Of Trouble Ahead
Evil Comes Just Like Winter
People Think That It's Right
Violence For Silence
Rotting Of The Flesh Is Rotting Of Soul
Stench Of The Death, Fall In Black Hole
Violence For Silence

13. Hold On

Open Mouth For Scream Of Fear
When Your Dreams Are Dessapear
Horror Of Reality
Puts It's Spell For You And Me
Hold On Tight In The Night
Break The Spell Life Not Dwell

14. Judgement Day

Sea Of Blood And Hills Of Bones
Flyin' Bullets And Fallen Bombs
Broken Churches And Slayed Priests
No Way Out And No Resist

Someone Dies And Someone Kills
Someone Cryin' Shoot To Thrill
Someone Rising, Someone Falls
Someone Hangs On Gallows Pole

Death Came Out From The Sky
Pray For Lord 'canse You Will Die
Horror Comin' With The Night
Never Know How Do It Right

Evil Passion Breaks My Heart
Time Has Come Just Let It Start
Are You Ready Start To Pray?
Stop Resist It's Judgement Day!

15. King Of Evil

Evil Inside Of Me, Evil Inside Of You
Answer Me Who Did That?
Answer Me, Who Are You?
Murder Is Brutal Decision
Violence Is Bloody Massacre
Answer Me What Do You Want?
Answer Me What The Fuck Is It?
That's Me -king Of Evil
Worship Me-i Rule The Would
You Know Me And I Bless Your Gun

16. Sexual Crime In The Lost Paradise

17. Suffocation In Your Soul

18. Black Mass Priest

Turn Your Head And Look Around
Whole World Getting Worse
Try To Listen For The Sound
Hooves Of Flying Horse

Mortal Message From The Dark
Doom For Dying Now
He Prays For Death, He Prays For War
Twist Your Mind Around:
"kill Your Brother, Kill Your Friend
Life Has Not A Happy End."
Black Mass Priest
"throw The Arrow To The Crowd
Shoot To People Let Them Shout"
Black Mass Priest

Who Said That Evil Is Dead?
Blurring By The Blood
I Reborn From Million Graves
Black Mass Priest For Crowd

Tolling Of The Funeral Bell
Resound For Miles Around
Pray For Death, Pray For War
Howl Of Devil's Hound

19. Epilogue

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