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Dr. Faust - 2001 Bad Time, Bad Place

1. ...in The Name Of Me...
2. Dancing Clown
3. Stranger In 4th Dimension
4. Incutious Solution
5. Waste Existence
6. Toxic Lunch
7. Eyes Of The Shadow
8. Small Town Philosophy
9. Human Being
10. Live Fast, Die Slow
11. Wrong Way
12. Money And Power
13. Something In Their Eyes
14. Lament
15. Inside The Circle
16. Point


1. ...in The Name Of Me...

You Got A Gun, I Got A Chainsaw
I'll Turn It On And Cut Your Body
Change The Way Of Your Destiny
Are You Ready To Die In The Name Of Me?
Blow Your Mind With My Blasphemy
Are You Ready To Die In The Name Of Me?

2. Dancing Clown

Look For The Kill
Fear Is Your Feast
Just Wait For A Stranger
It's Showtime Just Do It
The Whole World Is A Stage
All People Are Players
Innocent Victims
Blood On Your Hands
We're All Floating To Here
Just Come Down In My World
I Am A Dancing Clown
I'll Show You Who I Am
No Way Out From Here
Someone Will Tell You Once
Confession Of Murder
Salvation In Silent Death

3. Stranger In 4th Dimension

Your, Decision To Make It Slow And Nice
You're A Magician And You Just Move Your Eyes
Understanding Is The Way Of Life
Chasing Shadows And You Can't Touch The Sky
Walk Alone And Find The Truth
Keep It Warm Just For Me
Wait For The Second Coming
Lie For Selfsalvation
Look For The Carnal Knowledge
Is Destination Of A Sick Person
Something Strange-lost Your Mind Control
Hopeless Stage-never Comin' Back

4. Incutious Solution

A Way Of Life Is What You Need
Make Your Choice And Take It Now
Nightmares, Illusions
Artificial Stimulation
Of Your Imagination
Decisions, Remembrance
Reminding Of The Past
And Waiting For The Future
Your Destination Written On The Wall
Make Something Weird, Let Someone Fall
Time To Make Solution You're Got To Be Strong
Read This Prescription And Break Down The Bond
Master! Save Me! Keep Me! Don't Forget Me!

5. Waste Existence

Wake Up From Explanation
Rise From Oblivion
Time Will Show Where I Was Wrong
Next Stop Is The Sanitarium
Madness Coming
No One Came From Nowhere
Just You Forgive Me
If I Never Knew
How Could You Make It At All
But Now The Time Has Come
Waste Existence Is No Excuse
That Destination
Is Just For You And Me

6. Toxic Lunch

Feeling Bad Now
Looking Back To The Past
Something Is Reminding Me
What I Didn't Do Right
Feeling Worse Than Ever
Looks Like I'm Gonna Die
Only Thing That I Remember Is Just My Toxic Lunch
Deadly Spasm Makes Me Shake And Shiver
Last Convulsion And Eternal Darkness

7. Eyes Of The Shadow

Look Through The Magic Mist
Can You See The Eyes Of The Shadow?
Looking For An Easy Target
Playing With Everyone
Dangerous And Cold As Ice
Bringing Death To The Living?
Look Through The One Thousand Miles
Can You Feel The Eyes Of The Shadow?
Trying To Tell You Something
But Lying In Every Word
Dealing With The Devils
Don't Look In The Eyes Of The Shadow
Look Through The Universe
Can You Find The Eyes Of The Shadow?
A Helpless Scream Behind Your Window
Another Victim Fallen Down
Don't You See? Now It's Coming Fast
Don't Look In The Eyes Of The Shadow
Mystery Is Scaring Me
Magic Light Of Insanity
Look Through An Eternity
Can You Blind The Eyes Of The Shadow
Fight With The Creature Of The Night
Kill The Monster From Your Nightmare
Don't Give Him A Second Chance
Don't Look In These Eyes Of The Shadow

8. Small Town Philosophy

Come Inside And Walk This Way
If You Know The Answer You're Gonna Stay
This Is Driving You Mad
No Way Out From This Hopeless Situation
Try To Understand The Small Town Philosophy

9. Human Being

Open Wide And Say Good Night
Turn Of The Light And Sleep Well And Tight
Say You Will So How Do You Feel
After A Kill On The Hill
Civilized Human Being
Spends His Life In Sin
Sleeps In The Filth And Eats The Shit
Walks Around With The Baseball Beat
Say What You Say And Do What You Do
Eat What You Suck Just Give A Fuck

10. Live Fast, Die Slow

That The Way It Slow And Easy
But It's Not For You
Take The Ride With Wind And Fire
So What You Gonna Do?
Empty Eyes Are Full Of Madness
You're Burning Your Mind 'till Your Blind
Race With The Devil, Race With The Demons
Clean Your Soul 'till You Shine
Opened Doors To Different Times
But You're Gonna Stay At Home
Friends And Neighbors Buy You Drink
But You're Gonna Roam
Scary Monsters Of Your Mind
They Gonna Learn You Fly
Everybody Tells You "live"
But You Gonna Die
Save Your Soul, Prey For Me
Live Fast, Die Slow

11. Wrong Way

Don't Treat Me Like That
Just Show Me The Exit
I Have To See
The Human Faces
Don't Let Me Suffocate
Faceless Creatures Rule Destiny
The Lord Of Darkness Leads The Blinds

12. Money And Power

Listen I'll Tell You Story
Don't Go, Or You'll Be Sorry
Power Is What You Want
Money Is What You Always Need
There Are Different Ways To Reach The Top
No Remorse, No Regrets
Reach The Power And Get The Money
Listen To Me And Look Around You
Many People Of The World
Possessed By Passions Of Gold
Save Their Souls And Buy The Power
But They'll Have A Final Hour
Reach The Power And Get The Money
Fuck The People And Kill Somebody

13. Something In Their Eyes

Something Strange Around Me
Something Weird Inside Me
All These Men Who Talk To Me
All These Men Who Watch Me
Something In Their Eyes
Something In Their Walk
I Would Change My Number
I Would Change My Lock
They Wanna Take My Blood
They Wanna Take My Brain
They Gonna Give Me Suffer
They Gonna Give Me Pain

14. Lament

Loneliness, Emptiness, Darkness, Sadness
Depression, Isolation
The Path To Heaven Is Closed For My Soul
The Hand Of Fate Keeps My Throat
Shining Blade Is Stone Cold

15. Inside The Circle

Show Me The Line Between Truth And Lie
Take Me To The Inner Circle Of Your Mind
Inside The Circle Of Power And Glory
Don't Try To Get Into The Forbidden Area
Don't Lie-this Way Leads You To Nowhere
Get Into The Inner Circle Of Your Fear
Inside The Circle Of Making Solutions
Don't Try To Change Everything In Your Life

16. Point

Let Me See The Reason, Let Me Get The Point
Don't You Feel The Power Hidden In Your Joint?
Show Me A Land Of Promises And Take Me To Your Dream
Close The Gate Of Madness And Let Me Hear Your Scream
Where Is The End Of Your Tortures?
How Much Time You Can Feel The Pain?
What's The Cause Of Your Dementia?
When's The Last Time You Seen The Rain?
Evil Forces Try To Make You're Creep
The Reign Of Shadows, The Last Point Of Your Trip

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