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Mortician - 2003 Darkest Day Of Horror

: Death/Grind : Relapse Records
1. Audra
2. Slowly Eaten
3. The Bloodseekers
4. Voodoo Curse
5. Massacred
6. Human Puzzle
7. Chopped To Pieces
8. Revenge
9. Mangled
10. Dead And Buried
11. Darkest Day Of Horror
12. Rampage
13. Cannabalistic Fiends
14. Carving Flesh
15. Ghost House
16. Vaporized
17. Pledge Night Of Death
18. Taste For Blood
19. Disintegrated
20. The Final Sacrifice


1. Audra

Betrayal, Left To Die, Lust For Blood
Casting Call For Audra, Six Summoned
Desolate, Eerily Dark Estate
Jealousy For The Part, Seals Their Fate
Masked Killer, Morbid Rage, Waits For Them
Murdering One By One Till There's None
Hideous Horrid Face, Takes Your Life
Slits Your Throat, Spilling Blood On The Ice
Hatred, All Must Die
Icepick In The Spine
Darkened Rooms Of Death
Sound Of Morbid Breath
Psychotic Killer Comes, Mask Of Death
Hunts For You, Shining Blade, Blood Is Fresh
Mutilated Corpses Lie In The Snow
All Are Dead, Audra Lives, Curtains Close

2. Slowly Eaten

Hopelessly You Lie Trapped
Broken And Battered
Wounds Open, Bleeding
Ants Start The Feeding
Roaches Are Creeping
Buzzards Are Circling
Rabid Dogs Chewing
Rats Join The Feasting
Flies Cover Your Flesh
Waiting For Your Death
Soon You'll All Be Bones
Scattered And Unknown

3. The Bloodseekers

Rising Up From Coffins Seeking Fresh Human Blood
Ripping Out Internal Organs, Spilling The Guts
Hacking, Cutting, Severing Limbs, Blood Splattering
Tearing, Ripping, Munching Through Skin, Most Fulfilling
Thoughtless Killing, Insane Craving, Rabid Feasting
Mangled Bodies, Gutted Corpses, Bloody Pieces

4. Voodoo Curse

A Mission In A World Of Death
Where Walking Zombies Roam The Earth
The Powder To Bring Back The Dead
Protected By An Ancient Curse
Souls Are Trapped In Endless Torment
Controlled By The High Priest Of Death
Caught, Tortured And Buried Alive
You Meet With Death, Your Soul Is Mine
Powder Returns You Back To Life
To Roam The World With Those That Died
You're Cursed Forever To Roam The Earth
A Soulless Corpse Of Living Death

5. Massacred

Burning Fires From The Sky
Screams And Cries, Millions Die
Blinding Light, Searing Heat
Cries Of Pain, Destruction
Rotting Heap S, Burning Meat
Melting Flesh, Littered Earth
Blood Running, Peeling Skin
Rotting Flesh, Stench Of Death
Wasteland Of Flesh And Bone
Massive Graves, Massacred

6. Human Puzzle

Chainsaw Wielding Maniac
Beheads Victim With An Axe
Grisly Project Will Now Start
Hunt For The Remaining Parts
Torso Severed From The Dead
Connecting The Severed Head
Arms Lopped Off, Blood Gushing Red
Chainsaw Severs Hips And Legs
Sewing On The Body Parts
Bloody Work Of Human Art
Human Puzzle Now Complete
Ghastly Display Of Bloody Meat
Sick Creation Of Dead Flesh
Rips Off Your Balls, You Bleed To Death

7. Chopped To Pieces

Axe Is Swinging, Head Severing
Veins Are Spraying, Blood Splattering
Frantic Chopping, Limbs Are Falling
Stumps Are Gushing, Blood And Organs
The Torso Left, A Mangled Mess
A Limbless Heap Of Bloody Meat

8. Revenge

Stripped And Naked, Raped And Beaten
In Blood She Lies, Alone To Die
Nightmares Torment The Mind
Rage Building Up Inside
No Mercy For Her Cries
Revenge, They Now Must Die
Murder Burns In Her Eyes
Strung Up And Left To Die
Seduced Into The Tub
Castrated, Dying In Blood
Rapists Meet Their Demise
Bloodlust Is Satisfied
One More Is Left To Kill
Axe Splits Open The Skull

9. Mangled

A Violent Death, A Mangled Mess
Head Is Severed, Torn From Your Neck
Broken Body, Smashed To Pieces
Putrid Stench Of Rotting Faeces
Blood Seeps From Your Wounds
Bile, Pus, Flowing Guts
Brains Pour From Your Head
Cold, Still, You Lie Dead
Mangled Body, Bloody Carcass
Spilling Forth The Inner Organs
A Clump Of Flesh, Dead And Bleeding
Maggots Join The Rodents' Feeding

10. Dead And Buried

Potter's Bluff, The Town Of Death
Smell Of Decomposing Flesh
Townspeople Are Living Dead
Chopping, Hacking You To Death
Friendly People Have You Met
Are They Real Or Are They Dead?
Enter, You Will Meet Your End
Boulder Smashes In Your Head
Beaten, Tied And Burned Alive
Needle Stuck Into Your Eye
Mortician Bringing New Life
Thoughts Of A Demented Mind
Now You Learn That You Have Died
Horrified, You're Still Alive

11. Darkest Day Of Horror

Sun Shines On The Earth
Darkest Day Of Death
Rotting, Walking Dead
Search For Human Flesh
Few Survivors Left
Rats Feed On The Dead
Hiding Underground
Can't Escape The Sound
Of The Undead Howls
Rip Apart The Corpses
Tearing Out The Organs
Peeling Off Human Skin
Bloody Zombie Feasting
Human's Fate Is Met
Hordes Of Living Dead
Come To Bring Their Death
Massive Bloodletting
Eating, Munching Skin
Gory Flesh Dining
No More Humans Left
Millions Of Undead
Now Control The Earth

12. Rampage

Insane, The Lust For Murder
Savage, Sadistic Torture
Roaming The Streets Of Darkness
Searching For Helpless Victims
Sharpened Knife, Blade Is Gleaming
Cutting, The Blood Is Flowing
Hacking The Limbs And Organs
Laughing While Victims Scream
Slaughter, Blood Splatters The Streets
Bloody, Brutal Gore-filled Death
Slicing, Tearing The Throat
Gutting The Inner Organs
Horror, Body Count Rising
Decayed, Carcasses Rotting
Killer, No-one Can S Top Him
Victims, The Corpses Piling

13. Cannabalistic Fiends

Years Have Passed, Demented Rage
Lust For Death, Taste For Flesh
Luring Victims To The Farm
Promise Of Help, You Meet Death
Electric Drill Splits Your Skull
Hot Poker In Your Guts
Pitchfork Rams In Your Throat
Blood Spraying, Night Of Gore
Deranged From Blood, Need More Victims
Fresh Corpses To Dine And Gorge
Insanity, Sick Family
Killing As One, The Flesh Hunger
No One Can Escape Them
Cannibals Eat Your Flesh

14. Carving Flesh

Knife Is Sharpened, Blade Is Gleaming
Ready For Cutting
Throat Cut Open, Gargling, Choking
Veins Are Gushing, Blood Is Spraying
Stripping, Skinning
Brutal Hacking, Carving The Flesh
Slicing Through The Skin
Inner Organs Rupture Within
Guts Are Spilling, Luring Victims
Killing For Fun, Mangled Corpses
Lie Still In Death

15. Ghost House

Morbid Voices Calling, Unknown Terror Waiting
Enter Th E House Of Gore, Prepare For Slaughter
Spectral Beings, Blood Is Running From The Faucets
Phantoms, Ghostly Visions
Evil Clown Doll Grinning
Head Split Open With An Axe, The Blood Is Flowing
Throat Is Slit And Eyeballs Punctured, Gruesome Killings
Hammer Smashes The Face
Guillotined At The Waist
Melting, Death By Acid
Blood-drenched Splattering Deaths

16. Vaporized

Bombs Fall From The Sky
Millions Now Will Die
Burning, Searing Heat
Cooking Human Meat
Vaporize Your Flesh
Liquifying Death
Melting All Your Bones
You Exist No More

17. Pledge Night Of Death

Years Of Anger, Thoughts Of Murder
Final Prank Night, Pledges Will Die
Family Secret Haunts The Present, Time For Revenge
Insane Killer, Trial Of Murder, String Of Bodies
Psycho Sister, Twin Of Evil
Escaped Patient, Lusting For Death
Axe In The Head, Shears In The Chest
Swift Beheading, Mutilating
Hell Night Of Death, Fresh Blood Is She D, Savage Murder
Family Hatred, All Will Be Dead, Sick Vendetta
Good And Evil, One Will Be Killed
One More Victim Will Die Tonight

18. Taste For Blood

Seductive Girls, They Come For You
Intent To Kill, Make You Their Food
Rip Out Your Throat, Feed On Your Flesh
Blood Splattering, Draining Your Corpse
Munching Your Organs, Peeling Skin From Bones
Cannibalistic Fiends, Ripping Out Your Brains
They Long For Blood And Crave For Flesh
They Lure You To A Gruesome Death

19. Disintegrated

Armageddon Coming, End Of Life Is Nearing
Storms Of Death Are Raging, Scorching Fires Burning
Lightning Striking Quickly
Comets Smashing Swiftly
Volcanoes Erupting, Molten Mass Destruction
Cities Burning, Crumbling
Billions Dead And Dying
Inner Core Exploding
Earth Is Blown To Pieces

20. The Final Sacrifice

Children Return To Kill
More Elder's Blood Will Spill
Offerings To Their God
Dwelling With In The Corn
Demon Orders Their Deaths
Knives Tear Into The Flesh
Lust For Blood In Their Eyes
All That Enter Will Die
Mangled Corpses Now Pile
Children's Bloody Death Rites
Trapped Nowhere To Escape
Sharp Sickle Seals Your Fate
Blade Cuts, Your Throat Is Slit
Offering Is Your Death
Last Elder One Alive
The Final Sacrifice

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