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Mortician - 1998 Zombie Apocalypse

: Relapse Records
1. Devoured Alive
2. Incinerated
3. Zombie Apocalypse
4. Slaughterhouse
5. Hell On Earth
6. F.o.d. (fuck Of Death)
7. Horrified
8. Charred Corpses
9. Dissected
10. Blood Harvest


1. Devoured Alive

Hotel Of Death
Morbid Sadist
Savage Death Trap
Lurks In The Swamp

Scythe In The Face
Chop, Mutilate
Blood Splattering
Brutal Killing

Thrown In The Swamp
Limbs Are Torn Off
Eaten Alive
Slowly You Die

Hungry For Blood
Need More Victims
The Jaws Of Death
Chomp On Your Flesh

2. Incinerated

Warheads Fall
On The Earth
All Mankind
Burnt To Death

Burning Bones
Melting Flesh
Boiling Veins
Stench Of Death

Bodies Cooked
Massive Death
Earth Is Dead

3. Zombie Apocalypse

No More Room In Hell
Putrid Rotting Smell
Hunger Need To Kill

Ripping Through The Earth
Lust For Blood And Death
Seeking Human Flesh

Hunger Of The Dead
Human Corpses Bled

Ripping Off The Heads
Bones Are Torn Of Flesh

Guts Are Torn Apart
Pulling Out The Hearts
Bones Are Left To Rot

Bodies Stripped Of Flesh
Hell Now Walks The Earth
Zombie Plague Of Death

4. Slaughterhouse

Deserted House Of Morbid Death
Chopped Up Bones And Rotting Flesh
All That Enter Will Be Killed
Cleaver Splits Your Head In Two

Grinding Up Flesh
Blood Splattered Death

Corpses Hang From Sharp Tell Hooks
Gutted, Skinned, Prepared To Cook
Deranged Fuck Squashes Your Head
Laughing While You Writhe In Death

Hacking Off Limbs
Screaming Victims

5. Hell On Earth

Box Of Terror
Pain Or Pleasure
Onep The Door
Death And Torture

Minions Of Hell
Enter The World
Torment Begins
Hooks Tear The Skin

Ripping The Flesh
Slow Brutal Death
Endless Screaming
Torn To Pieces

6. F.o.d. (fuck Of Death)

[slaughter (can) Cover]

7. Horrified

[repulsion Cover]

8. Charred Corpses

Years Of Torment
Savage Torture
Strung Up Bodies
Ready To Die

Doused With Fluid
Blow Torch Flaming
It's Time To Die
Roasted Alive

Death... Burning Flesh
Corpse... Ashes Left

Deranged Bloodlust
Burning Corpses
Screaming In Death
Stench Of Burnt Flesh

9. Dissected

Sliced Open
Fresh Organs
Exposed Heart
Drained Of Blood

Plucked Out Eyes
Gurgled Cries
Tendons Cut
Removed Guts


Severed Flesh
Brain Is Pulled
From The Head

10. Blood Harvest

[this Song Goes Out To Lead & All Our Fans In Omaha, Ne]

Children Ot Terror
Elders Are Slaughtered
Blood Sacrifices
To The God Of Corn

Messengers Of Death
Cut And Hack The Flesh
Morbid Killing Cult
Knife Slashes The Throat

Outsiders Will Die
Unheard Victim's Cries
No One Will Survive
Gutted Corpses Lie

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