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Mortician - 1999 Chainsaw Dismemberment

: Relapse Records
1. Stab
2. Fleshripper
3. Drowned In Your Blood
4. Mass Mutilation
5. Mauled Beyond Recognition
6. Rabid
7. Bloodshed
8. Decayed
9. Final Bloodbath
10. Island Of The Dead
11. Brutalized
12. Slaughtered
13. The Crazies
14. Silent Night, Bloody Night
15. Chainsaw Dismemberment
16. Psychotic Rage
17. Funeral Feast
18. Wolfen
19. Dark Sanity
20. Camp Blood
21. Tormented
22. Slaughterhouse (part Ii)
23. Barbarian
24. Rats
25. Master Yenebarum
26. Splattered
27. Obliteration
28. Lord Of The Dead (mortician Part Ii)


1. Stab

Night Of Terror
Brutal Murder
Psycho Killers
Endless Slaughter
Throats Will Be Slit
Cut, Chopped And Hacked
Stabbed In The Back
Calls Of Terror
Game Of Horror
Fuck Up, You Die
Gutted Alive
Savage Killing
Carving The Flesh
Blood-spattered Death
Screaming For Help
No One Will Come
Knife Blade Flashing
Your Life Will End
Corpse Strung Up
Throat Is Cut Open
Guts Spilling Out
One More Still Left
Knife Tears The Flesh
White Mask Of Death
Takes Your Last Breath

2. Fleshripper

Knife Carving Your Flesh
Blood Spilling Gore Death
Hooks Tear Your Face
Skull Cracked From A Mace
Hacked Off Arms And Legs
Cracked Exposed Rib Cage
Skin Peeled From Your Head
Corpse Lies Cold And Dead

3. Drowned In Your Blood

Lying In The Tub
Need To Spill Your Blood
Throats And Wrists Are Slit
Now It's Time For Your Death
Body Slowly Drains
Pouring From The Veins
Blood Is Rising High
Covering Your Eyes
Submerged In Your Blood
Filling Up Your Lungs
Clogging Up Your Breath
Now You Lie In Death

4. Mass Mutilation

Deranged Hate-filled Killer
Random Savage Murder
Stabbing, Cutting, Hacking
Choking, Slashing, Chopping
Brutal Bloody Rampage
Psychopathic Death Rage

5. Mauled Beyond Recognition

Axe Chops Your Head
Knife Carves You Flesh
Face Is Bashed In
Gutted And Skinned
Teeth Are Torn Out
Fingers Cut Off
Eyes Are Punctured
Brains Are Splattered

6. Rabid

Infected, Rabid Flesh
Revenge For, Acid Death
Hippie Crazed Cult
Rabid Bloodshed
Chopped And Hacked
Mass Bloodshed
Rabid Death

7. Bloodshed

Mangled Bodies
Rotting Corpses
Burned And Tortured
Faces Of Horror
Brutal Killing
Massive Bloodshed
Chopped And Beheaded
Savage Bloodbath
Cut Up And Hacked
Millions Slaughtered
Hateful Murder
Corpses Piling

8. Decayed

Body Starts To Decay
Maggots Squirm Through Your Flesh
Organs Dry Up And Rot
Dead Flesh Falls Off Your Bones
Cold Blood Dries On Your Flesh
Dead Skin Hardens In Death
Eyeballs Ooze From Sockets
Worms Now Fill Up Your Head
Decayed...dead Flesh
Botting...cold Death

9. Final Bloodbath

The End Is Here
Chaos And Fear
Nuclear War
Crumbles Earth's Core
Mass Destruction
Sky Burning Red
Billions Lie Dead
Mounds Of Corpses
Vaporize Bones
Wastelands Of Death
Final Bloodbath

10. Island Of The Dead

Zombie Island, Corpses Riding
Rotting Undead, Searching For Flesh
Worms Infested, Putrid Death Stench
Lurching Forward, Seek Human Blood
Zombies Come Eat You Alive
Chew Your Face, Rip Out Your Eyes
Hunger For Death, Feast On Your Flesh
Tear Through Your Skin, Disembowelment
Rip Out Your Heart, Corpse Torn Apart
Organ Munching, Eating Your Brains
Zombies Come Rip Off Your Head
On The Island Of The Dead

11. Brutalized

Your Skull Caved In
Spine Is Broken
All Teeth Bashed In
Rib Cage Cracking
Tearing, Limbs From Sockets, Dislocate
Bones Breaking, Through The Skin
Savage Pain, Your Body Lies
A Broken Corpse

12. Slaughtered

Knife Tears Through The Flesh
Hatchet In The Head
Violent Blood Splattered Death
Bloodsoaked Murder
Brutal Slaughter

13. The Crazies

Infection Spreading
Tormenting Madness
Brings Forth Bloodshed
Knife-stabbing Mayhem
Merderous Rampage
Rage Of The Crazies

14. Silent Night, Bloody Night

Enter, House Of Horror
Murder, Death And Torture
Mansion Of Death, Family Secret
Morbid Incest, Insane Bloodlust
Axe Swings, Limbs Are Chopped Off
Fresh Blood, Spraying The Walls
Hacked To Pieces, Gruesome Slaughter
Blood-soaked, Fill The Hallways

15. Chainsaw Dismemberment

Cannibals- Return To Kill
Meet Your Death- Sawed In Two
Body Parts- Strewn About
Cut Off Legs- Severed Heads
Rotting Flesh- Macabre Death
Corpses Hang- Stripped Off Skin
Chairs Of Bone- Piles Of Limbs
Dismembered- Mass Slaughter

16. Psychotic Rage

Descending Into Madness
Thoughts Of Morbid Bloodlust
Need To Search For Victims
Psychopathic Killer
Dismember The Body
Removing The Kidneys
Tearing Flesh And Organs
Mutilate The Carcass
Brutal Random Killing
Savage Mutilation
Hack To Death The Victims
Trail Of Blood Is Flowing

17. Funeral Feast

Body Laid To Rest
Corpse Lies Still In Death
Time For Burial
Six Feet Underground
Smashing Through The Wooden Casket
Hunger For The Fresh Buried Dead
Cutting Through The Hardened Dead Flesh
Ripping Out Internal Organs
Feasting On The Heart And Liver
Head And Limbs Are Hacked And Severed

18. Wolfen

Hear Your Heartbeat
Sensing Your Fear
Powerful Jaws
Tear Out Your Throat
Limbs Torn Off
Blood Gushing
Heart Torn Out
Gurgled Screams
Stripping The Skin
From The Carcass
Bodies Lie Dead

19. Dark Sanity

Morbid Visions, Of Blood And Death
Decayed Corpses, Eating Your Flesh
Deranged Mind, Takes Over
Sanity, Uncontrolled
Swing The Axe,chop The Head
Carve The Flesh Off The Head
In Your Mind, Horrified
Lust For Death, In Your Eyes

20. Camp Blood

Storm Is Coming, Darkness Is Falling,
Ngiht Of Terror
Insane Killer, Lust For Murder,
Deathand Torture
Axe In The Hand, Knife Through The Throat,
Killed By Arrows
Eviscerated, Swift Beheading,
Blood Is Spraying

21. Tormented

Nightmares Filled With Torment
Visions Of Dead Corpses
Morbid Scenes Of Murder
Gruesome Bloody Slaughter
Slipping Into Madness
Morbid Thoughts Of Violence
Voices Order To Kill
Time For Blood To Be Spilled
Insanity, Killing Spree
Cutting Flesh, Violent Deaths
Bloodlust Unsatisfied
Many More Soon To Die
Lust For Death Still You Crave
Torment Of The Insane

22. Slaughterhouse (part Ii)

Slaughter House Of Death And Gore
Brains And Blood Lie On The Floor
You Enter And Meet Your Death
Buddy's Axe Caves In Your Head
Cut Off Limbs And Severed Heads
Mangled Bodies Of The Dead
Bones Are Skinned And Scraped Of Flesh
Hanging Corpses Swing In Death

23. Barbarian

Roaming Through The Barron Wasteland
Violent Brutal Death By His Hands
Smashing Skulls And Skinning Bodies
Slaughtering For Him To Survive
Marauding Through The World Of Death
Barbaric Nomad Hunts For Flesh

24. Rats

Searching For Blood
Killing Humans
Craving For Flesh
Bloodlust For Death
Gnawing On The Mangled Corpses
Stripping, Tearing Skins From The Bones
Rabid Hunger
Infest The Earth
Covered With Rats
Eated To Death

25. Master Yenebarum

Mother, Of Darkness
Casting, The Death Spell
Forces, Of Evil
Demons, Come From Hell
Brutal, Beheading
Rats Chew, On Your Skin
Raging, Inferno
Witches, Come For You

26. Splattered

Falling Down Fast
Body Impacts
Smashes The Ground
Shattering Bones
Head Cracks Open
Brains Are Leaking
Inner Organs
Explode Within
Limbs Are Torn Off
Torso Splitting
Blood Is Gushing
Guts Are Spilling
Spine Is Shattered
Corpes Is Splattered
Clump Of Dead Flesh
Mangled Red Flesh

27. Obliteration

End Is Here
Death Is Near
Time To Die
Nampalm Falls
Cities Mauled
Roaring Fire
Fills The Skies
Massive Death
Warheads Wrath
Human Skin
Stench Of Flesh
Billions Dead
None Are Left
Rotting Earth

28. Lord Of The Dead (mortician Part Ii)

Nightmare Coming True
Tall Man Comes For You
Chill Runs Down Your Spine
You Know It's Time To Die
Sphere Drills In Your Head
Now You're Lying Dead
Last One At The Wake
Tall Man Robs Your Grave
From The Hearse Into The Morgue
Blood Is Drained Out Of Your Corpse
Body Crushed Into A Dwarf
Morbid Creature In A Hooded Robe
Mortician Lord Of Slaves
No Chance For Escape
Sent Off Through The Gates
You Won't Be Seen Again

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