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Fleshcrawl - 1994 Impurity

: Black Mark
1. From The Dead To The Living
2. Withering Life
3. Subordinate
4. Disfigured
5. Stiffen Souls
6. Center Of Hate
7. Inevitable End
8. Incineration


1. From The Dead To The Living

Evil - Your Mind's All About
Pain Is - What You Deserve
Your Soul - Is Spoiled From Inside
Creatures - Out Of This World

Shattered Dreams
Of Perfect Life
Cast Curse
To Endless Pain

From The Dead To The Living S'been A Horrible Trip
Into The Darkness You Drift While Your Soul's Being Ripped
Your Body's Still Alive, But The Pain Inside Grows
From The Dead To The Living, A Nightmare Came True

From The Dead To The Living

2. Withering Life

In The End Of Time - When Life Expires
And Everybody Tries - To Survive
We All Have To Pay - For All Of Our Sins
Hate And Fear
War And Pain

Withering Life - Rotting
Condemned To Strive - Eternal
Feel No Pain - Suffer
Intense Strain - In Vain

Withering Life - Rotting
Condemned To Strive - Eternal
Feel No Pain - Suffer
Intense Strain - In Vain
Thoughts In Mind - Chaos
About Past Times
Withering Life - In The End You'll Die

3. Subordinate

Intimidate - By The Power Of Darkness
Crushing Fate - I'll Give You The Last Bless
I Control Your Hate - Only Fear Will Remain
Subordinate - Cause I'll Bring You Pain

Captured And Lost - In Your Own Maze
Influenced By Your - Devilish Race
Take A Final Breath - In This World
Have A Nice Trip - Into The Pit

Trust In Me I Lead You Forth To Independency
No Remorse For The Way I Chose No Mercy For My Foes
I'll Bring You Down To The Deepest Ground The Last To Be Found
Finally In The End Of Time You Will Be One Of Mine

Prepare To Cross The Line Of Death
A Realm Beyond Where You're To Rest
To The Gates You Step As They Open Wide
You Can See The Fire Burning Bright

4. Disfigured

Your Punishment
Is Life Damnation

Forever Enslaved
Forever Deranged

Searching For - The Reason To All Your Pain
Suffering - From Splits Within Your Brain
Cold Sweat - Runs Through Your Veins
Nothing Remains

Disfigured Soul
Tears You Apart
Conflict Inside
Two Minds In Fight
All Your Efforts
Just Wasted Time
You've Paid Your Toll
Disfigured Soul

5. Stiffen Souls

My Soul Beyond
Is Stiff And Cold
It's Hard As Stone
But It's Not Alone
The Soul Of War

My Soul Beyond
It's Full Of Hate
It's Hard As Stone
But It's Not Alone
Stigmatized By War

Rotting Beneath
Down On Earth
So Cold
A Senseless War
On Russian Ground
So Cold
And Frozen Blood
On Frozen Soil
So Cold
Stiffening Souls
In Stiffening Flesh

The Zombies Of War
Are Raping My Wife
Soldiers Of Death
Are Looting My Home
Now I Hate Forever

6. Center Of Hate

Baptized In Blood
Chosen To Reign
For Evil's Sake
You're The Center Of Hate

Drown In Blood Sacrifice Them All
Angel Of Darkness
Take Their Souls One By One They Fall
Tormentor Of Dead Flesh

Center Of Hate

Slaying, Shredding, Taking Their Lives
Bleeding, Strangling, Gasping For Air
Rotting, Decaying, Part Of The Earth
Deciding Master, Symbol Of Fear

Your World - Is About To Die
Your Fault - You Believed The Lies
Everlasting Hate - It's To Late To Regret
Burn Eternally - For The Pain You Spread

7. Inevitable End

I've Heard The Warning
So Far Away
Blood Drunk Like Water
Now No More Rain
Who's Waiting For Me
Now Lost My Friends
No One Will Ever
Miss Me And My World

To Blind To Realize
Your Gain Is My Demise
Infection's The Reason Why
Soon I'm Gonna Die
Nothing But Shattered Hopes
Can't Work Up The Deadly Truth
Suppressing My Ruthless Need
To Give In The Life Of Greed

God Help Me

Harsh Words Are Spoken
By Those Who Deny
Harsh Words Are Spoken
Lies, Always Lies
Their Drugs Will Cover
My Soul Forever
Their Words Will Always
Be Heard In My Grave

So Take Me Away
I'm Finished With Life
Ready To Die

8. Incineration

Dead Ground - Misty Fields
The Complex - Of Heavy Guilt
High Voltage - Barbed Wire
No One - To Leave Alive

People Crowd Together
Desolate Barracks Day And Night
Mass Homicide Camp
Like Cattle Inside A Cage

There's No Way To Ease The Pain
There's No Hope Inside This Hell
Perished By The Flames Of Hate
Serial Killing By Unscrupulous Scum
Punished For Something That Was Never Done

Merciless - Till The Last One Dropped - No Life
Enlarging - Cemetery Of Souls - Reveals
Solitude - For Everyone - Deprived
Terminus - The Chambers Of Incineration

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