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Fleshcrawl - 1997 Bloodred Massacre

: Black Mark
1. Hellspawn
2. Dark Dimension
3. Bloodred Massacre
4. Awaiting The End
5. The Messenger
6. Through The Veil Of Dawn
7. Beyond Belief
8. Slaughter At Dawn


1. Hellspawn

[music: Mike / Lyrics: Bastian]

Into The Fire, Down By The Gates
My Destination, Living In Pain
That's Where I Come From, That's Where I'll Return
For My Evil Origin, In Hell I Will Burn
Punished For Killing, For My Reckless Thrill
Human Life Denied, Seas Of Blood I Spilled
Cannot Stop The Shredding, Until The Time I'll Die
That's When The World Outside, Sees Me Hangin' High

To Hell I Will Ride...


Dissevering Your Flesh, I Feel The Need To Distract
I Stick At Nothing, On My Morbid Way

Inside The Tomb Of The Slain, I Walk Alone
With My Soul Free Of Pain, I'll Be Reborn
My Body's Pure As Rain, Discard My Life
Cleanse My Flesh, From The Killing Blood

Thrill Me, Kill Me, Murder Myself
Save My Flesh From The Grind
Blazing Fire Is Burning My Shell
Feel The Heat Deep Inside
Crushing, Melting, Splinter My Bones
Soon I'm The Next To Decline
Ashes To Ashes, Burnt Soil Remains
The Coffin Is Closed Into The Fire I Will Ride

Hell Is Where I Died

2. Dark Dimension

[music: Stefan, Mike, Bastian / Lyrics: Bastian]

Into The Dark Dimension We Drift
Accelerating Decay
Speed Of Life Fastens So Swift
The Black Hole Dragging In
Dark Dimension, We Hail To The One
Imprecating Upon Good
Never Realized The Meaning Of Pain
To Our Hearts, To Our Souls

The Cryptic Carnal Race
Feeling The Dead, Keeps Dancing Our Souls Into Our Graves
Forever Gone, Apocalyptic View Of What Will Be
Enrichment Of Our Lives By The Pain We Share

The Dark Dimension Will Rise
The Dark Dimension Will Rise

Reality Slips, The Ground Is Giving Way
The Human End, Controlled By Hate, Together We'll Face Our Death
Defeated By Ourselves, So Cold And Dead
Dark Dimensioned Nation, Utopia

The Dark Dimension
The Dark Dimension Will Rise

3. Bloodred Massacre

[music: Mike, Stefan / Lyrics: Bastian]

I'm Walking On The Edge, Might Be Falling
The Virtual Abyss, Keeps On Growing
Solid Way Of Life, Seems To Get Lost
The Second Me Myself, Forces Unknown
Turn Myself Around, Haunting Shadows
Mirrors Of My Mind, Strange To Myself
Got No Fuckin' Clue, Of Whatsoever
Seems That I'll Go Through, My Own Massacre

Bloodred Massacre, Bloodred Massacre

Unsatisfied With The Outturn Of Life
Twofaced I Stay True To My Game
Can't Figure Out What Is Left Of My Beliefs
As I Watch All My Dreams Fade Away

No Indulgence For Me
I'll Go Astray Within My Own World
What The Fuck Is Going On With Me ?
Infiltration Of My Sanity

Nothingness, Devours My Soul
And Extinguishs My Will
Helplessly, Watch It Unfold
As It Sucks Up My Energy

4. Awaiting The End

[music: Mike, Stefan / Lyrics: Sven]

Shroud Of Velvet, Ebony Coffin
Deathly Pale Like Peaceful Sleep
The Past Looks Back With Thousand Faces
From The Confluent Hiding Of Time

Break Through Your Mental Derangement
Wait For The Inevitable End
Pray To Your Lord For Forgiveness
While You Hope To Bear It Up Well

Hope You Reach The Sphere You Dreamt Of
Broken Dreams Seem So Dreadful, Grotesque
Slowly All Your Power's Fading
Your Own Life Shines So Worthless, Sinful

Embraced By Silent Shadows
Loneliness, Guides All Your Path
No One's Left To Hear You
Alone With Your Fear Of Death

Flame Of Life Lost In Unknown
Fear Of Death Crawls Inside
Now You Lost Your Energy Of Living
While You Taste The Chalice Of Death
Deep Depressions Enter Your Mind
Why Doesn't God Hear All Your Cries
Now The Chapter's Finished, It's Your Turn To Die
You Are In Agony, Death Laughs At Your Cry

5. The Messenger

[music: Mike, Bastian / Lyrics: Bastian / Guitar-solo: Stefan]

I'm The Messenger, Turning Truth To Lies
Watch My Precious Act, To Disorganize
Turn Around Your Will, Leave You In Good Faith
Take Your Heart And Soul, Shattering Disgrace

Never Feel Save As I Lurk By Your Side
Still I Am Seeking Access To Your Mind
I'm Catching Up, There's No Way Out
I Will Not Stop 'till I Am Satisfied

Listen To Me, Won't You Take My Advice
Hell Is On Earth, Downwards You Ride
Try To Escape, Maybe You'll Succeed
You Should Have Known I'm The King Of Deceit

Crying For Help, You're Left Alone
Unbound Are The Ones Who Are Lying In Wait

Unfold Your Power, Build Up Your Inner
Strength To Dispraise, Start The Fire
Awareness Will Save You From Death
Reproducing The Revolution

6. Through The Veil Of Dawn

[music: Mike / Lyrics: Sven, Bastian]

Enforcing Evil
I Kill Your Soul
I'm Gonna Live Through Your Pain
Beyond Retrieval
You'll Fear Your Dreams
The Way I Am Drives You Insane

Obscure Visions
Distorted By A Withered Shade
Shapeless Demons
Fade Away With The Light Of Dawn
Unreal Shadows
Turned To Their Incarnation
Ancient Appearance
Crawled Up Through The Veil Of Dawn

Lifeless Bodies
Of Flesh And Skin
You're Gonna Bleed For My Sins
Pretending Power
Your Soul Is Mine
You're Gonna Fall As I Win

Lost Souls - Never They Die, Never They Feel
Dark Dreams - Longing For Death, Never Redeem
Lost Souls - Come With The Dusk, Go With The Light
Crippled - Mind Is In Pain, Bleeding For Me

7. Beyond Belief

[music: Mike / Lyrics: Bastian]

Stop, Bringin' Me Down, To The Ground
You, Always You, I'll Break Your Back
Blind, To Blind To See, Reality
Hope, All Hope Is Lost, Beyond Belief

Sacrifice, Repeat The Ritual
Kill Again, I Can't Resist
None Alive, Destined To Be
The One Who Decides
Retaliate, Eye For An Eye
Psychomind, Raptured You Lie
In Your Own Mess, Better Off Dead
With The Dreams You Dread

See The Blackend Skies, For A Second You Stare And
Watch The World Pass By, Drowning Inside
Terror Of My Mind, I Revel In Your Misery
As Commonly Known Life Is About To Die

Cold Embrace Of Death, As Your Body Is Lowering
Save The Piteous Rest, Your Blood Soaked Soul
Your Crawling Flesh Has Left, To A World Beneath
You Kept The Focus Set, On Things Beyond Belief

Dead Bodies Everywhere, I Reached The Place
Painful Solitude - Be Buried Under This Pile
Terrified By Evil Shade
Alleyway To My Grave
Never Stop, Never Rest
Fearless Mind Put To The Test
No Return From This Quest
Melting Bodies, Melting Souls
Become One With The Earth You Know
Free From Pain And Set To Go

8. Slaughter At Dawn

[music: Mike / Lyrics: Bastian]

Property, Of A Million Dead Lives
Victims, Of The Prophecy
Slaughtered, For The Profit Of Lies
In Agony, We'll Decease

Shattered We Lie
Slaughtered We Die
In Times Of Decay
Afraid Of Something New

Suffer In Pain
Perished By Law
Eyes Of The Dead I Saw

Primacy, Is The Claim Of The Wild
Darkness, Upon Our Graves
Waiting, To Be Slaughtered At Dawn
The Sunlight Is No More To Rise

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